Renaissance Dyeing Giveaway

Would you like to win a kit to knit upyour own Hazelhurst? I’ll provide the pattern, and my friends at Renaissance Dyeing have kindly offered to give away two skeins of lovely worsted-spun organic Poll Dorset in shades ‘Ecru’ and ‘Carmine’ to one of my readers. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favourite theme tune. (Here’s mine for today: it’s exciting and new). I’ll close the comments next Tuesday – February 14th. Someone is going to win themselves a tasty, woolly Valentines treat!

Because not all of you can win, Renaissance Dyeing are also offering a 7% discount on Hazelhurst yarn packs to all readers. All you have to do to claim the discount is to enter the coupon code “Ronnie” (as in Ronnie Hazelhurst, with a capital ‘R’) when checking out.

To close, I thought you might be amused by this outake from our photoshoot / walk last weekend. I really have no idea why I am looking so troubled / appalled . . . but Tom says this isn’t my natural expression, which I suppose is reassuring.

Good luck in the giveaway, everyone!

ETA: comments are now closed!

756 thoughts on “Renaissance Dyeing Giveaway

  1. The theme song from “Gone with the Wind”. Miss Scarlett would approve of the red in the cowl :)

  2. Right now I am completely obsessed with the theme song from “The Big Bang Theory” – I sing along with it at the opening of every episode :)

    1. Me too! My parents are traversing their way through the whole series right now, and when I’m around I insist they not fast forward the credits so I can sing loudly along!

  3. Ooooh, it’s hard to choose. Either the theme to Withnail & I, or, the theme to Last of the Summer Wine (I was enjoying watching the latter on Yesterday with Dad over Christmas). Or maybe the Archers (which is what Mum prefers). Or the theme to Quantum Leap, which is on my phone.

    Do I have to choose just one?

  4. OMG — how generous! My fav theme song? my “kids” are in their 30’s, but I still love the Sesame street song :)

    1. My daughter loved the title sequence to Sesame when she was about two, but she’d wander off once the show actually started.

    2. That’s my favorite too. It is still great to sing when you are 40+! My kids have outgrown it but I have not! “Sunny days, chasing my cares away…Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”

  5. In keeping with your long coat, my current fave theme is the one from BBC Sherlock. Only problem, it’s a bit of an earworm. Even so, I love it, especially with its mix of harpsichord creating the blend of something old with something new (can you tell I have 2 music degrees?)

  6. Pretty pretty pretty. Just to stay in the Valentine theme; I have a thing for the Love Story song – Where Do I Begin. Oh, so incredible sad and oh, how I can feel it like when I was twelve.

    1. I used to listen to that over & over as a kid and kind of enjoyed the weepy feeling it gave me. I fell in love with the minor keys!

  7. Hi! Wow, what a great offer :) I like the tune from the old American show called ‘Happy Days’. Monday Tuesday Happy Days…
    Puts a smile on my face every time!

  8. My favourite theme tune is probably that from the cheesy American 60s spy spoof show Get Smart. I was a serious devotee of the show when I was about 8 and I love it still.

  9. Thanks for that link to memory lane! I used to watch that show all the time. My favorite must be Star Wars, child of the 70’s, I guess. ;)

  10. Hello,

    I have been thinking about leaving a comment on one of your posts for a while now and a giveaway has given me the nudge.
    I have been following your blog here since I stumbled upon your article about products being wrongfully sold as wool which I thought was very insightful. I have also purchased your Owl sweater pattern which I am about to start in the coming weeks. I look forward to your posts and love your creative use of colour and pattern.

    So, Thank you :)

  11. My favourite theme song? I would have to cross the pond and choose season 4 of The Wire, Way Down in the Hole, written by Tom Waits and in season 4 of this series performed by the Baltimore Boys Choir. Season 4 focuses on education and the trials and tribulations suffered by the children featured in this series is nothing short of harrowing. The version of the above song performed by the boys choir is exquisitely poignant and haunting and I will never forget hearing it.

    Not a particularly upbeat choice I know but it certainly packs a punch!!

  12. Oh dear – this kind of reveals a geekiness I try to keep hidden. I like Star Trek – & I love the theme tune from Voyager – especially the tinkly bit as the space ship flies through Saturn’s rings.

    1. voyager has my favourite Trek theme song. It’s so pretty.

      My current default song to hum is James Bond as we’re watching a movie a week. Last week was Octopussy so we’ve been at this a while.

    2. Totally with you on this one- voyager is the best!
      But besides humming star trek themes, I also go around the house yelling “battle star battle star battle star galactica” in my own made up “song” because the real theme song is a bit hard to sing along to with my limited abilities in that area! Great show!

  13. I have to say it’s a tie between The X-Files (so spooky! immediately reminds me of middle school!) and The New Girl (cute and fun and peppy!).

  14. Ha ha. I loved the Love Boat growing up.
    Mines was Happy Days. Which had 2 tunes in variation.

    I loved that 1, 2 , 3 , 4 a clock rock… What a great theme. Until they changed it later on to Sunday, Monday , Tuesday Happy Days.

    P.S. Loved your face in the end. As they say on the MasterCard Commercials ” Priceless”.

  15. Oh! How exciting! When I saw your sheep blanket I told my hubby I wanted to do it but then got scared it would be beyond my abilities. But this scarf. So beautiful and it seems more manageable. I suppose my favorite theme tune is from The Cosby Show. Thanks for your generosity!

  16. I’m going to go with what I’m listening to at the moment: the theme tune for the radio show Richard Diamond, Private Detective. It changed a bit over the years (and at one point incorporated its sponsor’s jingle for Camel cigarettes), but by god the whistling is perky.

  17. What a fun giveaway! I love the theme song from “I Dream of Jeannie”, which was my favorite television show when I was a little girl back in the 70’s.

  18. From my childhood, it would definitely be Gilligan’s Isle (the one with the professor and Marianne!). I know the whole tune, and bug the crap out of my partner by randomly breaking out into song.

  19. oh I would love that pattern and that wool!
    Here’s my fav – from The Wire, one of the best TV programs ever made IMO

    1. I was going to say The Wire, but I opted for The Boondocks. Yes, it was definitely one of the best programs ever – so real and raw.

  20. The theme from the BBC series Dalgliesh mysteries – I always wanted it to go on, but then it would stick in my head (and there it is again!)

  21. Oh my! The theme from the Mary Tyler Moore show -“Love is All Around” had just wiggled in to my head moments before I read this
    I am not sure if your contest is open to those in the U.S.; however I have recently admitted to my self how much I love red & white (or carmine and ecru).

  22. My all time favorite is Hawaii 5.0 the old ans new version. We used to watch it in French, all four of us seated on the sofa. We watch the new version now, my husband and I. My husband never, ever, skip the theme song. He knows he would suffer bodily harm.

  23. What a treat! Thank you.

    My favorite theme song is from Adult Swim’s The Boondocks! It’s an over the top adult cartoon which is hilarious to me, but the theme song is really powerful. Here’s the opening sequence:

    I am the stone that builder refused
    I am the visual
    The inspiration
    That made lady sing the blues

  24. I love the Last of the summer wine theme (if you mean to choose a Hazelhurst theme) and anything Georges Delerue did like Jules and Jim. Good luck everyone on this marvelous contest.

  25. Favourite theme tune, err, that’s hard. But it has to be the Australian childrens program Round the Twist. I used to sing it with my children when it came on.

  26. I adore the theme song from “How to Make it in America”. It’s by Aloe Blacc “I Need a Dollar”. So soulful!

  27. My favorite is on my husband’s cell phone: The intro for Monday Night Football here in the States It’s just so obnoxious and gregarious. I’ll forget his phone is lurking, and then it’ll just burst into life.

  28. Well it’s not a theme song for the show, but I loved Gob’s theme from Arrested Development, Final Countdown. Makes me laugh every time!

  29. What a lovely idea, the theme music from The Good the Bad and The Ugly, by Ennio Morricone would be my choice, especially as last year it was played at the Proms, including a special part with the promenaders, divided into two groups, providing the right sounds and being conducted from the stage, just wonderful!


  30. What a very generous giveaway and an unusual idea for a comment. My favourite theme tune of all time is from Brideshead Revisited, it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it but in a nice way. Thanks Sue.

  31. I’ll second a couple other folks’ recommendations for The Wire, Weeds, and Gilligan’s Island. My favorite tho is from the short-lived FX series, Terriers

  32. The theme from Harry Potter works for me every time… And there’s some ‘fancy’ knitting in that film, too!

  33. OO OO Just thought of another one There was a show a long time ago that Randy Newman wrote the theme for the show was COP ROCK and it was a musical. Theme song had gun in it but wish I could get a DVD of that show. Marvelous.

  34. Thank you for another great giveaway! I really like the song from the movie, “Shaft.” And the Hazelhurst pattern is lovely – simple-looking but full of color and interest.

  35. The theme music from Bourne Identity by Moby. A beat that you cant get rid of – especially great when you need to get your energy going or on a long road trip. Oh baby…..then it fell apart….then it fell apart….

  36. I love The West Wing, or Northern Exposure. Mention of The Archers made me remember a very, very old magazine advert for Epson printers which wrote out the theme (run ti tum ti tum ti tum, rum ti tum ti taaa raaa) – example of an effective ad, seeing as I can remember it from about 15/20 years ago!

  37. I know it’s cheesy, but I love the theme music from Jurassic Park. It’s so majestic and stirring.

  38. I LOVE that cowl! So beautiful and timeless. My favorite theme song is hands down Sons of Anarchy, just about always stuck in my head!

  39. Thank you, Kate for all your giveaways….it’s great to read everyone’s fav theme songs….
    One other came to my head….”Cheek to cheek” from Top Hat…..

  40. Before I had a child it would have been the tune to Tony Heart’s art show on the BBC, which for the life of me I cannot remember right now. Now, it’s the tune to Waybaloo. Not only does it calm my son ready for bed time nice and early (leaving me the evening for me-time), but it’s not the worst song to get stuck in my head for days on end. Some thought seems to have gone into it and isn’t in some shrill key that people seem to think kids like. Although it does drive my husband nuts.

  41. My current favourite has to be Hawaii Five 0. Our Canadian winters are long and dark, particularly north of 60. Hearing the tune brings to mind the opening shots of sunshine and the ocean.. It also brings back memories of my youth, as the theme is the same one used in the original series many years ago.

  42. The JAG themetune. My mother and I went to see the changing of the guards when we visited London, and the band played it! We totally weren’t expecting it and hummed it to each other for hours afterwards. Good times.

  43. The theme from Gilligan’s Island drives me nuts. And all my husband has to say (with a wicked grin!) are the words “Three hour tour”, and it’s off, racing around my head all day! I know all the words…over and over…

  44. jeeves and wooster! my husband and i keep humming it every time the kids drive us crazy and we’re looking forward to an evening of style, fun and steven fry’s pure genius.

  45. The music from “The Good Life”. I’ll find myself humming it under my breath and suddenly feel an overwhelming yen for peapod burgundy.

