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Sweaters (top to bottom and left to right: Blaithin, Deco, Manu, Warriston, Firth o’Forth, Braid Hills, Port o’Leith, Paper Dolls, OWLS.

Hats: top to bottom and left to right: Peerie Flooers, Caller Herrin, Sheepheid, Sixareen Kep, Dollheid, Tantallon, Snawheid, Tea Jenny, Catkin.

Hands, feet, accessories: Peerie Flooers Mittens, Ecclefechan Mitts, Snawpaws, First Footing, Sheep Carousel, Tortoise and Hare Gauntlets, Funchal Moebius, Sixareen Cape, Toby’s Coat.


Richard the Roundhead Tam. This design was a commission for Gawthorpe Textiles Collection. More Information

Ecclefechan Mitts
More Information

First Footing (Ceilidh Oidhche Challain) More Information

Toatie Hottie More Information

Port o’ Leith More Information

Firth o’ Forth More Information

Tea Jenny More Information.

Shepherd Hoody. This design was a commission for Juniper Moon Farm. More Information.

Braid Hills More Information

Nepal Wrap (This design is published in the Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine (Issue 54, A/W 2013)

Paper Dolls More Information

Catkin More Information

Colours of Shetland Collection More information

Sixareen Cape More Information

Snawheid More Information

Sixareen Kep More Information

BMC (Betty Mouat Cowl) More information

Betty Mouat Sweater More Information

Hazelhurst More Information

Rams and Yowes Blanket More Information

More Information

Funchal Moebius More Information

Sheep Heid More Information

peerie flooers mittens More information

peerie flooers hat More Information

Warriston When buying Warriston, you also receive issue 1 of the Textisles Magazine. More Information

Deco More information

Caller Herrin’ More information

Tantallon More information

Neepheid More information

Tortoise and Hare Sweater More Information

Tortoise and Hare gauntlets More Information

Dollheid More information.

wwwww#1. More information

f u g u e More information

(get off my) Cloud More Information

Owlet More Information

o w l s More information

Manu More Information

Mini Manu More information

Lyttelton More Information

Snawpaws More Information

Mucklemuff. More Information

Donegal fingerless gloves More Information

Sheep Carousel More Information

Tír Chonaill More Information

Bláithín More information

Bláithín (junior) More information

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m thinking about appropriate yarns and will swatch the birds to see how they look.

  2. Thank you for this pattern and for your brillant blog.

  3. Thank you, I shall endeavour to make this my *first* jumper…! And hopefully I won’t stick needles in my eyes out of despair.

  4. Thank you so much! I am already looking forward to your next pattern :o)

  5. Thank you for sharing this pattern, I can’t wait to get started. This will be my first sweater.

  6. Thank you for all your work. I look forward to seeing more of your designs and the kit for the children’s sweater!

  7. Thank you for the pattern, and your well thought-out post about designers and renumeration. I agree whole heartedly and wish you the best of luck with your future patterns.

  8. thank you so much, you will hopefully be pleased to know that at least two owl sweaters will be made on the ‘tother side of the world in New Zealand (where our native owl is called the Morepork (cause thats what it says)).

    thanks so much for making this clever and beautiful knit available

  9. Thank you so much. It is a delightful pattern and I hope to be able to knit it one day. I would also like to thank you for the range of sizes, I know this takes a lot of time.

  10. Thank you. i’ve been waiting for this pattern since i first saw your beautiful sweater. I plan to make it as a gift to my sister. however, the moment my mother saw the picture, she wanted it too. it seems i’m making two.

    and chunky weight yarn is just fine for use here in Finland. thanks again,

  11. Thanks! This sweater is just adorable. How clever! Can’t wait to make it.

  12. So excited! I’ve been waiting for weeks! Okay, so that’s not so long, but I’m really excited.

  13. Merci beaucoup pour ce patron. Bravo pour ce modèle très beau et très original.
    Thank you very much.

  14. Eek! I am so in love with this adorable sweater. Thanks for the pattern (I found it on Ravelry)!!

  15. Thank you for the owl pattern- it is such a beautiful design. I especially like how you noted the number of owls for each size.

