Boreal giveaway!

Would you like to win a kit to knit up your own Boreal sweater over the holidays? Well, my nice friends at Artesano are providing the yarn for you to do just that! One lucky winner will be able to select their own colourway from Artesano’s great range of aran shades, and I’ll send you the pattern. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favourite thing about Winter. We’ll announce the winner on the 20th December. Good luck, everyone!


1,510 thoughts on “Boreal giveaway!

    1. My favorite part of winter is the silence at night when it is very cold and very quiet. the snow is falling and you can hear the tinkle of the snowflakes landing. The sky is black and the stars are incredibly bright and crisp.

    2. I really like all the candlelights that brightens up and makes every cold, dark day extra nice and cosy. Especially when you can cuddle up with a knittingproject you really like, and have a whole evening in front of you just to relax, knit and be aware of that outside it´s windy and cold.
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Knitting Year!
      Malin in Sweden

    3. My favourite thing about winter …. the snow! It quiets the world to slow down, it becomes a thing of beauty as it sparkles in the sun or moonlight, it can be the source of fun (sledding, snowballs, snow-people creations, etc.), it provides exercise (skiing, shoveling), and it causes people to seek the warmth of shelter together – even in the worst blizzard, it brings people together even if through adversity of literally “surviving the storm”. For artists, stitchers and creative people everywhere, the blank slate of the newly-fallen white snow inspires the creativity of color with visions of the brilliant hues of spring that will soon burst forth again.

    4. The best thing about winter is Snow Days. Whenever we get a good snow, we awaken to the news that all schools and many businesses are closed. That means a free play day for the young and the young at heart. Unlike vacation days that can be pre-planned with activities and chores, Snow Days can’t be predicted and are therefore full of surprise and wonder at a Whole Day with nothing to fill it but the imagination.

    5. Bright, sunny, invigoratingly cold days going out wrapped in handknits, returning home to drinks and meals with friends and family and more hand knitting.

    6. my favorite thing about winter? The snow, of course! And seeing bright red cardinals on stark black branches against that beautiful white snow

    7. In sunny southern California it’s hard for new comers to see winter at all, but after being her for years I look forward to the wonderful low-slanting golden light.

    8. When it finally gets cold enough in north Florida to wear a cuddly homemade sweater! I especially love my handmade treasure from the ’70’s knit with love by a friend’s mom.

    9. I love the way the trees look in winter- stark and darkly outlined against the sky, I also love the sunlight – low on the horizon and rosy colored!

    10. I really love the slower pace of the winter that comes about as soon as the holiday rush is over. Our family slows down a bit and we sleep and think a little more than usual.

    11. The twinkle of the Christmas lights as I walk down northumberland street in the crisp cold evening…then getting away form the hustle of the crowds at home, a cuppa, the fire and a good book!

    12. My favorite thing about winter is hiking. I love the peaceful quietness, that no one else seems to venture out, and that after it snows you can see all the animal’s tracks.

    13. I love sitting inside, knitting and watching movies with my family and friends, while it quietly snows outside.

    14. We don’t have “real” winter here in the maritime Pacific Northwest, but I love when the rare and glorious hoarfrost that grows, plant-like, (usually in December) in the winter shade.

    15. ice-cold crisp air with the smell of wood fire, hands warmed around a cup of tea, sitting at a log fire and myself warmly tucked in a hand-knit sweater :-)

    16. I love winter, but iris the promise of spring that makes me happy! There is nothing so hopeful as crocus blooming in snow.

    17. My favorite thing about winter is going outside for the first time after a big snow – making footprints in fresh snow when everything is still quiet and peaceful.

  1. Best thing(s) about winter – the satisfaction of having beaten the critters that hide under my bed holding the duvet down, layering up like the Mitchelin man to go rowing, warming up in the clubhouse after a long outing with a cup of tea and a bacon buttie, then coming home, lighting the fire and spending the afternoon holding the sofa down and making a jumper for my husband (and the anticipation of seeing his face on Christmas morning when said tasteful plain blue Henley emerges from its parcel complete with (temporary) felt cartoon robin on the front!)

  2. My favorite thing about winter is shoveling snow!!!! NOT. My favorite thing about winter is knitting while someone else shovels the snow ;)

  3. My favourite thing about winter so far is Jeremy the Cat and the frosty grass crunching underneath her paws. It is the best sound. And her reaction to the cold on her paws is hilarious as she hops around!

  4. My favourite thing about Winter is that it is a season and will be succeeded by Spring in due time. The second best thing would be – when the weather permits – the graphical winter colours of the landscape. Here in Helsinki, the pale and subtle shades of almost colourless greys, browns, blues and greens can be quite breathtaking.

  5. My favorite thing about winter?
    That is simple: it’s the ulitmate knitting-season!

    I take such pleasure in clothing myself (and a few others) in all my warm, woollen creations.
    It’s extremely satisfying!

  6. Wow, this is a great giveaway! I like several things about winter: layering with all kinds of woolly stuff like hats, mittens and scarves, snow (hopefully), long walks outside and returning home red cheeked and craving cinnamon tea, cuddling up on the couch and watch series or films and best thing of all: knitting warm sweaters!

  7. I love to feel the cool, crispness of the air as I take long walks with my dog during the winter. The air always seems fresher in the winter, though I’m sure that’s not true since I live in a city!

    Beautiful design, btw. :-)

  8. Kate, I would love to be able to knit Boreal, I have used Artesano Aran before- it is a fantastic yarn.
    My favourite thing about winter is snuggling up on the sofa in front of an open fire- we burn wood or coal depending on wood donations from friendly builders and gardeners – but I do particularly like the smell of a coal fire!

  9. Thanks for the chance to win yarn for your fun sweater!
    I love that you can wear at least three handknit items at any one time. Right now: socks, cardigan, scarf!

  10. What a great design,I love winter for the chance to snuggle by the fire with hot chocolate and knit to the wee hours of the morning.

  11. Crispy days with a clear blue sky, wrapped up warm in my woollies, out in the Scottish snow. This year my favourite thing is planning the knitting I can do once I stop work in preparation for becoming a mum in February! The only problem I have is deciding between baby knitting and mum knitting!

  12. I’m a fluffy girl, so I love getting to wear jeans and sweaters in the winter and leaving those shorts behind!

  13. My favourite thing about winter is being able to wear and really enjoy the beautiful things I knit and gifting warm knits to others.

  14. I love everything about winter! But if I have to choose just one thing it would be the way to cold air enters my lungs – so fresh and crisp and shocking.

    Love your work and this blog – thanks!!

  15. This may not be in the spirit of the thing, but my favourite thing about winter is that it’s not spring, summer or autumn! I like all of them, but I really like that they’re all distinct round here – I dream of moving somewhere with an even more ‘wintery’ winter. The best thing is getting cold and knowing there is somewhere with warmth and cosy woolly things to go to!

  16. Contrasts – as so perfectly captured by Boreal. Cold, frosty weather and warm fires, crystal clear days and pitch black nights, white snow and dark twigs and bark, everygreen firs and red berries…..

  17. What a lovely treat! There are lots of things that I love about winter, but I particularly enjoy glowering skies over snowy landscapes, that particular light that you get, reflected from the ground, whilst gloom rolls in overhead. Love it! Happy Christmas by the way.

  18. My favourite thing about winter is the walk home from work, knowing that my boyfriend, a cup of tea and my knitting are waiting for me in my teeny cosy house :)

  19. I love snow. I love coming in from the snow to a hot drink and huddling in a comforter. I love the dark, and the lights. But right now, most of all, I love that the University will close for a fortnight, *forcing* me to stay at home.

  20. There’s a moment on winter’s evenings that I really like. That’s when my kids have safely navigated their way home from school or after school activities (on the often less than friendly East London streets), my partner has arrived home too, the curtains are shut and – just for a moment – all that matters is that everyone is home safely for the night. Obviously within half an hour everyone is arguing but just for that moment all seems right with the world.

  21. would LOVE to win this – artesano aran is lush!!! :)

    my favourite thing about winter is sitting in my comfy chair, wrapped in blankets & handknits, drinking coffee & reading, watching the giant winter waves crash over the sea wall across the road. there’s something especially enjoyable about watching the effects of the horrible weather while feeling so sheltered & snug.

  22. My favorite thing about winter is around Christmas time when my 9 year old son and I wake up early, wrap up in a cozy blanket and sit in the darkened living room to gaze at the Christmas tree with the lights on. Its my absolute favorite thing about this time of year. And I LOVE this design. I have queued it already!!

  23. I love shoveling snow for a few hours, then coming inside for hot tea and fresh-baked bread. Snow days are the best!

  24. My winter’s here are not as cold as the ones I experienced as a child in the US and UK, so now I am extremely jealous reading everyone else’s winter descriptions. :)

    I love being able to wear sweaters, and hats, and scarves, and being able to knit all the small winter wear for my family. I love that the days are shorter and all the animals on the farm go to bed early so I can get into my PJ’s and sit by the wood burning stove with my family, knitting and watching TV.

  25. My very favourite thing about Winter, hands down, is the cold! Every year I look forward to the chance to wrap myself in layers of knitwear – a soft and close fitted jumper, then maybe a nice big wool shawl collared cardigan, an alpaca neck warmer, some hand knit mittens and I’m set for any weather. The added bonus is that it even looks stylish compared to being swaddled in rain gear!

  26. Walking the dogs in dry crisp cold weather; the cold seems to intensify the smells they go beserk over. Then home to a cup of something hot in front of the woodburner and that tingly feeling as warmth is restored to the cheeks and extremities, followed by Haggis and roast vegetables. Oh this is cruel – it’s blowing a gale outside and going between rain and hail – the wrong kind of winter day..

  27. Hello Kate! Thanks for setting up this contest! My favourite thing about winter is staying home with my cat nearby and a good cup of tea, knitting a wollen garment that will, afterwards, help me defy the cold outside! I just love the idea that I can beat the cold with my needles! And your pattern is a perfect illustration for that :)

  28. Winter in Flanders. When wind and rain rule outside and bring a grey sadness all over the fields and meadows, our house becomes a warm home. Wood burning in the stove, candle lights everywhere, the smell of a cake in the oven, Agnes Obel on the radio and the ticking of my knitting needles. This is my paradise in winter!

  29. The best thing about winter is seeing my family wrapped up in all the knitted things I’ve made over the years.

  30. The cooler temperatures and icy weather lend themselves to indoor activities such as knitting. I love to spend time knitting, with a cup of tea, while it’s snowing outside. When the weather is warm, there are too many thing calling me outside to the garden and such.

    Love the sweater, by the way!

  31. My favourite thing about winter is going snowboarding until totally exhausted and then feeling no guilt about eating a delicious dinner of melting raclette cheese – I earned thoose calories.

    What a great prize, all the knitting I am doing is for others and it would be lovely to make something snuggley just for me.

  32. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway, I’d love to knit my own Boreal!

    I love winter, I love how easy it is to get cozy in winter, just dress warmly then, when you get home, make yourself a hot chocolate and cover yourself with yummy knitted blankets. How nice it is then to snuggle under the blankets with the kids and warm up all together. Love when there is snow, it’s so fun to play in! Also love those super cold super sunny winter days when you can feel the crisp cold on your face and you just look for that lovely sun on your face. I think I could go on forever about winter! ;)

  33. The best thing about winter at the moment, is my thoroughly overladen-with-baubels christmas tree, fairy lights and mulled wine!

  34. How generous! My favorite thing about winter – bundling up in woolly things on clear, bright days for long horseback rides.

  35. I love stepping out the back door in the pre-dawn light, soaking in the deep peaceful stillness as large wet flakes of snow fall. So quiet that you can hear each one settle to the ground. Then I walk through the snowflakes to the barn to bring hay to my sheep who are quietly waiting.

  36. My favourit thing about winter is – snow! The way in which many small brittle snowcrystals can build a thick snow layer, on which we can stand, ski and play, is just fantastic!

  37. What a fun thing to wake up and find in the Inbox this morning!

    One of the things I love most about Winter is sitting in my knitting chair with a cup of coffee and a new project watching an evening snowstorm outside my window. Perhaps my second favorite thing would be when that’s followed by a “no school” announcement in the morning!

  38. My favourite thing about winter is that it gives me permission to indulge the inner introvert – staying home with my cat, my teapot and my knitting and not feeling bad about not wanting to go outdoors in the dark and cold! For me winter is the time when I go into hibernation mode, allowing me to recharge my batteries for the new challenges ahead.

    “There is a privacy about it which no other season gives you…. In spring, summer and fall people sort of have an open season on each other; only in the winter, in the country, can you have longer, quiet stretches when you can savor belonging to yourself.” (Ruth Stout)

    Merry Christmas!

  39. I love the fresh snow in the park across the street from my house. When I look out my front windows I see a white blanket dotted with snow covered trees. I love seeing the dogs romp in the snow, and the people sledding down the hill at the other side of the park.

  40. The snow, definitely. I still get ridiculously excited by the first snow, and I still love it in March when everyone else is praying for it to go away.

  41. My favorite thing about winter are snow days, when everyone is excused from going to work as the streets are un-driveable. Then all one can do is stay home, snuggle on the couch, and knit!

  42. Snow Days! Although this year, we already had a week off because of a freak snowstorm in October…and we have to make it up, so I don’t want any more snow days this year! Snuggling under cozy covers, reading and watching tv while the snow falls outside…it’s so quiet and peaceful…

  43. For me winter is the time of year when the world is pared back to its bones, we see its framework in every branch and limb, the mountain masses are more visible, the sea colder; the clarity of the natural world enables us to look afresh at ourselves and what we value most. Of that, physical and spiritual warmth and generosity come top of my list, and using yarn to create beautiful garments is my way of showing I care for those I love.

  44. The best part of winter is those 2 or 3 snow days we get where everyone gets a day off and the neighborhood kids play for hours.

  45. La chance acceptera-t-elle de venir jusque en France ? Ce que je préfère en hiver se sont les promenades alors qu’il fait froid et que je suis bien emmitouflée, l’air est vif et j’ai alors l’impression d’être plus forte, plus vivante.
    Merci Kate pour tous les bons moments offerts sur votre blog. Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année à toutes.

  46. Definitely snow which we don’t get that often. I love how it transforms the landscape into a beautiful crisp clear white wonderland. My favourite thing about snow is the sound, how everything is dampened into a rather dead silence. It always reminds me of this passage from Joyce’s Dubliners. ‘His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead.’