  46. This is a bit of a bizarre one, but I love the theme to the film ‘Cabaret’. It’s just a view lines that always get stuck in my head …”Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome. Im Cabaret, Au Cabaret, To Cabaret!”

  47. The theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.
    You’re gonna make it after all!”
    Love your blog and your patterns.

  48. Great! Now I have the Love Boat theme stuck in my head!! ;) I like the I dream of Jeanie theme, that will stay in your head for days!!

  49. My boyfriend is stuck far away on a different continent, so any vague hope of a valentines treat is a cheering thought :) Favourite theme tune has to be Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Will Smith & Quincy Jones III. It would be on every day after school, and the words will be ingrained in my memory forever.

  50. Love this, and the colour scheme is perfect!! I listen to the Out of Africa theme music (used when Robert Redford is flying that small plane) whenever I need a pick-me-up. :)

  51. What a lovely give-away! Thanks to you and Renaissance Dyeing for being so generous. I would have to say that my favourite theme song (and I’m almost ashamed to admit it because I still watch the show whenever it’s on) is for “The Fintstones”. I also love the themes from “The Jetsons” and “Gilligans Island” but “The Flinstones” tops my list.

  52. It’s so hard to choose, but I’d have to go with the theme from Hawaii 5-0 (from the original days, of course!) I even had it as a ring tone for a while and it made me smile every time my phone rang!

  53. Tough choice! I’d say either Dr Who or the Muppet Show – they’re both childhood faves, and nostalgia is powerful!

  54. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire. Oh the memories. As adults, my cousins and I go to a cabin together every few years and tend to watch nick at nite…and sing along with the theme song. So cheesy, but good times!

  55. Oh I’d love to knit your hazelhurst!
    My favourite theme song is from the 90s TV series I have recently come to obsess over, Northern Exposure.

  56. Green Acres sung by Eddie Arnold and Zsa Zsa Gabor! I still really laugh when I watch the show too . . .

  57. For some reason, I like the theme from M*A*S*H, but you can’t really sing along to it – no words. I do love to sing along, and not just sing “da na na na na na na na”, but fortunately you are not in a position to listen. How about the theme to “Fame”? It has got some sections you can belt out and some moves you can groove to while running around with the vacuum cleaner or chopping a mountain of vegetables for a stew. Although “Paper Moon” is pretty good too… As you can tell, I haven’t watched any television in over a decade. Please pick me! I promise to knit up the whole scarf right away!

  58. No matter what how much time it’s been since I last watched it, the opening theme from The West Wing, always gets my heart beating a little faster.

  59. I really love the theme from Game of Thrones. It doesn’t have words but love it anyway. And, I have no idea but I have the theme song from Three’s Company running through my head lately. Boy, is that aging myself.

  60. Can’t go wrong with the theme song from Indiana Jones!

    It gives you a sense of adventure, a willingness and daring to go where mankind has never dared to go before… and be terrified of snakes, of course.

  61. Right now it’s the shows I’m obsessed with – Downton Abbey or Portlandia … dream of the 90s indeed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. I loved the theme to Peter Gunn. Henry Mancini wrote it and any man who can write Moon River is going to get my vote.

    Of course, let’s not forget The Lone Ranger and the William Tell Overture…!

    I loved these pictures when I first saw them! The cowl is wonderful, the color selection and yarn weight look perfect, and oh goodness, I love your coat, also! Perfect setting, too.

  63. I grow up with the tv-serie Little House on the Prairie. When I got my two beautiful daughters I loved that they were close and actually enjoyed sleeping together until they were 12 years like Laura and her sister. Today they are grown and live far from me and perpaps that is why they treasure what I knit for them. So sometimes we go hunting on the net in search of lovely and wonderful patterns. And they love your patterns, Kate – and that they are so well fitted. – Both have the owl sweater and love it to pieces. So we follow your blog and new wonderful patterns
    Love – Helle from Denmark

  64. My favorite theme tune is composed by Henri Mancini, and is the Theme for the Man Of U.N.C.L.E. series!
    It has this energy one needs to clean the house, and makes you knit on top speed!

    Love your Hazelhurst design!


  65. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, I make that face too!

    Hazelhurst is just beautiful and I would probably faint dead away if I were lucky enough to win the pattern and yarn.

    Hard to pick just one favorite theme song, but my top three are: 1) Inspector Morse (RIP John Thaw); 2) The Sopranos; and 3) Deadwood.

  66. sigh… I can’t get Alle Vögel sind schon da out of my head…. my children were singing it the whole day :).

  67. Any of the brit shows…Midsummer Murders, Dalgleish, Agatha Christie, Taggart, etc., but the one from The Sweeney with the swinging bare light bulb has to take the cake (or the prize) and yes Coronation Street…means an hour of mindless t.v. Love the blog

  68. My favorite theme song is from The Golden Girls. My daughter used to dance to it when she was a toddler. :)

  69. M*A*S*H. It comes in though my window sometimes, like it did every afternoon when I lived above my grandmother. It was one of the most constant parts of my life. Now, without a tv, I still hear bits of it as I walk through town.

  70. Hi Kate, my favourite current TV series theme tune is the one for ‘Boardwalk Empire’ I love. I think the whole design of the titles is really great and very modern considering it’s for a series set in the 1920’s-30’s.
    I hope I win, I really want to knit this! :-)

  71. For sentimental reasons, the theme music from M*A*S*H. I’m still half in love with Hawkeye…maybe more than half.

  72. Well mine has to be the theme from The Good Life but Chris says you can’t beat Terry & June. And just to prove it he’s now whistling it – aaaarrrggghhh!! (Yes, we are both children of the 70’s!!)

    I love Renaissance Dyeing’s yarn… right at the top of my wish list… mmmmmmm

  73. Oh my. Well, my favorite? I’m going to have to say Gilligan’s Island – I don’t love having it hanging around in my head, but it was my absolute favorite show growing up in the early 70s, so I’ll choose it.

    I love the Hazelhurst – it’s just beautiful!

  74. The whistling part from the theme to The Andy Griffith show! I’m trying to teach it to my parakeet, but he just insists on whistling like R2D2 from Star Wars. The tune is called “The Fishin’ Hole” and it just sounds like summer! Come on summer!

  75. I know it’s not terribly “hip” when you live in the UK – but I live in Canada and I love to hear the opening credits of Coronation Street (I feel like I must apologize, but I really shouldn’t…I’m just so Canadian). My knitting, a cup of tea and Corrie – my favourite time of day!

  76. ooh, i would LOVE to!

    my favorite theme is a little embarrassing… my sister and i used to watch dr quinn medicine woman back in the day, so now whenever we hear it, we sing along together and it makes me really happy. yikes!

  77. I have to make a confession, an embarrasing confession! This is something nobody of my family, friends etc know and I am very embarrassed about it, but I like Hazelhurst soooo much that I am going to tell you, but please don’t tell it to anybody.My favorite theme tune is from ‘Little House Of The Prairie’. It’s my favorite TV-serie ever and I’ve seen it over and over again…..
    Actually I feel very relieved, like there is a load of my shoulders.
    Thx a lot Kate!!!
    Irma V. from the Netherlands

  78. My favourite theme tune is from the music from The Magic Roundabout just before the news showing my age!

  79. Ooh! I love this scarf! My favorite theme is from the old radio show Gunsmoke. My dad doesn’t believe in TV, so we didn’t have one growing up. Every Sunday evening in the way home from church, he’d turn on the radio, and we’d listen to radio shows from way back when. Gunsmoke came on first and we’d hum the theme and say the introduction with the Narrator. William Conrad played

  80. Ein Deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms!
    – Oh wait, that’s not a theme tune..

    I like the theme song from Frasier!

  81. I read all of the favorite theme songs and kept smiling and nodding and commenting — love that one; oh, that’s a good one; cute one — but I didn’t see my all time favorite mentioned. My favorite is the old theme song for National Bohemian Beer. I remember watching Orioles baseball with my dad and loving those ads.

    Great giveaway, Kate.

  82. I had to think really hard about theme songs.. and this is truly lame but the only thing that popped into my head and will now be stuck there for the remainder of the day is the theme song to Three’s Company… ‘come and knock on my door’ oh geez here we go!

    1. It has to be the theme tune from the BBC Radio sitcom “The Men from the Ministry”. They are currently repeating the shows on BBC Radio 4 Extra which is such a joy!. When I hear the theme tune I am transported back to childhood. My mother cooking lunch in the kitchen and laughing at the Ministry Men’s antics.

  83. Oh from my youth it has to be the theme from ‘Butterflies’ with Wendy Craig (I remember one episode when she was trying to get something out of a saucepan – she wasn’t a good cook – and she said to her son “well help it then…” It makes me chuckle still!). But MASH comes a close second, as it was a sign that my first real crush Alan Alda was about to be on tv… Sigh….
    gorgeous design Kate, yet again!! x

  84. Awesome giveaway!

    I don’t know if I have a favorite theme song, but the James Bond theme song gets stuck in my head from time to time…

  85. Anachronistic little me: The theme music from the ancient (early 70s) U.S. t.v. show S.W.A.T. I even bought a 45 of the music with my kiddie allowance money, and my sister and I would dance to it, wearing our old, rumpled ballet costumes. An interesting combination to say the least. Funkadilic music with lavendar tutus.

  86. I’d have to say my favorite theme song is the Gilligan’s Island Theme.

    I love, love, love your mobius scarves.

  87. Definitely I Dream of Jeannie. I used to dance around the living room as a child, trying to jut and swivel my hips like the cartoon Jeannie, as the opening credits rolled. In fact, I believe there’s documentary evidence of this in my parent’s video collection. I was not, errm, naturally graceful, and I do believe in one video, I fell down rather suddenly and violently while imitating the hip-swivel.

  88. Ah the cowl is so lovely! Would love to win. Definite favorite is the Peanut’s theme, as well as the Peanut’s Christmas special!

  89. My all-time favourite theme tune is from a 1970’s/80’s Canadian game show I loved when I was a kid. They had Soul Bossa Nova from Quincy Jones as their theme song. I’m sure Mike Meyers used to watch this show too, as he also grew up in the same part of Canada, and later went on to use Soul Bossa Nova in Austin Powers.

  90. Ooh. How exciting. I guess I have two – one is the theme to Mystery on PBS and the other is the theme to the US tv show “Dukes of Hazard”

  91. I have great affection for Believe it or Not from Greatest American Hero :-) And I LOVE your pattern and would be so thrilled to win!

  92. Family Ties…. Thought Michael Fox’s story so romantic… How he met his wife, and all. Thanks for the chance!!!

  93. Please enter me in the contest. My favorite theme/song is the one that is The Titanic….that Celine Dion sings….it is a tribute to love for sure….and speaking of love, .love your eternity scarf….beautiful work. Greetings from the praire of Indiana and our Windermere Farm.

  94. There are so many to choose from, but White Horses immediately sprang into my head when I read this post – so that’s my choice. I watched this show when I was a little one, and the music is still gorgeous…. And I love that photo of you Kate, you look like you’re in a spy thriller, about to discover something strange and dangerous…..!

