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Number of different countries to which Colours of Shetland has now shipped: 35
Number of US States to which Colours of Shetland has now shipped: 50*
Number of pompoms I need to make for my new design samples: 8**
Number of stitches I failed to increase when working from my own pattern: 20***

*I was very excited when we received orders from Hawaii and West Virginia, bringing the US State total to a nice round 50!

**I am almost as excited about my new design – Snawpaws – mitts and mittens to match Snawheid. (The pattern is written and we will hopefully be taking some photos this weekend. More soon!)

***I am somewhat less excited about having to knit yet another Snawheid (in a different colourway, to match one of the new pairs of Snawpaws). The other day I began to whip it up, and thought it was looking a bit wee, and only when I reached the crown shaping I did I realise my fatal error . . . this evening I shall rip back, and start again!

44 Comments on “numbers

  1. I hope everyone’s favorite photo assistant has a hand (paw) in the upcoming Snawpaws shoot.

  2. Congrats, Kate. There are many of us out here…reading your blog and drooling over the patterns that we plan to knit next…

    Hope you are well…

  3. Thanks for a beautiful book! Just received our copies in the mail yesterday and it is a wonderful montage of patterns, articles, and photographs! Fabulous!

  4. Those are fantastic numbers, Kate! (Except the last one, and maybe the second last… :-) )
    I received my book today, and it looks wonderful. You’ve got reason to be really proud!

  5. I made two snawheid for Christmas out of my handspun, with occasional ripping on both, just enough to make me feel like I had knit 3! I love the pattern and they look amazing, but I think I will move on now:)

  6. Save the tiny hat and knit another… small people need hats, too! Matching mittens sound great; I look forward to seeing them.

  7. Oh, what a great set that will make with the mitts and mittens to match the beautiful hat! It’s been so wonderful hearing the comments from around the world about your fabulous book. I can hear the click of the needles!

  8. Glad to make my purchase of the book, I am New York City and can’t wait!!! Can’t wait for anything you put out. I think your strength is amazing as your work, Happy Holidays !!!!!

  9. Snawpaws?!! Perfect, both name and idea. Now the only question is whether I can knit my nieces a pair of mittens each to go with their hats before I see them on the 27th…

  10. I’m sorry to hear that you had a math issue “when working from [your] own pattern.” I’m currently having math/gauge issues…with a basic baby hat…in yarn I’ve used before. Knitting: it compels, it fascinates, it encourages creativity, it frustrates… Looking forward to the Snawpaws, too!

  11. Congratulations Kate! I’m awaiting my copy…been stalking the mail carrier! I’m curious about how you name your designs. Is Snaw Heid the same as Snow Head but with an Scottish accent? I’ld love to know. Thanks!

  12. Good to know that even the pros make mistakes. I once made a top down sweater and only realised there were 3 raglan increases instead of 4 when I tried to divide for the body. Argh!!!!

  13. I know you got at least one order from Washington DC, so I hope it’s included in the count of 50 “states.” If not, make it 51! :)


  14. Fun, fun, fun!!! Only numbers that were exciting for me in a while…….excluding the last 2 :)
    I was rereading your Feb and Mar 2010 posts which i am sure you would like to forget, BUT, I am so impressed with your indomitable spirit and perseverance….again! Awaiting my copy, maybe tomorrow…………..

  15. My book arrived in Rhode Island today – it is wonderful! Happy Christmas, a bit early, to me!

  16. Snawpaws!!! Great news, I love making matching mittens! If they come out next monday, that will leave me a little bit under one week to knit a few pairs, easy peasy! ;-)

  17. Will you be selling through Amazon anytime soon? The shipping from Scotland is rich for me and I really want a copy of your book.

  18. Another Canuck here, accosting the postman on a daily basis, to see if he has my package yet! Wowzers, Kate, those are some really terrific numbers for the book, less so for the stitches missed part!

  19. It is somehow comforting to know that someone else forgets the increases (or decreases) and has to start over.

  20. I honestly don’t know who I’m happier and more excited for- me, for receiving my copy of your book today or you, for creating it! It is so wonderfully beautiful and delightfully informative and holds such promise for happy knitting over the coming months. Congratulations again! I’ll stop gushing now- at least for today and leave my excitement for the upcoming snawpaws for another day.

  21. In eager anticipation of your book’s arrival here in Oregon. Congratulations on your success, Kate!

  22. I for one can’t wait to see the beautiful book.i got it for my daughter for Christmas. I hope she will let me make something out of it. Happy Hoildays Gale from the US

  23. I am so happy for you in your lovely success. What a joy this must be for you! Sad about that ripping back bit. It is such a moment of maturing each time I must rip back.

  24. It’s a fabulous book: thank you so much for all your hard work! I particularly enjoyed the essays which began each section: I wasn’t expecting them, and they were a lovely bonus. I’m now really tempted to find a copy of Tempestuous Eden

  25. Got the book yesterday…suddenly finding myself looking for ferry connections beetween Scandinavia and Shetland and browsing the university library catalogue for Venables /Ulrika, gothenburg

  26. Your book arrived this morning and I can’t believe how wonderful it is, as always your designs completely capture the fabulous landscapes and make them so knittable. Everyone should have this book in their collection, if only to drool over! (On the other hand, like me, you could just immediately order enough J&S Jumper weight to sink a ship and hope to get the Christmas knitting finished before it arrives – does Lerwick count as Santa’s Grotto? Ding Dong Merrily, my Christmas starts here! Dawn from Eskdale, Cumbria

  27. Yea! Matching mittens! I *knew* I should have ordered extra yarn. (What I really crave are convertible fingerless gloves/mittens. I shall have to take on the challenge with my limited math skills.)

  28. Because of snowfalls in north Germany the post services were not working normally and I had many days of agony waiting for THE BOOK. It has just arrived today and it is wonderful! One can see how much love and care you have put in this project. Thank you very much for sharing with us the fruits of your creativity and expertise. Best greetings

  29. I feel for you having to undo almost a whole kep. Poor you, but I bet you knit so fast you will fly it up again. I love Snawheid and I’m sure the mittens will be beautiful also.

  30. I have mine! (but then I’m in the UK) What a triumph – many congratulations on a beautiful, knitter friendly, fascinating to read and real treasure of a book. I hope you are inspired to do many more.

  31. Kate. Just wanted to let you know that my book arrived in Vancouver, Canada yesterday in perfect condition. The book was professionally packaged and labeled and arrived promptly. I am in love with the pictures and can’t wait to knit a project.
    Thank you so much for a beautiful book.

  32. I live in rural Washington State (US) and my book arrived today. Not only did it get here quickly, it arrived on a weekend with a big snowstorm predicted. Talk about perfect timing! I’m getting the couch ready right now. Thank you Kate!

  33. My copy of Colours of Shetland arrived here in California yesterday. What a pleasure . . . absorbing backstory, beautiful photography, elegant patterns. Thanks again!

  34. Here I am at the ends of the earth in Australia and my copy of ‘Colours of Shetland’ has arrived in the mail. It’s a bit hot to start knitting straight away,(40 debrees C) although I am tempted. It is a beautiful book and shall become an heirloom of my house I’m sure.

  35. Just received my book here in Tasmania today….. thank you so much. It is absolutely beautiful! Making me yearn for the north again…. one day I’ll be back I’m sure. For now, knitting…. x

  36. Wow the book has arrived in New Zealand too. Its beautiful! You might have to come here for some inspiration for another book maybe? :]

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