Hiya! It is I, Bruce. A while ago, we lived in a tall stone building in a city where there were lots of cars. Now we live here:


Where there are lots of these:


And a few of these:


One of the many good things about it round here is that there are many Paths and I get to walk on these Paths with Kate and Tom. Sometimes I get to go swimming, and sometimes I leap about in the long grass, smelling interesting animal smells. But wherever we go, there is generally some water and mud for me to get myself nicely lathered up in. Hurrah!


This particular Path is known as West Highland Way and is frequented not only by dogs and cows and deer but by many human walkers. Human walkers can be forgetful, and occasionally they discard their belongings along Path. That is OK though, because I sniff out and find these belongings, and then I make them MINE. Without a doubt, the best of these found belongings is GLOVE.


Now, I first found GLOVE about three weeks ago by Path. Since then I have played with it many times and it is now sodden and chewed and has a delicious bovine odour. GLOVE seems quite robust though: Kate tells me that it is fashioned from acrylic, and is therefore a sort of plastic which refuses to decay. But though GLOVE is indestructible, and now has a very strong smell about it, sometimes I play with it so hard that I actually manage to lose it in the grass. Tom or Kate will insist that GLOVE is finally lost forever, but then, O joy of joys, a few days later I will always find it again, usually in a completely different location. I suspect the cows to have a hand (or hoof) in its unaccountable movements.


Now, there are many fun things to do with GLOVE but probably the most fun to be had is when the humans throw it for you. Kate describes GLOVE as “a vile object” and is sometimes unwilling to join in the game. But, dear friends, let me tell you a good trick I have discovered: If you present Kate with GLOVE often enough, and stare at her for long enough with your most persuasive expression, she will eventually join in.


Once Kate has capitulated, and throws GLOVE for you, you can retrieve and prance with GLOVE until you are exhausted.




F U N!

But, eventually, it is time to leave and – sadly – to leave GLOVE beind, as for some unknown reason, Kate will not allow me to bring GLOVE home.


This is Gate which leads home off West Highland Way.


Right by Gate there is Old Wall.


Kate instructs me to LEAVEIT behind Old Wall. This makes me sad.


But if I don’t LEAVEIT behind Old Wall we don’t go home.

Well, goodbye, fun GLOVE buddy.


Probably the only good thing about leaving GLOVE behind Old Wall is that, unlike losing it in the grass, it is always there next time, and I am always surprised and happy to discover it once again!


See you soon, love Bruce xx

109 thoughts on “g(love)

  1. Bruce, your adventures sound fun. I haven’t discovered GLOVE yet as I’m too young to walk so far (9 weeks old), but I love smelly old wet sheep wool that’s caught on the fence of my garden, and smelly woolly socks which I steal from boots by the door! Titus xx

  2. Well Bruce you are one handsome fella. What a cool place you live. ‘Glove’ looks like a fun toy to have, but I can understand Katie’s reluctance to bringing it home. Old Wall seems like a safe place to leave ones treasures!

  3. Hi Bruce, what a lucky chap you are, to live in sush a beautifull spot! I to love to make long walks with my mum and the boss! I saw a picture from your mum in a book my mum brought into the house, Rowan or something. I think…soon she will be knitting again! So cosy! See you! Colin, the chocolate labrador xx

  4. Ah Bruce, you are wonderful and Kate takes such beautiful photos of you and your ventures. Kate’s pictures have me wanting to visit Scotland even though I dislike cold, gloomy climates! Although I can imagine my dogs would love it, especially with the mud and livestock.

  5. I love the Bruce posts. I often share your blog posts with daughter who lives far away and she now recognizes Bruce when she sees pictures of him. We also both really like your new kitchen oh how nice it would be to have a new kitchen.

