Taking stock

After a rather tricky few weeks, I’ve had some time to think, and to reflect on where things stand for me, healthwise and workwise. It is fair to say that I am really very busy at the moment — far too busy for things not to become difficult when I’m not feeling my best. So, after taking some advice, I’ve decided, with considerable regret, to step back from many fun projects I’d agreed to be involved in, including all events, talks, and teaching for the coming year. This means, for example, that I won’t be attending Woolfest, or Shetland Wool Week as I’d planned. I’m very sorry about this, but am sure you will all understand. Staying on an even keel has to take priority and I’m hoping this decision will enable this to happen.

182 thoughts on “Taking stock

  1. Your health is everything. You have to take care of yourself first or you won’t be able to take care of anything else.

  2. Whatever is best for you and your health is what all of your fans and friends want, Kate. We have marvelled at your progress and your determination in the face of adversity….and we have would never want you to jeopardize your progress. Sending wishes for continued improvement. I am happy to hear you are listening to your advisors and to your body.

  3. So very brave Kate. I admire your courage to step back and away from the rat race. Well done you. Will miss you at Woolfest, but so glad you are going to look after you seriously. X

  4. We will miss you but health always comes first. Look after yourself and wishing you well. Make sure Bruce lends you a helping paw.
    xx :)

  5. The very best decision anyone can make is the one that offers care, compassion and space for themselves Kate. You will doubtless feel relieved to have made it, and will benefit hugely from stress-free horizons. Wishing you gentle days.

  6. Pacing is everything in a good recovery – that and always being kind to yourself. In recovery from major back surgery I saw others try to cut corners with not good and, unfortunately, long term consequences. Take care.

  7. Wishing you all the best. Taking care of yourself is of utmost importance — and something that our society is not the best at encouraging. Hurrah for continuing to figure out (each and every day) what is best for you and yours.

  8. Kate, your health is of utmost importance. I can relate completely. Whenever I think I feel better, I take on too much and then pay for it in ways that I wouldn’t give to my worst enemy. Just do what you need to do to be well.

  9. I’m sorry to hear that your health issues have made you give up things that you enjoy. You do always seem so very busy! I hope you will feel the benefits of the more relaxed pace very soon and start to be on a more even keel again.

  10. I’ve been at that point at various points since my injury. I realise that I need to slow down. I no longer attend SOAR, nor do I go to Convergence. I don’t socialize much, I don’t go to cinemas, etc. Then a few months to a year or two later, I realise that I need to slow down a bit more. I’m at that point once again. Do we take on more when we start feeling better? Or are we so averse to slowing down that we don’t cut back enough? Pacing myself is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

    1. Bravo to you, too, Deb B, for understanding pacing. When we slow down, gifts may come *to* us, instead of our having to go out and invest energy looking for them. That’s not an argument in favor of passivity. Self-care is anything but passive.

  11. A wise friend once told me, ‘go slowly you’ll get there more quickly’. Still have no idea what he meant but am sure he’s right! Here’s to an even keel.Your courage is truly inspiring. X

  12. This way it is your choice to slow down and take care of yourself rather than be forced to do so. You are a great resource to the world and need conservation! Thanks for doing that for us and yourself.

  13. Isn’t it a mad world that we agonise about letting other projects slip/go to focus on our health… Take very good care of yourself Kate!

  14. I hope you may feel better after some rest and less stress. It is easy for me to say it since you hadn’t plan any talk in Portugal :)
    In the mean time we’ll keep busy knitting your patterns. I’m going through Colours of Shetland and it will occupy me for the all year, I really can’t imagine how you could design it probably in the saem amount of time. Take care.

  15. I disagree with all the above platitudes. “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer” – Camus. Continue doing your thing Kate.

  16. do take care of yourself! I am in the process of a lot of healing from 2 accidents, and I am thinking the message must be that I really MUST listen to my body when I am having those serious conversations with myself!

  17. Good decision. It must have been hard to make but here you are, finding all kinds of support. your blog gives me so much pleasure and inspiration and it seems you migjt be able to keep that even as you step back from more public engagement. All the best.

  18. Sounds like you’ve got your priorities straight. Take it easy. Eat cake, drink tea, cuddle Jesus, Bruce and Tom (in that order – I’m a sucker for the felines) and concentrate on getting better.

