steek peek

At last! Some actual sunshine! We’ve been out taking photos of my new cardigan design, which will be released tomorrow. Heres a peek!

30 Comments on “steek peek

  1. He is loving it!!! I can see him smiling, all over his face!

  2. This photo is so happy. It looks like you’re making strides with the trike-bike. I’m glad for you!

  3. Can’t wait looks lovely I like yor bike , I ride a bike also. You both look happy.

  4. Great to see you out and about. Looking forward to seeing your cardigan.

  5. i have cardigan AND bike envy! how cool is your bike?!!!! it’d be fantastic for doing the shopping!!!!

  6. It is good to see you out and about on the bike. And Bruce is enjoying it also! And I too am looking forward to seeing the cardigan, your designs and knitting, colors and style always inspire me to try something new, but I didn’t get up the courage yet for steeks!

    • That’s beautiful scenery, I am wishing I had a place like that to take my lab, Oreo, along with my bike. What fun!

  7. I keep checking your blog to see what is going on . . . what a wonderful treat to see you on your bike, with your happy friend Bruce at your side and if that is the sweater . . . this just might be the ticket to get e to finish all my UFOs!

  8. Ooh can’t wait for your new cardi reveal!

    Wheeeeeee………………………………..your bike riding looks such fun!!

    Fleur xx

  9. Perfect location – brings back memories of sleeping in a marquee there – as ‘security’ for a sponsored event the next day – did you ventrue across the causeway?

  10. What a beautifully hazy picture, I can almost smell the air… Keep on having fun Kate!!!
    I love what I can see of the cardigan!

  11. That looks just like Crammond! I’m there with my grandparents on a semi-regular basis, how exciting, it’s like sharing a dog-walking spot with a celebrity!

  12. I spy a Peerie Flooers yoke????????? I can hear the knit group at my LYS now. I convinced 8 of them to buy the Peerie Flooers mitten pattern and the yarn. Then I had to listen to a lot of less than stellar language as they struggled with floats and too tight thumbs and all kinds of knitterly maladies. I wonder if I can convince them that they really need to knit a cardigan in the round with a Peerie Flooers yoke and THEN steek it to make it into a cardigan. I may be taking my life in my hands(lol). Love your trike!

    Cheers and red wine, Hazel.

  13. So glad to see you are feeling better. What a beautiful place you live in! Just seeing the picture of you and your loyal Bruce brightens my day. Can’t wait to see the pattern!

  14. Nothing like a tricycle ride along the front with the wind blowing through Bruce’s ears…… I think you look very warm in your new cardigan!!!!

  15. I am cacking myself at how many people have clicked on the picture and then zoomed to see what they can get of the cardigan!! lol

    • I not only zoomed but used a magnifying glass too! Beautiful picture. You can smell the ozone.

  16. At this rate you are going to beat me in the tricycle race!

  17. Can’t wait for the close up! By the looks it is not ALL colourwork-phew!

  18. Love your bike! I would love to have one in RED so everyone could see me on it. lol Have fun with that beautiful bike!

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