outdoors / indoors

Outdoors looks like this

Indoors looks like this

This is our new woodburning stove.

Both outdoors and indoors make me very happy. I like Winter.

I am feeling better.

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you my new – and very Wintery design. Till then!

40 thoughts on “outdoors / indoors

  1. I am very happy to learn that you have YOUR STOVE! I love a good stove, and all the tasks associated with running it. Twig gathering, some nice hatchet work and log-splitting, and then building the fire and lighting it. I hope you are very cosy and cannot wait to see your new design UNLEASHED! x

  2. Our local news station here in the U.S. recently showed videos of the wicked winds that Edinburgh experienced this past week. Are you all right? When I saw the pictures, I thought of you and hoped you all were safely indoors!

  3. Your stove installation was propitious for your recent weather – how lovely to be snug and warm (until you have to go gathering again LOL!). Glad you are safe and warm – it sounds rather frightening over there right now. Your stove surround tiles are lovely too!

    I also like winter – as long as I am warm and can make tea – can you make tea on your stove if necessary?

    Looking forward to the new design.

  4. Keep warm, stay healthy… this is pure unadulterated selfinterest: can’t wait for your new pattern!

    PS: Cabbage and Roses rock!

  5. I will think of you all day as I sit warm and cozy by my own warm fire, a pot of fragrant tea and my own knitting in my hands! Thank you for writing to us! I have definitely discovered a kindred spirit with your lovely messages. They inspire me, make me smile, and help me get to know all the other wonderful knitters out there who leave messages! I love all the messages; thanks, everyone!

  6. Enjoy your new woodstove! I am spending a chilly, snowy Saturday morning in front of a fire with your Caller Herrin’ pattern and a big steaming cup of Earl Grey. Perfection!

  7. mmmm….I would stay indoors! Nothing better than a woodburning stove. I had one all my live, except the last 6 years, and I miss it terribly!
    Looking forward to your new design! Good you are better!
    Keep warm!

  8. Found your blog, actually, not sure how, but I have loved reading through it. I am a knitter, sewer, and tapestry weaver. Your sweaters are truly beautiful, and your post on Cabbage and Roses had me spending much too much time on the web drooling over their clothes. Hope you continue to recover from your stroke. I had a back problem last year that put me in bed for five weeks unable to walk, I could only crawl to the bathroom and back to bed. Luckily, I did recover, and now after more than a year of rehab I am beginning to get my self back, although as you say in your posts, your body is never the same. But, I am happy to be back walking, riding my horse, and limited gardening. I continue to get stronger even after a year with continued rehab. I wish you luck. On the good side, I finished a coat sweater in that five weeks that I was bed bound that I probably would have spent a year or more knitting.

    Good luck with your recovery, and I will continue to enjoy your posts.

  9. Ooh.. I also love winter, which is helpful because I’m Canadian. I spent last evening selecting winter-themed photographs to mount for the season. Can’t wait to see your new design!!

  10. I like winter, too, and wood fire, especially with spruce wood – the sound is marvelous, you feel warm and cosy immediately just by hearing this cracking and bursting!
    Eagerly waiting to see your new design!

  11. The stove and its niche are beautiful – I see inspiration for colorwork right there, in the floral tiles, the golden spaces (wood or more tile?) between them, and their dark border. Was that originally a regular fireplace?

    I love winter too. Mine is mild compared to most other climates, but it’s still distinct and beautiful.

  12. Oooh. That looks oh so inviting. A short time spent outside followed by a hot drink and knitting next to that woodstove would be so lovely. Can’t wait to see what your fabulous mind has come up with next.

  13. Please tell us more about your current weather? It has made the tv news in the US. It looks as bad as our summer and fall hurricanes and on top of that it must be cold! I started thinking about you when I saw the news story. Isn’t it amazing how small the world has gotten due to the Internet?? Glad you are warm by your stove and feeling better.

  14. There is nothing better than a woodburner – I am glad you have one – I find mine a constant source of comfort. Walks take on a whole new meaning as I glean the countryside for kindlers etc. .

  15. Beautiful images…. Most of us here in Tasmania have wood burning stoves and fires and they are the best way of warming up. Yes to a walk in the cold, and a return indoors to hot chocolate, the stove and a basket of knitting….We are heading into summer over and down here at the last stop before Antarctica, but still had snow on the mountains last week. And I will be knitting regardless – your patterns as it goes. I am glad you are feeling better and am really looking forward to seeing your next design…x

  16. Love the wood stove! We are planning to get one, I like yours! And looking forward to the wintry design, I would love a new design to knit. Just in time :)

  17. What a blessing a warm stove is. We have ours on 24 hours during the winter months so there is always a warm welcome when you come in from the cold. Your new fire looks wonderful. Stay warm and looking forward to the new design. Yippee! PS – Woody says “hello” to his Bruce Over There.

  18. Ooh you have your stove installed, I’m still waiting for mine, it has been delivered from AGA to the local supplier but has yet to be fitted. We’ve gone for the Stretton which can be inserted into a fireplace as there wasn’t room for a freestanding one. I may have to print out a picture of yours and enlarge it to fit the gaping hole as the puppy keeps trying to climb the chimney and the hailstones came down it yesterday bringing a heap of soot with them.

  19. So glad you are feeling better now and looking forward to your Wintry design in the next few days. I love Winter too…no snow here in N.Wales yet :(

  20. Oooooh, very jealous of your lovely new woodburner. I grew up with one of these and miss it at this time of year. They are so cosy. Looking forward to the new designs :o)

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