  19. Your decision makes perfect sense. You alone are the one who feels/knows what is best. We are all just grateful to hear from you (and Bruce) and to be able to benefit from your wonderful design work and writing. With every good wish for strength and peace, SDW.

  20. Great decision albeit difficult. Health is supreme. From rest will come time to create. All knitters wish you well and hope you keep us updated via your lovely blog. Deep breath, decision made…..the truly hard part is done.

  21. It is often hard to make difficult decisions. But, I expect you feel a mixture of emotions right now – including a bit of rage that you will be missing out on all the fun. However, taking the time to rest now, will surely pay dividends later, and you will be able to enjoy them all the better for it. Oh dear I sound like an old nanny or something, sorry! You have achieved so much in the past few years – some of it you would never have thought of previously, I expect. Do keep in touch in the meantime. Lots of love and hugs, Karen x

  22. Taking care of yourself is the number one priority. There will be other event days, other chances to teach, etc. It’s hard to reign yourself in, and it’s been nice to see how much fun and success you’ve been experiencing, but it’s more important to take care of yourself. Sending good thoughts your way!

  23. Good for you! You are doing what all of us should do: accept that life is about making choices. Lots of fun stuff out there but no one, whether they experienced any challenges to their health or not, can do it all. The more of us who work at balance, and support balanced energy, the easier it will be for any of us to stay sane.

    The good news is you have created success. The best news is you are still holding control of your life.

  24. I really love your designs and really enjoyed knitting the owl jumper. I’m a new reader to your blog and have nothing but admiration for your turning your health around after the strokes. I hope that you manage to regain some equilibrium in your health.

    Blessings to you


  25. It’s only by taking care of yourself that you will be able to take care of the other things that come your way. Please continue being an excellent example to the rest of us by taking care of yourself, taking stock of what is important and taking the necessary steps to ensure you are healthy and happy.

  26. pacing … how hard that is! But we all adore you, and know you’ll do what you need to do! . But selfishly, we also hope you can still post photos of your glorious walks, and …. Bruce :)

  27. Ah…these decisions are never easy. But, as it means you can focus on your health and on balance…I say it’s the perfect decision. Those who adore you and love your work will absolutely understand. You continue to inspire in far more ways than just knitting. Much love and peace to your heart.. xo

  28. As always, Kate, you are teaching us new lessons. This is surely the right thing for you to do. I appreciate your sharing your thinking with us, and I send you wishes for serenity, calm, and healing.

  29. Feel better soon! When I was recuperating a dear friend told me that I only had so much energy, and it was my choice to spend it on healing me. I know how disappointing it can be not to be able to attend to the things you love. Be patient with yourself!!

  30. So glad that you were able to reflect and make this healthy decision. There will always be more Wool Weeks, more talks, etc.

  31. Very wise decision. I hope you prioritize what you really like to do. It would be very nice if it would be to write in your blog. But most important is that there is no compulsion, and that you feel good.

  32. Sorry you had to make such hard choices—only you know what’s best for you. Just because you can’t fit all those commitments in doesn’t mean you can’t still design and write. Your health is #1. Glad you are taking care of yourself.

  33. I would guess that moving house to go to Tom’s new job was also a deciding factor in your cutting back on extra activities, but your health and family should always come first. We, your online family, will be out here knitting and waiting for your return and sending you all of our best wishes to you, Tom, Bruce & Jesus..

  34. Sorry to hear you are not feeling your best still. Take care and recover. I do so hope to see posts from time to time so we can see how you, Tom, and beloved Bruce are faring! Best wishes.

  35. Kate, Please take care of yourself! So many times we forget to take care of ourselves and those we love. I enjoy reading your postings, I admire your work and look forward to continue seeing your creations in the future. You have some idea, I’m sure of your impact on the knitting world. Your patterns are true treasures and your tutorials have helped so many. I for example have done my first steeking exercise thanks to you. WE care about you and want you to stay healthy!

  36. Kate, you must absolutely “pay yourself first” and if that means that you must slow down a bit, so be it. Small nibbles, rather than big bites in life….. Happy tea sipping, happy knitting!

  37. Takes a wise woman to know when to step back from commitments to look after herself. Here’s to feeling better for the break. Take care.

  38. I’m so sorry that you are not attending this year’s woolfest, but although I don’t know you I wish you well, please take care,
    From one average knitter to one amazing lady .