  95. My favourite has to be the theme song to Midsomer Murders. It’s also one of my favourite series! Thank you for the giveaway!

  96. My favorite theme song is the one from the old show “Party of Five” called “(Everybody Wants to Be) Closer to Free” which was sung by the Bodeans.

    I love the scarf! Thanks for the giveaway and for the discount.

  97. First of all I thought The Sweeney – laid back, cool and jazzy in a 1970’s way….then I remembered the closing theme to Red Dwarf ‘Fun Fun Fun’, then I went onto Itunes and re-discovered Danger Mouse that tune is so addictive…… really do I have to choose just one?

  98. In this context, it’s got to be ‘Sorry!’. I am sure Phyllis enjoyed knitting the odd antimacassar to adorn the Lumsden lounge.

  99. Fab giveaway! My favourite theme tune is from the Sherlock series… it sticks in my head for days!

  100. Morcambe and Wise.. ‘Bring me Sunshine’. Sends a smile right through me always and completely.

  101. What a gorgeous giveaway! My favorite theme song is from the show “Saving Grace”, and it’s sung by Everlast. It’s not on anymore, but I still love the song.

  102. Thanks for the contest and the question. My all time, forever favorite was from an American sitcom called Greatest American Hero. I still love to hear those lyrics.

    Believe it or not,
    I’m walking on air.
    I never thought I could feel so free-.
    Flying away on a wing and a prayer.
    Who could it be?
    Believe it or not it’s just me.

    1. meant to add that I like the way it’s trying so hard to cover all the bases – big action drama one moment, and then into moody mystery mode the next. And then reality strikes and we’re on the bridge of a big old car ferry sailing grey seas.

  103. The Beverly Hillbillies theme will be my favorite until the end of time. My mother does a killer rendition. Thank you for doing another giveaway! x

  104. Oooh – currently the theme song to Republic of Doyle (on CBC in Canada) because it immediately brings to mind how gorgeous St John’s (Newfoundland) looks in the sun and in this programme:

    …and after that, just about all versions of the Doctor Who theme, but specially the current one:

  105. i think my favorite theme tune is the one from Jeopardy. i (almost) don’t mind when it gets stuck in my head.

  106. Reading the comments has been a bit like flipping through radio stations and catching snatches of tunes here and there. I’m conflicted, being inclined to (generally erroneously) believe that this choice of mine will define me forever, but I have to give two –
    Yes, the theme from Sex and the City makes me happy and it plays in my head every time I see the HBO logo even if the show is not Sex and the City. My other favourite is the theme from Danger Mouse – “he’s the greatest, he’s fantastic” and on.

  107. At the moment, I’m really enjoying the theme from the crime show “Castle,” but for sheer viewing excitement, nothing gets me going like a big Welsh-orchestra rendition of the theme from the new Doctor Who.

    1. Oh no! There’s a fish in the percolator!

      (So much for embedding a video, I mean.)

      Many thanks for facilitating this fun giveaway, Kate!

  108. Ooh, I’d love to win that prize! My favorite theme song is from the last Star Trek series, “Enterprise.” Which was frankly pretty lame, but the theme song was fabulous: “Faith of the Heart: Getting From There to Here.” You can hear it at

    On reflection, it reminds me of your own difficult journey, bravely accomplished!

    Kim Hughes
    Sonoma, CA, USA

  109. What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks to both Kate and Renaissance Dyeing for this. I love the music of the composer Thomas Newman so my favourite tv theme would have to be the title music for the US series Six Feet Under.

  110. I think my favourite theme is a song which was used in a french advertising for a little round car, the twingo car, and it comes from Yo Yo Ma and Bobby Mc Ferrin, Hush Litlle Baby; all CD is fabulous. When I ear it, my feet move alone.

  111. I love the theme song from, “The Jeffersons.” I found this song to be very catchy and soulful. I liked the words too. It was co-written and sung by the actress, Ja’Net DuBois, who played Willona in the TV show, “Good Times.” I also watched that show when I was a kid. There were a lot of great shows back then. Thanks for the giveaway! Carmine has always been a favorite color of mine and I love the name!

  112. Oh my – so many comments!! Definitely from MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING – And the way she danced with her best friend at the end to Tony Bennet’s “The Way You Look Tonight” – Someday when I’m awfully low
    When the world is cold
    I feel a glow just thinking of you
    And the way you look tonight.
    Oh, but you’re lovely with your smile so warm
    And your cheek so soft
    There is nothing for me to love you
    And the way you look tonight
    With each word your tenderness grows
    Tearing my fear apart
    And that laugh that wrinkles your nose
    touches my foolish heart
    Lovely, never ever change
    Keep that breathless charr
    Won’t you please arrange it?
    ‘Cause I love you
    Just the way you look tonight…

  113. My recent favorite is the opening music for Downton Abbey, which is so compelling and angsty (in a buttoned-up, restrained way). As a dog person, I especially love how the music starts with the first image: the wagging tail & butt of the beautiful yellow lab that is Lord Grantham’s dog. (The butt wiggles in time with the music!)

  114. Definitely the theme song to “The Third Man.” It’s the tune I find myself humming or whistling most often.

  115. Not exactly a theme tune but I like the tune for the Birdeye Potato Waffles advert – it’s ” waffley versatile”. Bx xxx

  116. I chuckle at the Golden Girls theme song, mostly because I’ve heard a zombie-themed parody of it that begins “Thank you for eating my friend,/ after you died and came back again,/ your heart is blue/ and your pals are a restaurant.”

  117. Both before my time, but I was raised by my grandparents with all the “greats” – and The Patty Duke Show and Mr. Ed are two classic theme songs that I really love!

  118. Grange Hill is my top theme tune. Remember the opening credits with the snorker being stolen by the rogue fork?? Takes me right back to childhood tea time.

  119. Oh, wow! I’d love to win this. We don’t really watch TV, so I don’t have a current favorite theme song. Can I say Sesame Street? Or am I too old for that now? :-)

  120. One of my favorite songs that has been used for a television show was “Moment in the Sun” by Clem Snide – it was opened “Ed,” which was only on for a few years. If I had to come up with a song that was written specifically for a show, I think it would have to be the theme song from the Dick Van Dyke show.

  121. What a sweetheart gift from you both – thank you so much! Never have watched much TV to have a series fave but a fave movie music would be from ‘Chocolat’ :) :)

  122. The theme song from Inspector Gadget (the cartoon) is always in my head, so I guess it’s my favourite.

  123. I have the Tatort melody on my phone, a German sequel – the song maintained unchanged for about 30 years now. Groovy…

  124. Kate – love the cowl! This may sound corny, but I love the theme from “Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood” I don’t know if they even ever showed it in the UK. “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…..won’t you be my neighbor?”

  125. A current favorite of mine is the Mad Men theme, mostly because when I hear it I get excited about watching, but as a child my father would sing all kinds of theme songs (actually he still does that) to us, and my favorite them was Mr. Ed.

  126. I love how hearing the opening to “30 Rock” (American comedy with Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin) immediately gives me a little boost. Very bright, short, and energizing. (Almost completely the opposite of what I tend to gravitate to musically, but much appreciated, especially on the *super* cold and dark winter days when leaving my warm bed is most difficult in Yellowknife, Canada. Just a quick hum to myself and I’m up!- almost always, anyway)
    I love this new design, Kate. Thank-you for the generous giveaway. There is certainly a ‘Hazelhurst’ project in my future regardless, though it would be a treat to win!

  127. Theme song is a difficult as it would change daily if not hourly for me. The song that is currently in my head is “I’m Sexy and I know it”. How’s that?

  128. The one that caught me the most in the moment was the theme to the series Reilly, Ace of Spies. It turned out to be a Shostakovich snippet, and I actually managed to get it on a 45 RPM record.

  129. Thank you for the very generous giveaway!

    One of my favourite themes is from The Mysterious Cities of Gold, a cartoon I watched when I was young. I don’t have to listen to it to get it stuck in my head, just thinking about it means I’ll be humming it for days.

  130. All time favorite…. Here’s the story, Of a lovely lady, Who was bringing up three very lovely girls. All of them had hair of gold, Like their mother, The youngest one in curls….


    PS… your story is inspiring, you go girl!!

  131. Midsomer Murders! When it was slightly spooky and there was always something vaguely ‘supernatural’ about the murdering. (It’s rubbish now though.)

  132. Welll…… if you consider that ‘Peter and the wolf’ was read a s a story/made into a cartoon, then he music would actually be the theme music, right? Then definitely that, because somedays I feel like Peter, and some days the duck.
    Otherwise, the Wir. Except many people have said that. OrThe Muppets. So upbeat and happy. Except … we went and saw the MSO playing Dr Who music the other day, and that was AMAZING ….

  133. If we’re restricting ourselves to instrumental themes, I’m a pretty big fan of the theme to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Otherwise, the theme song for Friends wins, hands down (with bonus points for getting stuck in my head every time I hear it.)

  134. Hi there! My favorite theme tune is from the Muppet Show. Just a breast catchy little tune that always makes me smile, and sometimes dance as I hum it. It brings back memories of Saturday evenings (I think ) being able to stay up to watch it on Telly when I was little. So cool!

  135. Wow! This contest is a wonderfull idea!!! My favourite theme song is the “Hobbit song” from Lord of the rings movie. I’m always signing it in my head. It’s an happy song for me! Thank you! :)

  136. My favourite theme song is the one for the TV show, Dexter. The opening sequence video is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Lovely yarn, beautiful design as always, and the outtake photo is quite amusing! I enjoy your blog, thank you.

  137. I’d go for The Littlest Hobo theme tune can surely melt the coldest of hearts ;o)

    Or (a real guilty pleasure) the theme to Dawson’s Creek!

  138. Definitely the one in my head right now: the theme song to Little House on the Prairie. Close second: Downton Abbey.

  139. Thanks Kate. For me it has to be Mark Knopfler’s theme from the 1983 movie Local Hero. Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up every time and then there’s that drum roll.

  140. The one that immediately popped in my head is the Gilmore Girl’s theme song… “If you’re out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold…” For something a bit new I’ve been loving The New Girl’s theme song lately:

  141. For me, the theme from the Dick Van Dyke Show always makes me happy, as I know I’ll be watching a sitcom with snappy writing set in an interesting time period. And it’s funny. I love the scarf!

  142. As a kid my favourite was the theme from SuperTed. I used to be able to recite the whole thing. Mum was appalled when I was no longer able to do it. Now I seem to spend my time avoiding listening to my toddler’s TV themes too often otherwise I find myself singing “Raa Raa the Noisy Lion” or humming the Peppa Pig theme song all the time.

  143. Outing myself as an 80s child – I’d choose either the theme from ‘Trapdoor’ or [whispers] ‘Count Duckula’….

    I also love the opening to ITV’s Cornish-based detective drama ‘Wycliffe’ – only instrumental, but it reminds me of childhood holidays spent on similar coastlines.

