the unraveling year

Twelfth night has been and gone! 2012 is already unraveling. . .

Thanks to my friend Stacy, I can now experience that unraveling literally, with this most knitterly of calendars.

Such a satisfying representation of time’s passing. Thankyou, Stacy!

57 thoughts on “the unraveling year

  1. That’s brilliant! Quite sinister in a way, though. Reminds me of the spinning fates. If I had a calendar like that I think I would definitely get more done as I would be so much more aware of the passing of time.

  2. What a very very clever concept….. I think I could do with one of these but perhaps it might be a bit scary to see how quickly the fabric changes into a curling thread….Perhaps I would be wishing for time to hurry so that I could collect enough thread to knit more days and dates ….

  3. Should I have been blessed with such a wonderful thing I would have needed to put it well away from the whippets or my year would have unravelled very fast, and I would have been deprived the satisfaction of unravelling it myself.

  4. How do you keep your cat and dog from running around that house with that? The interior of my house would be ‘redecorated’ by the cats with swags of calendar.

  5. Wow how nice. I never seen anything like this. Yes knit something with it before the year is up. That would be great. Thanks for

  6. What a clever idea!! I wonder if there’s anything like that here in Chicago? It actually sounds like something you could get at MOMA in New York. Continued improving health to you, Kate.

  7. What an amazing/neat idea for a calendar! Wonder how big the pile of yarn will get on 12/31 :) neat neat neat…..
    Happy New Year to you….here’s wishing you good health and happy knitting :)

  8. Wow, how fantastic your calendar is! That is everyone (me!)’s dream calendar, isn’t it? Wish you a very Happy New Year and looking forward to reading your blog and to knitting your design :)

  9. I was so interested I went to look for the calendar ~ found it on Greener Grass Designs, tho I’m sure you’d be able to find it other places. It’s really fantastic ~ as you unravel it, you can knit it!

  10. Wow!! Also available from the V & A museum shop.
    I too would love one. But I live with people who would unravel it to confuse me. I am a bear of very little brain you see – especially in the new part of the year.

    Enjoy – and I’d love to see what you make out of it when it’s done.

  11. Fantastic calendar! If, toward the end of the year, you could get one for 2013 and then graft the two together, then do likewise for each following year, you could keep unraveling time without end. . .

  12. After the initial amazement, I started joining the ranks of those who could imagine just staring in horror at the time dwindling away to nothing. Luckily, the optimists of the bunch who thought to knit it AS it unraveled made me realize that that would be a perfect way of showing/reminding that we do not lose time as it passes, rather it is converted into something entirely new, yet completely dependent on the passing.

    Phew, disaster averted!

  13. Love the calendar but not sure about the pile of unraveled wool (time); would it be an incentive to maximise the use you make of your life or something to sit, stare at and regret? Probably a bit of both I suspect. However, with all of the wonderful designs coming through the only regrets will be – not enough time to knit!
    Thanks so much for all your inspirational blogs and patterns Kate, and keep Bruce well away from that pile of wool or you’ll be in 2013 before Easter!

  14. Extraordinary.
    Thought of you today when I met the lovely Lisa who runs the Create Place in Bethnal Green wearing an O W L S jumper she had made. The idea of connection through knitting seemed to be very real.

  15. Oh I laughed at your lovely words – your skirt, and his and his antlers…. thank you for this. I know your smock publication is all done and published now but I wanted to send you some details from my partner’s mum’s book. Her name was Beverly Marshall and she wrote Smocks and Smocking, in I’m guessing, the mid seventies. She lived in Dorset. She died before I had met my partner but its an amazing read. Anyway, should you be interested its on my shelves… and Happy New Year!

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