an uneasy truce

52 thoughts on “an uneasy truce

  1. Your kitty’s name is Jesus? I love that. I had a cat named Moses in graduate school. He was wonderful, but not one for dogs. I’m sure the truce will turn into friendship – that’s what labs are best at – being friends.

  2. You’ll think I’m a weird stalker now, but I was wondering what happened to Jesus with Bruce’s arrival and I thought because of his absence on the blog he might have died and you’d not written about him because you were TOO upset. I’m relieved to see Jesus is still around for you. I miss our cats something chronic.

  3. Bruce looks like he is saying ” See I’m trying. ” And Jesus is doing what cats do best “Wait and see”. Love both pics :)

  4. For your sanity, do not encourage this truce!

    We have two dogs and two cats, and after adjustment periods they all started getting along. Far too well.
    Instead of spending their time lying in wait to attack each other, or disappearing for days hiding under beds or sulking at the indignity of it all, they now work as one unit.

    Intent on destroying our way of life.

    One cat can open the fridge, the other jumps in and knocks the food out, the dogs then drag the contents all over the floor and they all participate in the subsequent gorging, destroying of packaging and containers, and ultimately, throwing up.
    They all sleep with us. I wake unable to move, literally hemmed in on each side by a dog, with cats strategically placed weighing down my chest and legs. They patrol in pairs whilst we eat, a dog distracting us with a cute antic leaving the stage wide open for a cat to leap through the air and grab food off the fork that is halfway to your mouth.

    Our house has become a battlefield. We have child locks on every cabinet, door and appliance. Alone, they would be defeated. Working together against us, we have no chance. I beg of you, do not encourage a truce betwixt them. No good will come of it.

    1. Much like our household, in which the cats jump onto the counter (too tall for our dogs to reach), snack on some cheese, then knock it down to the floor for the dogs to finish.

    2. I was going to write about our dog “Oreo” that just loves our cats and vis versa. But I can’t beat that story!

      Love those photos, Kate. Jesus is so pretty, can I say that? And Bruce is handsome. Great pets.

  5. I first had Daisy (a yellow Lab), I always told her to ‘get the kitty”, then we got Tommy and had to teach her ‘NOT to get the KITTY”!
    It was hilarious at first, Daisy restraining herself from chasing Tommy and then they became the best of friends. We ended up with 5 kitties and Daisy being the mommy to all!
    Love your photos of Bruce and Jesus.

  6. I think I read your blog too much – just yesterday I caught myself calling my 2 year old black lab “Bruce” – whoops! We have 2 black labs and five cats and there is no truce or negotiation or anything else. The cats completely run the show. They kindly allow the dogs (and us, frankly) to share the house with them, but it’s really theirs and we all know it. Sigh.

  7. Probably Jesus was too set in his ways when Bruce entered the household. In my household, and my parents’ as well as I grew up, the cats and dogs were raised together. They’re all chums: the cats groom the dogs, they snuggle together for naptime, the dogs defend the cats from outsiders. At one point we’d been dogless for a couple of years, however, and when we brought a puppy into the family the two middle-aged cats were rather disconcerted for a while. After a month or two, though, he settled down and they both fell in love with him.

  8. love it … Love all the photographs. Whoever takes them is quite talented! Whoever choreographs the whole thing is quite talented!

  9. It’s Jesus!
    Thank you for that wonderful picture story, it’s great seeing Bruce and Jesus together, albeit under sufferance :-)

  10. A message from Woody – “Bruce, I hear you mate! I live with the Cat Queen. Somehow I struggle through the day….. cats is cats and thats that”.

  11. beautiful photo’s, oh look into the eyes of Jesus the cat…they certainly do know more than we do Lol! The pic with Bruce on the left, looking a little sad, ‘cos he would like to be closer to Jesus, or is that just the trick of his breed, because we all know he is merry underneath that serious facade.

  12. Jesus is a beauty of a poos. I’ve got a long-haired cat called Reenie (after one of the old ladies that works in the charity shop on League of Gentlemen). Before that I’ve always had short-haired cats, but once you’ve gone long-haired….

  13. Bruce please guard your sweet nose. Don’t be fooled by that cat pretending you’re not there. When you least expect it, he’ll take a swipe at you!!

  14. My dog is a mix of lab and beagle. She is 9 now, and once upon a time she was as black as Bruce (just small like a beagle- so she looked like a mini lab) now her eyebrows are silver as is her muzzle due to age.
    Anyway she lives with a cat who she adores… and then every once in a while they will fight- its pretty funny- so Bruce, guard your nose and ears and beware of cats bearing gifts!

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