  39. Hi Kate,

    A well-deserved rest is in order for anyone who has had such a huge amount of work. Your level of creativity alone would have me reaching for my bed, let alone having to do all of this with the after-effects of that blasted stroke. Sit back and absorb the fruits of your labour. You’re amazing!

  40. Well done YOU!!!!!! Nothing but putting yourself at the top of the important list will do!!!! The world needs you in it and nothing would upset it more than knowing you put it before yourself….be well and we are all still here wishing you only the best…be well my dear.

  41. You are the BEST! And you have to take care of yourself. With partners like Tom and Bruce I’m sure they’ll help you through this. Meanwhile I’m busy knitting your wonderful Ursula and the Peerie flooers hat which I’ll be wearing to Antarctica when I go on my research cruise in May. All the best.

  42. Oh I hear you!! This is the biggest challenge in my life; the one I’m struggling with the most. The “new me” can’t do all the things she used to do. Added to that, my biggest gripe? It’s when people say “well, you’re not so young any more”. For goodness sake, I’m only 53. Who the heck says that’s not “so young”?? Really?? Right up until the day before my (haemorrhagic) stroke I was doing two jobs and had lots of interests and hobbies. It’s nothing to do with age. So, dear Kate, I do understand and I sympathise. Take care!

  43. Knowing when to say ‘no’ to things is really important. Well done for putting yourself and your health first- it is the only way to stay well, my son-in-law has ME and he can only cope with work and his wife and small children by knowing when to say no to things he would like to do.

  44. It must be very frustrating to have to give up what you want to do. I’m sorry. But I thought when I started to read that you were going to say that you were giving up your blog. That would have been a terrible loss to many, many people. So do just what you can do and enjoy it – but please continue your wonderful blog!

  45. Dear Kate,
    The work you do with us at Jamieson and Smith, Shetland Wool Week, the Campaign for Wool and Curtis Wool Direct is very important and valuable. But YOU are, in the words of that advertisement, priceless! Your health comes first by a very long margin so we will put everything else on hold. Rest assured when you want to ease back into work it will still be there for you; the sheep will keep growing their fleeces, Oliver will sort them and ship them down to us and we will have a fresh batch of wool and yarn for you to work with before you know it.
    These are exciting times for Real Shetland wool and you are a major part of that and we want you to be so for many years to come. So, get yourself well, if we can do anything at all to help please let us know. We all send you our love and best wishes.

  46. I agree with so many of the others. You’ve had a tough decision to make, but have chosen wisely. I admire your courage. Feel better!

  47. Your health is of utmost importance. It must have been a hard decision for you to take, but its undoubtedly the right one. Your many followers will all be wishing you the same thing, good health and contentment. We have your inspiring posts on which to reflect and revisit and a wealth of beautiful designs to keep us busy. Please take care of yourself and your loving family.

  48. You have been mega busy just by looking at your blog!! Putting yourself and your health first must be your top priority. And we all have loads of your patterns to knit to keep us busy!!! Take care xx

  49. We have your blogs to revisit and you have our comments and best wishes. We have each other and may they make us strong. May we all walk gently upon this earth, care for ourselves in ways that nurture us and others. Bless you Kate. You have given so much of yourself….you will always be loved….may your strength return, holding you, as in a gentle lullaby.

  50. It’s so easy to get caught up in ‘things’. There will always be another wool gathering, but there will never be another you. Take care of yourself first.

  51. Feel better. It is best to rest and not over due. I am sure there will be disappointment but you have to put your health first. I am sure will understand even us who visit your world cyberly. Rest up.

  52. I am not at all disappointed as I can’t go to Woolfest or Shetland Wool Week either. I expect you are horribly disappointed, but it’s a brave choice. Rest easy.

  53. if you don’t have your health,you have nothing.i think that is the gist of a very wise,old saying.as someone who has battled chronic illness(fibromyalgia/lyme disease and their complications)for the past 30 years,i deeply know the truth of this wisdom.taking good care of yourself,and everything will be waiting for you when you are ready to tackle it.get the rest that you need,and enjoy the extra knitting time.:)

  54. Kate, you can easily step back into any activities if you’re feeling up to it, but stressing yourself physically and mentally is really not an option. I hugely enjoy your writings and as one many years away from the Scotland of my birth, I get even more pleasure reading of your doings. All the very best to you.

  55. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well lately. You’ve probably reached a wise decision, albeit a difficult one. Wish you all the best!

