weekend in Unst

The perfect spot

The rocks and creatures tell out their stories

in runic scribbles

On the hill, the heather is turning.

A walk to land’s edges.

A meeting with Britain’s most northerly flock.

Two days on the beach.


54 thoughts on “weekend in Unst

  1. I feel like I’ve just taken a big breath of fresh air! Yet more inspiration to visit these wonderful places- your pics of the rocks are particularly lovely :-)

  2. How lovely. I feel my heart rate slow just looking at these images. The blue of the boat is delicious. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love Norwick, we spent an idyllic weekend there a couple of years ago – in sunny May, not windy September. It’s a beautiful beach, spent a glorious day there this summer.

    1. Coat envy here too!! Would also like to know where it’s from? It looks waterproof and cozy, matches the mood of the photos perfectly together with the hat.

  4. I have such good and special memories about the Shetland isles… The 4 times we have spend holiday overthere together and met up such special people..thnks for those beautiful images..it brings it all back..

  5. You are having the time of your life I see ! Oh, and aren’t you the very similar colorway as the turning heather in that one heather-scape. Is that boat… like… for *real* ? Wow ! Beautifulness.

  6. And yet more beautiful photos of an incredible place – I think you are capturing the feel and essence so perfectly whilst having a great time too…. Thank you for showing us all as well…

  7. Gorgeous pictures! We are debating our options for a vacation we want to save up for. At this point, for me at least, it’s a toss up between Iceland and the northern parts of Scotland and the Shetlands. DH is trying to push for Asia.

  8. The photos are wonderful. They capture the atmosphere and I can feel the air and hear the sea. The colors are just amazing on the rocks. Such a magical spot to spend time. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Bruce must be the happiest dog, as you do go to the most lovely locations. Oh how I would love to reside in the stone cottage there, either one would do :-)

  10. I love this post. The pictures, yes, but your words! They match the scenery perfectly. I was looking for Bruce and was glad he showed up in the last two photos.

  11. Are you working on a book? (she demanded fussily) Because I lovelovelove your blog but hate reading and looking at things on a computer—it’s so migrainey to do so. When do I get to buy a book?

  12. I would also love to know where you got that great coat! allirsosen(at)hotmail(dot)com. Love your blog, designs, photos and especially your continued outdoor adventures!

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