  6. Gidday Bruce, Hows it going? Really pleased to see your new domain. Geez what snuffles there must be in the grass and the stream – I can only dream! I am not allowed off the lead except at the beach. When we are in the bush they think I will disappear if I am free – well, they’re quite right! Heaps of kangaroos here and the most enormous rabbits you can ever imagine. Those cows look like they might be good for barking at too. I am not allowed to bark for long…. I have my treasures too just like Glove. At the moment there is the bone I buried a few weeks ago. No way can I bring that indoors. Well, gotta go now. Have a good one! Woody….. the wonder dog.

  7. Hi Bruce
    Where you are living now looks fantastic and I can’t wait to come and play with you there -but we do miss you in the land of big tall buildings. It’s a pity you aren’t here today because it’s my 1st birthday and we are planning an afternoon picnic with some of 4 legged and 2 legged friends. Woof Branna x

  8. oh Bruce, I envy you! Not so much for GLOVE but for Path. It’s on my bucket list to walk it! Enjoy – but then, I guess I don’t have to tell you, the pictures show you do.

  9. Dear Bruce,

    I loved hearing about glove. Humans can be so unhelpful at times, and don’t always understand what is important in life. Still, look like you are in a beautiful spot there old boy. My human keeps trying to TRAIN me at the moment, and I do not understand what the purpose of this training is except to interrupt my very busy and important activities such as chewing things to find out what they are, running round fields and refusing to come back etc. I’m sure you understand how vital these are to the development of a young dog. She keeps wanting me to come back, for no good reason, miles before I am ready to. Oh well!


    Miss Hepzibah M. Poodle

  10. Kate que maravilhoso seu cão, me traz tanta felicidade ver essas imagens de liberdade e alegria, especialmente diante deste
    cenário encantador.

  11. Hi Bruce, because you are a Labrador and are therefore very trusting (and possibly not as bright as a particle physicist, unlike Border Collies such as me), you will not have mastered the art of smuggling GLOVE into your owners’ kennel. This is actually easily done once you have fully mastered the sneaking, dropping, resneaking, dropping again when observed, and resneaking once more as well as the innocent expression. Take courage; you are halfway there. Mali…

    PS: SOCKS are good.

  12. OH Bruce, I believe that you live in a place called Heaven now. It’s beautiful and I’m so happy that you have Glove to play with. You’re a handsome and sweet boy!

  13. First of all, I love when how he always begins with, “It is I, Bruce.” That cracks me up!

    But GLOVE sounds like the perfect toy for a day outside – I hope it is around for a long time (just like you, Bruce).

  14. Thank you for sharing your adventure, Bruce! Being human I understand Kate’s feeling toward the GLOVE, however, you found a wonderful treasure. Who knows what other treasures you will find on your walks? You always make me smile. Give my regards to Kate!

  15. Your bruce stories are fabulous… i notice someone else has said about writing a book… bruces’s tales would make a wonderful childrens book – please think about it! i cant believe you have the strength of heart make bruce leave GLOVE by OLD WALL every time!

  16. Both GREENRABBITDESIGNS & INKYDOGPRESS beat me to it. I would love to see you put Bruce’s posts together, Kate. It would make a great children’s (or puppies’) book, with knitting patterns of gloves & socks, of course.

  17. I still have a glove that my Golden found 3 years ago – it’s one of her prized possessions and I bring it out now and then to watch her dance around with it. Great post!

  18. Wonderful post. Bruce you have a wonderful way of turning a phrase. I hope you will seek out a literary agent and consider publishing your stories. I realize your humans are quite busy people, but perhaps they could be persuaded to assist. Bruce, more of the world needs to hear of your mischevious, lovely, and kind-hearted adventures.

  19. Oh Bruce! Kate be glad you don’t live on the tundra as our dogs find far more smellier and grosser items to love, roll on, eat, that we often get to see again on the living room rug!

    What a perfect home you all have!

  20. Bruce, what a lovely chap you are. You made this ex-pat and her Chloe, wish we could go walkies with you amongst that wonderful scenery. “homesickness” abounds today.

  21. This was wonderful! I wish I could convince my Lab to drop her rabbit the way Bruce so confidently relinquishes Glove.
    Your new location is absolutely gorgeous and seems the right quality of quiet. Congratulations, and welcome home.

