photoshoot fail #343

I managed to throw some dirt and twigs on my head. That is all.

28 thoughts on “photoshoot fail #343

  1. You already know I love the hat and mittens so all I can say about this is. You look so damn cute in them and what nice coat. Good to see you exquisite taste prevails even if it doesn’t involve shoes.

  2. Fail… what fail? I love those pictures and your new mittens and hat.
    Will love to knit those!
    Kate = ever so lovely

  3. I wish I was there. I’d rake up a big pile of leaves and then THROW them way into the air to help you get the shot you desire. Loving all the fall colors. We are just inching towards gold and amber here in Georgia, USA.
    The mittens are .a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

  4. I like this photoshoot better. But I have no intention of making mittens (i FAIL at knitting) so i just like pretty fall pictures. I’m sure your photoshoot was intended for more utilitarian purposes.

  5. I love your blog! I came upon it when it was featured and am now a subscriber. I’m not a knitter but I love fabrics–more than anything I like your honesty and your earnestness! Also–great photography.

  6. As always, they look amazing! Can’t wait to try knitting them. How did you manage to bundle up in hat, coat and mittens in this heat?! Thanks, though – as everyone says above, you look great.

  7. Hee! Modelling mittens is tricky. You can’t even do my personal favourite which works with fingerless mittens and gloves (hands wrapped round cup of hot chocolate/coffee).

  8. Nice pics, love the way the hat and mittens look gorgeous with the lovely coat.
    Good to see that the little girl Kate, is still in there :-)

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