Toft giveaway


The YOKE I am currently designing is made with this – Toft Ulysses DK – a deliciously smooshy, cushy, springy, woolly sort of wool. It is my new favourite yarn: a completely British wool, grown and spun here from a blend of several different breed-specific fibres (including BFL and Shetland). I could knit with it all day (indeed I’ve spent the past two days doing just that).


This is the silver DK and I’m enjoying working with it tremendously.

As well as supplying me with this superlatively tasty yarn for my current YOKE, my friends at Toft have also given me two pairs of giveaway tickets for an exclusive party they are holding on July 25th to celebrate the launch of Edward’s Menagerie – the inventive collection of crocheted beasties that Toft’s creative director, Kerry, designed for her son, Edward.


The party will be held at Toft’s picturesque HQ in Dunchurch, Warwickshire. As well as the human attendees, 200 alpacas will be there, and the party will also involve crochet workshops, Toft goody bags, and cake as well as general book-launching celebrations.


The animals in Edward’s menagerie have great names — Douglas (the highland cow), Siegfried (the monkey), Angharad (the donkey) – so all you have to do to win a pair of tickets to the party is to tell me your favourite ever animal name. (Living with a cat named Jesus, I’m looking forward to your responses). Please bear in mind that the prize is for the party tickets only – you’ll have to get yourself over to Dunchurch on July 25th – and this may exclude many overseas readers from entering. I’ll announce the winners here on Thursday, 10th July.

114 thoughts on “Toft giveaway

  1. Our cat called Paraffin. When I was little, my mother asked what I would like to call our new cat. I didn’t know good names, so she suggested Josephine (amongst other names) which I liked, so Josephine it was. However, I couldn’t remember the name, and plumped for the nearest-sounding ‘name’. The cat was always Paraffin from then on.

  2. Ooh, I love that collection so much! As a crocheter, I’ve long been a big fan of Toft who always seem to have lots of patterns for us as well as knitters, and those wonderful toys only cemented my opinion :)

    I’ve had one pet in my life thanks to allergies. It was a goldfish called Jaws that I was bought for my 18th birthday. Of course, my mother only belatedly realised that if I couldn’t bring it to university with me, she’d have to look after it. So I was made to write to my college and ask if they’d let me off the ‘no pets’ rule, just this once.

    I knew I was going to be happy there when the Home Bursar wrote back saying that it wouldn’t be a problem and that he hoped my goldfish and I would enjoy our time at college!

  3. i cant enter you comp but we had a cat called “PB “for lead foot love your knitting hope whoever wins has a great day

  4. Ooh, I love that collection so much! As a crocheter, I’ve long been a big fan of Toft, and those wonderful toys only cemented my opinion :)

    I’ve had one pet in my life thanks to allergies. It was a goldfish called Jaws that I was bought for my 18th birthday. Of course, my mother only belatedly realised that if I couldn’t bring it to university with me, she’d have to look after it. So I was made to write to my college and ask if they’d let me off the ‘no pets’ rule, just this once.

    I knew I was going to be happy there when the Home Bursar wrote back saying that it wouldn’t be a problem and that he hoped my goldfish and I would enjoy our time at college!

  5. My cat was named Oblio, after the cartoon about a place without points, he was a Scottish Fold and was ever so cute.

  6. My very large and beautiful long-haired marmalade cat cat was called Mister Timmy Bimbo. It suited him very well but I have no idea why!

  7. We have a panther Chameleon called George, named after Boy George and Karma Chameleon! He’s very colourful but always looks grumpy, so grumpy George seems to suit him (our pet, not the singer!)

  8. My favorite animal was a small white Russian hamster, hazelnut and black. She loved whipped cream and black cherry cream of Languedoc. This is an animal that does not live very long but I got a little baby and she stayed with me for five years. His name was little Prallinou.
    Being in France I would not have the possibility to come to this beautiful celebration.
    Thank you for sharing this tender

  9. I wish I could enter, I’d love to travel over there. :-) Best dog name ever was my grandparents old hound dog – he originally belonged to a fellow in the Coast Guard who got shipped out, so gave them his beloved pet. His name? Snatch Block with a Swivel Snap Shackle. He answered to just Snatch Block, though. :-)

    1. Oh, and cutest kid name story I know is from long ago when I had 2 cats, Frankie and Tuppence. Frankie went missing for several days, and my nephew (then 5 or so) asked me if Frankie never came back, would I change Tuppence’s name to One Cent because I no longer had 2 cats? Thankfully, Frankie returned and we never had to address that question.

