It has been very chilly recently, and today “our” loch froze over. I wanted to record the date, as I am told by my neighbours that, in a cold Winter, the loch will routinely stay frozen till March. Between 1868 and the end of the nineteenth century, the loch was used by a local club for curling, but I’m not getting out on the ice just yet.

17 thoughts on “frozen!

  1. If you do get out onto it, use traditional curling gloves – sanquhar gloves, that used to be knitted up in drugget – a mixture of cotton and wool and possibly summat else. Pity the Wiki entry doesn’t feature them!

  2. Ah, you’re ahead of us here in Canada! I noticed ice in some very still water in the Rideau Canal last weekend, and the boards have been set up for our local rink in the park, but I don’t think we’ll be skating for some weeks. Is that your place on the little hill above the water?

  3. Beautiful weather for wool!
    Here in Southern California we are having cool sweater weather but I doubt that much will freeze.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Curling!! Lived in Manitoba Canada for a year and had a curling rink in the lot in back……..great fun.
    still 14 deg F here in the AM but our lake hasn’t frozen yet……enjoy!

  5. Yes, it’s cold here, too, but not loch-freezing cold. And, it’s sunny! (Very unusual for the Oregon coast of the U.S. in November.) Also, please go carefully on any icy surface!

  6. Here in Chicago it is windy and rainy, however snow is predicted this afternoon and evening. I don’t think it will amount to much in the way of accumulation as it hasn’t been below freezing long enough! But winter is in the air! The perfect time to sit and knit! Or crochet! Beautiful picture. I was in Scotland only once and would love to go back!

  7. I live in Manitoba and the snow is here to stay. It is currently -19 C with the windchill making it feel like -29. I am tucked in to the blanket the wool socks pulled up tight.

  8. It’s beautiful. I’ve never lived anywhere that water froze. I was born in southern England and moved to Australia when I was 6. 3 years ago we moved up about 850m above sea level and we now get to about -6c in winter so it’s colder than anywhere else I’ve lived for a long, long time but nothing like that cold. We get about one day of snow a year. Right now it’s coming up to Summer and has been about 30c for the past few days. Much better than the 45c we’d get near the coast but still too warm for me.

  9. Oh right – so you’re the one who stole our nice cool weather….we are heading for HOT. We cats do not like heat and it is not good knitting weather!

  10. I was in Stirlingshire yesterday and noticed how chilly it was. I did wonder if it had frozen up by Balfron as there was snow in the hills. From what I remember of Stirlingshire (it being my home stamping ground) I think you’ll be in for slightly harder winters than Edinburgh. But at least you won’t get the perishing east coast wind!

  11. Just discussing skating on frozen lakes with my kids in the car today (our lake is frozen too). Don’t think I would be brave enough! In town they are adding water to the running track to make an outside skating area for the winter – that’s brave enough for me.
    Your Loch is beautiful. Think I may re-name our Lac de Gaillards – Loch Gaillards!

  12. This is the first day this year below freezing here in Novi Michigan. No lakes frozen yet here. Not a winter fan when driving to work but a good snow is always pretty!

  13. I envy you your frosty, icy, wool-wearing weather. Our weather here in Phoenix, Arizona, USA has been a bit rainy and windy for the past few days, but alas, not really cold enough for woolens. I am however spinning a nice romney-mohair blend from a fleece I just finished washing; it’s never the wrong weather to spin and knit, that’s for sure!

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