Islay snaps


1: Bruce loves the beach

2, 3: Great photoshoots in my favourite locations

4. tasty crabs claws at the Port Charlotte Hotel

5, 6, 7: Discovering Billy’s Bench near Bowmore, and a Scarlet Pimpernel growing through the shingle at Portnahaven


8. Fine weather for walking



9, 10: The first time in four and half years that, while away, I have not been bothered in one way or another by my health or my physical limitations. Am I really so much better? Or have I merely finally adapted to my “new normal”? Either way, it felt pretty good to climb up behind that crag, to see that view.

51 thoughts on “Islay snaps

  1. I never knew a scarlet pimpernel was a flower! The things you learn :) Your photos, as always, are lovely – thanks for sharing.

  2. You are such an inspiration. Also, I think that we really must make it to Islay, sooner rather than later – not least for the water of life, of course!

  3. Your “first time in four and a half years” comment was such happy, happy news to hear. I’ll be grinning for the rest of the day, and saying a prayer of thanks.

  4. Looks like it was a great trip for the whole family. Thanks for sharing race news and beautiful views (plus, Ardbeg is a favorite at our house, too).

  5. Wow! Congratulations on the wellness, a sign of your perseverence in the face of tremendous adversity, and to the support that you have had along the way. Yea! many different sorts of footwear everyday mirroring your improvement.
    Beautiful photos, love the all encompassing hair wrap to stop the wind whipping it about your face which becomes so tiresome.
    I can imagine Bruce’s excitement when he first smells the sea and considers the possibilities ahead.

  6. Yay!! We were in Gigha at the same time with our kids and our dog Rui. He was in dog heaven and it was fantastic. I was finishing my swedish fish socks. I am so happy you had a great healthy break. Your knitting is beautiful and your patterns make me better. ( My ambition is to make the peedie floo’er mittens) Island holidays are brilliant.

  7. Its so good to hear you say that Kate. Likely a bit of both, healing and adapting. You know, I’m always struck by how much you love your surroundings wherever you go. I enjoy being able to ride along with you. Thank you for all you do.

  8. Love to hear of your wellness…love to see pictures of Bruce and you both…how is your cat doing?…miss hearing about him..

  9. What great news……..not only Tom’s run and his recovery but especially your health!! You do look spiffy :) So does Bruce, doing what dogs do best, getting good and wet. Nice.

  10. I love reading your blog. You are inspiring and post such great photos and tidbits of info that I find informative and interesting. And then there is the knitting! You look so healthy and happy.

  11. Thanks very much for sharing your beautiful photos with all of us. The vistas are spectacular. Glad that you have recovered to enjoy your favorite places. Bruce looks so very happy too.

  12. Kate,
    It warmed my heart to hear you’re doing so well. The body is an amazing, self-healing, miraculous thing. I pray yours continues to inspire with all the places you have yet to see and experience. Life is good. Many blessings to you and yours.

  13. what marvelous photos! The landscape is beautiful, Bruce is adorable and that photo of the pub is a work of art. Of course, I have never met you and I am just following yur blog. but I am happy just the same to hear you say you feel healthy! Cheers, Johanna from across the pond.

  14. I think it’s grand that you’re doing so well. I especially love the fact that you are so appreciative of your good health and good fortune. You are truly living your life and enjoying what it has to offer. Thanks for the inspiration. Your tenacious spirit erupts forth from your posts and showers on all who read them. We thank you.

  15. Back in the last century when I was young, Donovan (anybody remember him?) had a song called “Isle of Islay.” It’s a very short, sweet/sad little tune, and has stayed with me all these years, even though I had never heard of Islay and wasn’t even sure it was a real place. If you don’t know it, you might want to give it a listen. Thanks as always for taking me to a beautiful, to-me-far-away spot on our Earth.

  16. I really enjoy your photography, and your scholarly contributions to say nothing of your creativity. But I have to admit, I love that dog – what a photo!

  17. Hi Kate, ‘everything & everybody is looking good’ (( um, my niece was logged into my wordpress and so the previous comment authored by “Ninajbean” is a mistake on my part. It would be great if you deleted that comment awaiting moderation)) , as her blog is really ‘unlisted’ but private. Thank you ! :) xxJen

  18. Kate, you look so healthy and fit! Bruce is a great sidekick too. Kudos to you for your perseverance and strength of character, which shines through in every post!

  19. As many are saying your posts are such a joy. I really like Bruce’s picture, he is so handsome! And you look great, congratulations on feeling so wonderful and really, really love all the view behind you and Bruce. What a place!!!

  20. Before I read your caption, I looked at that last photo of you and said, how strong she looks! Very happy for you from afar.

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