  47. Living in northern Scandinavia, I really like when, in mid-winter, the Sun just barely reaches above the horizon, and the light hits the snow and makes everything look a bit magical! (The price is high, though, there are only two hours of that magical sunlight…)

  48. Taking our children snowshoeing in the winter-quiet snowy woods where we see squirrel and rabbit tracks. Then starting a fire on the beach for a boil up – tea for us and cocoa for them!

  49. My favourite thing about a Scottish winter is that it takes away the uncertainty regarding attire that there is the rest of the year. Should I put on a jumper? Will I need a coat? Is it cold enough to wear hat, scarf & gloves? These are questions I could very well ask myself on any day of the year here but in winter the answer is ALWAYS yes!

  50. My favourite thing about Winter? Watching.
    Watching people – the way they wrap up warmer, scurry faster, greet friends in town or a pub or restaurant
    Watching nature – the beauty of natural architecture in bare trees, ageless mountains, bright red winter berries

    And watching for the first hints of more light, green shoots and wee buds which signify a new beginning.


  51. Wow, what an opportunity!
    I love being at home in winter, drinking milk and honey or cocoa with marshmallows – always makes me warm!

  52. The feel of the cold air on my cheeks when I first step outside. The clean smell of evergreens in the woods. Moonlight on the snow. The hush after a snowfall.

  53. Lighting our first open fire of Winter on Christmas Day. Swiftly followed by standing at the patio doors at night with the outside light illuminating the falling snow.

  54. My favorite thing about winter is knitting on the couch under a blanket with the Christmas tree lights twinkling!

  55. Oh wow, how generous. My favorite thing about winter is getting the occasional bonus day where everything is canceled and my family is all cozy in our home having hot chocolate and watching movies.

  56. My newest favorite thing about Winter, now that I’ve been at my job long enough to earn some decent vacation time, is taking 2 weeks off at Christmas – and hopefully getting snowed in once or twice so I really have no choice but to look out my window at the snow and knit all day. With extra coffee.

  57. The best thing about winter…. Those lovely sunny winter days when it doesn’t feel insanely cold and you can get out a frolic in the snow. Snowshoeing, snowmobiling or just building a snowman!

  58. I love everything about winter…cold weather, clear nights, snow, icicles, sweaters and other warm woolies. We don’t get enough of it where I live!

  59. My favorite thing about winter is the opportunity to relax with loved ones, to feel lucky and loved and for one moment in the year, to forget which day of the week it is. To escape from the over-stimulation of London to the wind-swept isolation of Aberdeenshire with a bag full of knittin projects, only to find it’s not isolation at all, but filled with the people and the places I love. What a treat!

  60. Snow! Although I don’t hate winter, it has all the potential to make me miserable: I miss the sun, feel the cold easily, and falling rain beats my face like icicles. Snow makes everything better! It reflects the light, enables us to go skiing, sledding, ice skating and playing, and looks generally wonderful. Oh, and falling snow doesn’t hurt the skin like cold rain does. Even staying indoors is better with snow…

  61. I love the silence after a snowfall and how everything, for just a little while, is perfectly clean and untouched.

  62. Snow. I love the sound of snow. Be it the soft whush as the flakes hit their pile of brothers or the crispy crunch your boots make as you walk it in. I love the way snow silences the rest of the earth so you can hear only snow. And then, in the morning, you see your neighbor’s wooly heads pop from their lairs of white with the rasp of their shovels on the steps and their scrapers on the windows of the car breaking the frosty silence. I have these memories from as far back as I can remember and each year when those sounds reach my ears once more, it helps me recapture some of the wonder and exuberance of childhood awe and pleasure at snowfall–squelching the crabby adult who would be whining about having to dig myself out yet again. :)

  63. LOVELY! I know this is an obvious one, but what I love about winter is getting to wear my woolies! Growing up in Florida I didn’t truly experience winter until my mid-twenties, which is also about the time I began knitting so I really love the chance to wear the things I make with wool and needles.

  64. It’s a tie between downhill skiing and walking outside at night while big snowflakes are falling. Everything is quiet, there’s no wind and I can hear the crunch of my steps in the snow.

  65. I recently moved back to the North East of the US after 15 years in warmer climates. People thought I was crazy to miss snow, but I did. I missed the quiet stillness of a good snowstorm. The way it silences the world and makes it seem perfectly right to slow down, sit in front of a fire and knit while drinking cocoa.

  66. My favourite thing about winter is the snow. I am still a kid at heart and no matter what, I love playing in it with my kids building snowmen and having snowball battles and sledding down the biggest hill we can find. My birthday is also in winter, 2 days before Christmas to be exact. And so because of that I also love winter because growing up it was always a big deal to have the two days thrown together as though it were one big celebration :)

  67. I love hunkering down by the fire with knitting and warm drinks, the dog snuggled close and peaceful time with the family. It seems the other seasons are just too fast paced for that stuff.

  68. My favorite thing about winter is watching the indignation of people who are seriously offended because the weather is wintery (snow, ice, dark) leading to “their world” not “functioning” properly. (Hey, we are humans. We are the lords (and ladies) of creation. We should be in CONTROL! Yet, there it is: snow and ice, and I was late for work/can’t take that car trip/hampered by slow traffic).

    Watching and listening to them (sometimes they are even interviewed on TV) leaves me with the good feeling to know more than they: that here nature gives us not only an excuse, but a reason to slow down for a while, stay at home, relax – reading, knitting, baking, drinking hot chocolate – whatever! — and not having to feel bad about NOT doing all these other things, outside. It’s not idleness. It’s winter. We are meant to hibernate at home (as much as work permits).
    Possibly with a good knit… or a good read…
    Thank you Kate, for providing me with both, time and again!

  69. Lake effect snowstorms that dump four feet of snow overnight causing everything to come to a grinding halt. I’d probably like it less if it happened more than once a year but as it is, it’s magic.

  70. I love a day of snowfall, with the family home and cozy, soup on the stove, and a lap-full of colorful wool (real wool) to click-click-click away on all the while! That sounds like a fantasy, but perhaps once or twice this winter, such a day of favorite things will occur. Thanks for provoking such a vision and for offering such a nice pattern and giveaway!

  71. I love to burry my face in the fur of either my cats when they are sleeping – warm, cosy and purring – on my favorite sweater (woolly, of course!)
    You are lucky to have snow in Scotland. Here, it is not even cold enough for me to wear my “Owls”.
    Thanks for everything

  72. So much! I love the dark afternoons, the late glowing sunrises; the lights, the cold… going out for a long walk in the crisp air & coming back rosy-cheeked & exhausted. I love the way that everything gets stripped back to its purest/most essential form: seeing the patterns and structures that emerge. And the rich colours (deep reds, dark greens), which seem even more intense because there are so few of them…

  73. My favorite thing about winter is that I’m not the only one knitting in the subway! It’s so funny to see women sit down and automatically taking out their projects, and focus all the way to their stops… Love ny!

    I also like that is a hibernating season, even for me. Since is dark at 4:00, I can put the kids to sleep earlier than the summer and give me more time to rest too. The running wih all the snow also diminishes so my body heals for the summer season. :) But I still will be looking forward for spring!

  74. We’re in summer now and although the weather is leaning more towards winter than summer, I’m missing the crispness of the air (as opposed to oppressive humidity) and the opportunity to knit without my hands getting all sweaty!

  75. I love taking my dogs out, all bundled up in their coats, in the snow on a clear night – the light is amazing. Bonus points if I can hear Christmas carols coming from a church or village hall (failing that, just the crunching underfoot). Then retiring to the sofa with dogs, blankets, sock-in-progress, good book, candlelight, dark chocolate and Yorkshire tea, curtains open so I can see the snow – and no telly!

  76. My favourite thing is watching the birds in my garden. They become much more alive in winter, on feeders and on the ground rifling through leaves, and much more visible than the rest of the year where they can hide in trees and hedges. I think people underestimate British birds in winter in favour of fancy summer visitors, but in the stark contrast of winter you can really see how diverse and beautiful they are.

  77. My favourite thing about winter is bundling up in handknits, getting together with my family and walking the dog on the crisp cold downs. If it’s snowing, bonus, but as long as it’s cold and I’m with my family, it’s a perfect winter.

  78. I live in Florida, so I love EVERYTHING about winter! It’s a relief after our long hot summers and makes us so glad for spring. Thanks for te chance to win this kit. I love winter knitting.

  79. That first snowfall. When we lived back in Calgary, Canada, we’d curl up on the couch and watch the city go completely quiet under the weight of the first snow.

  80. My favorite thing about winter is that I can wear all of my wool socks. I also really love to knit by my fireplace.
    Congrats on the new pattern! It’s lovely.

  81. I love the sunrises and sunsets. They happen quickly but they can be such a thing of beauty even when it is so very cold!

  82. Moonlight reflecting off freshly fallen snow on the lawns and in the fields on crystal clear, icy crisp nights.

    Btw, I’ve been a non-knitting historian lurking here for years now, and have taken up knitting in the last year and am loving it too, and have been planning to try one of your patterns for quite a bit now. You’ve always been a huge source of inspiration, a really fine example of strength through difficult times, and though you don’t know it, you’ve been helping me get through a mentally and health-wise rough patch for some weeks now. Could no longer not tell you.

  83. I love how beautiful York looks on a crisp frosty morning, I love putting up decorations and getting extra time to spend with my nearest and dearest. But I could really do with a good Christmas sweater!

  84. I love that sense of hibernation winter brings. The dark evenings and stormy cold weather put us to bed early and restrict our going out. Nature tells us to rest for a season to help us recharge our batteries. Mother nature soothes all her tired babies…animals, humans, birds and vegetation alike.

  85. The thing I like most about winter is that I get to wear all the wondeful wool things I’ve been knitting all year long. I love the feeling of going out on a cold day all bundled up in cozy mittens, scarves, sweaters and hats!

  86. The thing I usually love the most about Winter is getting up early, wrapping up in many layers and trudging down to see what home grown loveliness is down at my allotment and doing a bit of tinkering in the shed, followed by getting home with tingling hands and face. However this year is different since I’ve broken my leg so the thing I love most is finally learning to knit and challenging myself to have as many items of clothing completed before I can return to work.

  87. What I love about winter? Those perfect cold days where the sun is sparkling across the snow-covered landscape and each step you take responds with a squeaky clean crunch beneath your boots. Yes, perfect “wool” weather.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  88. My favorite thing about a winter? A chance to wear all the handknits I’ve made the rest of the year! (Oh, and freshly fallen snow is lovely.)

  89. One of the best and most practical things in winter is that there are those cold but dry days, where the laundry will line-dry in no time and have this wintery scent.

  90. I like walking in the bitter cold, wrapped up well but with frozen cheeks. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea!

  91. These are a few of my favorite Winter things: cold air, vests, Aran knits, plaid flannel, knitting (of course!), wood stoves complete with fire inside, hiking with the wee doggie, frost, and pine trees.

  92. My favorite thing about winter is how my dogs react – they love the snow and we spend a lot of time outside having fun. Plus, I have the opportunity to wear all my handknits – sometimes all at once (jk)!

  93. Piling on the thermals and thick socks on a cold, crisp day and going for a stomp in the countryside. No midges, fewer tourists and a damn good excuse to find a pub with a roaring fire afterwards!

  94. I love the winter light. The flat grayness of the sky. The crisp grass. The crunchy ice. The silence of snow. The knowledge that spring will come once again. The time I feel most connected to the earth.

  95. …the quick and easy answer is that I love actually wearing the things I make! But I also love a fire in the fireplace, a pot of tea, a warm blanket, and a good book all at the same time.

  96. Being able to wear all the lovely knitted things that I started when I was cold last winter and didn’t finish until it was too warm to wear them.

  97. Snow! and we never get enough. It’s more apt to be gray and rainy. And wearing handknits!!!!! Thanks as always, Kate.

  98. I love knitting large projects in the winter. Blankets, sweaters, things that are cozy to drape across my lap.

  99. My fav thing about winter is our cosy cottage and a woodburning stove to come home to and its the perfect season for knitting wooly gifts and sweaters for the family .

  100. Hmmmm… I think for me it’s being outside feeling the cold, and then once I’m home feeling the warmth, putting the kettle on and snuggling under a blanket…
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  101. Love winter – living in Canada that’s a good thing. New is snowshoeing – which we have been doing for the last couple of years with friends. Blue sky overhead, white snow underfoot, hot chocolate or mulled cider to finish the day. Wonderful way to spend a winter day, can’t wait. Even though I don’t enjoy being cold, I love dressing in warm, cozy clothes, usually including wool in some way, to spend time outdoors.

  102. Sun on snow: the lit side lemon, the shadow side lavender. Every ridge and rill, footprint and plow pile, lit in lavender and lemon.

  103. My favorite part of winter is the crispness of the air outside. There’s even a smell that goes with it! I also love that the down comforter on our bed is so warm.!

  104. My favourite thing about winter is being indoors with the wind/rain/snow/hail coming down outside and feeling very lucky to have a roof over my head!

  105. My favourite thing about winter is going home to Russia to spend the holidays with my family, in my mother’s house, knitting and chatting with everyone in the kitchen while holiday food is underway and drinking hot cocoa. While wearing handknits. (Just one more week and a half of work and I’ll be on the plane – I can’t wait !)

  106. One favourite thing? Just one? I love everything about winter! But snow, snow makes a winter. Knitting by the fire, candles lit, hot toddy to hand, dogs snoozing beside me, is all the better for snow on the ground outside :D

  107. I love to wear all my wool arans and sweaters – and knitting them of course; with a warm cup of tea and a ginger cookie on the side.

  108. Walks on really cold, clear nights when you can see everyone’s Christmas trees and smell fires from the chimneys.

  109. I love that in winter there seems to be more time to knit…… I can put on a large kettle of soup, light a fire and sit enjoying the quiet while I knit away. There is not such a temptation to be out and doing, and I love watching the snow fly while the yarn flies through my fingers. (Of course, this may change this year now that my 2 grandchildren have moved in next door….. but that will probably just make playing in the snow my new favorite thing about winter!

    This sweater is glorious….. just what I like to knit. Thanks for designing such a perfect winter knit, Kate!

    Barbara M. in NH

  110. My favorite thing about winter is the slowing down and being able to look at the earth..the trees
    in their true form…for what lies underneath the green of summer has it’s own beauty.


