evening walk


And he asks me
with both eyes:
why is it daytime? Why does night always fall?
why does spring bring
in its basket
for wandering dogs
but useless flowers,
flowers and more flowers?
This is how the dog
asks questions
and I do not reply.

Pablo Neruda, Ode to the Dog

42 thoughts on “evening walk

  1. We just returned from the veterinarian, after having to have our lovely, sweet, silly rescue pup put to sleep this morning. His body just kind of gave up on him. Hard day here, but the timing of your post is lovely. Reminds me why we are so lucky for the time we have with them.

  2. Ah, Bruce. Ah Kate. Me & mine: we’re cats & people. The same questions apply. Why? Why the tasty bird bath water? Why the deck raccoon? I don’t reply either, but the cats continue to groom. [LOVE to Bruce, it’s nice to get the ‘other’ perspective. And you both look like beings from Edward Gorey!]

  3. Dear Mr. Bruce. Count your blessings. I suspect in Kate and Tom’s basket there is a ball and a bone. All you need to change the day is to apply your wagging tail.

  4. I also love Pablo Neruda. There is a small pink book of his poems that I’ve had for a long time, and at one time I was madly in love with someone, and the second to last poem said everything I wanted to. So I ripped out the page and sent it to him!

    Also, great photo. So perfectly the human – dog relationship for many.

  5. I love that photo. I most love that your silhouettes are timeless. They could have been from yesterday or 300 years ago.

  6. Love this also Kate and Bruce, and the photo. Hope your house hunting will bring the perfect place for you also.

  7. Unfortunately spring brings baby birds falling out of nests in my neck of the woods. I have to keep a sharp eye out on our dog walks or it gets ugly.

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