    Such a lovely giveaway; thank you both :)

  144. This is probably my favourite tune and favourite interpretation too : It’s Redemption Song of Bob Marley BUT it’s played by ” Playing for a change.” They are musicians and singers all over the world playing together via Satellite because they could never play and sing together otherwise. They hope to change the world playing so all across the world. In this very version of Redemption Song they made something profoundly stirring : they found the way to make Stephen Marley and his Father Bob Marley singing together.
    I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy your knitting :)

  145. …for me it would have to be the theme tune from ‘Cold Case’…think I might only watch it to hear the tune, actually! That wool would be such a treat in these grey February days. Sue.

  146. Has to be the theme from ‘The Piano’ from the equally stunning film . Michael Nyman’s haunting theme gives me goose-pimples every time I hear it.

    Would feel so lucky to be the winner of such a generous give away – thank you Kate.

    Fleur xx

  147. Ah the theme from Black Beauty rolls around in my head. I also have a stack of photo’s where I look perplexed.

  148. The Archers theme. It means I am finished with work for the day and can relax for 15 minutes and enjoy a cup of tea and the program.

  149. My favorite theme song (also from the 70’s) would be “Gilligan’s Island” . Very early on in my career, I worked in lab and once to entertain ourselves, my lab partners and I sang a rousing rendition – each taking a part – it passed the time and made us laugh!

  150. I try not to think about tv theme songs because they get stuck in my head if I think about them at all. However, I want to win yarn, so I will say Mr. Roger’s theme song, “Won’t you be my neighbor.” (Mr. Roger’s was a long running American tv show for children.) It’s the childhood ones that I remember the best.

  151. I’ve had such fun reading through everyone’s favorite theme songs! I love a lot of the ones listed here, but I’m going to go with my first instinct: Parks & Rec.

    Fingers crossed for the win! I’d love to venture into colorwork, and this seems an excellent way to dip a toe in the water!

  152. What a fun contest!
    I had many trips down memory lane, reading the others answers.
    One of my favorites that comes to mind is from a Norwegian advent-calendar-tv-show:

    “Linus i svingen”. I really love the song and have great memories from watching the series with my now almost adult kids.

  153. am I the only one who walks the city streets singing “I feel pretty” from West Side Story? Say it ain’t so!

  154. Hi Kate,

    I fear mine is “Borgen” now – I blame you for suggesting one can watch and knit!!! On episode 5 tonight. Right after entering your fab competition. Go Mrs President!
    x Sarah

    PS: Brought my owl eye buttons home from the pottery yesterday. Very pleasing. When I’ve watched all of Borgen I might get a chance to sew them on as well!

  155. My two favorites are the themes from Lawrence of Arabia and Zorba the Greek. They just sweep me off my feet and transport me to another time and place!

  156. Mine would be the many incarnations of the Dr Who theme song. I have it as my cellphone ringtone and it’s almost always instantly recognised. I would love to try some of Renaissance’s yarns!

  157. Hi Kate
    The theme from Morse must is one of my favourites and so clever – the whole theme is based on the morse code for the name Morse. After a while the composer, Barrington Pheloung started adding the name of the murderer in code into the theme. I must admit, I never realised that at the time, I just knew when I heard those haunting opening notes that I was in for two hours of great crime drama.

  158. So, may be some what showing my age…or should I say youth, but I to this day still love the theme tune to Jim’ll fix it, it instantly transports me back to my childhood, and the sense that Jimmy Saville really could fix anything you want just like that. I drafted a fair few letters, but never had the nerve to send them off. Up until his recent death Jimmy Saville lived 5 minutes from my parents house in Leeds, and he reputedly refused to cook and did not even have a cooker installed in his flat, so he was a regular face around the local restaurants. Seeing him always made me smile, and set me off humming the tune in my head. If only life was as easy as it was then! Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely prize, I’m a recent(ish) knitter and just finished my first garment in too colours (a hat) Hazlehurst would be a lovely second project!

  159. Daft Punk’s Digital Love – it’s the perfect theme tune for me and makes me happy whenever I listen to it :)

  160. With a little one singing it and another one playing it on the violin, unfortunately, Twinkle is my theme these days.

  161. Argggh, there’s hundreds if not thousands of them stored (maybe that should read stashed?) away in those old brain cells of mine…

    But right now, here and now, wherever I am, I can be found singing (sic) ” You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties”

    Thanks Ikea!

    Oh, and Jona Lewie……

  162. Hard choice – but for me it would be the very atmospheric ‘Get Carter’ Theme tune.


  163. I love hearing the theme song from Mr. Rogers. Takes me back to a slower, thoughtful time and the wonderful invitation, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

  164. Great giveaway, thanks! As for theme tunes, for TV it would be ‘The Good Life’ as I loved when they showed the repeats at tea time when I was a kid, plus I’d love to rock a pair of dungarees like Barbara! For films…Amelie. If I learn to dye, I’d want to make yarn in the colours of that film.

  165. What fun! I love the score from Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightely, but oh, that’s not a theme song. Hum…
    it would have to be Gilligan’s Island. I still have the tune in my head after all these years.

  166. YES I would!!!
    I couldn’t think of a favourite tune but reading through other people’s comments I have several… The Muppets’ Show, Hill Street Blues, Local Hero, Star Wars, Pink Panther or …

  167. haha! love that last photo. very dramatic.

    my theme music of choice is that to countdown. actually it’s just the extract of it they used to countdown the seconds for the certain games – we used to get my little sister (aged around 5) to see how many times she could run up and down the length of the lounge while it was being played. of course she only every managed the same number of ‘laps’ (can’t remember how many though). sounds a bit cruel, but she (looked like she) loved it.

    p.s. just came back from funchal (my sixth visit there, we love it so much) and spent more time looking at the ground than ever before…

  168. I love the theme tune to the old Bewitched series, not see it for years!

    This is such a lovely pattern, and such lovely wool too!

  169. I often find myself singing the theme to The Drew Carey Show – especially the line “All the little chicks with the crimson lips say Cleveland rocks!” Which is funny since I drove through Cleveland only once, at night no less, so I cannot vouch for its awesomeness.

  170. It’s not a telly theme tune, but the theme from Jurassic Park is so emotive for me – it’s being old enough to go to the cinema unaccompanied, being absolutely AMAZED at the computer effects, and popular culture finally catching up to my nerdy dinosaur obsession!

  171. Isn’t it amazing we remember theme songs and when we hear them, they bring back so many memories. Old fav-Hey Hey were the Monkeys. New fav-Big Bang!

  172. Gee there are just so many to choose from. I have always really liked the them from the Muppet show but instrumentally I like Peter Gunn and I Spy, both of which are in reruns here.

    It is true that as you read the comments you remember so many other themes and memories.

  173. The Cheers theme song is my alltime favorite. When I was a kid my parents would watch that show right after I went to bed and the theme would play while I was drifting off to sleep. Now when I hear it I start to yawn even if it is the middle of the day and I remember feeling all warm and newly tucked in.
    I should also say that I’ve already got one of your Hazelhurst pictures in my Knit Inspiration folder on pinterest. I love the simple, clean lines and versatility. Beautiful!

  174. I love the themes from Star Wars and Indiana Jones. And of course, any song from The Sound of Music.

  175. Oh, that’s made me think! For TV it goes right back to ‘White Horses’ and for film the soundtrack to The Mission is very haunting, as is Michael Nyman’s The Piano. Love, love, love the scarf!

  176. What a fun giveaway theme! It was fun reading everyone else’s comments. I was a toddler in the 1960s and one of my favorite shows was “I Love Lucy” so that theme song always makes me feel at home.

  177. For me it is clearly They Might Be Giants theme song for “Malcolm in the Middle”:

    Yes, No, Maybe,
    I don’t know,
    Can you repeat the question?

    You’re not the boss of me now
    You’re not the boss of me now
    You’re not the boss of me now
    And you’re not so big

    Life is unfair………

    What’s not to love?

  178. Oooh good idea. Theme songs. I, too, enjoy the Friday Night Lights theme song. The Downton Abbey theme song gets me pretty excited, too…

  179. I love the sound track from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But if I had to pick one, I’ve Had the Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. That came out when I was in my mid teens and I could totally relate.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  180. The theme for Treme is so catchy. It’s by John Boutte and I think it perfectly captures the unique spirit of New Orleans. Whenever I think of it, I feel at least a slight shift in attitude. I love it. Thanks for the contest – I also love your designs!

  181. The theme song for Doctor Who put me in a trance when I was a kid. If Mom didn’t get dinner finished before it came on, the whole family had to wait until the show was over because I was so transfixed to the TV. I still get excited when I hear it on the new series. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  182. Love your elegant Hazelhurst and your whole ensemble. My fav is the Vince Garaldi tune “Linus and Lucy” played often on Peanuts and Charley Brown Cartoon features. Strong second is “Way Down in the Hole” for The Wire series, sung each season by a different group. My favorite version is by the Blind Boys of Alabama then Tom Wait’s.

  183. Right now, since you asked I have the theme song from Lavern & Shirley running amuck in my head.

  184. I like the theme from Creature Comforts…especially all the little animal noises. My husband does an expert impression of them all!

  185. Very pretty scarf!

    As for a theme tune, the one that immediately sprung to mind was the “I Dream of Jeannie” song. How could you not get up and dance around the room with your sister when you hear that. Mind, we were in grade school and sneaking tv after school.

  186. My favorite is the theme song the Littlest Hobo. It’s upbeat, reminds me of coming home after school and it’s about dogs. What more could you want. Other than a lovely Hazelhurst to knit! Thanks for doing this.

  187. First theme that popped into my head – “Courtship of Eddie’s Father”, then the Addams Family (of course) & finally M*A*S*H* – all from my childhood

  188. “Jeremiah was a bullfrog–he was a good friend of mine, etc. Joy to the World, All the Boys and Girls. Joy to the fishes in the deep blus sea, Joy to you and me!” Such a happy tune!!
    Thank you for this opportunity

  189. Lordy, there are so many to choose from! It was fascinating reading what other people chose… Many a theme tune has stuck with me from my childhood (they were better back then, or is that just me?) …Incredible hulk, Only when I laugh, Are you being served, they all linger in my brain…funnily though the cheesiest and oldest one that I still vivdly remember is Champion the Wonder Horse…which used to be on Glen Michaels cartoon cavalcade when we had sunday roast at my Grans house…

  190. Right now, I enjoy the theme song from “As Time Goes By.” It seems so relaxing and inviting. And even though the show is not current, I so enjoy Lionel and Jean in the reruns.

  191. I’ve always really loved the theme tune from M*A*S*H, although Happy Days also had a great theme song (actually, two! but I prefer the second). However! the earliest theme tune I can remember and maybe the one for which I have greatest affection is the one for Little Rascals–long-ago memories of watching TV with my grandmother…

  192. I ALWAYS sing along with the lyrics when watching Firefly.

    “Take my love, take my land
    Take me where I cannot stand
    I don’t care, I’m still free
    You can’t take the sky from me.”

    Aww, space cowboys!

  193. Mine has to be ‘Match of the Day’, I must have been watching it now for 30 odd years and it doesn’t matter how hard I try I can’t stop myself whistling along with it. I’ve lived in New Zealand for the last 18 years and my Mum still tapes it onto disks and sends it to me and when I hear that music it means the kids are in bed, I probably have a small glass of something in my hand and me and my husband are set for an enjoyable hour in front of the footie!