  111. Winter gives everyone an excuse to retreat indoors and chat over mulled drinks and catch up with loved ones you haven’t seen for ages. Lots of time to curl up with that book list that has been growing all year and time to bake spiced lovely things – and of course, ample knitting time too!

  112. My favourite thing about winter is, now that I live in Iceland, it is dark for most of the day from early November. People start putting up fairy lights in their windows from mid novembr, so the city starts to look very chrismassy early on. You are most likely guaranteed cold and snow, so knitting up a lovely jumper or new hat is a lovely way to spend the long dark days.
    Also how could I forget the aurora borealis!

  113. I love watching my dogs joyfully play in the snow ~ especially the two smaller ones who disappear with each leap when the snow is deep. The bigger one loves chasing after them as they disappear…. then pop up, and disappear….. then pop up, over and over again. I hope you choose me for the sweater kit ~ I love trees and I think it’s beautiful. Thanks!

  114. My favourite thing about winter is going home to my village in north Wales because it’s always a crisp cold up there – not soggy slushy cold like where I live now. I like to layer up and be warm under my clothes but have a cold face!

  115. My favourite thing about winter – apart from being able to wear wool every day, of course – is seeing the winter stars. Orion high in the sky is something very special.

  116. This year it is looking out of my flat, across the rooftops of the city (Oslo, Norway), and seeing the snowcovered hills on the other side, with lights all over the city twinkling, and everything being quiet because of the snowfall. It was that way a week ago, and it will be so again, hopefully soon.

  117. I think my favorite thing about winter is Christmas. Or my birthday. But seriously, I love snow. I love how it insulates, makes the world quieter, slower.

  118. We have a Christmas tree farm in Vermont so I love the smell of my tree farmer husband in the winter….pine pitch!

  119. Apart from mulled wine which is probably something more people can relate to than my actual favourite thing…

    my actual favourite thing about winter is the rare occasion when my boy has a cold at the same time as me and we get to snuggled down on the sofa under a duvet and just be “mummy and joe” something that doesn’t happen much these days and less and less as he heads towards teenage years

  120. The brief pale light on a bright day, and the light reflected by snow (hopefully, if we get some this year) amidst the darkness. (These are a few of my favourite things…)

  121. My favorite thing about winter is the stillness and beauty that comes with snow… and now the fact that my first baby is due within a week, which will add to winter excitement for me!

  122. This winter it’s watching our two adopted stray kittens slowly come to accept us, and carefully creep, inch by inch, onto my lap as I sit knitting. Hopefully the start of many more winters curled up with my kittens, knitting in the quiet.

  123. It’s the lack of daylight I hate in winter, it leaves me feeling sleepy and less than sharp. So the best thing about winter are those few and far between abruptly bright, cold, still high-pressure days when everything feels dazzlingly, high-fidelity clear. I love cycling across Waterloo Bridge in London on those days, pulling cold air (and god knows what else!) down into my lungs, fingers of cold air reaching down through my hair to my scalp. Beats a view from the office window of the chemistry dept exhaust system anyway!

  124. The best thing is when you are in the car toasty and warm and driving through hard snow blowing around and everything around you is white and wild outside and it’s warm and quiet inside – it’s almost surreal.

  125. I live in a house at the edge of the woods. Through the summer, we are in deep, warm, humid shade. My favorite thing about Winter is the beautiful clear light we get throughout the house, when all our oak, sycamore and poplar leaves fall. November – April, we are filled with light.

  126. My favorite thing about winter is visiting friends over holiday break, sitting around their fireplace, and knitting while it snows.

  127. I live in Chicago, where the winters can be brutal, but my favorite thing is all the fairy lights the city puts up all over the downtown area, starting in November. It really does help brighten up a dull and dismal season!

  128. Hat? Check. Gloves? Check. Shawl? Check. Sweater? Check. Socks? Check.

    All handknit? Yes indeedy!

    What’s not to love?

    (But no, I can’t quite seem to get excited about knitting lingerie … more’s the pity!)

  129. I love all seasons but winter especially – I love curling up on the couch with my cats, a blanket and a good book or my knitting while rain lashes the window outside. I love cold, clear frosty mornings that turn your cheeks pink and your breath to mist. I love battening down the hatches and cooking gingerbread or making up some spicy mulled wine.

    And I love your Boreal so much, Kate! And my husband does too – and whether or not I win this competition, I can see his ‘n’ hers Boreal jumpers for us next winter!

  130. My favorite thing about winter is the quiet, especially in the morning. I’ve always lived in a place where the winter is cold and snowy, but never noticed until I was an adult how peaceful and pretty and quiet a winter morning can be.

  131. My favourite thing about winter is being inside with no reason to go out when it’s rotten outside. I think to feel truly cozy you also have to feel like you’re avoiding something (rain, sleet, work…).

  132. My favorite thing about winter is the amber glow of light and fire inside a house shut up against the cold. These moments are all the richer with family and friends to share them with. Of course, I also have to say that woolen things are also my favorite thing about winter. The first brisk day is my favorite thing about the season, because I get to wear a handknit sweater!

  133. One of my favorite parts about winter is the snow (I live in Wisconsin, so we can get a lot of it!). We dig in it, build snowmen, go sledding, and when the sun is shining, the snow can shine the most beautiful shades of blue and gray.

  134. I am one of the few people who love the days getting shorter…to me it feels very cozy. And course I love being able to wear all of my knitting :)

  135. I love winter so have a few favorite things… but the thing I love most (I think) bright frosty mornings when everything crunches under foot, all the plants are sprinkles with an icey frosting, the sky it bright blue & the air just smells so fresh & crisp! :O)

  136. My favourite thing about Winter? The early nights snuggled up to my man, who is my constant hot water bottle! or snuggled up on the sofa doing some crochet or knitting whilst my man and the little ones snuggle under one of my creations and we watch a movie, toasting marshmallows on the open fire :) with hot chocolate of course!!!

  137. Favorite thing about winter? Football! American, that is. My team just qualified for the playoffs for the first time in their existence, so I’m totally giddy about it!

  138. Sparkly snow! When the conditions are just right, fresh snow will literally sparkle at dawn – the magic of winter.

  139. My favorite thing about winter is that the cold air makes my old dog frisky again, and that makes it all worthwhile.

    1. When it’s 20 or 30 below I know I can step outside and wakeup right away without having to brew a coffee. Cold weather makes you feel alive. Bonus: You can knit and wear your woolies, too!

  140. I love the change of pace during winter. I live on a small island where the economy is driven mainly by seasonal tourism, so the “off-season” is a welcome change from the frenetic summer activity (work, work, work!) I finally get a chance to slow down and enjoy the beach, catch up with friends, do some traveling, and of course knit and spin!

  141. I work nights, so the best thing about winter is driving home while watching the sun slowly rise, then climbing into a warm toasty bed next to my love and my cats. It’s even better if the snow is falling, it makes a great sound on the roof to lull me to sleep!

  142. I love winter where some people wish for a white Xmas, I hope for ice. I live on the water and these days I jump out of bed and run to the window to see if the lake has frozen over night. It happens very fast one moment there is open water and coots floating in the water and the next moment there appears a sheet of ice. What fun to walk the dog on the clear sheet of ice in the winter, looking down beneath my feet at the mysterious cold wet world. Marveling that the same water that I boated on in the summer is now a sheet of glass that I can hike across. I walk early in the every morning with my two best friends, my husband and my dog. Meva runs ahead and explores all the nooks and crannies along the shore while Marty and I walk slowly watching the sun come up enjoying the beautiful colors. It is very quiet out here in the early morning the loudest sound is that of the lake. The lake well creak and groan as it gets thicker and occasionally you hear a loud boing, a happy note almost as if the lake is singing of it’s joy for the season. Every year I hope for first ice to form before we get any snow so that the lake freezes like a sheet of glass.

    1. no I am not cheating and making a separate entry – I just came back from the morning walk and Marty(my husband) wanted to add a comment. He also hopes that it doesn’t snow and not until after first ice — as far as he is concerned he hopes it doesn’t snow all winter. And he doesn’t need ice either!
      He wishes for a nice warm winter – he is getting older and sees nothing special about snow or cold or pulling out the woollies for another season. He loves a fire in the woodstove as much as the next guy but not if he is the one who has to split the wood and stack it. Or if he is the one that has to crawl from under the covers early in the morning to build a fire to warm the house before the rest of us get up. So he votes BAH HUMBUG keep winter and the cold and give him summer or the tropics this winter

      I also saw that my Ipad corrected the headings on my entry so adding Marty’s boo to the season gives me a chance to correct the correction the pesty I pad made

  143. sitting on the sofa under blankets with a hot water bottle being parsimonious (is that how one spells it?) with the central heating.

  144. My favorite thing about winter is that cozy cave under all the blankets in bed. I love being able to hit snooze and enjoy it longer. (Followed by least favorite thing about winter – getting out of bed on cold mornings).

  145. Oh goodness! It’s hard to decide on just one favorite thing! I adore going snowshoeing after a snowfall in the woods where a calmness has fallen over everything and you can see each cold breath. These walks make me feel so alive and connected….

  146. I love the silence that snow seems to bring and the light (or darkness) at night after snowfall. I also love wearing woolly knits all the time and making stews. Oh, and knitting of course.

    1. Taking photos of the stunning red sky dawns on frosty mornings. From my cottage garden I can see the sun come up over the ridge of Cotswold hills to the East. I slip out into the garden with my favourite hand knitted shawl over my nightie and hope none of the neighbours see me and think I am mad!

  147. My favourite thing about Winter is trips to the zoo on a bright, crisp day, preferably when there is snow on the ground! I’m anticipating many happy hours trying to take photos of the snow leopard cubs especially when there are fewer visitors

  148. My favorite thing about winter? Snow days. When you know you don’t have to go anywhere and the snow just keeps coming, hour after hour. It covers the world with a pure white clean blanket. I love to be cozy inside while that’s happening outside….

  149. My favourite thing about winter is the dry crunchy snow – whether I’m walking to the bus stop in the dark morning or going for a run in the bright sun. Crunch crunch!

  150. I love the snow and the beauty of winter, but I really love the smell. That first smell of cold air that really lets you know it’s winter!

  151. Cold crisp days, sweaters, snowflakes, snow that transforms the landscape into a magical scene. Winter is my favorite season!

  152. I used to hate winter as a child but as an adult I find a lot to love – hot baths with a cup of tea and a good book; frosty walks by the river; wrapping myself up in a billion hand knitted woolly garments; wintry food like roast squash and beetroot… Also it’s nice to have spring to look forward to!

  153. There is so much that I love about winter: walks in the woods with my black dog, knitting by the fire, ice skating and soups that steam the windows.My absolutely favorite thing is cross country skiing.

  154. I like many things about Winter :) My allergies are less severe, for one. I really love the cold, the crisp crunch of snow under my feet, watching the snowflakes come down, knitting for my five nephews, and watching as they get so excited over the smallest gift on Christmas morning. I love being with my family and being able to give them gifts, especially my homemade gifts, and your Boreal sweater would be the perfect gift for my little sister. I know I probably wouldn’t get it finished in time for this year, but I would love to be able to see her face next year on Christmas morning.

  155. Probably my favourite thing about winter is the extra light that comes from the sun reflecting on snow. It makes the short days brighter and more bearable. However, I’m also a fan of skating and snowshoeing and skiing. I love the woods in winter!

  156. My favourite thing about winter are those very cold but clear and sunny days when the ice and snow look so beautiful.

  157. I love waking up in the morning when your bed is toasty warm and the air is chilly…at least I love it until I have to get out of bed.

  158. I love the way that everything sounds different when it snows, it’s more quiet, somehow magical AND we get to wear more wool. I also enjoy the longer darkness with candles and fire in the wood stove and something hot in my belly.

  159. My favourite thing about winter is the crispness of the snowy air, both inside and outside: it’s sleeping under a huge cover and still having my nose cold when I wake up and it’s going ice skating and feeling my fingers tingle against the hot chocolate cup when I take a break :)

  160. My favourite thing about Winter is sitting inside beside the fire with a good book or knitting and a cup of coffee, listening to the wind howling outside (as it is now!!). (Watching the waves crashing in comes a close second! ) Cx

  161. I love being able to snowshoe in the woods and see the tracks of all the other creatures who have been there before me. I also love being able to wear all of my wonderful knits.

  162. Just one thing? Then without a doubt it’s the encouragement it brings for knitting cozy, warming things to wear made of wool!!!

  163. I’m torn between the smell of snowy wool mittens and hot spiced drinks (mulled wine or cider, hot buttered rum, hot toddys…)

  164. wow, what a lot of comments/entries! my favorite thing about winter is snow-shoeing in the woods and coming in to a warm house with a fire going, shucking off all our outer layers and getting snuggly in front of said fire and be smug in our laziness.

  165. I’m afraid I’m struggling a bit because winter is my least favourite season. Trying to be positive, I love when the light begins to change again in January, the bravest of bulbs start to poke their noses through and curtain closing time is a tiny bit later each week. So for me, I guess the thing I love best about winter is the promise of spring. (Sorry to be a stick in the mud).

  166. What I love about winter is the feeling of tunneling inward – the days get shorter, the nights colder and I am naturally drawn into myself. It’s a time to slow down (or stop!), and all of the creative thoughts that have been stewing inside of me through the warm and sunny months now have the space and time to come to the surface and be brought to life.

  167. I love being out in the snow with my dog. He loves racing through drifts, even as a corgi! We often go snowshoeing together (with me dressed in as much wool as possible) until we are tuckered out, then come home for some relaxation. I get a big mug of tea, Zeby gets a new bone, I make a nice fire, and sit down guilt-free to knit with my dog at my feet. Just Heaven!

  168. Snow! Although this year we are severely lacking here in upstate New York. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a nice storm before Santa arrives. ;-)

  169. Snowshoeing – I had never gone until last year and now I can hardly wait for the snow to come. I just wish it didn’t have to so cold.

  170. The full moon casting interesting shadows of the maple tree on the fresh show in my back yard, followed closely by cozy days at home during a storm, when the office is closed and there is nothing to do but knit.

  171. Winter, I get to wear knits, in CA its often too warm in the summer. I also love the smell the damp and chill, the fire in the stove.

  172. Knitting (even though I must admit I do that year round), warm sweaters, wool tights, warm boots, fresh fallen snow and celebrating Christmas with my family.