      It is so fun reading all these names and stories!

  10. I think mine has to be Vincent Gas-Cat Pipe-Cat, a name bestowed upon our dear, late black cat, by my son, when he was three. He is now at rest, beneath our nectarine tree, under a little cairn topped by the gold eagle-head of an old walking stick.

  11. I’m too far away to participate, but had to chime in–on my back patio, I currently have three kittens, including one active fellow named Muchacho Gonzalez.

  12. My dog is called Seccotine. It is an old french glue brand… I didn’t know at the time when I baptised her but now she sticks to me all the time ! Is it because of the name or her type of mind ? or the other way round…

  13. My favourite is actually a tie between my first cat’s name, 5-bucks, because that’s how much we bought her for, and my first dog’s name, Poopy, which is pretty self-explanatory! :-) We had them as pets on our farm growing up and it must have been hilarious to hear us calling them. It’s probably best that our neighbors were miles away!

  14. My family name growing up was Brook so our Labradors were named after rivers (Cherith and Kishon). The toy poodle didn’t quite manage that status and was called Splash which was appropriate because the German for “poodle” apparently is something like “to splash in water” :)

  15. My friend’s cat was named Crep (short for crepuscular) because he was always slinking around in the shadows. Eyebrows were often raised when they called him for his dinner!

  16. My favourite name was for one of our cats, Pootle, named after a character from the children’s programme The Flumps – the one with the knitted bobble hat. This was an improvement on our first cat’s name which was unimaginatively termed Ginger (and we weren’t being ironic!)

  17. I am waaaaaaay over here in the Great White North, so I am devastated to say that I can’t attend the party (BOO! HISS!), but I just wanted to chime in and tell you that my little yellow Lab-mutt with the root beer/gypsy eyes is named Django, after one of my all-time favourite musicians.

  18. Growing up my favourite celebrity animal names were Petra and Jason the Blue Peter pets(does that give away my age too much!) But as to my personal favourites we have cats and due to a theme the children inspired the more recent felines have been called, Mary, Mungo, Midge, Murray, Monty and Madge! Of the more random names for our Guinea pigs we have had Russell, Sprout, Barney and not forgetting the much loved Guinea pig like no other Chicken!

  19. We had a cat called Winnie, perfectly nice name on its own until, without a hint of irony, we chose to call the dog Nelson. We truly hadn’t thought at all about the implications of this pairing

  20. Ginger Rogers, for a stray that adopted me. Since we couldn’t figure out that sex it was, I chose a name that would work either way. Roger became a dear friend in the family.

  21. How I wish I could be at a party with alpacas! But alas, too far to come… My beloved (but alas, short-lived) cat was called ‘Moale’. Not only was that the noise she made, but it means ‘happiness’ in Motu, the language spoken around Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea which had been my home right up until I got her.

      1. My pronunciation is probably quite off (for Motu speakers) but we pronounced it ‘Mo-wah-lee’ with the emphasis on the ‘wah’. Became more like ‘M’wahlee’ when said fast. She was a lovely cat, and if the name moves to another, I would be very happy!

  22. So pleased to hear you still have Jesus the cat, as I hadn’t read about him since your move. We haven’t had any interesting animal names, though our old cat Molly earned the nickname Darth Maul…

  23. Ha ha …… not necessarily the sort of name you are looking for but thought I would share – my Southern Hemisphere contribution – my daughter’s first pet at 23 months was a goldfish …….. she knew her colours and had a fascination with fish (had that lovely toddler half speak) and promptly named it ‘Onje Shish’ ………. yes, it stuck. Good luck to all those in the Northern Hemisphere…. nothing like a moment of fun!! Love not only your knitting Kate, but your spirit too!

  24. Not entering but my two favourite dog names were Shambles for a determinedly scruffy Old English Sheepdog and Tugboat Annie for a well padded Bulldog.

  25. Whilst at University, my friends and I decided that no student house would be complete without a pet. A cat or dog was decidedly out of the question, so we settled on a hamster. Being in Newcastle, we bought our new housemate from a local pet store where he was in a cage labelled “lads”. Being a “lad” and a black and white Russian Dwarf hamster, it was an easy decision to name him after the hapless yet amorous Warner Bros skunk. Good old Pepe!