  194. My favorite “theme music” is the theme from PBS’s Masterpiece Theater. It always signals that something good coming!

    I’d love to knit the Hazelhurst! Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. How generous! I have been really wanting to try their yarn since you first introduced it to us readers. I have to say, for earwormness and chipper, cheeriness I am always a sucker for the sea shanty quality of:
    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
    a tale of a fateful ship
    that started from this tropic shore
    aboard this tiny ship
    The mate was a mighty sailing man
    the skipper, brave and sure
    Five passengers set sail that day
    for a three hour tour, a three hour tour
    The weather started getting rough,
    the tiny ship was tossed….
    I loved that show as a kid and when I learned that Dan had not ever seen it (having grown up in Ecuador) we had to watch all 98 episodes just to catch him up. :) Have you seen Gilligan’s Island, Kate?

  196. Oooh, very exciting – what a great giveaway. Sadly my current theme-song is ‘You can leave your hat on’, sung by many, and famous from the Full Monty soundtrack. Most disturbing is the fact that I find myself signing this whilst wandering the neighbourhood pushing the pushchair of my 2 1/2 year old neighbour. Poor lad!
    Thanks for the giveaway. x

  197. There are so many good old tv songs. Green Acres and the Beverly Hillbillies are a couple to which I know all the words. I’ll even sing them for free wool!

  198. The Magic Roundabout. Certainly showing my age. I loved it as a little kid. We did not watch much television, but this was on the list.

  199. What great suggestions! Right now my favorite is “Jessica” from Top Gear. BTW–my husband’s uncle sings the Love Boat theme song, honest!

  200. My personal theme song is by Fats Waller, “Tain’t Whatcha Do, It’s the Way That Cha Do It”, to me it is a reminder that I have control over my attitude when going through challenges and dealing with difficult people. I can handle myself with style and grace in discussions that does NOT compromise my views or have to demean others to make my point. In the end, others may not always agree with my views but they respect the way that I represented myself.
    That song in my mind and a fabulous red lipstick continue to fortify me when facing uncertainty, facing things that scare me or just putting up with unpleasant people.

  201. For me it’s the Hawaii 5-0 theme. As a matter of fact I get up and do a really fast hula while I’m belting out the melody.

  202. Lovely buttons on your coat. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity (I usually don’t join in but I suspect you’ll keep my email confidential (enough))

  203. It’s probably too recent to be nostalgic, but the theme to Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite. Basically straight ahead instrumental rock by Nerf Herder – a band named from a throwaway line from Leia to Han Solo in Star Wars. Love it!

  204. OK, I’m a dork and forgot to post my theme tune: Red Dwarf: Seasons 1 & 2, They changed the intro music for Season 3 to something a bit more, well, *pop* (but supposedly cool b/c it had a guitar riff.) I think they pissed us off on purpose and are laughing at their perpetual joke.

  205. I don’t watch much tv. I did love the music on “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” I also loved the opening music of The Tudors. What I really love though, is knitting, and your blog, and that scarf!

  206. Wow! How do you find time to read all of these comments?

    My favorite theme (though I love several science fiction themes, like the ones for Star Trek), has to be the Warshaw Concerto by Addinsell, whidh was originally written for the movie Dangerous Moonlight (also known under the later title Suicide Squadron).

    I’d post a Youtube link, but the one I’m listening to right now doesn’t really do justice to the music.

  207. It’s gotta be Bewitched – loved, loved the show and loved the theme song!
    Also love Hazelhurst!
    Thanks Kate.

  208. The Doctor Who Theme… any season (or series). There is just something about a theremin that makes me happy. And it’s the only theme that I will consistently, and randomly sing to myself, that fact that I do that isn’t odd. The odd thing is I always do crazy motions at the same time.

  209. Thunderbirds of course :) Still have that thing in my head along with Dr Who and a multitude of other stuff. I don’t think I was very girly somehow! And I first watched that in black and white. My kids got to watch it in colour which felt a little odd :)

    viv in nz

  210. I just started singing “The Facts of Life” today since I watched Alan Thicke (he wrote it) on the CBC last night. I forgot how much I liked it!

  211. Not alone, I see, but the Sesame Street theme song… makes me smile every time.
    (Plus we used it at our wedding as we danced away while our guests played it on kazoos!)

  212. I love the theme songs from the 70’s show All in the Family… so old-timey and corny. A close second is “Movin’ on Up,” from The Jeffersons.

  213. I have to add the theme song from True Blood by Jace Everett I Wanna Do Bad Things to You The song gets me every time.

    1. I never realized that I liked this song, too. I was always so distracted by the pictures that they showed along with it that I couldn’t concentrate on the song.

  214. “Are You Being Served?”, of course! No, the theme from “Jeeves and Wooster.” No, “Are You Being Served?” No, . . .

    I just discovered your blog. Wow!

  215. Kate, your design is gorgeous, once again! It’s such a treat to see what you think up.

    I quite like the theme to Hawaii 5-0 – the original show – very catchy. This morning in the shower I had the theme from Gilligan’s Island running through my head and I have no idea why. I memorized the words as a child watching reruns at a friend’s house and now I guess I’m stuck with it forever!

  216. I love the theme song for “True Blood”. Bad Things by Jace Everett. I don’t know what it is, but I sing along every time.

  217. Reading all the posts has brought back so many memories. But, I have to choose one, so here goes, Twin Peaks! All of the show’s music was haunting and sad, I loved it!
    I’m a recent widow, so Valentine’s day will not be a good day for me this year… But thank you for the chance to reminisce about the good times.

  218. I love the Indiana Jones theme song. It always makes me feel like a good adventure is just around the corner.

  219. I love the scarf and look forward to knitting it. I really like the “Frasier” theme song- “but I still don’t know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs . . . They’re calling again.” Sung in a bluesy way. Catchy but not infuriatingly brain-sticky, if you know what I mean.

  220. I love the theme movie and introduction to “Hawaii Five-O! The cowl looks beautiful. Good luck to everyone.

  221. I have only loved one theme song enough to download the music to my computer and that is Angel. The sequel to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Though I bought the cd for the Buffy musical episode, so perhaps we have a tie. Thank you for the delightful contest. I would love to make my own Hazelhurst.

  222. Il fait beau dans l’metro: catchy little tune to introduce the montreal metro to new audiences in the 70s.

  223. One of the most evocative for me at least, is the theme tune from Danish drama The Killing. I loved both series one and two, and was frequently told off for turning up the volume. Which is a bit odd as I don’t speak Danish and had to read the subtitles so why did I need to ‘hear it properly’? LOL

  224. The theme song from House is strangely soothing and I like it, but for whatever reason, I always get The Flintstones stuck in my head, which annoys me! Keeping fingers crossed for a wooly valentine :)

  225. What a fabulous giveaway! My favourite theme tune is the one from Dad’s Army. It never fails to transport me right back to my childhood. :O)x

  226. I love the theme tune to The Good Life as it means that soon I’m going to be laughging at the magnificent Margo Legbetter and her disdain for tradesmen!

  227. I don’t have one but asked husband and he said his would be ‘Liberty Bell March’ used by Monty Python.

  228. I love the theme tune to the Rockford Files. But recently, with all the muppet hype, i keep hearing the theme tune for the show and it is so evocative for me.

  229. What about ‘Bring me sunshine’ from the Morecambe and Wise shows? Just thinking about Eric and Ernie makes me smile. DS, Hubby and I laugh out loud at The Stripper kitchen sketch they did, pure genius.

  230. I would love to try the Renaissance yarns — they always look so pretty that I’m not sure why I haven’t tried them yet. The pattern is lovely too — and you definitely sell it with your great photos. As for theme songs, I guess I am most fond of the I Love Lucy melody because I spent so much time watching the endless reruns of it. For a show filled with 1950s stereotypes, it managed to do a lot right and could a kid laugh 40+ years later. It was definitely a go-to choice when home sick from school.

  231. However hard I try for something more “sophisticated” it is always “The bare necessities of life” from The Jungle Book……
    complete with the bottom waggling dance.

  232. Hi,
    “Happy days” is one of my favourite tune ! I bought already the skeins and your pattern but i’ll be glad to offer it to a nice knitter friend !
    Have a nice day ! thank you for your beautiful patterns !

  233. LOL. Loveboat, you made our day: two singing and smiling people overhere.

    My favorite is the theme from “O, brother where art thou”

  234. Grrrrreat idea – and a lovely giveaway. What fun reading through choices – but I’d have to nominate the BBC’s wonderful Ski Sunday theme ;

    Heaven only knows why – can’t ski, don’t want to ski (though I’ve just had an unseemly suggestion about muscular men in lycra), but it makes me boogie around the sitting room on Sunday evenings, and that can’t be a bad thing.

    By the way, I don’t think you look troubled in that last shot; I think you look deeply suspicious.

  235. No doubt about it the theme from the Soprano’s is my all time favourite :

    I used to watch the opening credits just for the music and then walk away – which was silly because eventually I realised it was a really good series. It also took a while to discover that this was a track from a really interesting band and not just written for the series. It’s such a good fit to the opening …….

  236. I love the theme tune of the “Königlich Bayerisches Amstgericht”, a German TV-series from the late 60s/early 70s…makes me smile every time I hear it…

  237. Wow! Not much can top the Love Boat for cheesy loveliness. I really enjoyed that! Many fabulous tunes here! A favourite of mine that I hope hasn’t been mentioned already is the one from Cagney and Lacey. A jazzy, upbeat New York tune, and the opening credits feature the glamorous, yet gritty, and – constantly wisecracking – lady crimefighters in action, somehow always with perfect hair. Very much like an early Sex and the City, although dare I say it, with better 80s fashion; lots of taupe and caramel knitted jumpers, long skirts, riding boots and a defined waist. Marvelous…
    I was probably far too young to have been watching it in the 80s, but it defined my fashion sensibility.
    A close second is the theme from the Golden Girls, which I could sing all day long…

  238. I remember the theme from “Death of an Expert Witness” (1983!) giving me chills – I was 13 and used to watch it with my mum and we both loved it. There was an eerie white sheet in the credits and also the “expert witness” was also the husband from “Butterflies” which I remember finding a bit upsetting!

  239. Showing my age but The Onedin Line was a fantastic theme,but also Dr Who .Lovely give away would love that scarf.
    I think you look beautiful in your photos, always love to see you when you are modelling.

  240. Favourite theme tune now is the music accompanying Borgen. Fantastic slow, yet tuneful atmospheric music. Perfect for this intelligent series from Denmark.

  241. My favourite is ‘one foot in the grave’. I think because Eric Idle sings it and I don’t really like the show but the tune cracks me up

  242. Can’t beat The Archers – my dad is a die-hard Archers listener and says as a baby I used to bounce up and down on his lap whenever the theme tune came on. It always makes me think of him.

    Otherwise it has to be the Emperor’s Theme from Star Wars, which, following a recent heated debate about the correct area of the flat for wet towels, my husband has taken to humming every time I enter a room.