  173. My favourite thing about winter is the extra attention I get from our cat, Miss Marple. I put on a big knitted cardigan, turn the Christmas tree lights on, pick up my knitting or an Agatha Christie novel and Marple squeezes under my cardigan, keeping us both cosy… until my partner gets home and she realises that he is a lot warmer than me. For outdoor activities, it’s my jog home in the dark evenings, through the masses of busy shoppers on the bridges, the view of the Christmas funfair, to the quieter area of Inverleith row, then turning on to Ferry Road, seeing the amazing views of Edinburgh Castle lit up with Arthur’s Seat looming behind, knowing there’s a hot shower, fresh coffee and dry socks waiting for me.

  174. I like piling on lots of layers, going out cross-country skiing, and coming home in the dark to a bonfire and hot cocoa in the backyard. Also, the way the cats curl up into little hat-shaped balls over the heat vents and in the warmest patches of sun.

  175. I like going for a run through the woods and ponds on a nice crispy morning watching the birds that don’t fly south for the winter. Then, in the evenings sitting by a nice warm fire and knitting, of course!!!

  176. people often rise to become the very best versions of themselves in winter, as they contemplate what has passed during the year and what may yet be. for some this is heightened by belief in Santa Claus or faith in Christmas, but this wonderful phenomenon certainty does not seem, to me, to be limited to those professing a Christian faith. it brings me hope for a better world.

  177. I love hunkering down after work in my pajamas with my knitting, something warm to drink, and my dog, Miss Lillie, at my feet or beside me on the sofa. It means almost unlimited knitting time since everyone else is hunkered down too.

  178. A lovely, heavy snowfall that closes school, and brings traffic to a standstill. Just a quiet, white world looking out my picture window, sipping a cup of hot Darjeeling. I have no reason to go anywhere!

  179. Wrapping up warm in a handknit and heading out cross country skiing, stopping off for hot chocolate in a hut on the way. Fab! Thanks so much!

  180. Oh my gosh, would I ?!?! I love this sweater.

    My favourite things about winter are trees draped in snow, wearing handknits, ice skating, and crisp, cold, sunny days!

  181. My favourite? I love snow, snow, snow, and then more snow! It gives the world a special beauty. Unfortunately, despite the joy of skiing, you also have to shovel it to get your car out of the driveway. When a spectacular storm hits Northern Ontario, I love lighting a log fire in the living room to counteract the bluster going on outside. Add knitting, a hot drink, a well stocked pantry, a good book, and I’m singing, “Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” I am lucky to feel this way because where I live, we have snow for 4 to 5 months of the year usually. I’m a little bummed that this year, it’s only snowed twice and the accumulation as melted in a few days. I don’t like to think that we might have a white Christmas-ugh!

  182. The nip of the air on a really frosty morning, proper powdery snow, and last year when we had a couple of days of freezing fog everything was covered in the most amazing icicles and frost patterns. I’d hoped for more this year but it seems we’re getting a damp clammy sort of winter so far.

  183. Putting on a bunch of woolen layers and then taking my dog Susie for a hike, watching her leap through the snow like a porpoise.

  184. My favorite thing about winter is walking out in the morning before sunrise, seeing the sheep in the pasture still laying down, hearing the crunch of frost under my boots as I head to the barn to feed, and the peaceful feeling that all is well.

  185. the first snow. waking up in the morning and hearing that special silence…looking out of the window and realising, once more, the magic of snow: it not only covers things, but also sounds.

  186. Quiet walks in the snow, drinking tea whilst watching the weather, and celebrating my birthday of course…

  187. Going out into the winter night, after fresh snow has fallen, and the moon is high. It’s oh so quiet and still and everywhere you look there are these beautiful shadows on the ground, but the air is so bright that you are tricked into thinking that you have stepped into some strange day.

  188. Soup and hot chocolate (though not together). The older I get the less the snow is pretty and more of a pain. Woolens are good though!

  189. I love making the effort to get to the stables when it has been snowing, either by car, slip sliding on the icy roads, or treking along crisp tree lined paths. Always lugging big bottles of water with me as the pipes at the stables freeze. My horse is so pleased to see me that all the effort is rewarded, the sight of her trudging up the field fills me with pleasure. I am happy just to stand and watch, warm and snug in my hand knit winter woollies.

  190. after a winter storm moves through LA, we get the most crystal clear air and you can see our beautiful city in all its splendor with a backdrop of the san gabriel mountains dusted with snow.

  191. My favorite thing about winter is bundling up in my warm woolens and going for a walk on the beach in the cold, crisp air.

  192. Hello, Kate.

    My favorite thing about winter is actually Christmas markets in Austria and Germany; more precisely – it’s meeting friends there for a stroll and a drink of mulled wine. On long winter evenings I wish I had either a magic door that could get me to a Christmas market quickly (because I live very, very far from the closest Christmas market) or a time machine that could get me back to one of those nights when I lived in these countries as a student.

  193. Well, I also love snow, and I do love shoveling snow. On the other hand, I do not enjoy raking the roof. I live on a pastured Vermont hillside and the thing I truly like about winter is looking at expanses of snow (not that we’ve had any to speak of yet) across the fields and in the hills on a cold, bright sunnyy day. I could stand by the kitchen window, or on the porch, or in the front yard for hours, just looking and watching the sun and shadows move across the landscape.

  194. I live in a very, very warm climate so my favorite thing about winter is that it finally cools down enough to enjoy being outside and wear my handknit sweaters.

  195. For me, winter is the nature that lies dormant, everything is more calm.
    it is also the fire in the fireplace, my knitting and my hot tea.
    walks before the sun sets
    the cold, I like the cold, snow, the snow is expected so impatiently for Christmas
    summarizes your sweater in the winter, snowflakes, snow, calm, wool, heat.

  196. I like the snow capped trees, walking my dog with my grandchildren then coming home and snuggling up with a good book.

  197. Homemade marshmallows in real hot chocolate while watching snow fall. I’m not sure even knitting can compete with that type of relaxation and beauty.

  198. My favorite thing in winter s taking my dog Olaf (a chocolate labradoodle) out to play in the snow, because it is his absolute best most favorite thing in the whole world. Seeing him bury his face in it, leap around and roll in it, race after his frisbee as fast as he can, wriggling like mad on his back with all four paws in the air, his furry face snow-covered and his eyes shining out of the white crust – his pure uncomplicated joy takes away all of my troubles, big and small.

  199. my favourite thing about winter is a snowstorm with big, fat flakes. i love to sit the wrong way on the couch looking out the window to watch them fall. my grandmother used to say it was angels having a pillow fight. all the fluffy flakes remind me of her and make me feel close the her once again.
    congrats on the lovely design! gorgeous, as always. <3

  200. I love the crisp cold days where the sky is clear blue and the frost in on the ground, it’s like the world is brand new.

  201. snowshoeing in deep snow through the woods, and coming home, chilled and tired, to a hot woodstove, maybe a hot shower, clean dry clothes, and something hot to drink. Aahh.

  202. For me, the best this is experiencing the stillness that snow and cold create outside, especially as the sun goes down. Nothing like being out with the dog, and the only thing breaking the silence is the sound of our footsteps in the snow.
    Oh, and woolly garments.

  203. I especially love experiencing the flow of seasons, mud, sleet and darkness together with my son who is now almost 3 years old and thus old enough to fully experience the magic of the world slowly changing around him.

  204. Being up on our local mountain cross country skiing or snowshoeing is where I am happiest in the winter. And knowing there is hot chocolate waiting for me. Nothing could be better

  205. My favourite thing is being outside, feeling the cold in my fingers, toes and on my face. It’s the seasonality that I love, the physical changes the land and weather go through before slowly returning to the opposite.

  206. Being able to draw without my hands sticking to the paper! (Sorry, it’s really hot here right now, and this has become a problem.)

  207. My favorite thing about winter is getting to cook and bake with my fiance. The short cold days inspire us to make all sorts of delicious stews and breads.

  208. Long windy walks on winter beaches with the noisy surf crashing, birds wheeling above crying over the spoils in the tide line, not a soul to be seen, walks like that let my heart expand til it’s as big as the sea and sky. Only in winter does it feel quite that way, and only in winter do I need those walks quite so much. I catch so few scraps of sunlight out under the sky in the dark days of winter, beach walks are cherished.

  209. My favorite part about winter is seeing Florida all decked out in Tropical Christmas Glory. There is nothing like palm trees decked out with twinkling lights, and the levels of decorating people do in Florida is nothing short of astounding. I love driving through the neighborhood, carols on the radio, windows open to the warm ocean breeze, enjoying thousands of lights and ornaments with a cup of FroYo.

    Totally not the average Christmas experience, but so much fun!

  210. Being warm and snuggly inside while snow is falling outside. Bonus if there is a warm drink like hot chocolate, a book or knitting in my lap!

  211. My favourite thing about winter is snuggling under a woolly blanket next to the fire, with a good book. Or enjoying a hot port in a cosy pub after Christmas shopping.

  212. My favorite thing about winter is waking up to see icicles hanging off of our bushes in the yard. So beautiful!

  213. I love swathing myself in hand knits, and bundling my family members in multiple layers of hand knits, and listening to the soft sounds of snowy streets while hand knitting.

  214. Freezing my arse off walking when it is so cold the snow crunches underfoot, then warming up by the fire with one of the collies lying on my feet.

  215. The best thing about Winter for me is that Spring is around the corner – the first bulbs poking their heads up ready to flower and the increasingly lighter evenings fill me with optimism.

  216. Winter is my time for rest and renewal. To devote myself to the little pleasures of home and hearth without the distraction of rushing or deadlines. Knitting is what brings me this pleasure all year long!

  217. My favorite thing about winter is watching my children play in the snow. We only get snow usually once a year so it is very magical for them.

  218. My favourite thing about winter is, of course, lots of lovely knitting projects and being able to wear all my hand knitted hats, gloves and scarves.

  219. The scent of woodsmoke. I live in Texas, where it is hot, so a genuine wood-burning fire is a rare and beloved treat.

  220. Oh my! How generous of you!! My favorite thing about the winter are the chilly, sub zero days that keep me inside snuggled on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa & homemade marshmallows; and my knitting…..

  221. I love the whisper of snow in the air. Thanks for the contest- this is a great design. I really enjoy your writing; your blog is always a treat to read.

  222. My favorite thing about winter is walking in a snowstorm with the snowflakes hitting my face and then coming in to the warmth of a fireplace, hot tea and knitting.

  223. I love to be by the fire with my knitting and a cup of hot cocoa. I love to go snowshoeing, and I love to go with the Scouts camping and go dogsledding! (I look very stylish in my knitted hats, mittens, and sweaters.)

  224. I like the cool, fresh air of Winter plus the stark, minimalist views of the ground and trees covered with snow.

  225. My favourite things about winter are all wrapped up in this sweater: knitting for warmth, swirling snowflakes, and gifts!!!

  226. My favorite thing about winter is cuddling up with my husband. Any other time of the year, he is an unwanted space heater and I about fall off the bed trying to stay cool. During winter, his warmth is my warmth and we are as close as can be. I also have an excuse to bring out all of my afghans and quilts and hide them around the house to stay warm.

  227. I love watching my Bearded Collies romp in new fallen snow. Some of my favorite photos of dogs long-gone are of them covered in snowballs and still lifting their bodies to curve over the drifts.

  228. The beauty of the untouched snow on a December morning, blanketing everything and sparkling in the light. A close tie is the family pet dog, Hannah, frolicking in the untouched snow.
    Gorgeous sweater.

  229. loved reading all the entries!

    what a great contest
    I love the Boreal, it is so exactly from the picture you took , amazing!

    My favourite thing about winter would be a cozy evening, with a hand knit blanket over my knees, a hot cup of cider and something wooly on my needles.

  230. My favourite bit of winter is ice skating on a crisp, sunny day and getting hot chocolate afterwards. Thanks for offering up this contest – would love to knit up your gorgeous sweater.

  231. Not being a cold weather lover… favorite thing about winter is hot chocolate made with half and half, real cocoa (seriously…how does an envelope as powder count as hot chocolate?) and a splash of Bailey’s.

  232. A comfy chair, warm fluffy slippers, a hot cup of tea. a good audio book and a new pattern to go with my knitting.

  233. I had a metaphysical response to boreal- as above, so below. The design is lovely.
    Favorite things: Lavender and peach sunsets with dark jacob trees outlined against the sky. Flannel sheets, down comforter, dressing in wool. Lighting candles in the pre-dawn. Cats kneading me like bread to make nests in my lap. Stillness of mind and body in the quiet time-out of the world.

  234. I love that winter is the “cuddle season”. My favorite thing is to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a cup of tea and some knitting and wait for my dog to patiently ask if he can cuddle in my lap.
    Oh, and big snow storms are fun too.

  235. My favorite thing about Winter is a quiet blanket of snow reflecting the stars on a clear, navy winter night sky.

  236. This winter child loves the snow most of all – as we don’t get snow that often. Especially around Christmas or New Year. Further: Warm winter treats like chocolate milk, mashed curly kale and knitting in my corner on the couch. :-)

  237. Long evenings reading books to my daughter by the fire, with a big mug of cocoa and some biscuits we baked that same day. Happiness.

  238. layers of white and crystally ice lining the tree branches, hot coffee, lots of blankets and piles of knitting, rosy cheeked babies asking for hot chocolate and watching the dog stick her whole head in a snow bank.

  239. My birthday – Christmas Eve, often over looked and forgotten but I sometimes like to pretend everyone’s excited for my birthday instead of the day after…

  240. My favorite thing of winter is the memories that the icy cold and snow brings of winters past, of childhood things. Present day of recalling those memories and knitting them into sweet projects of love for the family.

  241. Winter kills bugs. Sorry, but that is my favorite thing about winter. (I do love wearing the hand knits too.)

  242. I love the crisp of winter when enjoyed around a roaring fire. It is lovely to thaw your frozen toes, nose, and fingers by the fire.

  243. Bonjour,
    moi ce que j’aime l’hiver,
    c’est le regar brillant que donne le froid
    c’est de savoir que ma maison bien chaude m’attend et que jai de la chance,
    c’est faire des bisous sur les joues bien froides de mes enfantd !

  244. I have two favorite things about winter – the clothes and the food! I get to wear all my nice warm wool socks and sweaters and cook lovely warm dishes like venison stew, pheasant schnitzel, and gingerbread!

  245. My favourite thing about winter is waking up to several feet of snow on the ground after it has stopped and the sun has come out to play. Opening the door and just listening to the silence of nature.

