Stuc a’Chroin

We’ve spent the weekend in the Highlands, where Tom has been running a race – the Stuc a’Chroin 5000

While he was away up the hill, Bruce and I went for a walk. . .

We were lucky with the weather (later we saw hail and snow!)

Bruce was very suspicious of this wee suspension bridge and teetered over, bandy-legged.

After 13.5 miles, 5000 feet of ascent, 2 hours and 51 minutes, the wanderer returned . . .

The running vest I knitted him 5 years ago (sheesh!) is still holding up to its job remarkably well.

It is a good, warm vest for a chilly mountain top. The yarn I used was Rowan “Calmer”, for those who like to know these things.

We went out for a nice meal to celebrate . . .

. . . and camped in one of our favourite spots.

Tom’s next race is on Jura – in just a few weeks time, we’ll be off to the islands . . .

Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend too!

48 thoughts on “Stuc a’Chroin

  1. This is lovely, and reminds me that I really need to get out of the city more, instead of, like this morning, sitting at my window watching marathoners run by (several of whom had really cool elbow gloves, which made me want to knit some).

  2. What a beautiful day! The photo of the copse of trees looks like a painting. The image of a bandy legged Bruce crossing the bridge made me laugh. Thanks for starting my day with a smile : )

  3. A beautiful site for a race. And Bruce on the bridge – what a hoot! He certainly knows the right way to greet the weary runner, however.

    Calmer for the runner’s vest? Not wool?

  4. Wow ! I just had to go show my husband this post of yours. (He is drinking coffee in bed on a Sunday Morning, reading his Kindle, and I come in hauling my laptop, and put it down in front of his Honestly Kate, I was very proud to show him both your knitted running jersey (he hears so much about your designs I flip out over), but also of Tom’s very admirable racing accomplishments, and well, as always, the stunning scenery of Scotland . Oh, and your fun Bruce.

  5. Just gorgeous. I always enjoy seeing all the places you end up doing Tom’s runs. And lucky man that he’s got someone that will knit him a running vest ;)

  6. The sweater is a close fit isn’t it so it doesn’t sag and slow his running? Very nice and very special. The light in the photos of the area is heavenly.

  7. Congratulations to Tom……and thank you for the beautiful pics. Jura looks absolutely stunning….I’ll look forward to seeing those photos.

  8. What a great sport!! way more interesting that ‘just’ marathoning around streets!!! Our black lab, Heidi, hates to walk on things like that too – grids and grates in the street etc. A few weeks ago I was visiting my niece who had an open and grated stairway up to her apartment!!! – had to virtually push/carry her up the first few times and it took all weekend to get her used to the situation – pretty funny for us though!!

  9. I’m boggling over the evening light in those pictures! What a beautiful part of the world. Congratulations to Tom for a good race run, Bruce for braving the suspension bridge, and you for being rad.

  10. Such a beautiful little town. The attendance for the run looked admirable. Thanks so much for sharing. Perhaps Bruce needs a running vest, too?

  11. Congrats, Tom, on the race – I always love when Kate shares the courses you run and all the info. It is a real inspiration to me to keep on workin’ on! I especially loved the Bruce kiss after your run.
    Kate, the photographs are stunning as always. Such exquisite beauty. Hope your time there was marvelous.

  12. We have been staying in Lochearnhead this week-end about 10 miles from the run. Really beautiful, snow on the hills and the swallows returning as well! Glad you all had fun and hope you enjoy Jura.

  13. Wow that vest has really held up! Just how many numbers have been pinned to the front of it and not a ladder in sight!
    And poor Bruce on the suspension bridge reminded me of my friends greyhound, Bonnie, who can’t walk on their hard wood floors for fear of slipping, so she turns and backs up onto the rug! A large dog walking backwards is a sight :D

  14. The places you visit makes me slightly jealous. I long for Scotland by seeing this pictures. I can’t convince my husband and children to move, though.

    I really like the running vest. I wear a lot of handknits during long distance walks but never considered handknits for running.

  15. Oh, the light in the photographs is glorious. My favourite is the 3rd from the end when you are going out for a meal. Congratulations to all 3 of you-Tom, Kate, and Bruce!

  16. What a great day! Tom did well in his race what wonderful scenery he had to run through, though I expect it was quite tough underfoot. I run but had no races this weekend so am feeling very jealous of you both out in the countryside in great spring weather – last race I did was a week ago in wind and torrential rain! I just love the idea of a knitted running vest – it’s got me thinking!
    Happy knitting and running!
    Fleur xx

  17. Such beautiful shades in the landscape. Makes me think of Shetland wool and Fair Isle knitting. I can see how your inspiration comes from the land.

  18. Oops, sorry, hit the wrong button.
    The scenery in your photographs is just stunning. I would love to be able to visit and see for myself. I don’t think there is a dog alive who actually likes suspension bridges etc. My toy poodle hates them.

    By the way, would you do me a huge favour please? When you post about such places or use other Gaelic names/words, would you post a phonetic spelling so this non-Gaelic speaker knows how not to make a total eejit of herself when describing your gorgeous images.

  19. I take my dog for a run across the suspension bridge in the playground when the children are not there. He is fascinated by it.
    How I love lovely soft Calmer.

  20. All these posts make me want to buy a Mazda Bongo, bundle in the canadian boyfriend and some knitting, drive north for a few hours and push him out to run around the British countryside he keeps talking about seeing.

  21. Bruce hates that bridge because it gives him two bits on information: there are gaps and there are planks and he does not know which to trust. It was an act of great trust in you that he crossed.

  22. Thank you for sharing your week-end. Your photos always take me on a little vacation. Such beautiful country side.

  23. Dear Kate,
    I am left feeling as though I had been there with the three of you. You are a wonderful story-teller.

  24. Just lovely! We’ve visited the Scottish Highlands a few times and have fallen in love with the area. I think it’s time to go back.

  25. Any mention of Jura and my ears prick up! Philip’s brother lived at Lealt (up from Ardlussa and down from Barnhill, George Orwell’s house) for twenty years before he died and we know it well. John is buried at Lealt over the burn so it’s a very special place for both of us. Didn’t know there were races there now – up and down the Paps maybe? :) Reminded me that we’re due a visit, thanks Kate.

  26. Congratulations to Tom! I cycled round the Isle of Wight this weekend, but I didn’t wear any handknits on my journey. More’s the pity.

  27. You spent your race time well with your camera. Those are wonderful photographs – great to share with the non-knitting, Scotland-loving members of my family. Thank you for posting them, Kate.

  28. The running vest is a wonderful idea, and I can see how the Calmer would be a good choice (you wouldn’t want the runner wearing it to overheat)! What a lovely place to run up a hill, your pictures are fantastic.

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