  16. Thank you for your generosity in sharing the pattern, and also for your walk-inspiring photos.

  17. Thank you very much for sharing the pattern, now I have an excuse to look for Just The Right Yarn for it :)

  18. Just seen this pattern via the craftzine blog and holy cow it’s gorgeous. I must become better knitter!

  19. Thank you for the pattern. It is going to be one of the firt projects I make when I move to northern CA this summer. I just need to find the perfect yarn.

  20. Thank you! It’s rare to find such a fitted pattern for a bulky yarn, and I hope to learn a lot about pattern construction from following this one. Thank you too for your post about Labour.Value.Credit.

  21. Thank you very much for this lovely jumper. Can’t wait to buy the wool and get started! We should have everyone send in their photos and share our “owl collection”!

  22. I’m very excited to knit this. A great, big, wonderful thank you to you for taking the time to share this with everyone!!

  23. Thank you so much for your generosity! I appreciate your thoughtfulness on value and credit for design work. Good luck with your kit ventures!

  24. thank you so much. just brilliant…i’ve already bought all the buttons for the little eyes…
    thank you again!

  25. Thank for the wonderfull pattern. I dreamed about it while you were wrighting up the pattern!

  26. I love the pattern! When will the children’s pattern and/or kit be available for sale? I think I’d like to knit this one up for my grandson.

  27. I’m very excited to knit this sweater! Thank you for creating and sharing the pattern.

  28. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern, i just found it and it is the best i have ever seen! Can’t wait to make!!!

  29. Hi!

    I love your Owl 2 sweater and would love to knit one. However, I’ve been unable to download the pattern. When I click on “designs”, the screen does not change and I do not see a “PDF” to click one.
    Is there another way to obtain this pattern?
    Jan Larson

  30. Thank you for letting us know about an updated pattern. I have this in my queue to work on. I would love to make one this winter.

  31. I finished this sweater last night and I’m wearing it at work right now. It was a blast to work through, went very quickly, and fits really beautifully. Thank you so much, it’s rad!

  32. Thank you so much! I love owls and this is the first sweater that I have found with owls that I really want to make. Keep up the awesome work!

  33. Thank you for sharing the pattern. Read on a Danish-page that the pattern will be available in Danish – is that right?

  34. Hi! I love this sweater already, thank you for sharing the pattern, I can hardly wait to get started.

  35. I just wanted to say thank you for writing the pattern. I’d forgotten about it until I was rifling through my favourites on Ravelry. I had to suppress a squeal when I realised there was a pattern! Thank you, you are very kind :-)

  36. For Jan Larsen who could not view the pdf: I had the same problem while using Safari; I tried Firefox and was able to download the pdf. I hope that helps!

  37. Hi!! I’d love to knit this sweater – do i need to request the pattern, or am i looking in the wrong spot? Help! what a cute pattern!!

  38. YEAH!! I found the pattern – and i cannot WAIT to get started. THANK YOU so much for such a creative and pretty sweater with OWLS!!

  39. Hi I love the pattern! But I get an empty link when I try to download it! Help please! Thank you!

  40. Thank you for this lovely pattern, is there anyone who would like to share it in french?

  41. Thank you for sharing your creativity–what a wonderful sweater. Signed up for knitting lessons today and can’t wait to get enough technique under my belt to knit this.

  42. so nice, thanks a lot. Specially thanks that i can have it in danish! I`ll look for special eye-like-buttons.

  43. Thank you for the free pattern the jumper looks fab….I’m about to read the instructions with a coffee! Oh first I’ll have a look at the parliment thingy to see how others got on with it!

  44. i am not a knitter and have to find someone to help me make this. not only is the pattern awesome…I think you’re a genius.

  45. Gorgeous pattern. Our local Spotlight store has a 20% off everything sale today so guess where I’m going!! Thank you for the gift of a knitting pattern,have a great day!

  46. great designs! i’m in love with all of ’em.
    is it ok if i post about them in my blog and use two of your pictures (giving credit, of course!)?
    thanks for the attention!

  47. Merci pour le patron Owls… j’avais aperçu le pull de Julija et je rêvais d’avoir le modèle pour avoir le même !!! J’adore !

  48. Thank you for amazing patterns! I have already made the project bag, such a great, simple and clear tutorial. Great work!

