a taste of Shetland


a teaser

sheep mobile . . .

. . . and sedentary




Shetland Textile Working Museum

happy on the beach



St Ninian’s sunset

35 thoughts on “a taste of Shetland

  1. I’m definately going to visit Shetland!! Your showing it off has made me quite determined! I shall visit Jamieson and Smith! I shall!

  2. I love your work—writing, photos, knitting designs (and probably whatever else you decide to turn your hand to.) These are great photos, most especially of Bruce. I have taken to saying “Bruuuuuuce” when I see a photo of him, like a Bruce Springsteen concert-goer.

    I also clicked on the Mareel link, and was intrigued, even after I realized that it “is the UK’s most northerly music, cinema and creative industries centre,” and not the “most motherly,” as I initially mis-read it!

  3. Jamieson & Smith – nice! Also, the colorplay on the top of that well-worn domed structure is just beautiful.

    It looks like the whole troop had a busy, energizing, fun time. Scruffs to Bruce!

  4. Once again, thanks for sharing such beautiful photographs. I particularly like the roof of the shed made from a little boat and the ever handsome Bruce!!

  5. Oh, I want to be there too….. I just love the boatroof what a great idea. Have fun in such a wonderful place.

    Note to Bruce from Woody – “Gidday, mate. Just wanted to brag to you about my getting bitten by a snake/centipede/scorpion/something. Badge of honour, mate! Have a skiddaddle around the rockpools for me”. Love Woody

  6. i) Where did you get that yellow anorak/ coat/ thing? I adore it!
    ii) please tell me that the shell-house will make it into a knit design. It’s such a pleasing arrangement.

  7. Kate many thanks for this great taster of Shetland. I am visiting Shetland for the first time during Shetland Wool Week, and I very much look forward to meeting you at your tutorial on the Monday afternoon.

  8. I’ve just returned from a lovely weekend in the woods north of Lake Tahoe. Now I need to go to Shetland. Thanks for the photo tour!

  9. I haven’t seen you on your travels, I had hoped to see you in passing somewhere. You’ve done better than me, I have yet to visit Mareel. I was hoping to persuade my son to come and see Brave with me next week.

  10. Went to Shetland in August for the first time. Loved everything about it and learned two new tricks with the yarn and needles from the ladies at the textile museum. What a skilled group and what a wonderful place.

  11. so happy to see my knight in shining fur got to accompany you on this jaunt. the shell cottage is heaven. my first sentence, when they set me down on a beach in the virgin islands before i could walk, was “No shells?” beachcombers paradise. and, plus, sur les paves, la plage.

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writer, designer and creator of Buachaille (100% Scottish wool)