  56. Findling the balance, I’ve learned is far harder than I ever expected. And it takes wisdom and courage to do what one must to stay on an even keel. With much admiration, I wish you peaceful, restorative days enjoying the people (I include Bruce and Jesus) and things you love best. Meanwhile, I will be enjoying and learning from your patterns and writings.

  57. Good choice. When you put yourself first it enables others to do the same. We all need to take a step back sometimes and do what is necessary to take care of ourselves. Good luck x

  58. Dear Kate, whenever a short term goal is deferred for a long term one there can be some disappointment. Consider anticipation of future delicious participation and bask in your now. Blessings.
    ( I am anticipating the arrival of Rams and Yowes!!)

  59. So difficult to say no, and to admit when things we love become too much. Healing is hard work, as you already know. My husband broke his leg badly 2 weeks ago and cannot drive for at least 6 more. This is a hard way for him to step back and take stock of his work and lifestyle, but I suspect he will be enriched by this. This will be a wonderful year for you. Be well! Lois

  60. Taking care of yourself is the number one priority. You always seem to do so much. Relax and let Tom and Bruce take care of you, as you always take care of them. Best of everything to you.

  61. Most important thing is that you feel well in yourself. Please take very great care, you are important to a great many people in many ways, for the way that you light up our lives. Best wishes

  62. Dear Kate,

    I wish you all the best. Life can be so hard sometimes. Please remember that you bring beauty into all of our lives.


  63. I was looking forward to meeting you at Shetland Wool Week, but perhaps we can cross paths at a quieter time and location. I APPLAUD your taking care of yourself. Learning to do that is difficult. Now that you’ve made the decision, I hope you can relax into it.

    By the way, I am having a wonderful time knitting a series of your hats.

  64. Spring is coming, and with it, renewal. I wish you a beautiful spring and long summer days to recover your health. We will all look forward to hearing of how much better you feel.

  65. Kate – you are so wise. Nothing is worth more than your wellbeing. I am sure you’ll find a manageable way to keep your craft alive, but scaling back sounds like a very astute move for now. Enjoy your restful and restorative year, and stay in balance….xxx

  66. This is such a good decision. Your health MUST be your first priority! Please put on your own oxygen mask first, and keep yourself well. That’s important for everyone, but imperative for those of us living with chronic conditions.

  67. I can just echo everyone else’s eloquent sentiments. Good decision, made with difficulty. On the plus side, it sounds like Bruce will have you close at paw for the time being at least, which will undoubtedly make him a very happy pup.

  68. You do so much and are an inspiration to so many, as can be seen from the above comments – I for one hope you do take some time for yourself and ENJOY it! You deserve to x

  69. Kate, it must be hard to withdraw from fun projects. Know that you are supported in your decision to care for yourself. I admire you so much , and even though I found your blog because of your incredible knitting, your journey with your health has been so enriching to witness and reflect on.
    Take good care, love.

  70. Yea for you and keeping your priorities straight!!! Sometimes it is just nice to sit back, watch from the sidelines, and take time to smell the roses……

  71. The absolute BEST decision and look at all the support you have to say nothing of Tom and Bruce. :)
    Keeping you in my prayers.

  72. hi Kate, I am a newcomer to your blog and am currently eagerly awaiting my order of Rowan yarn to make the lovely peerie flooers hat. I was thrilled to discover your designs and website. So I sincerely send you my best wishes for good health in order that you may continue to create and thrive! All the best, Christine from Canada

  73. The hardest thing to do when you have a chronic condition is to admit and accept that your health has to come first and you can’t do everything. It sucks. But you’re making the right decision, and we all want you to feel your best. Take care.

  74. Wow Kate that must have been a hard decision, you must feel really ripped off by life sometimes and lucky as well at other times – probably depends on the day or hour! lol Its such a cycle of adjustment for you. The thing is that the decisions you make for today and this year will not tie you to that position forever. Opportunity will come again and there will also be other times of contraction. Remember its a dynamic situation and your adjustment to change already has been mighty! All of our strength and love and you tackle this new period of adjustment!

  75. So many have said what we all feel about this difficult time for you … so just sending HUGS!

  76. Absolutely! You take good care of yourself. Listen to all the good advice above. Do keep knitting. And I hope you are still up for taking walks and letting Bruce share a few photos and comments with us. We do all love Bruce!