  26. I had a cat called KP, the Killer Pussy, named for a her love of decapitating frogs, or perhaps because she was nuts?

    I know it’s not a very inventive name, I would just love to go to the party!

  27. My favourite animal name was Pissy. My friend had a cat when she was so little that she couldn’t pronounce Pussy cat and called it Pissy cat and the name stuck to the extent that when the cat went a-wandering years later, my embarrassed teenaged friend had to roam the streets calling ‘Pissy!’ at the top of her voice.

    For myself, I can’t have a pet thanks to my husband’s allergies, so am restricted to making woollen ones, but if I did, I would have a cat and call it Sir Didymus!

    Unfortunately I can’t make it to the launch, though, if my entry was a winning one, I’d be perfectly happy to win a toft goody bag, and/or perhaps the patterns for the parts of the menagerie that weren’t included in the original pdf release! ;-)

  28. I loved my cat named Izzy. Her full name was Isabeau, for the female character in the movie, Lady Hawke. I live in the US and won’t be able to make it to the party. Thanks for allowing me to remember Izzy with this post. She was my first cat and a wonderful companion.

  29. I took care of a bummer lamb for a year, a Suffolk ram named Orlon. He belonged to one of my best friends: she named him. It still cracks me up.

    My other favorite was an elderly neighbor’s chubby, fluffy white mutt named Sody Pop.

    I’m too far away to trek to Scotland, alas.

  30. We had Michael Fish the goldfish when I was little. Family cats have included Humbug (tabby) and Tulip. All of our six hens are called Lulu as we can’t tell them apart.

  31. Loving the names above! I had a grey tabby that I named Piggy as a child, because he was a small barrel with tiny legs. My two new cats are called Dot and Dash, which suits them perfectly – Dot’s a real lady and Dash doesn’t stop running – plus I’m a stickler for punctuation and my lovely dad practised Morse code, so he was pleased with their names too!

  32. Our budgie was called Hawker Sidney. He flew like a jet too but didn’t have the brakes so often flew into the wall!

  33. sadly, too far to come, but I love the sound of this wool and the book. We just lost one of our dear cats to lymphoma. She was smarter than all of us put together, and had incredible catitude. Her name was “Zoe Godzilla” for very good reason!

  34. My most recent favorite name was for a hen that graced my yard for awhile, I named her Sonya Henny. Alas, I cannot get myself to the Toft party at the end of July, but I do hope to knit with this lovely yarn one day soon.

  35. First you name a cat something you think about and decide on—”Seymour” in one case— and then you realized what that guy’s name really is—”Mordecai McCormick”—for the same cat. Then eventually you notice you are calling him “Cormey Otie” or something like that.
    No cat ever just had one name.

  36. My cat’s name is Obsidienne (black with green eyes) and my dog Dayla it’s a french bouledogue so lovely with black eyes !!

  37. I can’t enter the contest, but got a kick out of the pet names and wanted to chime in. My favorite all-time pet name wasn’t for one of my own, but a cat that belonged to an acquaintance of my sister’s a few years ago, who went by the name Kitty Pot Pie. Not nearly as interesting, I had a streak of naming my pet birds after British sports cars. I had a Cooper, a Morgan, and currently have a Healey (full name Healey Pipsqueak). That run of names ended with the addition of Omar Littlebird the canary.

  38. Great give away want to enter but I can’t. Too far away. But we did have a cat by the name of BIC’N. I hope the winner has a great time!

  39. My brother had a goldfish called Freddy Trueman after the great cricketer. Not sure the fish was any good at cricket.

  40. What a hoot reading all the names! Mine are pretty pedestrian (Annie, as in Orphan because she was dumped at church, Zetta who used to be Jetta and I changed it thinking she would be quieter with a nice girly name..HA, and Lile Aine, sweetest Wolfhound ever) but my neighbors have 2 geese named Fescue and Bermuda…….
    Have fun at the party!!

  41. Too bad I am too far away to go to the party as it sounds just like my favorite kind of party.
    We used to have a dog named Che, and yes, as the vet asked, like the revolutionary.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on someToft yarn. It sounds so lovely. Thanks for introducing us to it.

