just popping in . . .

. . . to say that today is the last day to order a copy of Colours of Shetland if you would like it signed by me. I’m very sorry about this, but signing large volumes of books is proving to be extremely physically demanding as well as time consuming, and I’m afraid it can’t go on indefinitely or I will exhaust myself! No prizes for guessing the number of books I’ve already signed, but it is (ahem) a LOT. Hope you understand!

50 thoughts on “just popping in . . .

  1. Kate, Don’t worry about the signing the books, I know everyone is more concerned that you keep yourself healthy as can be.

  2. While those of us who ordered early on & who will have a copy signed by you will feel more personally connected to the book, it goes without saying that it is what is in that book that has us most excited. I imagine that your shipping department rivals Santa’s about now, so do take things slow & steady, so no one’s Holidays are ruined by exhaustion. Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. I didn’t expect the three books I bought yesterday to be signed. Normally, books are only signed by an author at official book signing gigs. Put your feet up and have a cuppa. I shall when I open my copy.

  4. I have been thinking of you and concerned about your energy level. Please do take care of yourself so you don’t crash. Nobody wants that to happen. The book is exquisite.

  5. My copy was in the mail today and I am totally excited. Thank you very much for this amazing book and the patterns. For me it’s the knitting of the year.

    Greetings from Germany

  6. I ordered mine [pls sign gently] but there is no Christmas rush for it, it will inspire me in the new year to knit beautiful things. Lois from Hamilton, On.

  7. Oh!!!! !oh, ohh…. what should I say, what expectation! what intrigue… and one dat it will be on the mailbox!!! I agree w/Dorothy who said,…..”Put your feet up….”

  8. My book has arrived and what a treat – more than just a knitting book. Love the patterns but also the history and stories behind the pattern. Think I need lots of wool for Christmas….Please take care of your health and don’t run yourself down. With many thanks for such a wonderful book.

  9. I am anxiously awaiting my copy! You have been so busy. I will appreciate the fact that I have a signed copy, but most importantly that I have your book! Merry Christmas to me!

    Take time for yourself and get some puppy hugs from dear Bruce!

  10. Is it just me who REALLY wants to know how many books you’ve sold? I guess I’m a nosey type!

    Look after yourself and thanks producing the book.

  11. Katie,

    Please don’t exhaust yourself. How wonderful though to have had so many orders. The gift is the stories and patterns that embody your passion for wool and wooly animals and people.


  12. Please rest Kate I have had my head in my book since it arrived on wednesday, read it at work today and everyone was in awe of your story and loved it, even one of my bosses (male) was quite enchanted by your inspiration and what you produce. Go Kate a total success, take care x

  13. Such excitement as I wait for my books to arrive! Books? Yes, well had to order for my fav-sis-in-law otherwise she’d never forgive me :) Don’t tire yourself out – put your feet up and do some therapeutic knitting

  14. Oh I agree….take care of yourself FIRST! I never even thought of you signing it when I ordered it, I was just very excited that there WAS/IS a book. And eventually it will arrive from over the pond…
    Merry Christmas to all.

  15. Please put your health and knitting wrists first! I received your book this morning and it is an absolute delight. I absolutely love the patterns but it is so much more than just a knitting book. Including articles about the places in the Shetlands that offered inspiration and the wonderful wildlife photography make this a double gem. In an age of commercialism and mediocrity this is a truly wonderful example of what a book can be!!!

  16. I love the book. Its my 40th birthday present to myself! And I totally love that in the All About Kate bit you haven’t mentioned your health. Its Fantastic that you have chosen not to let it define you. So, in order to keep things that way…..stop signing, start chillin’.

  17. I have deliberately waited to order my copy in the hope that doing so would avoid the rush (and because my husband and son are “onto it”); but if it means you don’t have to wear yourself out signing it, then so much the better. I endorse all the previous comments: put your feet up, have a cuppa (or however many it takes), give Bruce a pat and a hug from us all (a warm one from Down Under) and start planning the next knitting design. Cheers, and best wishes for the festive season.

  18. Hang in there….. noone could have done more to make the launch and purchase of your book a wonderful experience for us all …. so, a very big thank you to you for all your hard work ….

  19. What Chris said: “Don’t worry about the signing the books, I know everyone is more concerned that you keep yourself healthy as can be.” Your peace of mind and body is the most important thing!

  20. I got my copy today. The book is BEAUTIFUL. I’m looking forward to sitting down properly with it tomorrow and making my way through it slowly. Thank you very much. Happy Christmas! x x x

  21. At first glance I thought it said that today was the last day to buy a copy and here it is the 8th!! whew. Now, of course, if you could get Bruce to sign it… haha, just kidding (sort of.. :-0) I have cats and have had them ‘sign’ with a paw print on an ink pad and that is way more labor intense!! Take care, I will order soon. Thanks!

  22. Thank you for writing the book, don’t worry about signing everything. We love the quality of your work,the designs, the essays and the photography. Don’t exhaust yourself

  23. don’t be sorry! it is very understandable. I am happy to see that the book has been so successful and am very much looking forward to my copy :)

  24. My book arrived today — in Virginia, USA! Thank you, thank you. I’m looking forward to many hours of reading & mooning over the photos and patterns. FYI, yesterday I bought yarn for the Betty Mouat small cowl, so I think I’ll soon be in Kate Davies overload. Wishing you & yours a peaceful, happy, healthful holiday season — now, go put your feet up!

  25. My copy is waiting for me at the Royal Mail depot, and I am very much looking forward to it. Don’t fret about whether you can sign or no – we’d much rather you were in good health. Go and sit down and have a nice cup of tea.

  26. I discovered your site (courtesy of Dovegreyreader) yesterday, and have had great difficulty tearing myself away. Wonderful posts, designs, colours, photos … etc. thank you. Your work is also tremendously inspirational and encouraging in so many ways. I’m a writer, (former) academic, sewer, fabricaholic, and designer(-manque … can’t access accent) … and tomorrow I’ll be off to buy yarns, needles and a book on ‘complicated knitting for beginners’, as I have not done any knitting for 20 years, although my beloved mother-in-law (she wore grooves in her needles) always said I was good. May you grow ever happier and stronger.

  27. Only received your email today saying it’s the last day to order a signed copy. Am I too late to place my order?

  28. I would love the translation of your book in french !! I love your pattern but in english, it’s too difficult for me.

  29. Oh well. I can’t order the book right now.

    But I might be able to help with a French translation, should you decide to go that way.

    Congratulations ! The book is sorely tempting, and it’s taking all my rational part to control the impulse to buy it.

  30. I received my signed copy yesterday. Thank you so much for this book….not only are the designs beautiful, but so is the photography and the written pieces are a real bonus too. Coincindentally, in the unique download code, there are 4 numbers grouped together and this is my collar number at work! Of all the possible combinations…wonderful! I can’t wait to start Ursula next year after all my presents are finished for this year. ♥

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