  77. Wow, that’s a big, drastic change! I’m sure that many people will be disappointed not to see you (esp. if you were scheduled as a “headliner”), but you have to take care of yourself. That said, I’m sure that backing out will affect invitations in the future… Such a tricky balance when you have to manage your own brand.

    1. No no no – that’s quite the wrong attitude. Once a person is already well-known, there’s nothing like a careful announcement such as ‘We hope that Kate Davies will be able to make one of her rare appearances’ to whip up excitement. If you have to plan to be a rare bird, then cultivate rarity value!

  78. My Dad was in a sanatorium for a year in 1957, being treated for TB of the kidney. The ‘treatment ‘was lots of rest in warm beds/fresh air rooms (windows thrashed open winter and summer), good food, moderate daily exercise, social interchange with other ‘res-tees’ and pursuit of a hobby for which all necessities were supplied. The regime was nonnegotiable. I was young and not allowed to visit him. When he came out, I didn’t recognize him – pink and white skin virtually free of signs of aging, vigorous, calm, sturdy – basically full of reigned in ginger. The benefits of that time out never left him. Maybe lots of us need to do some variant of this. Take care Kate. robin

  79. I am so sorry that you have been unwell, and that you have having to make these hard choices, but I am glad you are choosing to take care of yourself. You are very dear to many of us and we want you at your best. Wishing you wellness and peace.

  80. Those who admire your, work applaud your decision. Take stock, re-adjust and the right balance will be yours. I look forward to seeing the ideas/creativity which will flow as a result. Share your love and Be Well!

  81. How good that you can recognize your own needs and justify doing whatever you must for your own health and well-being. No one could wish you to do otherwise. Breathe deep.

  82. Cheers, Kate, it looks like the lot of us think you’re absolutely brilliant and want you around for a very long time. Take care of yourself. You are an inspiration. I really can’t imagine what it would be like making such a decision, but now that it is done, I do hope it brings you peace. It is with great hope that I look forward to reading all about your (maybe) quieter, slower adventures in knitting… who knows, maybe then I can keep up!

  83. I can’t tell you how inspired I am by reading your blog and following your designs, as well as your honesty in describing your ups and downs. As someone with a long-term illness who has been forced to learn how to slow down, your courage often lifts me up. you have accomplished so much in the last couple of years, it’s a lot! Hurray for you for once again slowing down and taking care of yourself, not easy to do. And for being true to yourself and what matters. You have already given the knitting world so much…I only wish you great peace and joy in whatever life pace supports you the best. You are remarkable!

  84. Good for you. You give a lot of yourself in all you do, that comes over very clearly. Be inspired and enjoy your lovely Bruce!
    Fee from near Forms, Somerset. X

  85. Good for you! It takes a huge leap sometimes to say no to taking on too much. The pace you were going would wear anyone out, let alone a person dealing with post-stroke health issues. Take care of yourself!

  86. Dear Kate, it is a releaf to here that you take a (big I hope) step back. All the time I thought: “How does she do it ??!!” After the book (that I looooove) and the worktrips the blog etc etc. Take a big rest and enjoy to do nothing but nice things for yourself. With love from france

  87. that’s the problem, isn’t it? you feel a bit better so you take on a bit more then a bit more and suddenly you’ve overdone it and set yourself back weeks/months. it’s also really difficult to rein back when you have made commitments and don’t want to let people down.

    a very sensible decision – sometimes we just have to put ourselves first, and even more so when it is our health at issue.

    i hope the rest does you the power of good and that you, Tom and Bruce can have some fun.

  88. I’m sorry that you won’t be able to enjoy the events you’d planned to attend but it really does seem like the best decision, and everyone will understanding.

    Wishing you strength and continued recovery during your well deserved rest.

  89. I can relate to this decision. I am pregnant at the moment and unfortunately can not act like I want to. I cancelled everything during the past months: work, travel, and so on. Funnily, not everyone was fine with this (what the hell?!). But we must take care of ourselves, whatever the people say – or think (whilst making faces telling you what they would rather say…).

  90. That’s a good decision. You have to look after your health otherwise you will crack up. Enjoy a good rest and do lots of fun things just for you.

  91. Yes Kate it is now time to tend the garden, and perhaps the new soil in Glasgow will assist, you will be back out there turning the soil when you are ready. A period of fallow time is greatly nourishing.