  42. I met a large lanky big boned black cat at an animal rescue named Steve. It could not have been a more perfect name for him. Cool, wise, and full of person.

  43. These are all brilliant names. I know someone who has a dog called Cat Stevens. I wondered if when they shout for the dog they just shout “Cat!” but was told no, he is ALWAYS called Cat Stevens. My four-year-old has a toy seal called Sally Poofoo. She was supposed to be Sally Sally Soft Paws but when he got her (at two years old) he could only say Sally Poofoo – so that is how she stayed.

  44. While nothing would please me more than getting to visit, I’m excluding myself. But I can’t help but share our cat’s name. Beckerman is a regal black and white tuxedo cat named for the middle defender for Real Salt Lake soccer team and recently well-put out for the U.S. Men’s Team at World Cup. I feel we’d have made it to the semi-finals if he’d been played in the game with Belgium….
    Our other cats are named Sasha (a girl grey tabby) and Simba (a medium-haired ginger boy that really looks and sits like a lion).

  45. Several years ago I kept Gotland sheep and my ‘favourite’ (although I actually loved them all equally of course!) was a gorgeous little ewe lamb that I named Myrtle. One day she fell asleep on my knee which was so cute. To this day whatever sheep breed I have (at present it is Romney) I have to have a Myrtle amongst them – it is the ultimate sheep name!

  46. When I was young, we had a tortoiseshell cat named Sputnik. She was sweet and patient, a perfect pet for children.

  47. My partner was gardening and put his shirt on the ground because he was too hot. When he came in later there was a 10cm slug on his shoulder. We pointed it out to him and he managed to stay calm and say “oh him? that’s Wesley” Needless to say he didn’t actually remain a pet.

  48. theknittingmoon’s Cat Steven’s for a dog should win hands down! That’s hilarious and going in the memory bank for titters of the future!

    My personal favourite is a cat I once met when accompanying my sister to the vet with her cat. He was called Graham. A sound steady name. My cats called Reenie after one of the old charity shop ladies in League of Gentlmen. It’s good but it ain’t Cat Stevens.

    Sorry going to be another annoying one who can’t enter.

  49. All of our four Cats got english names rankings from mickey(mouse) Sam. Molly and ollie .as for excluding overseas readers ? No way ! Way to good not to take a chance ;) would-be love a crafty trip, hans been on my to do list forever and I would to take my also crafty mum :)
    So wish me luck !

  50. It would have to be our second cat way back in 1997 when our son was three years old and in his logic he called it two-mees

  51. Since I live in Canada I couldn’t go to this, but had to list my favourite pet names. We had a Dalmatian named Ulysses! That yarn is just calling to me…. And then we had a rabbit named Herkimer. Fun names.

  52. My first cat was called Ambrose, named after a Cornish saint I do believe.We brought him back from a holiday in Cornwall in a cardboard box, back to Hampshire. I can remember stopping en route and getting him out to give him a drink! He was a gorgeous Persian tabby boy.

  53. We rescued a cat and we called her Twinkle Toes because she had 26 toes – 7 on each of her front paws and 6 on each of her back paws. We currently have a small Shih tzu called Dinky -because she is.
    I am afraid Hawker Sidney has killed me though…..

  54. I know someone who owns a cocker spaniel called Jarvis.

    That yarn looks gorgeous – I’d love to try it sometime.

  55. We used to have two Russian dwarf hamsters that I named Richard and Hammond – before I figured out that the presenter’s nickname is The Hamster!! These two little fella were then followed by two tortie cats (sisters they are), which were nicknamed Hidey and Shakey when we took them home from the rescue until we found them permanent names, as one could only hide and the other would only shake!

    1. I forgot to add that I am not sure I could actually make it to the party, although I live in Devon and *could* drive there, I think it is too short notice to get time off work :-( Though as someone else suggested I wouldn’t say no to a Toft goody bag either! ;-)

  56. Mt friend’s friend had a donkey called ‘Hoté’. I’m not sure how to spell it but say it out loud…Donkey Ho-tay. I’ve always found that funny!