  49. Thanks so much for sharing the owls pattern! It’s such a cute sweater, it’s on my list to make for the fall.

  50. Hi, I actually *am* on Ravelry but am having download issues, so I would truely appreciate it if you could send mw the pattern! Thanks loads:)

  51. I would love to knit an owl sweater (or a few), so I would truly appreciate a copy of the pattern!
    Have a nice day :)

  52. I stumbled across your website and would love to knit the owl jumper for my mum (was a brown owl in the guiding movement in her younger days and has a passion for owls), please send me a copy of the pattern so I can knit the jumper as a surprise.

    Thank you, you have a great talent!

  53. I really like the owl 2 sweater and would be very happy if you would send me a copy of the pattern. Thank you!

  54. Hello, I came across your site whilst looking for images of owls (they are on my mind quite a lot lately) and I would love to knit an Owls sweater for myself! I would be most grateful for the pattern and look forwards to the finishing touch of those button eyes – so cute! Thank you for your time, kind regards, Hannah.

  55. Hi I was hoping you could send me the pattern for your adult size owl sweater. My cousin adores owls and she just lost over 60 pounds and I would love to make this for her in support of her efforts. Thank you so much for sharing. V

  56. would love a copy of owl pattern if possible please have seen it in latest edition of the knitter magazine.don’t normally use chunky wool but thought it looked really lovely

  57. Hallo, I just saw the owls-sweater and fell in love with it, it looks so lovely. Could you mail me the pattern please (adult)?
    Thank you very much for sharing and kind regards

  58. Could you Please, please, please, please email me the pattern for the adult owl sweater? I have an owl collection and I SO need to make that for myself. I don’t see an email address on this site. (I could be missing it) so I’m posting in hopes that this is the correct way of doing things. (If I need to email you directly, please let me know what your email address is.) Thanks!

  59. can you please send me a copy of the owl sweater pattern?

  60. The Owl jumper is absolutely beautiful, please could you send me a copy? My boyfreind lives in an area of Sheffield city centre packed with owls and we love to sit out at night and listen to them…this will make the perfect attire and has rekindled my interest in knitting…thankyou! Helen x x

  61. Aloha from Honolulu! I would like to download the owl pattern but can’t. Could you send it to me?


  62. Hi, I was wondering if you could send me the pattern for the gray (adult) sweater. It’s cute and I love it. Thanks.

  63. Dear Knitting Master:

    I would be very delighted if you would share your Owls pattern with me. I certainly understand/respect copyright rules, this would only be for personal use/enjoyment.

    Thanks in advance.
    Personal Regards,

  64. I would very much like a copy of the Owl Sweater Pattern for women. I have a friend that is about to teach me to knit and my sole inspiration for learning was seeing this pattern via craft magazine online several months ago. So your pattern, is my hopeful (though it may take an extremely long time to get there) end result with my knitting efforts!

    Thank you ever so much.

    Kind Regards,

    Jynger Morris

  65. Hello!
    I’ve just come across your adorable adult owl sweater. Love it!
    I’m a beginner knitter and have so far only managed a scarf and a very small hat, but I’d love to try this sweater out at some point in the distant future! I’m not sure if you’re still sending out the pattern by email, but if so, I’d love a copy so that I could keep it as something to work towards.
    Thanks very much and keep up the good work – your site is an inspiration!

  66. Hi there, I have just come across your lovely owl jumper and I was wondering if you could send me a copy of the pattern. It would be for my mother who is an avid knitter and an owl collector to boot, she would love this! I look forward to hearing from you, thanks so much. Anne.

  67. Wonderful pattern! If it’s possible please send me a copy by email, thanks a lot!! :)

  68. I would love to knit this sweater! the owl motif would be lovely on other knits too…
    thank you thank you!!

  69. Would love a free copy of your owlet pattern please – it’s gorgeous x

  70. Please could you send me the pattern for the lovely lovely owl jumper? I think it’s divine :)
    Thanks v much,
    Zoë x

  71. Absolutely love it! Please could you send me the pattern?

    Thank you!

    Katie x

  72. I love the knit bag “Two-Kates” and was wondering how to find the fabric you used! It’s so lovely!!

  73. I would like to have the pattern of the owl sweeter to women, please.

  74. I would like to have the owl pattern for women, please.

  75. Hi, I love your website! Owls are my favorite and I would really appreciate the Owl pattern in women’s sizes please. Thank you :)

  76. Hi there, I love the owl jumper and would really appreciate a pattern but couldn’t find an address to email (women’s size). Thanks!