  22. Oooh GLOVE. GLOVE is almost as good as SOCKS. You are a lucky dog Bruce. I get told off for playing with SOCKS – even if my stupid humans leave them out for me.

  23. Hello Bruce, it is I Griffin, a labradoodle on Vancouver Island and I do believe we are kindred spirits. You see I love Glove as well and although mine is not found and lost such as yours but is frequently nibbled off the hand of my lady Kerry, finger by finger until I can shake it to it’s death. Kerry instructs me not to rip it though and it has been thrown in the wash several times after our rambles.
    Why these humans don’t like the Eue de dog slobber is beyond me!

  24. What a fun, beautifully written post! Makes me remember the days when my dear black lab, Chloe could run and fetch. Alas, she can hardly walk these days. : (

  25. Bruce,
    I am a, ah, dog. I have a brother who is a PBGV, and he is VERY sneaky. He brings home other dogs’ toys and I get to play with them too. They are much nicer than our own! That’s one good point of having neighbors.
    Our best, Emma and Georgie(the sneaky)

  26. Bruce – An inspiring post that really puts things into perspective about what is Important and what is Not. Please keep us up to date about Glove and your other adventures!

  27. My name is Millie, and I am a yellow labrador who has fun holidays in Oxford with two humans named Julia and Roland. We have never found ‘glove’, but on one of my holidays I found and rolled upon ‘dead hedgehog’. I did this every time we went into the field where ‘dead hedgehog’ was, which was three times a day because this field is just outside their house. I was sad when they would not let me take it with us on our walks. I liked it so much that I rolled on the same patch even when another creature took away ‘dead hedgehog’. But it left such a lovely smell! Julia and Roland thought it must be painful to roll on a hedgehog, but they just don’t understand!

  28. Thanks for your post, Bruce! I am so glad there is such joy in your life. Tell Kate that there is a place for acrylic in this world, after all.

  29. Bruce, the glove needs to stay outside because that’s where you found it, it would change beyond all recognition if you took it indoors especially into such a lovely wool filled home as yours and you would eventually fall out of love with it. Let it enjoy it’s time near the wall and look forward to your next visit and time together as much as you do.
    So good to see you having such a good time.

  30. Canineo paradiso!! Sorry – making salsa verde and think I can speak Espanol- cannot. Anyway this whole scene looks like a doggie dream. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy- who -heavens-listens to commands.

  31. Bruce, our Leo has SOCCER BALL, which he stole from one of the children, and now carries and bats about the yard. We are all astounded that it has yet to deflate … it must be made of the same sturdy stuff as your GLOVE.

    Where will you leave it when winter comes? Leo lost SOCCER BALL under the snow for many months last year … you can imagine his glee when he discovered it again after the first thaw!

  32. Ah Bruce, I wish TOY was as indestructible as Glove. It frayed, and now smells delicious of old slobber. But Mum wants to throw it in the Trash Can. Wish me luck in getting a new Toy!

    Your Canadian friend,

  33. I LOVE BRUCE……have you ever thought of writing a children’s book with Bruce as the main character. You could illustrate his adventure with your pix. You could start out with how he investigates his new surrounds. the next could be books about each of the particular walks and what he finds and sees. If you don’t want or have the time, maybe some writer friend could take this on.

