out walking


One of the very great pleasures of living here is that the West Highland Way is on our doorstep. I walk out of our steading, and about a hundred yards up the way is a glorious landscape, at the far edges of which (on a really clear day) Ben Lomond and the Trossachs and the Arrochar Alps are all visible. I walk here every day, and enjoy these walks tremendously. Today I took my camera so you can see it too.







58 thoughts on “out walking

  1. Thank you for sharing Kate…my heart longs to be there too, but your gorgeous shots will have to keep me sated for now. So happy that your new abode and surrounds agree with you, Bruce, Tom…and Jesus? How is THAT old boy adjusting?

  2. Gorgeous colours at the moment and handsome Bruce too. Thank you for sharing. Have just knitted a second secret Sheep Heid tam for my daughter’s Christmas stocking as she is lusting after mine!

  3. Many thanks Kate and Bruce for sharing with us your autumn walk in the beautiful Scottish countryside… makes us feel like visiting the Trossachs in this lovely season ;-)

  4. How lovely! Thank you for sharing these photos. Often your posts help me get through some frightfully busy but boring days. Am counting the days until I return to the beautiful Highlands and Hebrides.

  5. Wow. That is so special- it’s easy to see why you chose that place to live. Hope you two and Bruce get some more lovely weather to enjoy the season and the scenery.

  6. Oh how pretty!. Want to swap? We’ve got lots of trees to show off their fall colours too. Fall is my favorite season; the hues are different and more amazing every day. I must say I’m very happy to read you are enjoying it every time.

  7. Thanks for posting this beautiful sequence of photos….it was “almost” like going on a walk with you. I particularly enjoyed the encounter with the sheep! I broke my ankle two weeks ago, and had surgery last week to repair it, so I haven’t had an opportunity to get out and enjoy the glorious fall weather recently. Your photos are, as always, very uplifting :)

  8. I have missed something here- I thought you lived in the Shetlands- but you are on the Mainland obviously. I grew up on the Banks of Loch Lomond- and was born in the sight of the other side of the Ben, in Aberfoyle- a very beautiful part of the world that I was privileged to visit again in 2011. Have lived in the Antipodes for 57 years now- and just venturing into designing, myself.
    Love the blog, and the work you do!

  9. How magnificent! A place of spiritual (and physical) energy. It’s magical, I can almost breathe it in through your photographs. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. I thought you might like to see Ben Lomond as I remember. NZ is such a long way from anywhere! Julie Drysdale Faletanoa’i.[image: Inline image 1]

  11. What a treat! Thank you and to Jeanette for her link to : lifeattheendoftheroad.
    Bruce looks like he is no longer a puppy but I’ll bet that is only until STICK or GLOVE shows up :)

  12. Love the pictures. Wonderful sheep. And Bruce too. It goes without saying! And I love all your new designs. I’m doing a lot of knitting in order to improve my ability with some of the more difficult techniques. My goal is to knit one of your lovely fair isle designs. And maybe, one day to visit the Sheland Islands. Canada seems so far away.

  13. So lovely! And…how nice to have such beautiful scenery and opportunity for walking right on your doorstep. I have a friend who has this to say about living in a beautiful place. “It’s like living inside a postcard.” Thank you for sending us these postcards!

  14. Simply lovely!! What kind of sheep are those in the distance? Is the shepherd nearby? How did they feel about Bruce? Once again , Kate, thanks so much for sharing!!

  15. What a gloriously beautiful day. And what a gloriously shiny coat Bruce has. Bright sun…bright leaves…bright fur. Thanks for sharing. Was GLOVE on this walk, too? In one photo Bruce seems perhaps on the ‘hunt.’

  16. So lovely ! Nay… breathtaking!! You’ve got such a great camera too, it makes such a difference I think. I love, love, love that you have the Highland Way as your home trail Kate, that is a dream -come-true, I know, and for Tom too, I’m sure, as he can just go run some miles with ease at any time, not to mention Bruce being in dog heaven . And sheep ! A perfect bucolic place you have. I am so looking forward to your next post sharing your new home. :)

  17. Ooh, thanks for bringing the camera with you – just maaaaahhhhvelous. And of course Bruce is looking spendidly fetching as always.

    There is something about living in a beautiful environment. I never take the Pacific Northwest for granted.

  18. I’m in love with your country ! We were planning a trip to Scotland with my man, but I’ll definitely stop on the way ! (from France)

  19. Hiya Bruce,
    I noticed that on your romp there were Sheep. I thought you would like to hear what I do when I see Sheep. I throw myself flat on the ground and crawl on my belly like a Reptile right up to Sheep. Then I pop up quickly with a great Woof! Sheep run and scatter hither and yon and Humans yell and wave arms. I dance all over the field with a big Grin. It is Great Fun! Try it!

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