  77. hello!
    I’m from spain, i would like to send me the pattern for try to made this OWL dessig.

    Thanks and best regards

    note: sorry for my english

  78. Hello!

    I would also appreciate the pattern for the knitted women’s owl sweater. It is really beautiful and I love owls!

    Thank you!

  79. I’m in love with the owl sweater! Can you please send me the pattern?

  80. Hello
    Please could I have a copy of the adult owl jumper?
    Thanks so much

  81. I admire your creativity. Your owl sweater is absolutely adorable! Would you be so kind as to send me the pattern? Thank you for sharing your craft!

  82. kate, the owl sweater is glorious. how clever you are.
    please could you send me the pattern.
    thank you so much.

  83. How beautiful…

    Please send me this pattern! I’ll try my hand at this and if I succeed I’ll get the owlet pattern and knit sweaters for my boys1

    Thanks so very much,


  84. I love these patterns – now I just need to squirrel away some time! Thank you so much!

  85. my friend just introduced me to your blog and i love it – thanks loads!

    hil x

  86. I recently purchased your pattern/Cloud sweater to make as a birthday present for my daughter. I have been corresponding with Mr. Price/ the yarn supplier. Please advise the approximate yardage used to knit your sweater model. I will have to knit a larger size and I would like to be sure to purchase sufficient yarn. Thank you in advance for this information. Unable to send e mail listed on your site. Judith Gustafson

  87. Hi,
    I just tried buying your owlet pattern with paypal. Some how I got the wrong pattern (lyttelton)… I was wondering if you could e-mail me the owlet pattern… Thanks, I’m super excited to make this sweater for my 2 year old.


  88. Hey,
    I just wanted to say that I think your owl designs are beautiful. I’ve just bought the owlet pattern, in the hope I can get one ready for my boyfriend’s niece’s next birthday. Many thanks for sharing.

  89. Me encantaron tus disenos tejidos y tambien el bordado aproposito de las companeras de Juarez.

  90. helle, is this pattern in french too ? thanks…
    you have very nice realisations

  91. I love all of your patterns. That shrug is so adorable on you!

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  93. I very much enjoy your site, your patterns and, as an ex-historian, especially appreciate your historical perspective on knitting and textiles. The mini manu is wonderful and I hope to knit it for one (or both) of my daughters. Can you enter me in your draw?
    All the best for your recovery,

  94. Thank you so much for making your o w l s pattern! It was the first knitted pattern for a jumper I ever saw that I liked and it’s my second (Melbourne) winter with it now and I LOVE it so much.
    Thank you!

  95. I love love love love your work. The owl is my favourite one !

  96. there are some beautiful patterns here, thank you. so lovely to see knitting in such a modern accessible style.
    lovely to see styles adapted for little ones/ and maybe babies too?

  97. I enjoyed visiting your blog. Your knitting is fantastic. Your “baker” seems to be a great person and I have enjoyed reading about your efforts in your recovery. I am proud of you! Enjoy your beautiful world and keep on facing each day brilliantly!!

    Trish, El Paso, Texas USA

  98. I have only just discovered your site but am utterly awestruck. Your designs are beautiful and I will be buying patterns soon

  99. hi, i would really like to get one of the owl jumpers you do… the later version also i would like it in a size ten….. the problem is i cant knit!!! :-( would there be any chance of you knitting one and selling it to me? pleeeeeaaase :-) its for my girlfriend. thank you, mark

    • Sorry, Mark, I only sell patterns for the sweater – you’ll have to find someone to knit one for you . . .or learn to knit! cheers Kate

  100. WOW! I love the owl designs. You are quite talented. Thank you so much!

  101. Hi!
    I crochet, but do not knit. Is there any way to convert the lovely pattern for the owl sweater from knit to crochet? It is a beauty!

  102. Just downloaded your Owl pattern, looking forward to knitting it as soon as my yarn arrives ;-)

    I might be able to find some good ones at my local store, but I was wondering which buttons are used on your model?

  103. Hi, I am considering making the owl sweater but I am not sure I have enough yarn… Is there any chance you can add the yarn requirements to your pattern description? thanks!