  246. The feeling of being warm and cozy inside while it’s cold and snowy outside. And getting to wear all my knits (without the funny looks I get the rest of the year :-P)

  247. Being able to cuddle up under a warm hand knitted blanket in front of the fire with my knitting and my family with a nice cup of hot chocolate and some home made cake. It doesn’t happen very often as my little one doesn’t like sitting still for very long.

  248. Around here, winter mostly means “a little bit cooler,” but being in a generally warm climate, I love the opportunity to cuddle under blankets with my knitting and pugs.

  249. I love so much about winter! Knitting, of course, and the rare crisp cold sunny day, and how invigorated and tough and refreshed I feel after going outside and breathing deep, and winter squash and kale and parsnips and persimmons and pomegranates, and hot cider, and Christmas….

  250. My favourite thing about winter is coming inside from a walk and your glasses fogging up, the leftover scent of mince pies cooked before leaving still in the air, reminding you there are pastries to be eaten, wine to be mulled and friends to get tipsy. Excellent

  251. Waiting and waiting in the darkest of mornings after an unexpected snowstorm to hear your school’s name in the endless list of snow cancellations!

  252. Using knitting as a blanket whilst working on it – saves putting the heating on. Needing no excuse to wallow in fleece and wool because it’s too cold not too!

  253. My favorite thing about winter is clear crisp nights where the stars are bright, and my hand is tucked into my husband’s arm as we walk.

  254. FABULOUS!!
    My favourite thing is the snow “crunching” under your feet when it is soooo cold. This only came to me when I was isolated at Lake Louise one weekend between work assignments (lucky me) and took to the walking trails on my own. What started out as a “downer” weekend turned out to be a wonderful memory I will have with me forever. I can still see the fabulous scenery and being on my own I was able to hear every sound and the best was the sound of the snow crunching under foot…it was like music and though I hate cold I didn’t even notice the temperature. I keep looking for it each winter but it hasn’t been the same. Maybe I need a trip back to Lake Louise ( wearing that fabulous sweater) hmmm.
    My next favourite thing would be to look out at the snow whilst knitting that fabulous sweater…can I get that lucky in one lifetime? Count me in and thanks for a year of fabulous blogs that motivate and inspire me, for sharing your personal trials and tribulations that stir the emotions and for always “teaching”…I have learned a lot.

    Wishing you the very best of health and happiness and all that is good for 2012!

  255. I love the cold! I live in a warm climate, so I don’t get a very long winter, but I certainly take advantage of it with a ton of knitwear! I’ve seen the word ‘cozy’ thrown around a lot this year and I agree, winter is certainly a time to feel cozy!

  256. The sunshine on the snow! Walking with the crunch of the snow underfoot. As long as there is sunshine, the short, darker days, don’t seem to last as long on the calendar! L.O.V.E. that sweater

  257. My favorite part of winter is being able to wear all of my warn, hand-knitted woolen garments. I love wool and I love wearing wool.

  258. The best part of winter is being outside in it. Even though everything is cold and wet and gray, it’s hard not to enjoy being out of doors when the puppy begs me to throw another snowball into the air so she can chase it, catch it, or woof at it as it disappears into the snowy landscape. Too, there’s the puppy digging through large snow berms for the perfect clod of ice with which to play keep-away. Or snowshoeing in the dusky light on the shortest day of the year (a tradition my husband and I keep each Solstice).

    I like returning to the warmth of the house when I’m cold, but more than that I like not being afraid of winter. There’s something about standing outside in a dark snowfall and feeling the night pressing against me, knowing that we are meant for the outdoors that gives me great pleasure. And thanks for the chance to win! Even if I don’t, reflecting on this season has been a lovely part of my day.

  259. What I love most about winter is the quietness at night when no one is out, and there is freshly fallen snow and the wild rabbits come and scamper in front of my house. ( I live in the city, across from a park,)

  260. Taking a walk after the first magical snowfall when the snow is fresh and white and the world is transformed and clean. Smelling the cold, invigorating freshness interspersed with whisps of smoke from from nearby fireplaces. Finally arriving home to a warm and cozy house to hibernate in front of the fire with a large mug of tea … and knitting, of course.

  261. I love crisp frosty mornings:) but I live in Southern California now so they don’t happen much here!!

  262. I love the warmth that only multiple layers of wool can provide. In winter, I load up on 2 or 3 layers of wool every day, and I just love the enveloping warmth generated by those garments.

  263. My favorite thing about winter is the snow. It’s so pretty and everything looks so much fresher and new after snowfall. Add in some Christmas lights and it’s magical!

  264. I used to live in a warm place with no “real winters”, but, then I moved to Indiana… At first, I hated everything about winters: the short day light, the cold. But then, I learned to appreciate all about it: the beauty of white and icy landscapes, the incredible color of the sky during a crisp cold sunny day, the smoothing feeling of cuddling underneath a blanket in your sofa with a hot tea while looking at the fireplace working, the peacefulness and stillness of the countryside where everything seems to pause, waiting for Spring, the cheerful Christmas lights all around town and, most important, the hot chocolates! Furthermore, I discovered knitting and now I’m not dreading the cold months anymore, because I’m nice and comfy in my warm hand knitted sweaters and accessories!

  265. my favorite part of winter is that it is part of the cycle of the year — it is the time of year to slow down a little , time for things to hibernate to renew, time to enjoy the cold and snow and cleaner air, time to stay indoors and get recharged, and then time for renewal to greet spring!

    what a great and generous giveaway! thanks!

  266. My favourite thing about winter is walking home just after the first snowstorm of the season. The snow is piled up and you can’t find the sidewalks because of all the snow. The streets are deserted because everyone is huddled up at home keeping nice and warm. The city feels so peaceful and I find myself noticing things that I never normally see even though I walk the same route 10 times a week. And although it’s hard work to make it home, I’m looking forward to a hot cup of tea and cuddling up under a blanket!

  267. snow days used to be my favorite part of winter when we lived in boston. so many photos of quiet nights in the north end and the snow falling and massing on the sidewalks in the alley below our 5th floor walk-up. when the city would shut down except for the movie theaters! here in San Francisco I must be content with sunny walks in the Richmond (to the ocean!) with the golden slanting light showing everywhere…

  268. oh. my. god. best giveaway ever. my favorite thing about winter is knitting and getting to wear my hand-knits! duh…

  269. So so fabulously generous of you and Artesano – thank you and them very muchly! Fireside coziness with lots of candles for the longer evenings of darkness, bundling up to go out for long walks regardless of temps, change of wardrobe and using all the lovely wooliness that I have………change of all things foodie……..

  270. I’d love to knit such a gorgeous sweater! My favorite things about winter is tramping through snowy parks with loved ones, and the requisite cup of hot tea once you come back home.

  271. Hm. The smell of woodsmoke in the air! Though around here it’s more likely to be coal, totally foreign to me!

  272. My favorite thing about winter is the Holiday Season. I love putting the finishing touches on all of my knitted gifts and sending them off. Even more, I love seeing pictures of the recipients wearing them. It’s the best!

  273. I love everything about winter – snow, the necessity of wearing the things that I knit, the potential for cross country skiing, hot toddys. But maybe my favorite thing is taking a walk right after it has snowed, and everything is a little bit quieter, and you can really hear the crunch of snow beneath your feet.

  274. Winter in north Florida is brief and beautiful – sunny skies of deep blue, colored leaves against Spanish moss and heirloom roses in the garden.

  275. My favourite thing about winter are those moments during or just after a snowfall where everthing glitters as though dusted by diamonds and the sounds are hushed as if the world is holding it’s breath. It’s so beautiful and peaceful then. And being first to make angels in fresh snow! :D

  276. The color grey! I love all the different shades of grey that the sky can be during the winter. I am originally from California where there is oh-so-much sun. I have been living in Berlin for the past 15 years and I love the winters here. The color of the sky changes every day: Dark grey, blue grey, Corriedale grey, soft grey, purple grey, damp grey, Shetland grey…. Who could ask for more?

  277. My favorite thing about winter is holiday time with family – either traveling together or staying snug at home together. That, and lots of cider! Thanks for the giveaway!

  278. My favorite part of winter: walking outside and smelling the contrast of dry, rich wood smoke against the smell of wet earth (usually snowy in my part of the world).

  279. My favourite thing(s) are being able to wear my warm hand-knitted lopi jumpers, and British winter cookery (especially the likes of sticky toffee pudding)!

  280. My favorite thing about winter would have to be cozy evenings watching the snow fall from the warm comfort of home while listening to winter songs and knitting mittens.

  281. My favourite thing about winter is feeling warm, cosy and well-fed as it snows outside, a white blanket softening all the hard edges.

    Great question and wonderful giveaway. :-D

  282. My dearest winter moments: long walks with the dogs in handknitted garments, through fields covered with snow and frost while the sun is shining, the typical light in winter time…. everything silent… nature is resting and there is no hurry……

  283. My favourite things in winter are cold, dry mornings that crunch as I go out in them; and sitting indoors with hot mulled wine at night when it is snowing, watching it fall under the street lights, making a quiet blanket.

  284. My favorite winter activity is taking a walk outside when it is snowing lightly. To feel the feathery little snowflakes on my nose always makes me happy!

  285. Frosty fields, snow covered while the sun is shining and the frosted snow is sparkling….a million diamonds twinkling!
    Love to walk there with the dogs, enjoying the never ending silence….. nature is sleeping, well earned rest.
    Like to smell the frost in my nose and wearing my handknitted Boreal under my bodywarmer… felted with the wool of my own Gotlander sheep….

  286. Being from the South where a snowfall is not a “given” in winter, I love how the season will unexpectedly gift us a beautiful snow-filled day. This usually means a day off of school (and work) and thus a golden opportunity to giggle through snowball fights, thrill in sledding downhill, and watching fat snowflakes drift toward the ground as we snuggle under quilts.

  287. What do I call my ‘favorite’ thing about winter? So many things to say about a time of year where nature is resting and rejuvenating itself all the while I seem to be moving faster to keep warm. And I do love a really good sweater.

  288. The winter means being able to wear my favourite knits!
    I miss the quiet of fresh snow in the bright sun of Ontario, where I grew up. But I don’t miss shoveling snow now that I live in Oregon!

  289. Winter in Canada can be very cold and my favourite part is escaping to enjoy the arts. I love visiting art galleries and museums, or taking in a concert or dance performance. Being able to enjoy the artistry of talented people is so inspiring to me and always a feast for the soul. Kate, you keep designing the most delightful patterns. Thanks for the giveaway.

  290. the favorite thing about winter is definetively the snow! When the world turns white my dogs and I are happy. Everything is beautiful and silent.

    And snowfall is a perfect reason for warm and cosy wintersweaters!

    Greetings from Germany – still without snow. But maybe the weekend will bring som

  291. Going for a long walk in the hills on a crisp, cold and clear day, stopping only to have a wee nip out of the hip flask and take time to appreciate the beauty that is the countryside in the winter months.

  292. My new favourite thing about winter is watching my friend’s corgi play in the snow. Way, way too cute! She has a wee felt jacket with toggles, which makes it even more adorable.

  293. The watery sunlight on my walls, as it is distorted by the old glass in my windows. It only happens when the angle of the sun is right, and that’s in winter. (Boreal is REALLY lovely, by the way!)

  294. These days my favourite thing about winter is watching my kids discover things to do in the snow. Their wonder & joy make the weather much more enjoyable.

  295. My favorite part of winter is snow. It makes everything sparkle, everything beautiful. My family loves downhill and cross-country skiing in our Wasatch mountains, but I love it best when we get snow in the valley where we live. Snowstorms also clear out the problematic inversion our valley suffers from, making the air actually breathable. Sadly, we have no snow yet this year. Everything is frozen and brown, and our air is thick with pollution. I’m hoping the snow arrives soon.

  296. Red berries in a snow-filled forest. Watching the dog dolphin through fresh snow. Bright icy blue skies. Snow squeaking under my feet. Ah, I miss winter! I’m a Boston girl marooned in California where winter means rain not snow.

  297. There is nothing in the world like winter in New York. The glorious Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza overlooking the skating rink. People decked out in their winter woolies and furs and looking fine. Its magic.

  298. Winter in California is not the same as winter in Scotland but we usually have really clear skies and dramatic sunsets. Winter is nice for taking walks at the beach or in the hills and coming home to soup and homemade bread. I love the coziness of winter.

  299. My favourite thing about winter is that at roughly 4pm in the evening, the dark blue sky and the orange streetlights combine, and I get a wonderful feeling of contentment (from being wrapped up warm) and open possibilities ahead of me (I have no idea where that part comes from, some childhood memory or association perhaps, but it’s wonderful).

  300. My favorite thing about winter… there isn’t just one… The sound of your boots in the snow… the crispness in the air.. the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.. the yahoo feeling that kids and teachers get when there is a ‘snow day'(no school)… the feeling of your skin tingling when you warm up after being outside too long on a cold day after building an igloo, quinsey, snow fort,snowman, or simply shoveling the snow… the warm mug of hot chocolate… on a clear winter’s night – the glow of the moon, stars and if you are lucky enough to catch the northern lights… the sparkle of the sun on the new snow -just like diamonds… ……..

  301. Winter is my favorite season, and it’s hard for me to choose just one reason, but I’ll try. I love the cold, really. It drives me inside (after a grueling winter run), where my husband, kitties, and pup wait for me. We snuggle, watch movies, knit, and drink hot cocoa and winter spirits. It is, without a doubt, the best time of the year.

  302. Lighting candles in the dark, sipping tea on the couch while the cold and dark weather is outside, and the crispness of a clear, frosty winter morning

  303. Getting out the woollies, Christmas knitting – this year it included two pairs of socks for hiking men size 10 and 12!

    Stews made from winter roots with homemade wholemeal bread. Yum!

  304. My favorite thing about winter is the opportunity it gives me to wrap all of my loved ones in knitted gifts – sweaters, shawls, hats, scarves, cowls, miittens, and socks! Each garment is designed with a particular recipient in mind – style, color, fiber all combine just for them. I start planning for winter in spring! Every knitted stitch is an expression of my love for family and friends — and for me, winter makes it all possible!

  305. Making and drinking hot chocolate with my children and enjoying a cozy afternoon by the fireplace…ahhh.

  306. I’m obviously not the only one to want to win a kit!!
    I love wintertime, but it’s hard to find a favourite thing, but probably cross-country skiing and then a cup of tea and knitting in the sofa afterwards. Or is that two things, or three maybe?

