I have more posts to come from Iceland, but today I wanted to briefly mention one of those interesting cross-connections which are one of the many reasons I enjoy writing this blog. During a trip to Shetland in September, 2012, I took this photograph of a boat moored near Norwick beach in Unst. I later included the photo in this blog post, where it was seen by Oxfordshire artist, Jim Kelso. Jim then contacted me to ask if he might produce a painting based on my photograph; I happily agreed, and his painting, Tenebrae, is below.


Tenebrae recently sold, and by way of thanks, Jim has now made a donation in my name to Chest Heart, and Stroke, Scotland. You may remember that it was this charity that funded the home-support of a dedicated stroke nurse for me after I left hospital. The work they do in the community is really important, but often overlooked, and I am always happy to support them in whatever way I can.

Congratulations on your painting, Jim!

38 Comments on “Tenebrae

  1. Oh such a lovely image! How great this entire story is and both images are very appealing. I wonder if you ever print and frame any of you own images? I love this one!!!! B xx

  2. What a lovely story, and a fine painting. Your posts lift the heart! x

  3. Kate, both the photo and the painting are wonderful. I enjoyed my visit to Jim’s website too.
    Thank you.

  4. love your photo and Jim’s painting, no suprise that it sold! What a nice gesture to make that meaningful donation.

  5. And this is the way things should all go round. Loved beginning my day with this story. Thank you.

  6. I love the photograph and the painting and the story behind both of them. Great works!

  7. I am so amazed at the photo, the painting, everything.. but mostly, your courageous journey in recent blogging years. xx

  8. Just repeating what the other comments mention, beautiful picture, painting and story. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  9. Thank you for sharing this. It’s wonderful to know that goodness can still be found in people. It is a story that inspires hope.

  10. That is just thrilling! The painting alone is very moving and the story behind it is even more so.

  11. Your photo and the painting are both wonderful, Kate. If that painting was made into a print I would be the first one in line to buy one. :-)

  12. Can you speak to the title, Tenebrae? I know it only as the service of shadows during holy week.

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