      • Kate, I love the owl sweater for women but I’m not a knitter. Is there a place to buy the finished product. My maiden name is Wise and I’ve always adopted my mothers love for owls. She loved owls before she even met my father, can you let me know. I just HAVE to HAVE one of those sweaters!!!

  104. Thank you so much for posting this pattern. My grandmother used to knit owl potholders that I remember very fondly. I just LOVE the idea that they can be knit into the yoke of a sweater/pullover. As many have said, I can’t wait to get started.

  105. Hello Kate,
    Your owl sweater is gorgeous! I would like to make the owl sweater for my niece, but I was wondering if an inexperience knitter would be able to create this lovely sweater . I have basically only played around with knitting needles and have never created a whole piece.

  106. Can you tell me what the date is on the most recent Owl pattern? The one I bought is dated January 2010 – is that the most recent one?


  107. Bonjour,

    Je suis française et cherche les explications en français du modèle OWLS pour femme que j’ai trouvé sur le site Ravely. Pouvez-vous me dire où je pourrais me les procurer ?

    Merci par avance de votre réponse quelle qu’elle soit.


    • Hi Annie, Regretfully, I’m afraid the o w l s pattern is not available in any language other than English (due to repeated problems with unauthorised copying and resale). my apologies Kate

  108. Hi.. I just discovered your Deco sweater on Ravelry. It’s a great cardigan and I love the color! Are you still planning to write up a pattern for it? If so, I look forward to making it as are many others judging by the comments about your sweater on Ravelry. Thanks!

  109. Hi Kate,
    I am wanting to take up knitting, and wanted to get your advice. I love all of your work, but am especially eager to try the manu and the owl sweaters. Am I way above my head here? I haven’t done any kind of knitting since I was a kid and my grandmother taught me… Thanks! :)

  110. I would like to complement you on your beautiful designs. Thank you for sharing your story. You’re a strong person I wish you all the best of health. Love the Manu sweater is geourgous. I found your sweater design, knitted by a prolific Ravelry member name Roko, she has a great taste. And that’s how I found you’re website.. Oh, by the way, love your taste in clothes too.
    Best wishes. Mabel

  111. Hello! Thank you for sharing your designs, they’re wonderful and amazing!I’m a beginner, I hope I will be able to make them soon. I love your taste, it’ so “Nordic”(I’m Italian!) and the sweater with the little cluod is ingenious!

  112. Hi. Just wanted to say what great designs you have. Have found them through knitters review that mentions Deco so followed that link as I love art deco. I will definately be ordering patterns. I have been viewing on my iPhone so want to check them out more on my laptop.

  113. Your designs are beautiful! and the photography displays them very well!

  114. I have been learning all about 4 species of owls of the Central Coast of Northern California, and have always been interested in Owls. I have many collectables. I love your hats, and sweaters. I dont know how to knit, too bad. Just yesterday found 2 babies in a 90 ft Cypress tree. Cant believe it, hope the pictures come out.

  115. hi!
    I really love the owls! It´s so nice to just look at end I have a little dream to knit one to myself. The problem is that I’m really bad at english end to follow someone elses work… do you know if there is an account ( have no idea if its right word) in swedish? or dannish or something? other way I think that I have to get some help. Because I have to knit this! /Emma Sweden

    • Hi Emma,
      Glad you like the sweater – but I’m afraid there are no translations of my designs as I can’t provide pattern support in other languages. I do know, though, that there are several Danish / Swedish knitters who have successfully made this pattern. Perhaps you might try getting some help in one of the groups on Ravelry?
      best wishes

  116. Dear Kate,
    I have so enjoyed knitting baby owlet for my grandaughter. I am a self taught knitter, beginning when I was 6 years old, but never learnt how to do cables or any of the other techniques in this pattern. Your instructions were so clear that I was able to master each technique without any trouble. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write them so well.

    Also, keep at the walking, you will get there. My days of climbing mountains are at an end after I had the ligament removed from my knee (I keep falling over everytime I turn sideways) but I cllimb them again every time I read your blog.


