Mel’s Port o’ Leith


Mel’s Port o’ Leith . . .


. . . is dark and moody . . .


. . .knit up in tasty Jamieson and Smith Shetland chunky in the charcoal shade.


. . . which is beautiful to work with . . .


. . . but somewhat vexing to photograph.


The colour is perhaps best described as a faded black. It is a saturated, dusky kind of shade, and I think it gives a the garment a completely different feel to my original sample – perhaps less traditionally maritime, and more contemporary.


Mel’s Port o’ Leith turned out beautifully and is Ravelled here.


Mel and I have been very busy packing up some new kits, of a new design, which will go live in my shop on Sunday at around 6pm GMT. Pop back tomorrow to hear more!

10 thoughts on “Mel’s Port o’ Leith

  1. Everything Mel knits and models is inspiring. The “dark” knit problem is an ongoing problem here too. My daughter and I love to wear dark colours, but they don’t photograph well, so I end up knitting designs in at least two colours–one for consumption, one for photography. Very stupid and time consuming, but what’s a knitter to do? (Sometimes, getting the sun at a low angle so that it highlights texture helps a little).

  2. I love this in the darker colour …although I don’t always like knitting in dark shades with my middle aged vision :-( Kits sound very exciting!

  3. I am thrilled to see Mel’s version, and though the deep tones show off the color motifs a little less, I think that it flatters figure superbly. I think that I would go with the charcoal shades too. And I love how the cowl has a second purpose as a muffler. Mel, terrific work as usual !

  4. Yes, I love Port o Leith dark and moody and without the snood… somehow.

    It looks fabulous on Mel and I am looking at the second photo thinking ‘I like the bell sleeve bottoms’ and then realised it was the snood!!

    Kate & Mel, you make an awesome team!

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