  57. I can’t attend, but would love to win some Toft yarn :)
    I had a lovely cat that I called the favorite sitting place was on my shoulder. Doing housework with a cat on the shoulder is not fun. ! I had another cat called Fibber…he used to prowl and call and yowl when he caught a bird or mouse..and got lots of attention of course. Then he learned to make those noises when he felt like he needed a bit of attention. I was always fooled into thinking he had caught something …so in the end he got named Fibber..for telling wicked fibs . :)

  58. I can’t enter since I live in the U.S. but my favorite names are the vernacular names that become our pets. Miso became Snozzlebot (the cat that purrs so much her nose runs) or Miso Piso, Little Orange Kitty became Orange-a-Pornge (the cat that is bigger then he should be) and Bob became Batbob (because he looks like a bat). We used to have a cat named Boobaloo loosely based off a candy bar.

  59. I so wish I could come to an alpaca party but also live too far away. My favourite animal name was Coco Pops, our chicken. But also like Penguin, Lollipop, Twiglet, Tulip, all chickens. Oh, and Yoko, Henrietta, Arrow, Tinkerbell, and DUCK! Squeaky Cheese. If better stop. We have a lot of chickens.

  60. I took in a hungry kitty one winter and named him Emil- because that is all he wanted. He got fat and ran away.
    Thanks for the introduction to yet another yummy yarn- regrets to the alpaca party, have a great time!

  61. Don’t enter me in the contest as I cannot come over for the party. I have goats:
    I named one Clyde because he seemed a bit goofy when he was born. Another goat is named Aria because I could hear her calling from the front door. Patrick who was born on St Patrick’s Day. Shadow because she looked just like her mama. Little Miss because she looked so delicate.

  62. Hello!
    I worked at a Cat shelter in Sydney (australia) so coming up with names was a common occurrence!
    Three names that struck a cord with me are Astro & Holiday (two of my own cats) and Chihiko (japanese) was the name given to a cheeky 2 year old, black and white moggy at the shelter! Galaxy the Rooster was our naughty roosters name before took off one day!

  63. Hands down my favourite animal name as to be the late great Dougal who was a white labradoodle. When we first got him he was shaggy haired and looked like Dougal from the magic roundabout so the name stuck. Looking back at old photos he also looked a bit alpaca-ish! :)

  64. Sennia, she is à girl (senorita) she is à delicate little bichon havannaise of 14! Not à young girl any more (ninja =little girl). My son made the name up when we were talking about MAYBE getting à dog. Early one morning he came down for breakfast and said “IF we were getting à dog we could call her Sennia- and he had thought the connections up. And so she came, and we have loved he ever since 👍

    1. I’ve never produced a sponsored post here, and indeed have no intention to. Hosting a giveaway for a company whose products and ethos I like is a rather different thing!

  65. I can’t cross the Irish Sea for the party however a very good friend of mine had a black Labrador called OJ !

  66. How wonderful – that would be a real treat! Sadly I’ve never had a pet myself but my favourite pet is my sister in law’s hawk harrier, who is called Iris.

    I realise that this sounds very exotic, but Iris actually is a working hawk (for a pest control company) and lives on a housing estate in South London; not glamorous at all !

  67. If only!!
    My favorite animal was a cat named Three! She was born in my sneakers with her 5 liter mates and was always the third one anywhere, so that’s how she became Three

  68. This is such fun, although like many others I’m too far away to enter. One of my most favourite dogs ever belongs to an OT rehab assistant and he goes to work with her on Fridays and all the patients adore him, he does excellent work. He is a pug named Higgins and it suits his cute little smooshed up face so well. We had a huge maine coon cat called Field Marshall Sir Edgrr Muffinpants – Eggie -Bear for short. Have to say Algernon The Put Upon and Pericles the Persecuted are my personal favourites.

  69. I’m too far away to enter the contest but my favorite animal name is the name my brother gave to the parakeet he received as a birthday present in 8th grade–23 skidoo, or skiddy for short.

  70. many years ago when I was at school in Derbyshire, one of my friend’s grandparents had a cat named Beryl & everynight it was loadly yelled in for the night by this very local couple, I can still hear them!

  71. When we were growing up we had a hamster called ‘Hammy – the hamster’. He used to like crawling around in the back of the piano which mum was not pleased about and the only way to get him out was to leave a trail of food. Unfortunately when he passed away this was where we found him – in the back of the piano.