  117. Dear Kate,
    Hope you all had a fantastic holiday! I’m unsure if you have received my previous e-mails so thought it best if I try again. (i’m really sorry if you have received them) I would like to buy hard copies of the knitting patterns Manu, Warriston, Betty Mouat & Deco due to being unable to print them off. If you could let me know how much the cost would be & how to proceed that would be great.

    Kind regards
    Tina Will

  118. HI Kate, we have met before as I work at Northumbria – I had heard of the 18th-C grapevine you had been ill but had no idea how serious it was; I am in awe of your courage and bloody-minded resilience, and your fabulous knitting patterns! Similarly had not an idea that you were a knitter / designer, so obviously didn’t know you very well I am returning to knitting as a way of shutting down from academia, and found this whilst looking for inspiraiton – can’t wait to get back up to speed and attempt the fabulous tortoise and hare, though that might take a while!!

  119. Oh my! Fell in love with the sheep hat when following a picture link for Sashiko patterns! Thank you so much for this pattern which is far above my current skill level of super-nube! I love it! And thank you for the fast and easy avenue of purchase and download! I had it in minutes! I love being able to store a copy of the pattern in my Ravelry account, as well. Off to look at more of your offerings and drool!

  120. Hello, I was waiting for Betty Mouat, will you show this design? Thanks

  121. Hallo !
    I love the patterns that are Fair Isle-related, with the Flowers on the hat !!
    Do you have a knitting-book to buy ?
    I am interested in the Fleurie? pattern for a hat.

    Thank you in advance
    Inger Holmlund
    Lövstigen 14
    931 64 Skellefteå

  122. I really can’t wait to start this project. It will be the first thing I’ve knitted for myself so very, very excited! It really is gorgeous. :)

  123. Hello Kate!
    I´m very grateful! Your patterns are lovely and I enjoy so much knitting them. I already knitted the ” Paper dolls” and the ” Olws”. Currently, I am knitting the” Sheep Heid”. I found this pattern so gorgeus as I am a fan of sheeps and their wool. I spin wool and I felt and I am surounded by wool. Wool it´s my therapy and your patterns truly enrich my life.
    Thank you very much.

  124. I found your site by searching for a tote bag for my knitting friend – your free tote pattern will make the perfect bag for her Christmas gift of handspun yarn and a book!
    …and, then, I started looking around. Your designs are all stunning. So, I just ordered your Owl sweater pattern for me….. Love yoke sweaters and this one is charming. I’m going to leave the eyes off and simply have the beautiful cables showing. Thank-you and have a lovely holiday.

  125. you r very creative, these are really beautiful. im sure, it is very enjoyable to knit with these colours and patterns.. thanks for sharing them :)

  126. I just bought your owlet pattern to knit up for my little girl. I can’t wait to start it. I’d love to see more kids knits… or men’s knits. – Dan

  127. where is the dress / skirt from that the adult is wearing in the manu photo?

  128. Do you create and sell these items?? They are fantastic. Love the owl and tortise/hare sweaters.

  129. Such a lovely website! And I just stumbled in. Look forward to more communications. –jane

  130. Found your site on spillyjane blog. Love your colourwork patterns. I have been knitting for a year. Hope to tackle one of your patterns soon! Read your about Me its comforting to read such determination in oneself, it gives hope to others.

  131. Hello Kate-
    I discovered your blog through Ravelry and am enjoying it so much- not just because of your incredible and very inspiring designs and skills, and not just because you are adding to and preserving Scottish women’s histories; but also because it is so good to read. Pretty things on pretty blogs abound on the interweb- but pretty things, personal reflection and a dash of academic thought-provocation: good, good combo.

    One thing I was wondering: are all of your designs at a similar skill level? I am but a baby in the knitting world (more at home with needle and thread than pins and yarn) and would love to try one of your patterns, but is there a good ‘entry level’ one?

    Many thanks and best of luck with your knitterly endeavours…

  132. I just saw you’re owl sweater on FFFFound! and had to check out your work. I love your style! Keep up the great work.

  133. Hello, Kate. I had the good fortune of discovering your blog through a mention on the Renaissance Dyeing site. It is interesting and inspiring on so many levels. I finally had to go back to the very beginning to read all of it. Next I had the pleasure of choosing a pattern (well, three) to order. You now have another enthusiastic reader cheering you on in all of your endeavors.