    daune frankenfield

  34. Hey Bruce, It is us- Sammi, Maxwell, Bob-bob and Charlie, four man-cats in the mountains of Tennessee. Mom and Dad and our sisters are sleeping so we, in our cleverness, have gained control of the computer. We like GLOVE and SOCKS very much. And you are very nice and gentle with your friend GLOVE. Too bad your Mom was a meanie about bringing GLOVE home today. Maybe you need to tell her that others out there would not be as gentle a playmate and that GLOVE deserves a kind and gentle friend such as yourself and a nice warm kennel to rest in rather than a cold OLD WALL. We try to be gentle play friends, but don’t always succeed. Our favorite toys are Mr. Mouse and “Mr. Taily Beep” (felt toy mouse) but yesterday Mom took them away for emergency surgery after Maxwell and one of our sisters bit their heads and tails. Mr. Mouse has been sick a lot over the years and isn’t always wanting to play. We especially miss Mr. Taily Beep as he loves it when we toss him into the air and we find catching him by his ears and long tail so much nicer than grabbing him by the neck. Unfortunately, it must have been the meanie sister that really hurt him. Mom tells us he is having skull surgery tomorrow morning and will have to recuperate from that before he will be well enough to play again.

  35. Ah Bruce!
    Your effervescent Labradorian optimism is as inspiring as the lovely things that Kate shares with us.
    Never change dear boy!

  36. Hiya Bruce! I read your comment on Glove and I have an idea for you. When approaching Gate and Old Wall, take Glove in your mouth and flip Glove up onto your head. It will resemble an ear and your people won’t know the difference. Two ears, three, what’s the difference? You can certainly pass through Gate with all your ears! Then Glove will be safe with you until the next time you get a romp with your people. Fun, huh? Onyx, Black Lab

  37. Bruce, congratulations on finding GLOVE. Many search their whole lives and yet GLOVE never comes to them, but you are one of the lucky ones! May each day be filled with GLOVE and happiness.

  38. Hey, Bruce, it’s me, George Bailey the ginger wonder kitty. You are so lucky you can go out to that field all the time and were able to continue to find your favorite toy. I can’t go out (the dangers of city living), so my toys are relegated to the living room, where they sometimes get, shall we say, temporarily misplaced. I have two that are my favorites – both filled with catnip, and both so tooth- and claw-ridden that they are about to come apart. However, my human hasn’t yet made a move to throw them away. Guess there’s something to be said for staying indoors.

    Take it easy, and have some fun with the glove for me. Your feline friend on the other side of the pond, George.

  39. Oh Bruce!! you are so handsome! …I am sure you enjoy those hills with grass and the smells and all that plus the glove and the path. and the long walks with the lady that walks with you. Please tell her that today I thought about her because our dog here was training to open the door by herself so that she can get in. She did not succeed yet, but I would not be surprised to find her one of these days inside the house. She wants to come inside because here she cannot enjoy those wonderful hills with grass and smells!!! Bruce you always make my day special!

  40. Dear Bruce – I have missed you so! I’m so glad to hear about your new home. Enjoy glove and mud, and tell Kate if she ever wants to take a break from writing about yarn balls, she could definitely write a children’s book starring….. Bruce!

  41. I have just finished a week of dog sitting a blonde Labrador Retriever, and one of my great pleasures was watching her fetch sticks in Lake Huron. Every fibre in her body reacts to jump over waves, and swim out to get the stick. Labs = enthusiasm (along with a touch of stubbornness, and an unlimited capacity to socialize).

  42. Dear Bruce, it is Mali the Border Collie again. I – and many others – have recommended SOCK but I have a new addition: DEAD PORPOISE. If you run onto a beach ahead of your humans and find one of these, roll in it (and I mean IN it) quickly. The humans will utter many loud cries and will try and catch you and put your throttling cord on so they can pull you away. They will call someone on their talky thing to report your find and they will really shout when you slip your lead and roll in it again. BUT IT IS WORTH IT.

    Then men will come and take your porpoise away. Life is not fair.

  43. What a lovely Bruce tale! I am quite sure that the fairisle hat I knitted for my beloved and which he subsequently lost up Corstophine Hill is now the beloved HAT of some lucky dog. Although being wool it is not likely to last as long as GLOVE.

  44. Ah, doggy heaven, moving from the city to the country! I miss having a dog so much – give that beamish, beautiful boy a tummy rub from me!

  45. Bruce you’re a lucky duck. I wish I could live in such wonderful place and have a Glove of mine. But aren’t you afraid other dogs play with it while you’re home?

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