(get off my) cloud

(Get off my) Cloud is available for £3.75

This light summer hoody is knit top-down and in the round, enabling you to achieve the perfect fit on a sweater that is both easy and fun to wear.
The pocket was inspired by the old weather symbols used on BBC forecasts, while the capped sleeves suggest the puffy shape of cumulonimbus.

Size range from girls 22 inch chest to woman’s 44 inch bust.

Pattern includes stitching tips (to achieve the perfect finish) and instructions for two pocket options.(This sweater can also be made without the pocket)

You will need approximately 1 (500), 2 (550), 3 (625), 4(700), 5(750) 6(800) 7(850) 8(900) 9(1000) yards of the main colour and 1 (50), 2 (50), 3 (50), 4 (75), 5(100) 6(100) 7(125) 8(125) 9(125)g of 1 contrast colour of a 4 ply or light sport weight that knits to gauge.

You may wish to have a look at this post , in which I talk about the sweater’s design.

5 Comments on “(get off my) cloud

  1. It is a charming design. It looks soft and comfortable simply from the photo!

  2. Dear Katie,

    thanks again for letting me use your pictures for our cloud sweater-knitalong! It helped in finding seven other lovely knitters who wanted to knit your design as well! And after nine weeks of intense needlework we are finally finished! (Well, six of us are, two will make it soon I am sure ;-) )

    If you’d like to have a look at all the very unique versions of your cloud that came out of the knitalong:

    I’ve worn my sweater a couple of times so far and it is really really comfy! And unique, which is what I like best about it.

    So, keep up your fantastic work, I will be reading all about it on your blog!

    Best wishes from Hamburg, Germany

  3. i want to knit it with the same yard but i cant find the sale color
    where are you find that yarn ?

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