  134. Hi Kate, I just love your style! The moebius is nearly one of my favorites here! I have started knitting a few in one piece and have shaped them to fit the shoulders smoothly. They are very addictive to knit. And your photos are very beautiful, too! The story of your recovery was very moving to read. Thank you for sharing that. My mother had a stroke when she was very young and unfortunately nobody knew that this happened to her – and she didn’t receive help early enough, so unfortunately didn’t recover.

  135. Good evening, my sister has bought from you the shirt with the owls, but I do not know which size is right for me I wear a size 46 Italian
    I kindly ask you to help me, I can not find a conversion table. Many thanks to Cristina

  136. I am sooooo happy I found your site…. what a wonderful surprise, I really adore your patterns!!! All of them!!! How can I get them? I already made a variation of your owl sweater, not knowing it was yours!!! I kept the photo for years before trying it! I’d love to make all of your patterns…. at least, try to…. wauwwwww

  137. Kate, I am missing your blog, and keeping you in my prayers. Thank you for many small holidays at your website, enjoying your thoughts, photos, and knitting.

  138. Kate, I love your blog and your sense of style. I want to thank you for sharing and also for inspiring me to translate my own thoughts and environment into stitches.

  139. The two newest Bláithín cardigans with the peri’s!!!okay I caved and bought both! :) And then had to go get the “Rams and Ewes”!

  140. All your designs are so amazingly wonderful! I’m in love. There are several I definitely going to knit for myself and for my little girl. Thank you very much! Greetings from Estonia.

  141. Your work is so inspiring! I’ve only started knitting so when I get really good I will try the cloud hoodie and owl sweater. Thank you so much!

  142. Just bought the owlets pattern, can’t wait to knit it for my granddaughters!

  143. I created a PayPal account just so i can buy your designs. They are amazing and i just hope i can knit them properly! :D

  144. Your designs are truely an inspiration. I am so pleased to see shetland wool and traditional knitting styles being reinterpreted, and I will be looking here for ideas for many projects to come!
    Trine, Copenhagen

  145. i have been looking for the design that is at the head of this page and don’t see it on your website. Is it a wrap? the one with purple, grey, and turquoise and a wave-like design. Please tell me where to find more information about it and what it is called.

  146. I love your designs. I have started the sheep hat only to discover the rest of your designs. What to next? Paper dolls maybe or your lace cowl.

  147. Wow, it´s all so fantastic. I can´t decide which pattern I want first. But on sunday I start a knit along of your “cloud”. But what will be the next….I´m so stunned. Best regards Fitzliesl

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  150. Dear Kate, I adore your designs! I purchased Yokes and am almost done knitting Jökill. I have some leftover yarn and was thinking to be able to make a hat or a pair of mittens to match. I should be able to take the chevron pattern and just whip something together, but designing isn’t my strong suit. Do you have any ideas? Thanks so much for any help or direction! Dona

  151. Dear Kate, Just want to tell you how thrilled I am at finding your wonderful creative patterns. I have hinted that I wish to own all your books for my birthday as I intend to start my ‘Kate Davies’fest and knit practically everything!! My knit and natter group, The Woolly Wonkers, are going to join me on a tam or two. Love, Love them all! I might just blog them and direct everyone to get their own! With Kindest Wishes, Fleur x

  152. Hello Kate,
    My name is Cocky van der Linden, live in Holland and I am a Art Therapist. The thinks what I like to do in my live for relaxation and have joy in live, next to my job, is knitting and walking.
    Between 10 may and 31th 2015, I am with my hushband on holiday walking the Westland Highway.
    As I could read, you live there. Is there a possibility that we can visit you over there somehow?. Do you have a place there, were we can meet or were you show your knittings, books etc?

    I love to here something from you,
    Warm regards,

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  154. Kate, I know you’re unbelievably busy, but do you have any advice you could give for working with fair isle knitting. Sometimes I seem to be able to ‘get it’ without too much/little tension… but because I use a circular needle, if I pull too much I get an indentation in the item (like a sock)… but if I don’t, I seem to end up with a tiny hole. I’m a pretty good knitter, but I really struggle with this – and because there are so many fabulous patterns with multiple color yarn out there, I really _need_ to learn how to do this properly! I would appreciate any help you can give.
    Thanks, Jo

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