  72. Our’ dog was called Max when we had him from the Dogs home,but he’s now called Grumble because that’s what he sounds like when you let him out. He doesn’t bark very often, just makes a noise like grumpy grumbling old man.
    Love Toft yarns and would to go and see the alpaca’s. Not too far from me either

  73. I don’t want to enter the giveaway since I live in California, but I did want to share my favorite pet name–it is a fictional one, from Madeleine L’Engle’s Meet the Austins. Their Great Dane was called Mr. Rochester. So that’s nested fictional names, since the dog was named after the Jane Eyre fellow.

    My husband and I were just speculating yesterday what we might have called our dog Rusty if he had come to us nameless–my first pick would probably be Abernathy, also after a fictional dog. He’s a wizard who’s been transformed to a soft-coated wheaten terrier in Terry Brooks’ Magic Kingdom for Sale series.

  74. this is all so exciting, i would love to try toft yarn and attend the party. i’m so sorry i don’t know where dunchurch is though! i will be in edinburgh on the 25th, so if it’s nearby? i would love to be entered in the drawing! my favorite pet name would have to be of our very large (very lazy) goldfish named couch. because he sat around all day.

  75. My parent’s friends’ dog named ‘Meneer’, Dutch for ‘Mister’. They lived in Amsterdam, she went through the streets shouting Meneer! Blijf! Zit! (Mister! Stay! Sit!). Cracks me up.

  76. I’m too far away to enter but I have enjoyed reading the comments and great animal names! Fifty years ago my family had a black lab mongrel named “Maytag” (aka “Maizie”). She was born under an old-fashioned Maytag washing machine that stood on legs.

  77. I was listening to the Today programme and heard Evan Davies talk about his whippet, Mr Whippy. That’s inspired.

  78. I can’t make it across the Atlantic in time to be a contestant, but I think that “Pamphlet” was an excellent choice of a name by my friend’s toddler’s pre-school class for their Guinea Pig. The kids voted unanimously for that suggestion of a classmate over the teachers’ more obvious suggestions.

  79. My daughter’s alpaca is named ‘Mooch’ simply because that’s what he does as he rummages around in the grass in his paddock in Australia.

  80. Our dog was called Snageltoot instead of Patch- there was a vote and I think originality won :) must say, I’ve never had to spell it before though….

  81. Probably too late to enter – but my friend suggested Chloe as the name for my first cat – it certainly fit the bill. as she would run up the curtains as a kitten.

  82. Hi Kate,

    I have shared my life with many great animals over the years, both cats and dogs. One particular cat that comes to mind was called “Fuzzy Dog”. We couldn’t think of a name for him and temporarily referred to him as Fuzzy Dog because we had seven Chihuahuas and had just brought home an all white, medium length hair, stray kitten that we thought would take at least a couple weeks to acclimate with our crowd, but in fact played and wrestled with the dogs the first night. When we finally thought of a name that might suit him he ignored it and always came to Fuzzy Dog.

    I used to bathe the dogs every Saturday and one particular Saturday I had just finished when Fuzzy Dog jumped into the kitchen sink and insisted on being bathed, after that I bathed seven dogs and a cat every week.

    Later on I moved into a trailer that was near the country and I let Fuzzy Dog out during the day and he would jump up on the hood of the car to greet me everyday when I got home. He also liked to ride in the car as long as I was in it, one day I stopped to get gas when he was with me and when I came back to the car after paying he was freaked out and running in circles around the inside of my car. Once I got back in the car we had a very peaceful drive home. I still miss that cat.

    Debrielle Welch

    PS I never did find the Minny Mouse watch that I left on the dining room table one day, I wonder where Fuzzy Dog hid it.
    Thanks for the great giveaway, wish I lived close enough to use the tickets.

  83. Hi Kate

    I’d love to enter your competition as I think the crochet animals are fabulous and the alpacas at Tofts are beautiful.
    My favourite dogs name is D’fa. The name came about when a friend and her family could not decide upon an appropriate name for their dog and eventually came up with ‘D for’ as in D for dog and this then became D’fa.


  84. Too far away for any prizes, but had to chime in with this pet name anyway: a friend of a friend named his Afghan hound Ozone, because it was such an air-head.

  85. Some of these pet names are just awesome. So here are the names of my four cats: Qwincy, Maisie, Cedwyn and Rufus-Digby. I believe the winners have been decided upon anyway. But just wanted to join in anyway and share.

  86. I can’t come to the party but would like to say, my daughter had a stuffed animal (Pegasus) named Princess Periwinkle, for a 4 year old, I thought that was creative.

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