mitten graveyard

Welcome to the mitten graveyard – where bad mittens meet their end.

A place of misplaced thumbs . . .

. . . cuffs of varying dimensions . . .

. . . endless ends

. . . and the same pattern repeated usque ad nauseam

Sometimes things get very nasty, and scissors are involved.

There are currently five mittens in the graveyard – but this morning one finally made it through to the happy land where all good mittens run wild and free. Or summat.

I think I have reached the end of this particular figurative road. Time to move away from the mittens. . .

25 Comments on “mitten graveyard

  1. I used to crochet mittens for my kids when they were little and my industry gave them the idea that the mittens were disposable, like tissues from a box. When the snow melted in the spring you could find them on lawns all over the neighborhood.

  2. Oh no – such a lot of forlorn mittens!! However, I sense you have achieved something..”good mitten” I am hoping you have suceeded and a pattern is being readied. Those mittens would really make a great Xmas present.

  3. Oh but I hope this means you are working on a final mitten pattern — how divine to think about having a set with the hat!! But lovely photo shots of hard work!

  4. Even your “bad” mittens are lovely! It must be in the air though, because I spent this morning evaluating my basket of wips, and did some unraveling of my own. I feel lighter now and ready to pick a new project (or two, or three, or . . . . )

  5. Thank you for allowing us all to admit to our graveyards! Mine are many and scattered. Buried in boxes and shoved onto shelves. What a freeing post! :)

  6. Even the mittens headed for the graveyard make me smile WIDE. They’re still so beautiful. I can just feel those cuffs right through the screen, the colored ribbing… I’m so excited for the pattern.

  7. Beautiful photographs! But maybe they shouldn’t be shown to anyone thinking of taking up knitting, all those “dead” mittens might put them off! :)

  8. I like the sound where mittens run wild and free, maybe I should liberate a few to that hallowed place myself!

  9. Your colourwork is gorgeous. Even when you’re in the process of making. Your posts about Rowan Fine Tweed tempted me to get some of my own…. ;-)

  10. I love this post – the graveyard mittens are so interesting and beautiful. What happens to them after the good mitten makes it to the other side?

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