Funchal Moebius

Here is my Funchal-inspired design! Like the ‘dragons-tooth’ pavements I saw in Madeira (thanks for the info, knitlass), the Funchal Moebius uses a high-contrast OXO motif with strong diagonals. One side is dark-on-light:

and the other is light-on-dark.

The design begins life as a provisionally cast-on tube . . .

. . . which is knit continuously until it reaches the circumference of your shoulders. It is then blocked flat, twisted in the middle and grafted to form a continuous moebius strip. The result is a dramatic wrap that can be worn in several different ways, but which is surprisingly simple to knit.

The yarn is Renaissance Dyeing’s wonderful organic Poll Dorset 4 ply in shades ‘midi’ and ‘ecru’. This is one of my all-time favourite yarns in which to knit colourwork. Because it is slightly lustrous and worsted spun, it is very different from working with a Shetland – the yarn is very smooth, creating a fabric that is incredibly even (to the point of appearing woven) with a slight sheen and very little halo. The Poll Dorset that Andie dyes is grown, and spun close to where she lives in the Pyrennees. I love that every stage of its processing is totally visible. (You can see the sheep that grew it, together with their shepherd, and the spinner that spun the yarn over here on Andie’s blog.) Andie dyes naturally, and her colours are – naturally – amazing.

I am incredibly pleased with the way this design has turned out. It is simple, versatile, really fun to knit, and sure to be useful in the colder weather.

Want to see how you might wear it?

And yes — everything else I’m wearing is WOOL as well.

The pattern for the Funchal Moebius is now available here.

73 thoughts on “Funchal Moebius

  1. My gosh, Kate! This design just took my breath away. I will definitely be knitting this one as soon as my Christmas knitting is done! I might even use the same colors. Just lovely work!

  2. You are a creative genius, and your last post was a tremendous gift to me, as I’m disabled and most likely will never travel to that part of the world. I am fascinated by the tiles and by how these communities have embraced them in their daily lives. Thank you!

  3. Knit in a tube, it looks like it has a nice heft to it that would make it very warm. The cheapskate in me immediately thought how I’d use half the yarn by double-knitting it. Do you think it would make it too insubstantial? It’s a beautiful pattern!

  4. Absoulutely stunning! I can imagine this in so many colorways, each looking equally beautiful! Thank you for writing about it as it does “educate” me on textiles.

  5. I am so pleased to see the wonderfully crisp but curvy Moebius you have created with the organic Poll Dorset, I am very proud of this wool or should I say woollen worsted yarn and am very touched that it has found praise from such a master knitter as yourself.

  6. I love this Kate, unfortunately my knitting is not up to the skill of making it, but I think it one of my favorites of your designs

  7. Pure beauty and genius….. you are truly gifted. Maybe I will embark on this gem one day…. still knitting the Warriston in amongst the Christmas craft, and have just learned the i-cord binding method. Loving it – thank you so much x

  8. It’s beautiful! I really like the double sided effect to your colourwork, reminds me of those clothes where you have a little something of a fun facing on the inside to line a coat or a skirt. Gorgeous as always, Kate!

  9. Brilliant! I love a Moebius construction, and this one is especially welcome because the colorwork is so attractive. Surprising how different the tilework looks with just a change of polarity. The smooth, non-Shetlandy appearance of the yarn in a stranded colorwork project is intriguing, too. I wonder whether such a yarn is available in North America?

  10. Wow! That’s just fantastic. I really love the woven feel created by the mobius tube – the two halves of the tube look like the right and wrong sides of a piece of woven fabric.

  11. Truly gorgeous. How I wish I could get enthused about fairisle… love the results, intensely dislike the process. Perhaps I should labour-trade. I’m all about lacework.

  12. So dramatic. Kate, I don’t knit but I have read your blog faithfully for two years because I am fascinated by textiles and find your post-stroke journey compelling. What an inspiration you have sometimes been to me personally and artistically though my life has taken shape in a radically different way. Thank you.

  13. Exquisite ! I love how you share a design from first impressions, and your garments have become like A Good Book, and not just a lovely knitted design. And like good books, when they end, there’s a selfish sort of sadness that one must wait patiently until the next. Oh , and I just love your red wool dress !

  14. Dear Kate,
    this Funchal Moebius is one of the best peaces of knit you ever made, and as we all know you created a lot of great designs!
    I am already thinking about the colours for my own Funchal Moebius,
    thanks for this wonderful design,
    the best from your alpine reader

  15. The moebius is lovely, but it will have to wait until myself and 9 friends finish our Peerie Flooers mittens. Some of us are doing the hat as well. What I really covet in those pictures is your DRESS! Love your designs. My January sweater project is going to be DECO. 3 of us who belong to Tina Newton’s Rocking Sock Club are going to knit it.

  16. That’s just amazing. I like that you’ve produced a double-knit effect moebius but without the double knitting or the moebius technique! Genius! It has made your design so much more accessible to the average knitter with limited patience.

  17. This is amazing! I MUST knit this one! Only one problem, I don´t know how to knit with two colours – any recommendations for tutorials for this technique? Could you make one for your readers and customers?

  18. Beautiful! Amazing! I really want to knit this. I don’t know, though. Looking at your project makes me think of all those hours of happy solitude required to place stitch after stitch. Maybe I will.

  19. Gorgeous. I really like the pattern, and ways it can be worn! It would take me many many many hours of solitude to knit this, but oh, it’d be worth it. Love the design…. I really don’t know how you do it….

  20. Kate,
    I just found your post. I’m from Madeira Island and just felt so proud of your creation! Other than quite modern (it’s a must-ware fashion to this winter in Madeira) you inspired in our pavements to do it. I just love the final product but mostly your idea. Thank you for spreading the word about Madeira in such a different way.

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