hot shots


We have just returned from a photoshoot. It is a very hot day and Tom couldn’t stop taking photographs of Bruce’s monumental panting tongue. (Don’t worry, he was supplied with plenty of water). In between the hot dog shots, he was photographing my new pattern – a cardigan, which is due for release toward the end of the month. I am very pleased with this design, and couldn’t resist showing you a couple of outtakes from the shoot.



This will be the first of three designs, all inspired by my favourite Edinburgh places. More soon!

53 thoughts on “hot shots

  1. Hé Brucie, it’s Colin here. Yes, indeed, hot is it! I went with my mum and the boss to the horsies this morning, big fun, but I drunk a whole bottle of water! My mum likes Kate’s cardigan! Very nice she says! Paw, Colin xx

  2. Hi Bruce, Lexie here. Could you send some of your warm, hot weather northwards? My boss (who also says she likes Kate’s new cardie – I can’t see what all the excitement is about myself!) took us for a walk to my favourite loch today (named after me – Lexie’s Loch) and although I went for a swim I can’t say my heart was in it as it was a little chilly. So any warmth you can send will be gratefully received.

  3. great tongue and the cables on the sleeve are perfect….why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? ha, waiting for you! also love the square neck. you rock………..not too hard now :) take care!

  4. Really lovely, I like the colour too. I also like the blue beautifully knitted sock. Looking forward to the pattern.

  5. Very hot here too on the edge of Lake Ontario (30C today). Some of the best photos of designs I’ve done have been on similar sweltering days, so I sympathize with you, Tom, and Bruce. Love twisted stitch patterns, so can’t wait to see this.

  6. Always love Bruce. Always love your designs, of course. Love the teenie cable. Waiting, but not in the least patiently!

  7. Oh my, would you look at that perfect neckline and those elegant cuffs. I await the end of the month.
    (glad to see from sidebar that Jesus is back! Sorry to hear about the van-hope it all gets sorted).

  8. wow, jesus returns…………i know i sound like one of those individuals etc but i went back to your post to look at the cardi again and saw on the sideline the good news! yea!!! but boo hiss to the car crash into your van :( at least you were not in it……….

  9. Beautiful sweater and the neckline is amazing and so feminine. Glad to hear Bruce survived. How’s the house coming along?

  10. beautiful, I also love the dress. where is it from. Glad Jesus has appeared and hope he will be safe at home tonight.

  11. beautiful cardigan, I look forward to the pattern. It was 32C in Berkshire yesterday and Molly, my 2 yr old black lab got in the paddling pool with the children, much to their delight. We have kept it out for her to use whilst they are at school as its still a scorcher down here

  12. Hello Bruce! Oscar and Sparky writing to you from very hot Bloomington, IL! I hope you have cooler weather in Scotland today than what we are expecting here. Temps in the 90’s with very high humidity – thank goodness my humans have air conditioning! My mom squealed with delight when she saw this post and she says she can’t wait for the sweater patterns. I like it when my mom knits because I get to sit in her lap!

  13. Dear Kate!
    I am following your website for around three years now and am checking almost daily for news about your beautiful patterns and your joyful stories about life up north. Thanks for sharing all this with the web community. Today I read about your cat being gone for some days and was very happy, when I saw that he returned. So I felt the need to congratulate you and him. Thanks for the gorgeous picture of your gorgeous cat!
    All the best from Vienna
    p.s. I hope Bruce is not jealous now. I do like black Labradors too!

  14. Oh, one more beautiful pattern on the way!
    And I love your dress!

    And Bruce’s picture is gorgeous – we also have a black Labrador, and that’s how he is also panting these days (it’s soooo hot)

  15. Liking your post today. My daughter has introduced me to your blog. Have many happy memories of travels in Scotland.

  16. Beautiful photostyling (as always), and the shot of the cabled cuff is tantalizing. I look forward to these Edinburgh designs.

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