  307. I LOVE the snow! In college, going to 8am classes (ugh) was wonderful when it snowed- no one else had been on campus at that time, so I got to walk through this sparkling, pristine winter wonderland.

  308. Frostbitten toes and the merriment of the Xmas holiday season make the winter special! Gathering our family in Lewes and going for walks on the South Downs.

  309. My favorite thing about winter is snow and the way it muffles sound in the early morning. I love bundling up and walking to work in freshly fallen snow.

  310. Walking on the beach in winter when it is quiet and empty of people; listening to the different sounds made by the rain hitting the water and the sand and the hood of my coat; appreciating the twenty-three different shades of grey in a British Columbia coastal landscape in the wintertime.

  311. My favorite thing in winter is snugglimg within flannel sheets, piled with nice woolly blankets! The cool air of the bedroom soothes away the day’s cares, and the weight & warmth of all those covers (plus the various cats–they often take turns on each bed) is so comforting! AnnBan on Ravelry.

  312. Putting to use all the knits I’ve made over the Summer (to the sound of scoffing friends that it’s out of season who then gladly receive them as presents), while appreciating the cold and (hopefully) snow. Plus snuggling up under a blanket with a glass of wine, my family around me and my cats on the sofa too.

  313. My favourite thing about winter is how quiet it can be… when it’s just freshly snowed the snow seems to absorb all the little noises that bounce around at night and so you can have the most peaceful of walks home.

  314. Cozily snuggled with pup, browsing beautiful patterns like yours, and knitting a bit all at the same time.
    I have never done color work but this sweater might just get me to try. LOvely!

  315. mmmm…my favorite thing about winter is having a week off of work to spend with my family when i know that no one else is at work either. it’s a time when i get to truly relax and pend huge amounts of time snuggling – hubby, toddler, whoever else needs a good cuddle…:)

  316. I just love the winter – crisp, fresh days are a joy – if I could spend one of those days in the beautifuil country of Iceland, to get the most out of it, that would be bliss. [The Christmas shop outside Akureyri is heaven on earth]

    Wonderful giveaway, thank you for the opportunity!

  317. When I was young, I loved winter because of my birthday in December and the presents!
    But I still like winter, the Lebkuchen do not taste as good in autumn and spring, I like wrapping myself in a warm coat and scarf and going for a walk, the glitter of falling snow against the streetlights when it gets dark, sitting in my favourite armchair with hot tea and knitting, baking cookies with the children, the smell of the christmas tree, drinking Glühwein and watching the same old films on TV every year.

  318. The winter is relatively short where I live and not that cold (no snow!), but one of my favorite things is being able to wear all my hand-knitted things for a few months!

  319. What a prize! My favourite thing about winter is without a doubt the fantastic, slightly magical light at dawn and dusk. It’s beauitful and unlike any other time of year.

  320. Loved reading the comments and I agree with so many of them, but off the top of my head and with no prodding, my favorite is: SNOW!

  321. I think my favourite part of winter is that I can use the things I knit :D Living on a warm place I don’t have lot of chances to do it!

  322. My favorite thing about winter is breaking out all of my super-warm knits! I’m so excited, yesterday I was able to wear my lacey wool sweater, and I’m hoping to wear my cabled alpaca one sometime soon, too.

  323. My childhood bedroom is on the third floor of my parents’ house, which is 160 years old and doesn’t have a lot of insulation in the roof. Growing up, my favorite thing about winter was the feeling of the house getting warmer when it started snowing in the middle of the night- layers of snow acting as insulation, and foretelling of snow days home from school, sledding, snowball fights and skating on frozen ponds. When I’m home for Christmas I still wake up the minute it starts snowing, look out the window and feel the warmth.

  324. We live in Northern California oak country, not evergreen country, so my favorite thing about winter is the chance to appreciate and marvel at the amazing architecture of our oak trees while their leaves are gone.

  325. I live in the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon, to be exact and what I love about the winter is the rain, the cool (cold really) air and wearing sweaters, coats, socks, shawls and other wonderful hand knit woolies!
    How generous of both you and Artesano for this giveaway ~ love the sweater!

  326. I love the invigoration of the crisp cold air and, once again, the pounding of rain on the roof. We got a new roof last fall, after a couple of years making do with patches and tarps. It is so nice to be able to cozy up under the collection of afghans and wool sweaters without having to watch out for leaks on the ceiling.

  327. ‘Living in Canada where we know how to enjoy every last minute of winter (or at least right up until late March when it starts to get very “old”!

  328. Ahhh, cross country skiiing! We are finally getting some snow and I hope to be able to do this less than 2 blocks from my house soon. A sweater like this would be perfect when I was done! Gorgeous….

  329. I love the bright glowing light we get from snow reflecting everywhere, and watching snowflakes in the street lights. Also I never have to worry about being too warm! And my mom’s rumballs and fruitcake!

  330. The fact that I can pretty much continuously pile on warm layers without getting overheated! For someone who is always kind of cold, it’s nice to fit in with a hand knit sweater, hat, scarf, socks, and gloves, instead of being the only one wearing them in September. This year I have another reason to love winter – my boyfriend proposed to me two days ago! Winter will always be a little extra special now. :)

  331. I don’t ski… I don’t like being cold… but I adore the way that a fresh snow makes everything prettier, and snuggling on the couch, looking out at the yard.

    I also appreciate that people tend to assume winter is when people should knit, so I get less “What are you doing? Knitting? Well, that’s a dying art…” conversations.

  332. I love to be out of doors: Today I walked through a green landscape,while the surrounding mountains were already covered with snow. It was like looking at a black-and-white fabric: The steep mountainsides in white, the firs making beautiful black patterns on the slopes.

  333. when our steep road is snowed in and the cars can’t drive on it so the greyhound can run around in circles in the snow. and cycling to work with my wellies on to navigate the icy parts.

  334. This one might be obvious but I love that I’m able to wear wool sweaters for once! With a water/windproof jacket on top of it there’s no reason why one can’t go for a long walk (except you know, work)

  335. Snuggling up in front of the fire with my family, watching a good film or playing cards, just being together.

  336. My favourite thing about the winter is that it is okay to stay inside and knit all day long. During the summer there is so much pressure to be outside and DO stuff. Wintertime is so much easier, theres always the weather excuse!

  337. Never gets too cold where I am……but we do love bringing out our wooly goodness…..I especially love seeing the women in my family wearing those wooly goodness that I’ve knitted with love…..

    Of course, taking a stroll on chilly days, bundled up…..breathing in that sharp crisp cold air….refreshing…..clears my muddled head :)

  338. Welcoming a new calendar year as I welcome a new year of my own life, with a few good friends at hand, and hopefully some good food and drinks, too (my birthday is January 1st).

  339. In north of Sweden we now have a lot of snow and I like when the snow gives us light. I like long walks in snow outdoor and In long dark evenings I like most to knit.

  340. My favourite thing about winter is what I’m doing today. Sitting by the fire knitting a Christmas hat for my baby boy, watching the snow starting to fall and the lights twinkling on the Christmas tree. Another thing I love about winter is the really great excuse to wrap up in cozy hand knits and of course to buy more yarn to knit some more! :)

  341. My favorite things about winter are snow and the birds who come to our feeders. The birds are endlessly entertaining with their different forms of attack and thier dancing/prancing/hopping around..

  342. What, just one thing? Let me make it three: the beautiful low golden light, the cool crystal-clear air between rainstorms, and the welcome quiet blessing of rain.

  343. I love to watch it snow when I am nice and warm inside. I also love to take the kids and go look at Christmas lights.

  344. The before breakfast walk with the dog. Long underwear on and ice cleats in place.
    Then a quiet knit in a warm streetcar on the way to work.

  345. One of my favorite things in the early winter in California are the clear, cold days; the promise of snow in the Sierras; my knitting aspirations; my Patagonia down jacket and UGG boots; football bowl games; family get-togethers.

  346. Walking alongside the frozen canals in my adopted homeland, The Netherlands. With ice and snow underfoot, looking at the bare trees and frozen reeds lining the canals. And if I am lucky, watching some little kids as they learn to skate on the ice, rugged up in woolens and having a wonderful time.

  347. I love to stay at home with my little one when outside is cold and windy. All what we do is spending our afternoon toghether singing and playing with Lego and train on the floor, sipping tea and eating homemade cookies, hugging and warmt each other :-)

  348. My favorite thing now are the Christmas tree lights on palm trees and the the early dark. My favorite memory of winter is laying in the snow all bundled up in my snowsuit and boots and feeling perfectly warm listening to the quiet and watchig the big gray clouds roll over Lake Ontario.

  349. Thanks for doing this draw, Kate! I love all of your designs so much. My favourite thing about winter is walking on fresh snow and bundling up in winter gear. Winter is my favourite season–love all winter sports too like outdoor skating…followed by a lovely hot choc. Mmmm…

  350. I love the (guilt-free) knitting time. Coming in from the cold, lighting the wood-burner, and settling down with my knitting and my man. Can’t ask for more really.

  351. Being snowed in wtih my family and dog in a huge, HUGE, snowstorm. I love cooking big pots of savory stews, home-made bread and knitting, the smell and quiet of snow, the carousing with my big kids, adventurous husband and exuberant dog. I love living in the city on these days when the whole neighborhood walks the streets like it’s a big festival. Now if only we could use the fireplaces in our mid-19th house without burning the place down…..

  352. Wow, you’re really giving a kit away? I was already plotting my yarn choices!

    Anyway, my favorite things about winter are snuggling up with my loved one, knitting Christmas presents, a chilly morning run, and a hot mug of cocoa afterward :)

  353. My favorite thing about winter is going back to my hometown for a week to spend time with my mom – just hanging out, knitting and doing other crafty things. It’s great to sleep in, relax and spend some time with her and the rest of my family there.

  354. This would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe! My favorite things about winter is being outside with my husband (sledding, shovelling snow, or whatever) and being able to snuggle up to him for warmth. Also, being able to see my handknits in action in the knowledge that my time, love, and energy were put into keep myself and loved ones warm. Thanks for the giveaway!

  355. My favourite bit of Christmas are the gorgeous smells coming from the kitchen…usually starting on Christmas Eve with the giblet gravy being made in advance…..

  356. What is my favorite thing about winter? Watching my kids play in the snow, all bundled up in snow pants, heavy coats, warm hats, and mittens. Seeing the littler ones trying to use an adult sized shovel to make the snow piles bigger. The joy they experience from crawling around in the sparkling white fluff makes me feel pretty joyful. Then going inside for hot cocoa with marshmallows and snuggling under cozy blankets. It’s the perfect way to spend a day.

  357. I love to get out in the snow and make snow animals (well, maybe a snow man too)-with the kind help of our dog…

  358. My favorite thing is being outside looking in after a long, tiring, cold walk in the snow, and knowing soon you will be inside with hot chocolate and a fire, looking out.

  359. My favourite thing about winter is the layer of frost that makes the dull remnants of autumn so beautiful… when a fallen leaf, that has long lost any bright colour it once held, lies on the walkway with a coating of frost that highlights its edges and veins I smile and think of the trees that have gone to sleep.

  360. Mmm. My favorite thing about winter is getting all cozy with warm food (or drink), a blanket, and a book, while snow falls outside <3

  361. I love snow. Love love love it. Whether its going skiing, hiking, walking with the dog, shoveling the walk tossing shovels full of it for the dog to chase, or just watching the crystals melt on my hand, it is one of the most wonderful things to me that always seems to lift my spirits.

  362. my favorite things about winter: an excuse to drink lots and lots of tea, and snuggling under my comfy down comforter.

  363. In late Autumn and Early winter I’m constantly collecting pinecones, acorns, chestnuts, pretty branches, and anything I can get my hands on. Then, when winter really get’s starting, I take enough time and tea to use my yearly loot to make seasonal decorations. The next year it starts over again! :)
    That’s one of the things I love most.

  364. Getting my collection of aged and vintage Welsh blankets out, and adding layers to my bed as the nights get colder! If it really gets cold I wear a handspun shawl in bed too, and lovely woolly socks. Yes, it’s cold in Yorkshire!

  365. The best thing about winter? Sitting by the fire of an evening, knitting in hand, watching the snow fall through the window. Oh, and a hot toddy close by.

  366. My favourite thing about winter is that I get to slow down. My work (entomologist) is extremely busy during the spring and summer months. The reduced pace in winter allows me to catch up with friends and spend some time on more creative pursuits…like knitting!

  367. I love the sounds of a winters night. The trees snapping, the ice moaning and even sometimes the loan howl of a wolf. Thrilling to hear as you sit by the crackling fireside!

  368. Hunkering down and staying close to the fire, knitting with my daughter. It is a relief not to have gardening chores, and I love walking the dog at night, looking at the stars and hearing the snow squeak under my boots. You know that sound, right? I must admit that every other winter I take two weeks on St. John in the Virgin Islands and I love that bit of winter too!

  369. The morning light on the Olympic Mountains covered in snow makes getting out of bed to walk the dogs worthwhile.

  370. My favorite part of winter… hmmm. That would probably be a tie between cuddling with my boyfriend and giving people christmas presents that they love. One of my favorite things is making people I love happy, thus the present giving (bonus fun points if it’s a knitted gift!) =)

  371. My favorite thing about winter is all the knitting, of course, but also wearing all the previously knitted things. Seeing my family in the sweaters, mittens, scarves and hats I’ve knitted them is a true joy!

  372. My favorite thing about winter is snowshoeing in the woods and hot chocolate upon return. And wearing knitwear!

  373. Sunny, bright, cold days where wearing a thick woollen sweater reminds me of being a student at Durham

  374. My favourite thing about winter is the frost patterns on the windows in the morning. They’re never the same twice. The other morning my car’s windshield was covered in frost that looked like ferns unfurling. It broke my heart a bit to have to scrape it off….

  375. I love the return of Orion. I love seeing more structure of the mountains now that they are not clothed in leafy trees. I love how magically snow transforms the ordinary by resculpturing the land and hiding and revealing at the same time. I love the low light on both ends of the day. I love that it is wool weather. Hurray for wool! Boreal is a very handsome pattern.

  376. My favorite thing about Winter is snow days! Although I don’t have a fireplace, there’s nothing like feeling the heat rising from the baseboard heating while pressing your nose against the frosty windowpane. I’m %#&^ years old and I still do it!