    Am already saving for the yarn pack – one way or another I am knitting this scarf!

    1. Oh, the Archers!! I spent a lonesome summer in 1979 a chambre de bonne in Paris, living in French and doing my doctoral research in Latin. Listening to the Archers in English on the radio was my guilty pleasure. As an American, I had never heard of them before. I can still call up the mind-pictures I made around those characters. Can’t remember the theme music, though …

  243. My favourite theme without a doubt it John Coltrane’s My Favourite Things (from the sound of music) – it is such a burst of happy soulful sound and never fails to lift my spirits. We played it at our wedding for the signing of the register! : )

  244. For a tune that always gets me singing and laughing, has to be the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire. Ah, I’m immediately my teenage self….well, this is a story all about how….

  245. It has to be Sailing By, of course. This unforgettable tune introduces the late night shipping forecast, and somehow conveys that all’s well with the world as it lulls you to sleep.

  246. Thanks for the giveaway!! My favorite theme song would have to be the Ballad of Serenity, from Josh Wedon’s Firefly series. You know, the one that ends “You can’t take the sky from me”

  247. This always amused me as a teenager when I heard it, love the way each type/variety is added in the chorus at the end.., ha ha

  248. Oh wow, the chances of winning this are very slim! I think my favourite theme tune is the one from Lano and Woodley (an Australian comedy show) – great to sing along with!

  249. Maybe I will be comment nr 500?
    I don’t watch tv anymore (I prefer to knit ;-), but I did when I was little I loved watching ‘Beertje Colargol’ (a Polish animation from the ’70s) and I still have the tune in my head some times.

  250. I don’t ever skip The Big Bang Theory’s intro, so I guess right now that is the catchy tune. However, Star Wars is just one of those songs that nearly everyone knows and I hear it at work on a regular basis in one way or another.

  251. Fun question!
    I’d like to mention the song “Quiet Nights” by Anna Ternheim, which plays on the Swedish Season 2 of ‘Wallander’.

  252. Dear Kate ! You’re just awesome ! It’s not enough for you to make us dream with your beautiful photos and your incredible designs ! You gave us a chance to knit ourself one of them with this amazing yarn.
    Today, I’m in the mood of Love in vain. I love the Rolling Stones tune.
    Wenn the train left the station, it had two lights on behind,
    Well, the blue light was my baby and the red light was my mind.
    Have a nice day !

  253. I’m there with “White Horses”, I used to have a kids 45 rpm 7″ of it as a kid, and played it all the time. Still love Kids TV, love the “3rd and Bird” theme, and final credits tunes

  254. Hawaii Five Oh – original version (although the new one is ok) particularly when ‘sung’ accapella by drunken students accompanied by rowing gestures.!

  255. I’d have to say ‘Back To The Future’ or Indiana Jones!

    (or even ‘The Good Life’ – that engenders cosy cups of tea and hot-buttered toast with the kids after school……)

  256. The theme for the Miss Marple series starring Geraldine McEwan, it just sounds like it would be too much fun to play and I know nothing about playing violin.

  257. I like the theme to the old show “Gilligan’s Island” (Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…). The song tells a whole story and it was always fun when I was a kid to see if I could remember all the words and sing along.

  258. Oh! I shouldn’t have looked at the comments before I commented myself! Most memorable theme: Bewitched. Most likely to be caught humming: Indiana Jones. Most likely to get stuck in my head: SpongeBob Squarepants. But my Absolute Most Favourite Ever: Storybook Love from The Princess Bride.

  259. It is from the new BBC Sherlock Holmes, enchanting theme and gives you good looking men to watch when your Valentine day is spent with the cat – now only hoping for some lovely knitting to make the day perfect:)

    Happy Valentines Day everyone!

  260. It has been so long since I had a television that I find myself struggling to recall any theme tunes at all. For a while I considered nominating The Addams Family but I think I would have to plump for Khachaturian’s adagio from Spartacus, used in the Onedin line – though may I also confess to a lifelong relationship with various tunes from Gerry Anderson progs…

    Love the scarf! I plan to knit it in my Fair Isle training schedule, in my run-up to Rams & Yowes.

    (exits left, wailing… “MareeeeNah, aqua Mareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenaaaaah….”)

  261. Barwick Green, better known as The Archers theme tune without a doubt. It’s just so cheerful!
    My sister and I think of it as our Auntie’s personal zone out music – she’ll bob along quite happily, completely oblivious to the world, looking for all the world like she’s moving in time to the unmistakeable dum ti-dum ti-dum ti-dum, dum, ti-dum ti-daa daa…
    My same sister, a nurse, tells of being taught to do CPR to the rhythm of the Archers theme tune. And has told of stressful situations where one colleague will say to another colleague ‘you *do* realise you’re humming it out loud?!’

  262. It’s got to be The Archers, surely! Tum ti tum ti tum…. and the correct tempo for giving CPR (never mind all this new-fangled Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive stuff)!
    Really enjoy your blog, Kate – thanks.

  263. I’m a nerd! I think my favorite is the Doctor Who one. Every once in a while, at a random point in time, I’ll start whistling it. It just gets stuck in my head. :)

  264. buried here well into the 500s of comments, you’ll find that mine is the theme to spiderman. i can’t help it. it’s all i hear lately, sung by my 5 year old with his slight 5 yr old lisp and all the love and devotion that a 5 yr old musters for his favorite hero (second only to daddy, of course.)

  265. For some reason I have always remembered the theme song to “Perfect Strangers.”

    Thanks for this fun contest!

  266. haha there is a fellow in my office who likes to wander around the halls singing the theme to “Muppet Babies” which then always remains in my head for days………

  267. I love the theme to Jeeves and Wooster….I also enjoy the animation that goes along with it at the opening. What a fun contest, thanks Kate!

  268. The theme that actually haunts me most often is the one of an animated childrens series: “Alfred J. Kwak” – “Warum bin ich so fröhlich….” Probably it’s because it practically forces you to whistle. :) I guess it’s by the dutch musican Hermann van Veen.

  269. ‘Viva Las Vegas’ by Elvis Presley, used for the TV show ‘Las Vegas’ from a few years ago. So upbeat and fun, I always had to turn the volume up loud when it came on.

  270. The Rentaghost theme tune makes me happy. I do still love the X-Files theme as well though, so haunting. ah, err, I just spied an inadvertent theme to my theme tunes. haha. (I’ll get me coat.)

  271. Have to say that my favorite theme song is any of the Law and Order songs. No words, just love that show, any of them.

  272. From back in the day, it has to be the double-header of Happy Days and then Lavern & Shirley… just couldn’t have one without the other! More recently it’s been The Tudors. (But Hawaii Five-O is timeless, too)

    Love ALL your patterns. You have an ah-mazing imagination.

  273. I’m afraid this may be horribly sad, but I have always really liked the theme to Blakes 7 (dodgy 80’s BBC Sci Fi, and surely ripe for a remake! Are you listening BBC Wales?). I hear it now and can still feel the terrible guilt I felt then, sneaking off to watch telly with the looming dread of tomorrow’s homework still to do…

  274. Your expression is hilarious!

    Thanks for the giveaway. I think my favorite is from “The Great American Hero,” a super-cheesy show from the early ’80s. It’s my husband’s ringtone, which probably accounts for my fondness.

  275. Oh, there are several that come to mind. I guess I will have to say the theme from “Gilligan’s Island”, a very popular show of my youth.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  276. For sheer childhood nostalgia, I think it has to be the Z-cars theme tune. At a time of the Mersey sound, anything from Liverpool where I had family connections, was attractive. And this was so sing-able. I admire lots of Fritz Spiegl’s work. It was he who adapted an existing folk song to go with this prime-time, no violence series, which I always begged my father to allow me to stay up and watch. And later Everton FC adopted it as their theme – they were my father’s favourite team. So many reasons to bask in nostalgia when it plays.

  277. Wow, I would never say no to organic wool! The name Renaissance Dyeing is new to me here in the North (Norway),
    so I am very curious to try it out.

    My favorite tune at the time is Meglio Stasera ( It Had Better Be Tonight), after picking up an old video a late winter evening recently, and enjoying Peter Sellers in the 1963 film The Pink Panther. Is the “catwoman” Fran Jeffries wearing a KNITTED sweater while she is singing by the way….???

  278. My favorite theme, one which can also play around in your head for a while is the theme from Gilligan’s Island.

  279. Its got to be “Hawaii Five-O”
    Just hearing that music still transports me to an exotic world of sunshine and sexy surfers!

  280. My favorite is the theme song from The Mary Tyler Moore show. I love its blend of optimism with a touch of sadness.

  281. To show what a geek I am my favorite theme is from the X-Files. I remember I used to stay plan on being home to watch the marathons before the Christmas Holidays, I miss Scully!

  282. Definitely ‘New Tricks’ – “Its alright, Its OK doesn’t really matter if you’re old and graaay….” It makes boring old garter stitch fairly whiz along. I haven’t quite had the courage to start a chorus of it out loud while waiting in a long line at the Post Office!

  283. Every time the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL score a goal ( at home) Clutch by Electric Worry is played.

    Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Vamanos, Vamanos!

  284. Oh….Lady Mary singing “If you were the only girl int he world”….in Downton Abbey……Matthew walked in…finished with a duet….
    ah…..makes my eyes well up every time……..

  285. I just love that out take photo of yours! So glad you shared that too! Its quite the startled look you have there!

    Reading these have been like a trip back in time, at least US tunes, and some British. I think for silly sake I have to admit I have the Goon Show in my mind as often as not. A friend sent me tapes (back when it was cassette tapes that were most common) of the Goon Show, and that makes me laugh every time I think of it.

  286. All-time favourite terrible favourite in a, it’s-so-dreadful-it’s-genius is from ‘Howard’s Way’ – the dream team of Simon Way and Marti Webb – ‘Allllways there, your love is allllways there…’

  287. thanks so much for this offer! Right now, we are in a Dr Who mood, so I am going with the theme for Dr Who.

  288. bad boys, bad boys….what cha gonna do when they come for you?

    Theme from “cops”….

    Also Miami Vice’s/Phil Collins “in the air of the night”
    I was there and I saw what you did Saw it with my own two eyes So you can wipe off that grin I know where you’ve been It’s all been a pack of lies….

  289. MASH is my favourite theme song – I used to watch the show with my dad when I was little, and to this day it makes me feel safe.

  290. Well, I don’t know if it’s my favourite but it’s the first one that popped into my mind when I read the words theme tune. Maybe it’s secretly my favourite? It’s from Charles in Charge and it will now be stuck in my head for several days!

  291. Me Benn, my childhood favourite and now my daughter watches it and the tune always makes me please that something good is coming!

  292. It’s silly, and that’s why I love it — the theme to Parks & Recreation so perfectly fits the show that I start smiling as soon as it starts!

  293. Kate, I thought of loads – the music from Frankie and Johnny always makes me cry but the one that came to my mind was the theme tune from Cagney and Lacey – I loved the music and the programme. Thanks for the chance. :-)

  294. I don’t know if this counts as a theme, but:

    1. It’s from the 70s so is therefore brilliant – like our good selves!
    2. It’s been in my head since I read your “Hazelhurst” post.

