pompoms in Balfron


After some exciting developments on the relocation front, Tom and I went to view a house just outside Balfron yesterday. As we drove about the outskirts, I began to notice a few pompoms hanging from the trees and bushes outside people’s houses….then I spotted a whole jolly array of them along a hedge by the bowling green…


…in fact, the whole town was festooned with pompoms….


It was a such a beautiful, sunny day, and the jolly pompoms made the whole place seem quite magical. The house we saw was pretty magical too, it has to be said. Both of us were in no doubt at all that we could make our home there. The drawn-out complexities of the Scottish property system mean that we won’t know if this is a possibility or not for a wee while, but please do cross your fingers for us.

I found out later that the pompoms were part of FABFEST, 2013. Pompom contributions to the festival are actively encouraged, so I shall be getting my pompom makers out and whipping up a few to send tonight. And if you’d like to make a pompom or two to decorate Balfron, you’ll find more details and a postal address here.


55 thoughts on “pompoms in Balfron

  1. I thought possibly they were similar to our “Knit in Public week” this week in the US. I knit in public every week—silly? Love the pompons. I’ll have a look at how to contribute. Fingers crossed…

  2. WHAT FUN!!! Yes, they must have known you were coming!! that is just priceless….yes, fingers and toes crossed for you.

  3. Very jolly indeed.

    Erno Goldfinger’s fabulous Balfron Tower is close by. I so hope you’ll have your own Balfron Tower soon. FIngers duly crossed.

  4. A possible dream house and pompoms – most auspicious. Fingers definitely crossed for it to become a reality. You have earned it. Best wishes and good cheer!

  5. Oh without a doubt the pompoms are an omen…..it is meant to be for you and Tom in that place. I will wish it so.

  6. MaryAnne is right–the pompoms are definitely an omen and this home is meant for you and Rom and Bruce!! Happiness to all. Pictures please when it’s yours!!

  7. How amazing is that! Everything crossed for you that it will all work out. It definitely sounds like its a great community to belong to.

  8. The pompoms look wonderful, what a way to cheer everyone up! And I agree it’s definitely ‘a sign’; fingers crossed that the hocus pocus of Scottish property works out for you.

  9. Just could not agree more with all of the above comments. What an amazing coincidence, most definitely a good omen. Good luck to you, and best wishes…x

  10. Wow, so many pompoms in trees really is magical! I am sure your pompom contribution will help you get that lovely house, in this lovely place meant just for you. Good luck with it!

  11. This is so cute! Reminds me of when we passed a little village to find a scarecrow festival on, the whole town participating with scarecrows of all sorts in all places!

  12. It seems that it is meant to be that you both live there. Those Pom poms were the sign. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get the place that sparked your interest.

  13. I agree, the pom poms are definitely a sign. Such a simple thing to bring a community together. Good luck with the house. Will keep my fingers crossed but I have heard that wishing nine times each day for 9 consecutive days works like a charm.

  14. Kate, Tom and Bruce. Fingers and toes are all crossed for a successful house hunt in Balfon. Who could not want to live in a town festooned with pom-poms? Good house hunting. Mary Anne

  15. Having bought and sold in Scotland I know well the particular stresses of that experience – sealed bids are great when you’re selling but not so great when you are having to guess how much to offer. Recently gave my 80 year old mum a clover pom pom maker and she is hooked. Will have to show her this post.

  16. Definitely fingers crossed for you, wonderful with the pom poms! A friend of my daughter’s did a teaching practice in Balfron and loved it there.

  17. Those pom poms are definitely a sign – best of luck and I will keep my fingers crossed for you in spirit (otherwise it’s too hard to knit…)

  18. Silly me, but *I* thought that the pom-poms were on display for you and Tom and Bruce, to let you know that this should be your new home, and you would be warmly welcomed!

  19. Good luck with the house. Love the pompom thing. Maybe I’ll get my class at school onto it to decorate the tree outside my classroom. Just googled Balfron- sounds like a good location to be in- love the countryside in that area of Scotland:)

  20. Wow! That’s a great sign that this is the place for you. I’m not familiar with the area, but from you pictures I can tell it’s lovely.

    Best of luck to you and Tom on the move. Hope this magical place works out for you.

  21. Ahhh !!! The place is absolutely beckoning you with all the pom poms ! Pom poms are indeed , the omen of omens ! ::fingers crossed::

  22. This is whimsical, colourful and very cheerful. We’ve just done some yarnbombing here in Bedford – I’ll be blogging about it soon. It put a smile on everyone’s face. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Delighted you like our PomPoms – your pictures of them are fabulous. Balfron is a great place to live – we have our first arts festival this weekend (www.fabfest2013.co.uk), including open studios with many textile related people. Hopefully bump into you soon!

  24. Oh, yes, as many here have said one way or another…it’s surely a sign from the yarn gods that Balfron would be a good place to dwell. Here’s wishing you the best of luck with all facets of your relocation!

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