    1. my favorite thing about winter is WOOL. wearing it, knitting with it, buying it, just feeling it is so comforting in winter.

  377. Coming back inside after being out in the cold for too long without a hat and feeling your ears go from numb to tingling to warm again.

  378. I’d have to say coming in to a warm house after ice climbing to a warm kitchen, a mug of hot chocolate, and my guy’s arm around me to help me thaw. :)

  379. my favorite thing about winter is that the holidays give me an excuse to wallow in making things to give away as gifts!

  380. My favorite thing in winter is snow, probably because I live near the seaside and we don’t have many of it very often

  381. My favourite thing about winter is the silence in the night, in the sofa with your partner, watching TV, knitting, chatting. Also I like the winter clothes a lot, i adore knitwear. I love also the park which is in front of my flat, where all leaves of the trees are on the ground… gone with the wind… I love winter, definetely.

  382. I actually really dislike Winter in general – I’m a naturally cold person, and it just seems like I can never, ever get warm in the colder months! However, there is one thing I LOVE about winter, and that is watching my dogs play in the snow. I have a pair of German Shepherd/Rottweiler mixes, and watching those two have an absolute ball every time it snows makes it worth it! Oh, and I do also like getting to wear my handknit hats & mittens – shawls I wear all year round, but I only have a few months to wear the outer woolies!

  383. My favorite thing about Winter is drinking a cup of chocolate milk after coming home from a hike in the snow. Then sit by the fire and knit, knit, knit!

  384. My favorite things about winter are wearing layers and layers of woollen cardigans, gloves, scarves, hats ; walking in a brisk sunny cold morning in the city with no one else around ; going home at night and seeing all the lights shining in the building where I live, feeling the others lives around me….

  385. My favorite thing about winter is the snow – love how it covers everthing in a blanket . Beautiful ! Thanks for the
    contest !

  386. My favorite thing about winter it that things are pared down, the bones are visible, the structure of the trees and the landscape are clear and can be appreciated. The colors are restrained and clean.

  387. Winter is when the hills turn green and lush and the mornings are sometimes nippy enough to allow me to wear scarves and mittens at the bus stop in the morning without looking silly. The rare snow on the surrounding hills is a treat to see and I don’t have to drive or walk in it unless I want to. (California, if you were wondering…)

  388. My favorite thing about winter is WOOL. Wearing it, knitting with it, buying it and just feeling it is so comforting in winter.

  389. The best thing about winter? Being wrapped up snug and warm in layers of woolly clothing whilst braving the elements. And the look on my little girl’s face as the snowflakes fall around her – perfect!

  390. It’s the summer we are currently in that reminds me of the things I like about winter. I love the light, it’s low angle makes everything look better. And watery winter sun goes well with blue sky and knitted garments. You can’t be disappointed about wintery weather – it’s supposed to be bad. But a cold and rainy summer is just depressing!

  391. My favourite thing about winter is getting to wear all my hand knits – sometimes together at the same time. This knitter is smug & snug in the cold!

  392. awaking to the unfamiliar
    white and silent, the snow crept in last night
    muffling the tramp of boots
    muffling the excited cries of school children.

    creaking as you step
    on a crystalline quilt of powdery cold.
    carefully stepping, not quite casual yet.
    carefully – for fear of falling headlong.

    of course it won’t last,
    melting even as the morning turns.
    slowly slowly revealing the suddenly green grass.
    slowly slowly leaving.

  393. My favorite thing about winter is being able to wear my warm handknits – In southern California it is frequently too warm except for a few weeks in the middle of winter

  394. What a great giveaway! Hmmm, this is a hard one for me, because I grew up in Hawaii and now I live where it is very, very, very cold, so winter isn’t something I look forward to . . .

    Oh wait, but I love to knit, so perhaps that’s a good enough reason for winter?

  395. I think Boreal is beautiful because it is so bold and graphic, and the design works on a large scale, without being too “holiday themed”. I would not be able to wear it in my local climate, but could knit it for someone else who lives where it’s colder.

  396. My favorite thing about winter is lantern walks. Making homemade lanterns with candles in them (by gluing colored tissue paper to glass jelly jars; by punching nail holes in tin cans; by using wire coat hangers to make a frame; etc…) and then bundling the kids up and walking around the block in the brisk dark. Time feels slow, the kids feel lucky and brave to be defying the dark and the cold, and when you come back in it feels extremely cozy and warm — like bedtime makes sense.

    (I LOVE this new sweater so much by the way!)

  397. I love the stretches of very cold yet sunny days that cause the frost to build up from the snow and on the branches of bare trees. We call it hoar frost, not sure if that is a term used elsewhere.

  398. I love winter because it’s the season for wool and knitters. The weather turns cold, and suddenly instead of strangers finding my hobby quaint or amusing, they see its value and wish they had someone to knit for them.

    Also, it becomes much more socially acceptable to make a giant pile out of your yarn to lay in and pretend to be a yarn dragon guarding her hoard.

  399. Knitting by the wood burning stove is the reason I love winter! I also have the love of big, fluffy snowflakes.

  400. My favorite thing about Winter is that, even in not-too-frigid North Carolina, we can use the colder weather to imagine that we’re snowed in. People from snowier parts of the country laugh when we close schools and offices here because of light snow sprinklings. But we natives know we’re just using the weather to have a good reason to snuggle down inside warm homes with books and yarn and cats and tea and hot chocolate and be grownups reliving the “snow days” of our childhoods.

  401. What I like the most about winter, is the time, when it’s really very cold outside and you come back home all frozen and then warm up bit by bit feeling more at home and safe than ever.^_^

  402. The best thing about winter is coming home after a long, freezing walk with the dogs, lighting the fire, pouring a glass of wine and settling in :).

  403. I live in Alaska, a cold stormy place, and I like winter because it makes me realize just how much all the warm, wool things I knit are my friends keeping me warm and protected from the cold and weather.

  404. I love winter for a variety of reasons, the romance of it, the ethereal beauty of it, but especially because I can go shopping for groceries on my lunch hour and keep them in the car without worrying about the meat/eggs etc., spoiling!

  405. Winter in Australia isn’t snowy, but the southern parts where I live get a lot of rain during the Winter months. I love nothing more than to put on my favourite movie “Little Women”, mix a chai latte in my favourite mug, and sit in my favourite chair knitting away the afternoon :-)

  406. My favourite things about winter is blood oranges. Nothing tastes quite like them and they are only in season in winter. I also really enjoy the smell of wood burning, with people all cozied up inside, it makes for a very pleasant smelling walk outside in the crisp air.

  407. Well, this is going to sound like pandering (lol), but my favorite part of winter really is the woolly knits. I love bringing out the big heaps of knitted socks, mittens, scarves, etc., with all their colors and patterns. Beyond that, I like the reading that comes with winter. You’re trapped in the house pretty much (or you are in my neck of the woods) and I love bundling up with a big mug of tea and a good book. I love reading but I never seem to find much time for it during the sunnier months. :(

  408. What an exciting giveaway! I love the crunch of boots in snow. There isn’t anything else like that first crunch of the year.

  409. Although not my favorite season, I enjoy winter more since discovering wool sock many years ago! And, now, since I knit my own, that’s fun too.
    One of my favorite memories is winter-themed. When my children were very small, 3 & 4, they had a chance to play on a winter beach in Maine in their snow clothes, boots, coats, hats & mittens. There were even tiny little icebergs -just chuncks of ice, really- on the sea! It is a memory I cherish.

  410. Goodness, what a lot of comments. I’m afraid I haven’t read through them all so my comment may be duplicatory. What I like about winter is being able to wear my handknits. I “run hot” and just get too warm to wear even the lightest shawl in the summer, but in the winter, oo, shawls, socks, mitts, hats, sometimes all at once!

  411. I love the subtlety of the minimalist colour palette of winter, the greys, blacks and whites of our Canadian landscape as a background for the flashes of colour from passing blue jays, cardinals and pileated woodpeckers.

  412. My favorite thing about winter is going to visit my family for the holidays and relaxing with cookies and hot beverages! What a nice giveaway!

  413. nice of you to offer a kit! I try to say you in english what I like in winter: first to walk in the snow, in the countryland, when nobody has walked there before you, I have the impression to be alone in the world, just me (sometimes with my baby) and the nature. It’s a moment when I can think about a lot of things, and it’s very important to have these happy moments!
    Then go home, with the face and the fingers very cold, and drink a cup of smoked tea (lapsang souchong) and eat a part of “tarte au vin cuit” (which is abolut not make with wine, but with apple who are cooked for about 24 hours) . And finally look the snow through the windows, when you are cooconing in home with the people you love..I really like winter and cold!

  414. The quiet and the smell of snow — especially when cross-country skiing through the woods, although for me, that generally means falling through the woods. Not that we have any snow to speak of yet, here in Western NY state. Whether I win or (more likely!) not, Boreal is just beautiful.

  415. I love bundling up in sweaters, tall boots, great scarfs, and going skiing. I love winter!
    -I also LOVE that sweater!

  416. My favourite thing about winter is the excuse to wrap up warm in all of my knitwear on a crisp day and walking to work in the beautiful low winter sun, then feeling very smug when I see everyone else stuck in their cars!

  417. My favorite part of winter is Christmas music. It makes the cold darkness worthwhile. I also love sweaters and other warm clothes!

  418. My favourite thing about winter are the cold days when the air is dry. You can go out for a walk, it doesn’t matter where, by the sea, in a forest, in the city,… The cold slowly takes over even if you wear your knitted sweater and just before you freeze you go inside for a hot choclat milk (maybe with some rhum in).

  419. The anticipation of opening the box of Christmas decorations once we bring the Christmas tree inside carrying with it the scent of winter in the woods.
    Most of the decorations are old and many are handmade, all of them relate to people we love or places we have visited.

  420. My favorite thing about winter is when it snows heavily and everything is covered in a blanket of white. The world is at peace at this time, and I love going for walks in the new snow.

  421. My favorite thing about winter is the transformation of nature and how beauty can be found in shorter days, bare branches and white drifts.

  422. I like a lot of the things already mentioned – snow days, crisp nights, clear air and the view of the winter stars. Snow days are great too. My favourite time in winter is when the land has snow on it but the sea is not yet frozen. I love the colours at that time – the black spruces against the silvery sky, the red cliffs and the dark blue-gray water. It’s magical.

  423. My favorite thing about winter is new snow that only the birds have walked in…maybe with a little seed on top.

  424. Winter is my favorite season. There is something beautiful about the soft way the snow covers up the earth, allowing her rest and a chance to regenerate. The type of silence which surrounds you when walking among the trees while the snow falls down in big, soft, light puffs is a type of silence you hear at no other time. Snow covers a multitude of hurts against the earth.

  425. Jumpers. Definately jumpers. The bigger the better since they’re the ones that only come out when it’s really cold. 100% wool of course, and definately handknitted. The thought of a thick wool jumper is what keeps me going as the temperatures drop. A small but very real compensation for foul weather, dark nights and the dormant season.

  426. Family, friends, warmth, snow, peace and knitting while my golden retriever is quietly dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures!

  427. Hmm. The crisp nights, the possibility of snow. And the enlarged enjoyment of everything cosy and warm, from a hot cup of tea to a warm sweater or blanket…

  428. I love seeing my breath in the air. My daughter snuggling in closer as I carry her home from nursery. Keeping warm under a cosy blanket with my hubby. My hands wrapped around a steaming mug of tea!

  429. I live in New England in the US. We have lots of snow in winter. I love to walk in a gentle snowstorm at night when everything is so quiet, the landscape is covered in white, and the world seems to pause to take a breath. Then when we return from our snowy walk, I really love hot soup or a cup of homemade hot chocolate to warm up from the inside! I could not imagine living anywhere that is warm and snowless during winter! Of course, all that cold and snow requires lots of lovely woolen knits to keep me warm during my treks. So, what do I love? Well, snow, hot food and warm woolens!

  430. Since living in California, I miss the snow blanket that covers everything overnight only to wake up to see the new magical world of Winter !!

  431. I like watching my horses roll around and frolic in the snow.

    Preferably from the warmth of my house, while enjoying a hot beverage and not needing to go out and shovel or plow or snowblow or move hay or farm equipment or manually defrost the evil hoses. (I am not a fan of winter’s attendant chores).

  432. We don’t get much snow here in New Zealand, but it does get cold and frosty. I love clear frosty mornings when the shrubs in the garden are white along all the branches – it’s so pretty. And frozen cobwebs are just a wonder!

    Thankfully, we’re heading into summer now, but it gives me time to knit a winter jumper before the cold days get here again.

  433. I love when snow forces us to take a vacation day. It has been years since I have been in school, but every time a “real” snow storm is forecast, I eagerly anticipate its arrival.

  434. my favorite thing about winter are the cold, crisp days that sport a bright, blue sky. If you add to that picture yesterday’s freshly fallen snow and a good hill for sledding, you have winter perfection!

  435. Christmas lessons and carols, especially carols of the English renaissance and lessons from the King James Bible. That, and Christmas baking and knitting.

  436. Well, since I moved to Australia five years ago, Christmas has been a challenging time in some ways, because now I celebrate it in the middle of summer. For a while this made me slightly sad and left me longing for frosty mornings, dark afternoons and all that goes with that – hot drinks, cosy layers, twinkling lights….. I realised, in so many ways, how deeply the traditions of Christmas are rooted in the northern hemisphere.. But I am learning to enjoy a summer festive season now, and being in the temperate climate of Tasmania has really helped. So now my favourite Christmas things include cherries, bottle brush flowers, strawberries and raspberries in the garden. But most of all, and this would be the case wherever I live, I enjoy the wonder on my young children’s faces with each little opening of the Advent calendar, each lighting of a candle, and their little songs which I hear daily at the moment…. and they are helping me see the beauty of a summer Christmas more than anything! (It’s still been nice to knit beanies and mugwarmers for the folks back in England though!) xx thank you for this generous giveaway

  437. Favorite winter thing is finally being able to get out my hand knits.
    I love wearing them and it is so unbelievably hot 6 to 7 months out of the year where I live. I always look longingly toward these nippy days.
    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  438. I might sound mad but, on a winters day when we have had fresh snow on the ground. I love to wrap up with the warmest coat I have, a wooly hat and scarf with mitts and take my J Russel Bonnie for a walk she just loves the snow and the cold dose not seem to bother her.

  439. My favourite thing about winter is wearing all of my handmade woolly knitwear which is too warm to wear at other times of the year. Like you, I love it when I can go out in an all wool outfit!