    Here’s a youtube link, (I hope it works!). If it doesn’t, it was fire safety advert that was on UK tv in the late 70s. It was a very glam couple who danced around their house unplugging things and closing doors while singing a song about “Your bedtime routine”. When I was about 6 I LOVED this advert, and used to run around the house singing the song. And to this day it is never far from my mind! The 70s ruled!! :)

    Thankyou for the chance of winning!


  295. oh my favourite? Love Story. I know it’s old… very old, but I was a teenager when my mum first let me watch it and it was soooo sad. I cried and cried. Ali MacGraw … so beautiful.

    And the tune so hauntingly beautiful (and dated and a little cheesy!)

    There, you know my secret.

  296. I’ve had the theme music to the BBC Sherlock stuck in my head for weeks. This is due at least partly to the fact that I re-watched the first series while knitting a pair of socks for my mum. It’s not a “song,” I suppose, but it is a theme I’ve been knitting along to.

  297. The theme for The Office (US) is pretty catchy, especially if you know the words my friend made up to go along with it. They’re not repeatable here…

  298. I once won a pub quiz tie breaker by knowing the real name of ‘The Love Boat’. The memory still makes me smile. The 70’s and 80’s were such great times for telly. I used to love ‘Only When I Laugh’ and ‘The Good Life’ and I’m still a great fan of all the Carry On films. My favourite theme tune would have to be from the Jacques Tati film, ‘Mon Oncle’. I used to watch all the Monsieur Hulot films with my Dad when I was little and now I sing the tunes to my little boy. Definitely a Desert Island Disc. Thank you for such an inspirational blog. Best wishes x

    1. Excellent and lovely idea ! My favorite moment : when the bird in cage sings once illuminated by the reflexion of the sun in the window, I have had this moment of grace in my head for decades now.

  299. So many favourites but the first one I thought of was Carl Davis’ theme from the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. I counted down the minutes (literally*) between episodes and I remember always being so excited at the opening bars.

    * and I do mean literally rather than virtually

  300. Hello! Wow this post has a lot of responses. I hvae just started knitting today!! I came to look up infinity scarves I would like to make as my first project and so stumbled upon You!!! Very lovely stuff, really super duper gorgeous knitted functional beauty. I think the instructor will laugh at me, because it looks a trifle advanced! Anyways, I will try for it as no point in doing something “too easy”.
    ok, so my favorite theme songs are: the theme song to Barbapoppa, the theme song to Sesame street AND the theme song to Simon and the land of chalk drawings….(O you know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true……..)
    All the best and I look forward to your inspiring creations! ciao ciao

  301. Okay…there are too many great themes to have a favourite, but if I’m posting one today how about the theme from Peter Gunn. I don’t think I ever watched the show but it’s a great tune.

  302. So funny. I guess we share the same cultural references, and now there we go, I have the Love Boat tune in my head for days, thank you !
    When I read ‘favorite tune’, without even discovering yours, I immediately thought of this one :
    Back to basics, one after the other.

  303. mine is definitely the big bang theory theme song by barenaked ladies! “Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries, that all started with the big bang!”

  304. My favorite theme song is from Flambards, which my mom watched when I was a little kid. It’s a haunting tune that I didn’t hear again until many years later, and it struck me in the same way as a long-remembered scent does when it brings back a flood of memories. Thanks for having the giveaway!

  305. Two that begin with B – Blake’s Seven and Blackadder II. Blake’s Seven was a great favourite when I was wee – I have a letter that I wrote for Jim’ll Fix It (but never sent) asking to be in it – and the theme music takes me right back. Blackadder II was the bestest of the four series and the faux-Elizabethan, nasally-sung theme tune was just perfect.

  306. I loved singing along the the theme tune from ‘The Banana Splits’ as a child…….happy memories.

  307. Oh, yes please!! My favourite theme song is still the theme from Firefly… best show in the world, and I’m still (almost ten years later) mourning its cancellation.

  308. Has to be the Theme from Greatest American Hero ‘Believe it or not, i’m walking on air, i never thought i could feel so freee ee eeee’ by Joey Scarbury. Joy joy joy.. great drums, bass and a sing along chorus.
    I just bought the pattern but haven’t decided on a yarn – would love to use in the real thing!

  309. I think mine might be the theme from Gilligan’s Island. The idea of a 3 hour cruise sounds wonderful, especially with the snow coming down and the roads becoming very slippery.

  310. Gorgeous cowl! I’ve always liked “the Simpsons” theme song and it never fails to bring everyone to the tv. :o)

  311. The earworm that comes to mind first is I’ll be there for you… (the theme song from the tv show Friends). Not saying it’s my favorite, but it’s in my ears right now, so it seems appropriate. Thanks for the amazing pattern and giveaway.

  312. ok do over

    I love the out take photo! Even with that look, appalled/ troubled …you are still as cute as can be.
    The whole outfit is adorable.
    Bought the scarf pattern looking forward to beginning.

  313. Currently, I adore the theme to Downton Abbey! I am loving it and rewatch episodes every chance I get.
    I love every morning when my daughter watches Arthur, the cartoon, while she gets ready for school. Ziggy Marley sings it. I have heard it for years and it never gets old. My oldest son watched it and he is now 19.
    Personally, I love the outtake – I think you look a-okay.

  314. Revealing my age – I’ve always loved the theme tune from ‘The Onedin Line’

    Lovely scarf – great colours, red and white!

  315. I’d have to say ‘The way I made you feel’ by Ed Kuepper. His music sounds like sunshine to me, though I’m not sure he’d take that as a compliment!

    I love your knitting and patterns and writing, Kate; thanks for making it public for us all!

    Sam (in sunny Australia)

  316. the Love Boat is a strong contender but for childhood favourite I’d have to go with “the Mighty Hercules” (….hero of song and story – Now it is thoroughly stuck in my head and fear I will waste hours hunting down old episodes! heehee well maybe not that far …but would like to see the evil Wilhelmina again!
    on a more current note I do love Downton Abbey’s theme

  317. i love the Dunedin Line ; ) it was the first peice that really swept me away as a kid…

    Thanks for the opportunity to try some of that wonderful-looking poll dorset!

  318. I love the theme for BBC Pride and Prejudice, it’s Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto. Fabulous music even when it is only excerpted like that.

  319. My favourite theme tune dates back to the late ’70s I think – the BBC’s ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ with Christopher Timothy. I even bought the sheet music so I could play it on the piano! Thanks for the chance to win!

  320. I currently have a thing for True Blood’s theme song. Fantastically hillbilly with the accompanying intro video. :P Other than that, though, the Flight of the Valkyries is always a classic. It goes with everything. If I could, I’d carry around a little tape recorder and play it every time I entered a room!

  321. It’s a bit macabre, but I love the theme tune from the TV drama ‘Six Feet Under’. It’s spooky but gets over the tongue-in-cheek element of the programme as well.

  322. The most haunting theme for me is “Hallelujah” from one of the Shrek movies. Now, I won’t be able to get it out of my head for the rest of the day.

  323. More than 600 replies! See how popular your blog and pattern is :-)
    I used to love watching Love Boat in my early teens (mr maybe younger, secretly watching, after the homework was finished and my parents still at work). My favourite themes (those which I am still huming every now and then are those from kids series) is of course Heidi “Deine Welt sind die Berge” – the mountains are your world

  324. I don’t watch much tv anymore, so all my theme song memories are pretty old. The opening music from the old Masterpiece theater always revived me.

  325. i loooove the x-files theme song. sometimes it gets stuck in my head and just will not leave! i find myself wandering around my house humming…doodododoododoododoo DEEE DEEE DEEEEEEE. sooo addictive.

  326. Brilliant idea. My fave song at the moment is by the Stranglers. ‘There’s always the sun’. Especially when i wake up on a winters morning and the sunshine is streaming through the windows. After dark, doom and gloom it just makes me want to get out there and enjoy the fresh air!

  327. I love the theme from the very old show Bewitched. Sometimes, not often, I wish I could wiggle my nose and get my wish. I love your beautiful infinity scarf.

  328. I love the scarf pattern! could it be made as a moebius strip as well??
    In any case, my favourite theme tune is ‘movin’ on up’ from the Jeffersons (not sure if it ever aired in the UK, but all those american readers over 30 will remember it…). It always gets me boogie-ing..

  329. Theme from Robin Hood Price of Thieves – “Everything I do, I do it for you”

    I’d love to make this scarf- its on my list of things to do.

  330. I would have to choose “Bones” because when my daughter was younger she would dance to it, and we still do the movements when we hear the music. Doctor Who would be a close second!

  331. We were very limited in our tv time when I was growing up, but one thing we were unquestioningly allowed to watch (aside from the old war-time era Disney cartoons on CBC every Monday evening) was Star Trek the Next Generation. Other shows that tried to have classical-sounding themes paled in comparison to TNG. I think the fact that Patrick Stewart’s voice opens the theme has a lot to do with it’s greatness as well. :)

  332. Oh, lots of the good ones are already taken. But the theme from the late 70s Edward and Mrs Simpson has always stayed with me, even though I was really too young to be watching it.

  333. Well, although I STILL have Terry and June stuck in my earhole from the last post…I’ll go with my guilty pleasure – Charlie and Lola (I think Hazlehurst would approve)

  334. Favorite theme or most relentless earworm? (Perhaps the categories can overlap, for me at least). I can’t pick one but can narrow the choices down to a few. Movie themes: Moon River (from Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and The Pink Panther. Television: Meet the Flintstones, The Addams Family (two earworms certainly), Love is All Around You (from The Mary Tyler Moore Show).

    Don’t get me started – my brain is too susceptible to earworms. I had to stop reading the other comments for fear of cacophony!

  335. I love the theme song to the old I Love Lucy Show! used to hear it when i was home sick and on the couch under a blanket.

  336. My favorite..and it has been since I can remember as a child, is the theme to Coronation Street.
    When I heard that as a child, I had to call my Mother to let her know Coro was starting. Its been a real favorite of mine ever since.
    It brings lovely memories of my late Mother and I have loved the show theme ever since.

  337. I think it’s the theme song from Bosom Buddies (which I don’t think I ever even watched) – Billy Joel’s “My Life”. Maybe it was originally a teenage rebellion thing, but I still kind of like it even now :)

  338. Oh man..! I definitely agree with a lot of the ones mentioned above, but one of my current favorites would definitely be the theme to Luther. Such a good song! My husband even bought the original song on iTunes after we heard it.

    What a fab giveaway!!! :)

  339. “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. My kids (nearly teenagers) still sing it all the time.

  340. It’s hard to pick an actual favourite but for some reason the Father Ted theme tune by the Divine Comedy and Saint-Saens’ Danse Macabre from Jonathan Creek immediately popped to mind. Oh and most of Danny Elfman’s songs!

  341. What a generous & beautiful give away.
    My current favorite theme songs are from “The Wire”(any season) and Treme. When I was growing up, I would say from MASH or Star Wars

  342. Law & Order theme song! It makes my dog bark and that makes me laugh. I watch reruns at night as I knit. I’ve seen them so many times I don’t really have to watch!