  92. If only if was as wise as that myself. I am sure, this is the perfectly right decision!
    I wish you much strength and still a ton of good health.

  93. You’re a popular lass – what wonderful support from everyone! I wish you peace of heart and strength of body.

    And also: don’t know if you follow the blog ‘Cornflower’ (another Edinburgh writer) but I have just read a post of hers and thought that it was something you’d love. An Icelandic composer has written a piece of music by translating an Icelandic knitting pattern into notes. You can hear her on the BBC World Service, via Cornflower’s link.

  94. I hope you feel better soon, and please don’t feel bad about this decision, I’m sure everyone understands that your health must come first. Lots of happy thoughts and encouragement, from a tired history student, whose fingers are itching to be knitting instead of writing essays.

  95. Even I am in a similar place in life, having to make choices, setting priorities. I have observed that though energy and life is limited, feeling fulfilled is not. So may your Straight & Narrow be as fulfilling as can possibly be !

  96. This must have been such a difficult decision for you but one that will hopefully bring you improved health and more creative time. Your health must come first. Sunny thoughts coming your way from California!

  97. Very wise! As I always said to my kids (usually when they were beating each other up)”Know when to stop” :D
    You can be one of those enigmatic celebrities who turns up incognito and makes all their fans swoon!
    Be well honey!

  98. Hi have come to your designs late but love them – totally understand but will miss you at shetland wool week angie

  99. I will put you in prayer for health, peace, comfort and recovery. I love to visit your beautiful blog site – thank you for sharing when you are well and able.

  100. I know it’s difficult to make the decisions that you know will disappoint other people. But, thank you for realizing that the people who actually care about you would rather you take care of yourself first, so that you’re around to do all the other stuff when you feel up to it. Life is so much more enjoyable when you have the space to simply BE in it–however, you are when you’re there–without the worry of timelines.
    If you still feel the need to be a part of those experiences you’ve let go, take the easier spectator route. Sending good vibes your way. Hope you feel tons better!!!

  101. Kate, you’re right to put your own health and well being first. There will be more fun to come, and you’re knitting fans aren’t going anywhere!

  102. Dearest Kate…I can’t imagine anyone would disagree with your decision. True, there may be disappointment for those wanting to see you, but I have no doubt that the compassion for your health and well being far exceeds any disappointment! You are doing the right thing in taking care of YOU! I wish you all the best for continued strength and thank you for all that you share with us here in your virtual world! You are such an inspiration to so many, myself included! Xox Hugz xoX

  103. Focusing on what you can do vrs what you cannot, is what I do in your situation. I think you are just the best,!!

  104. It is a hard decision to make, but definitely the right one sometimes. I made a similar decision because my husband and I deserve the best I can give, and although it is fun to teach etc, a stranger no matter how nice or kind is just not as important to our lives as we are.
    When there isn’t enough to go around, you need to share in different ways. (Gods bless the internet!)

  105. Always wise to trust your intuition Kate. I can feel your pain and turmoil with this. I don’t often make a call like this but if you’d like to talk it through and get some more clarity and peace surrounding it I’d like to give you an hour of complimentary coaching. The offer is there for you and it comes from one creative knitty lover to another.

  106. your work is beautiful intelligent, and a gift from you to us all. At whatever pace you want to take to share your great talent is welcome. With all admiration for your wisdom from here.

  107. Without question, your health comes first. I know it must be a disappointment now, but I’m sure you’ll find your way back to knitting, designing, and even teaching when the time is right. We’ll all be here when you get back :)

  108. Hey KATE…….well wishes flying your way……doing all those planned things for the year is who you really are , but reality , does not always let it happen…bummer but thats life…so hard to be objective in view of your physical self when they are things you really want to do
    There willbe time……..best pat j

  109. Sending love from wild and windy North Ronaldsay, the sheep ate my tulips! They broke in one stormy night and wreaked havoc….take care, it s great you are going to take things easy, and less. pressure is a good healer. We are all rooting for you, and Snawheids etc are the very thing for this weather. Xx

  110. Yes take care of yourself. It is so important.
    And your work is so inspiring – I really must start to knit clothes soon! Well start knit and not just embroider & crochet, that is. :)

  111. I hope you recognize that you will continue to have many fun working & knitting opportunities in the years ahead, so you needn’t worry about not taking all the current ones. Knitters will always want to read your essays and knit your designs and look at your photos.

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