  440. my favorite thing is wearing knitwear and getting to explain to people that I made it all! It is a lovely sweater, thanks for a beautiful design.

  441. I adore Snow Days. Especially because my office closes and I get a free day off completely unexpectedly! I can curl up (after shoveling the walks) with hot tea and my knitting, listening to music, and even allow myself to nap a bit. What a treat.
    (Oh I hope for a snow day soon!)
    (and thank you for the chance to win – it’s a beautiful sweater!)

  442. I love fresh snow on a sunny day and the way it sparkles. I love the shock of the cold when first going out. I love the animal tracks that criss cross our yard and field telling their own stories. And there is nothing to compare with a full moon reflecting off the snow. But building snow forts with kids is the absolute best.

  443. The best of winter I see in my kids who bounce with excitement at the prospect of even a single flake of snow, revel in diving into the fluffy white, can’t be enticed indoors and want just more and more outside time.

    Thank you for your beautiful blog, and this generous giveaway.

  444. Hi!
    My favourite thing is snow! Any kind, but specifically when it falls from the sky… soundless, comforting and glittering.

  445. Winter is different everywhere I’ve lived. In my hometown, it means silky fog enveloping the city and kids huddling up next to the radiators in the classroom on cold mornings. In the American Midwest, it means unmelting snow, layer upon layer, sparkling like stars under the streetlights. In New York City, it means stylish gumboots and muddy subway cars. In the tropics and now here in the desert, it’s the season of day after day of beautiful weather, a respite after the long, muggy summer.

    No matter where I am, though, I want to drink cup after cup of tea and knit something comforting and cozy.

  446. My favorite thing about winter is waking up in the morning to new fallen snow with snow falling all day. It’s great to be able to stay home, cook a pot of soup with some hot, buttery cornbread and knit something woolie all day. Here in Texas, we seldom have such days, but they are greatly appreciated when they happen.

  447. Going for a row early on a crisp, bright day and working hard together with the crew. Getting cold and muddy putting the kit away and then the utter pleasure of getting home to a hot shower, wood fire and a good couple of hours knitting. Bliss.

  448. Coming home to an open fire after a long walk on a clear cold bright day of azure skies and amber light, when the mud of autumn has been frozen to a crackling rind underfoot, there is still a silvering of frost in the shadows unmelted by day’s end, and the dog has pounced and pronked and pranced for the sheer joy of it all.

  449. My favorite thing about winter is the hush that comes over the city after a snowfall. It seems that everyone slows down and takes a deep breath. I like to have a gigantic, steaming mug of tea and just look at everything.

  450. Winter is my favorite time of year. I love the silence of the tall pine trees, the tinkle of pinecones falling onto the frosty snow, people walking outside covered in warm, hand knitted mittens, scarves, hats and sweaters. My dog, Oreo loves to run with his nose in the snow and make tracks for me to follow, he often turns around to see if I am. And the stars are brillant at night, the moon shines full, the sunrise is so very quiet, like sneaking up on the world as if to say “hello!” Mid afternoon snowball fights, snowmen built by the children of the neighborhood, and hot cocoa when I come in from a day of fresh air and delight.

  451. There are many things I like about Winter. Just as well since I live in Norway. But layers of cosy clothing, especially with warm socks, has to be one of my favourites.

  452. Going for walks in the woods with my three dogs on fresh, virgin snow, when the sun is up on a beautiful winter day. Then coming home for a snack and a warm cup of tea, and then some great knitting while listening to the radio. A perfect winter sunday in Norway

  453. Wow what a great giveaway! I love the cool temps of Winter…cold makes outdoor exercise more enjoyable and sipping a warm beverage more enjoyable as well! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  454. best thing about winter is small excited children who can’t wait til the snow comes because then it’s really Christmas!

  455. J’aime, quand il fait bien froid m’emmitoufler avec bonnet, écharpe et gants, et aller marcher sur le bord de mer …

  456. My favourite winter thing is, wrapped up warmly in wool, walking the dogs on a bright frosty morning and enjoying the fine framework of the bare trees against a blue sky, especially the oaks.

  457. I love the crisp feel in the air, being able to curl up in a warm blanket, and the opportunity to wear more of my handknits!

    PS – I love the new sweater! It’s beautiful.

  458. My favorite thing about winter is sitting by the fire, drinking tea, and knitting away on a new sweater. I love Boreal almost as much as Deco!

  459. My favorite thing is having a reason to knit and wear wool everyday for any occasion.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  460. The best parts of winter are the crisp sunny days with the leaves blowing here and there. If feels like nature is cleaning up and renewing itself for the coming spring. After a long walk it is time for some family togetherness, hot chocolate, home baked cookies, and a good knitting project. This is a good winter day in Oregon.

  461. The very best thing about winter is the temperature difference between outdoors and indoors, enjoying it in that order, and then enhancing it by sitting by the fire, drinking hot and making warm things.

  462. Wow, loads of comments on this one! But maybe the fact that the drawing is happening on my birthday will bring me luck ; )

    My favourite thing about winter is the combination of a good walk out in the fresh cold and the promise of snuggling up somewhere warm with some knitting afterwards… perfect.

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity to enter- and congrats on the lovely new design.

  463. It’s a tie between:
    seeing the summer’s baby alpacas (and this year also a puppy) heading out into their first snow. The aerial maneuvers are enough to make me laugh out loud.

    and the full moon shining on the snow, lighting up the night like daytime. Love the winter moonshadows!

    Absolutely beautiful sweater, yarn and pattern both.

  464. Here where I live, winter is usually beautiful and white. I love the sound when it is cold outside and you walk in the snow.
    But best of all is that it is so cold that I have use all the lovely sweaters and other woolen clothes, which I am so fond of knitting.

  465. My favorite thing about winter??? Hmm….at the moment it is snuggling with my hubby by the fire while working on some knitting.

  466. The best moments in winter are totally unexpected – like seeing the sky perfectly reflected in a dirty puddle, or a huge flock of starlings swooping down to roost in some shabby derelict buildings, or when, as I shiver outside my own front door without a key, I find my irritation completely dispelled by a robin singing its heart out. Immediately I know that every season has its own treasures.

  467. My favourite thing about winter: anticipation. Of Christmas, of the possibility of snow, of the first snowdrop, of two weeks to visit family, of skiing holidays (everyone goes except me which is fine by me), of longer days and finally of spring.

  468. The thing I love about winter here in Northern California is that it rains after not raining for months, and the hills turn from brown to green.

  469. When frost is on the ground, the world looks white, brown with bits of green. The world outside is quiet. I am in my house with my flannel pajamas on, my pink slippers, holding a cop of hot tea(PG tips and carnation milk). On those days, I feel fortunate to be alive in my warm house. Turn on something trashy, on the TV and start knitting. Nothing better.

  470. My very favourite thing about winter is that I can wear lovely thick jumpers and socks and all manner of woolly things but my second favourite would have to be when it snows because I still get as excited as when I was a little girl, it just makes everything so beautiful.

  471. My favourite thing about winter? That I can still run on the trails, and that the scenes I see take on such a wonderfully different perspective in this season.
    Mosses & lichens come alive in the damp mistiness and when you look really closely, the range of hues is absolutely exquisite.
    Then when I get home and am clean and warm and with a cup of tea in hand, I can settle down to my knitting, and planning some arm warmers and a hat in colours that I’ve just seen out in their natural setting.
    Oh, we are so lucky to be alive—makes the tough bits fade a little…

  472. My favourite thing about winter is skating outdoors, preferably at the skating rink at city hall and with my man and my daughter(s). We skate all year round (indoors), but since my youngest daughter was born, last December, we have been unable to skate together. We used to do ice dance and, one day, we will again.

  473. What I love about winter is a fire in the chimney, knitting, and the pleasure of slow-cooked meals on returning from a walk in the crisp morning sun. Layer upon layer of hand-knitted cardigans, cowls and scarves for everyone, and the glow of children’s cheeks after they’ve played in the snow.

  474. My favorite thing about winter is that it ends :) Spring and autumn are cold enough for wool here in Norway – winter is just too dark and cold for me. But some nice yarn and a beautiful pattern would help a lot!

  475. My favorite thing about winter is that pink sunset sky that happens over snow, when it’s late in the afternoon/evening, and it’s grey and cold, and some rays of sun sneak out between clouds before the sun sets for good. I miss that light, now that we live in a different climate. When I see a good photograph of it, or a painting, it makes me ache.

  476. Knitting a new pattern, hopefully the gorgeous Boreal!, with a great cup of tea, sitting in the sofa and watching the snow fall….with every stitch and every snowflake you feel like all your worries are melting away and are celebrating all the great gifts life has to offer.

  477. My favorite thing about winter is bringing all my sweaters out from hibernation. I much prefer being able to layer a bunch of warm knits to the hot days of summer.

  478. I love winter…everything about it. I love the cold, the short grey days, I love the smell of static, the clank and hiss of old radiators. It’s time for hunkering down, for putting a pot of chicken stock on the stove. A time of comforts. I only wish we got more snow here in the mid-Atlantic U.S.

    Boreal is gorgeous, and I can only imagine how amazing it is in that scrummy Artesano Aran!

  479. My favourite thing about winter is that the stars seem to be so near. And then of course hot chocolat and candle light.

  480. What i really like about winter is the smell of it : orange and cloves, tea with spicy cardamon, nice hot fruit “brioche” for breakfast, and windy seaside….
    What a nice idea this “boreal giveaway” !

  481. My favorite thing about winter has to be the snow. I love being outside in it and being inside, next to a fire with a mug of hot chocolate, with the cold outside!

  482. The the thick golden light from the sun being so low in the sky. And the blue and violet shadows in the snow.

  483. My favorite winter thing is after an long evening knitting by de fireplace just before bedtime an nice glass of wine.

  484. After a long winter walk with the kids returning home where the fire’s still burning and the smell of baked apples wellcomes us.
    Burning candles in the dark.
    The silence when the snow falls.

  485. Oh goodness…I love everything about winter! The snow, hot drinks, Christmas, being inside during a snow storm, and of course, knitting warm things to wear. Thanks for the giveaway!

  486. Sleeping under piles of heavy blankets in a chilly house and waking up and dashing across the cold wood floor to stoke the wood stove.

  487. Best thing about Winter? It’s not hot. I like grey, chilly, rainy days that make me grateful for my warm, dry home. I love looking out my floor to ceiling windows when it snows. I like wearing warm sweaters in winter colors rather than try to pull off looking good in summer colors and thin t-shirts.

  488. Hibernating! The past couple of years when we’ve had snow in January which makes the world stop & slow down for a while. To spend time with the children, go walking, knit, sit by the fire & sip hot soups. Just lovely!

  489. I love days when it’s either fine enough to go out (or having wet weather gear appropriate to the miserableness of the day) and spending as much time as possible hiking or cycling in the cold until pleasantly exhausted, then coming home at night to warm, stodgy food, and curling up with knitting.

  490. The transformation of the landscape when a heavy, wet snow clothes all the trees and mountains, making the ordinary landscape extraordinary.

  491. I love the cold and early nights, when it’s all dark (preferably snowing outside) and I can curl up in the warmth with some tea, my knitting and a good book/movie!

  492. Bright blue skies, long shadows of skeletal trees and snow. I especially love it at this time of year with the prospect of abundance: time off, well stocked cupboards and the opportunity to lig in front of the stove with some spinning and not have to go anywhere.

  493. I live in Houston, TX and we don’t have much winter here. But my favorite part about what we do call “winter” is that it isn’t 100 degrees F outside. Although today is it 65, and 70’s are predicted for later this week.

  494. My favorite thing is waking up early on a saturday – no work! – and curling up on the couch woth coffee and my knitting books, looking for the next great project.

  495. My favorite part of winter is the beauty of silently falling snow. However, shoveling it is another story. Winter also means hand knit mittens and other wintry accoutrements.

  496. Ice skating on a frozen lake at night, by the light of the moon! And peeking down through the ice of the speed-skating rink — dark black, with white cracks like veins, and leaves suspended, waiting for spring.

  497. By far, my favorite thing about winter is that I can wear my handknits without sweating so much they felt! Sunny southern California is not exactly a knitter’s paradise, but I will make and wear Boreal with pride whenever possible!

  498. What I like about winter is its slower pace; my time isn’t divided between so many activities. As much as I like gardening and being outside in summer, winter gives me time to slow down and spend more time knitting, reading and baking. And I still get outdoors as much as possible to walk and enjoy the winter scenery.

  499. Where I live, winter lasts from October to April and wee dont see the sun from the end of October to February. This long period is called the darkenss time in Norwegian, and it really is. We only get a few hours of daylight, some days if the weather is bad almost no daylight at all. The darkness can be tough on your immune system and your psyche, leeving you feeling tired and without much energy most of the time.

    So when the sun returns in February, its incredibly good. The feeling of sunlight on your face when it has been gone for so long is undescribable. Its like youve been half-comatose for months and then suddely you are awake. The change is dramatic, almost disturbingly so, but its still fantastic. My favourite thing about winter :-)

  500. Chilly temps, frost creatures growing on the windows, snow resting on the trees branches, a snow-capped world, the sun hugging the horizon and lighting up the mountains in shades of glowing pastel.

  501. My favorite thing about winter is that it begins on the shortest day of the year and each day then gets a little longer. During late December and into January I want to hibernate and stay by the fire, but as winter goes on, the days get longer and I begin to look forward to spring. My second favorite thing is fresh snow that sparkles like a blanket of diamonds in the sun!

  502. How exciting, a contest! I love the sweater, reminds me of a vintage-maybe 40’s? You would know better then I. I think I would have to try snowshoeing if I was wearing it. :) My favorite thing about winter is the peace after a giant snowfall. We have a lot of trees in our yard and when all the branches are covered in snow it creates this lovely, silent, enchanted place!

  503. I love a new snow, when it’s very quiet, and any sound is muffled. We get abut 8 feet of snow every winter (we already have 10″) and we’re lucky enough to have so many sunny winter days. The sparkly snow is so beautiful, and I also love a full moon shining on snow – the night is so bright we go skiing without headlamps on!

  504. Walking on a frozen creek, the ice like glass so I can see the water burbling by. Snow drifts so tall I can’t recognize my own yard! A frozen crust on the snow that reflects the moonlight, making it look like a landscape covered in icing. Making a snowman on my deck to keep me company.