  343. What a lovely idea! My theme tune today is ‘If I didn’t care’, by The Ink Spots. It may be an old song, but it conjures images of free-wheeling bicycle rides, sunny picnics and stolen kisses. I’m going to learn it on Ukulele to sing to the man I love with all my heart. I don’t see him as much as I’d like, but he was with me today.

  344. !! THE THEME MUSIC FOR ” GAME OF THRONES ” posted @youtube by FringeMusic108 !! It takes the heart and mind to wild, beautiful landscapes filled with infinite possibility . . . Much like a pair of hands, rhythmic touch of needles at work, threads entertaining in breathtaking ways.

  345. Thanks for the great competition!
    I love your pick, Kate, but I think “God Only Knows” from Big Love, my fave show ever, is my top pick

  346. I love the Mancini tunes like the Pink Panther theme and the Peter Gunn (Paul Gunn? It’s been a while!!!!) theme. Would love to win this, it’s a brilliantly simple design!

  347. My dad was an attorney. I liked that and I watched Perry Mason, a lot. The theme song was a favorite.
    Beautiful cowl!

  348. I used to enjoy our (New Zealand’s) longest running tv drama, Outrageous Fortune, until it finally ended in November 2010. I loved the theme song they used in the series – Gutter Black, by local group Hello Sailor.

  349. I’m bad at remembering theme songs, I guess (I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies). The one that comes to mind is the old theme song from Hockey Night in Canada.

  350. I wonder if you’re able to read all the comments that were posted! I loved your link of the Love Boat and I was just about to tell that Chips would be mine (it is such a great memory because we really played a lot as Chips when we were kids!!!) but then, I started watching the Bionic Woman. Now, it’s 1:30am and I want the buy the series!!! ;-) You know, that sound when she does those bionic things? So, I’ll say Bionic Woman. We played that serie a lot too (just that we were not jumping as high!)

  351. What a fabulous pattern and yarn, a very generous prize Kate. My favorite theme tune, which transports me straight back to my childhood in England is Galloping Home ~ the theme to Black Beauty. I absolutely loved that program. When I met my husband and we moved in together I found he had the Black Beauty L.P. amongst his record collection. I still have it.

  352. Hi Kate, music is such a part of my life that it’s difficult to choose one. There are several shows for which, if I miss the theme tune, I feel that I’ve missed the beginning, because I feel they set me in the mood for the show, it’s like a preparation: the theme for Downtown Abbey is like that for example. I have to say, though, that the one theme tune I find myself singing to myself randomly is the one from ‘the little house in the prairie’: it was not necessarily my favourite show but I guess I watched it for longer than any other one!

  353. my all time favorite theme song is Never On A Sunday, from the film of the same name. It’s a 1960’s Greek film about a prostitute that never works on Sundays. This is actually a little embarrassing to admit but I’ve never actually seen the film itself – Dad used to play the record for us when we were little and would often sit in the sun, plucking it away on his guitar and ever since then it pops into my head whenever I’m wandering somewhere, not thinking about much – it’s a great wandering tune :)

    the most bizzare place I’ve ever heard it was at a little tiny pub in the Rocks (in Sydney, Aus) one evening. A fiddler and guitar playing duo were playing for a wedding reception that was there that evening. I knew the fiddler and was mortified that someone was playing this at a wedding!! I told him this and he reasoned that no-one would know it anyway so we both had a good giggle about it and another beer.

    this is an instrumental version of it:

    and this is the chordettes playing it:

    all are amazing, but I think I have a particularly soft spot for the chordettes version (probably because it’s in english :) ) and I’m sorry if it gets stuck in your head but on the upside, I suppose it wouldn’t make too bad a valentines song :)

    ps – that’s a beautiful, beautiful scarf!!!

  354. So many good ones have already been listed–but I can still remember all the words to the theme from Gilligan’s Island, as can many of my fellow Baby Boomers:
    “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip….”

  355. Hello,
    I like the old Pearl and Dean cinemas soundtrack

    I like to play it in my head when I’m about to start a boring task as it suddenly feels like something magic is about to begin.

  356. We’ve been watching old episodes of Fry and Laurie, and its got a very catchy theme song that is always stuck in my head these days!

  357. I find myself humming the tune from a childhood favorite show…The Brady Bunch…It’s the story of a lovely lady…..
    Such a nice contest!

  358. Thank you for this beautiful giveaway.

    I think I choose the theme of “Secret Army”.

    Secret Army is a television drama series made by the BBC and the Belgian national broadcaster BRT (now VRT). The series chronicled the history of a Belgian resistance movement during the Second World War dedicated to returning Allied airmen, usually having been shot down by the Luftwaffe, to their home country. The series was made in the United Kingdom and Belgium and broadcast on BBC1 for three series from 7 September 1977 to 15 December 1979.

    The tune brings back memories from my teenage years, watching the series with my family on Sunday night. Feelings of threat and tension on the one hand and of comfort and safety on the other hand resurface; the threat and tension the world war had caused for my four grandparents and my parents, and a feeling of comfort and safety watching the program together with my siblings and parents.

    The tune matches very well with the first images of the program, where the camera moves forward between trees, along a road in the fields, along railroad tracks and along a canal, always moving ahead at a fast pace.

  359. My favourite is the theme to “Jam and Jerusalem”, Kate Rusby singing “The Village Green Presevation Society”. Love her voice and the words are great too.

  360. What a wonderful competition! And not to mention the giveaway! Amazing!
    My favourite theme song is “Gollum’s Song” from The Lord Of The Rings: Ther Two Towers. I really like how Emiliana Torrini’s voice resembles Gollums so much – as if he’d really sing. It makes me cry.

  361. My absolute favourite TV theme tune, for all the nostalgia it evokes and for the lovely David Suchet – is from the Poirot series

  362. Lovely pattern – and as for the theme song, it would have to be the intro to “Mad Men.” Can’t wait until it comes back this spring!

  363. Dare I say it… Crossroads by Tony Hatch! I always used to jig along to it as a child and probably still would if it was on!

  364. I rarely watched tv as a child and haven’t had a tv for years so feel a bit out of the loop concerning popular culture and theme songs. I will say I do like the Harry Potter theme. I am amazed by your designs. I loved knitting up your Sheep Heid Hat.

  365. This is going to sound so weird. I don’t remember the actual show at all, but the theme song to the tv show The Greatest American Hero, “Believe it or not” sung by Joey Scarbury, is the first non-nursery tune I remember learning as a child. It’s always stuck with me as cheery and sentimental, and reminds me of being four. Thanks!

  366. This dates me appallingly, but I think my favourite would be lovely lilting theme tune from the 1960s black and white children’s series, ‘The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe’. I love this music and it takes me straight back to summer holidays!

    (And running it a close second is the theme from ‘The Flashing Blade’ which was at least in English, because the acting itself was dubbed. “As long as we have done our best, and no-one can do more; and life and love and happiness are well worth fighting for!”

  367. Has to be the FRIENDS theme tune :) Every time I hear it I remember my favourite parts of the show, and it brings a smile to my face. What could be better?

  368. My favourite tune is from the “House of Eliott” . Prestigious BBC series on the Eliott sister and fashion in 1920s London. GORGEOUS !!!!

  369. Another hit of a pattern, Kate! The theme tune for “The Good Life” came to mind as I read your post (is it a Hazlehurst? I don’t know.) but more than that for sticking in the mind is the little tune that Tom Good whistles as he goes about his self-sufficiency!

  370. It probably wasn’t intended as a “theme song,” but to me it turned into one — “As Time Goes By” from Casablanca.

  371. Goodness…trying to narrow this one down was tough! My most recent favorite is the theme music to the new Miss Marple series (aired on PBS here in the US as part of the “Masterpiece” program). The dizzy skirl of the violins is just right for a series that is a bit scatty and only a little dark.
    …Now that I think of it, I loved the old Masterpiece theme music too!
    Thanks for the extra pictures :)

  372. I got really notalgic thinking about my favourite theme song, there were some serious contenders (Dangermouse and Willow the wisp) but it has to be the Wombles – ahead of their time with the recycling. Amazing actors narrating childrens TV – Bernard Cribbins is brilliant.

  373. I can remember series like ‘Bewitched’ and ‘The Monkees’ from childhood – does that count? I didn’t have TV for years and don’t watch much now.

    There’s a bit of drama in that last photo of you which makes it quite interesting!

  374. I love the Mad Men theme music. It’s so evocative of the sixties and yet contemporary at the same time.

  375. My theme is “The Flintstones”, hands down! Brings back memories of coming home from school at lunchtime, and eating grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

  376. I love the theme song for the Mary Tyler Moore show. I remember seeing the show for the first time as an 11 year old girl and falling in love with it and with the song.

  377. The first tune that popped into my head was from “Hawaii 5-O,” but “Downton Abbey” runs a very close second. Love the pattern and yarn–what a great giveaway!

  378. A lovely design. One of my favourites (there are many) would be Way Down in the Hole from The Wire. A great song, no matter who’s singing.

  379. My favourite theme tune is Law and Order, not the one used in the UK, but the original by Mike Post (who also composed the tune for Hill Street Blues). First the electric piano and the guitar, and then the clarinet – I just love it

  380. My favorite theme song? The theme to “Castle,” a U.S. drama/cop show. Also? Such a lovely pattern; thank you for hosting this giveaway!

    P.S. in case my email bites the dust, my Ravelry name is LunarHime.

  381. melissalampman70 on February 13, 2012 at 6:35 pm said:
    Hi Kate ,I love your blog,designs and photos.I was thinking about my favorite theme,and since I don’t have t.v.and have to rely on my partner to watch any thing on the computer,mine is happy birthday to you.I means, its someone i loves birthday,I’ve baked them a cake,we get to sing a song in the dark ,(I know all the words to),and they get to make a wish!Thanksfor the opportunity to win something beautiful.Your post about the new slogan for wool got me thinking too,I was too late for it.I hope you post the result.Thanks ,Melissa

  382. I’m afraid to say that the theme to Howard’s Way is probably my favourite! Partly because I used to live near to where it was filmed so it is very nostalgic!

  383. Wow. Favorite theme song… Ha! I know. As Times Go By. I really really like that show. I start to relax as soon as I hear the music and I love the idea behind the show. And Dame Judi Dench! Ahhh, thank you for the reminder. Thank you for the chance to win. And, Happy St Valentine’s Day!

  384. Hope i’m not too late to enter……mine has to be The Poddington Peas, when i start humming it i have to finish the whole tune.
    Brings back lots of happy memories of my childhood.

  385. “Dallas”! the theme tune to Dallas just takes me right back!! It cheers me up because of the memories associated with it – I left home and became independant sharing a flat with a pal and we used to go to her parent’s house and watch Dallas – something comforting about having a meal cooked for you the whole experience is tied in with the theme tune – I’m right back on that sofa!
    Sue x
    ps your scarf is beautiful and I love the colours you chose to knit it in – very elegant and striking at the same time.

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