I’ve been out for a nice long ramble with Bruce. It was raining.

As long as I have a) a good waterproof and b) non-leaky boots, I rather like walking in the rain. There is nobody around. The world looks different. Everything smells good.

Bruce got to splash about in all sorts of wet stuff with complete impunity.

Almost as good as a long walk in the rain is coming in and drying off from a long walk in the rain . . . with a giant cup of tea . . .

. . .and a scone (bizarrely, my biscuit disaster seems to have kindled a baking phase).

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

38 thoughts on “friday

  1. I love your Emma Bridgewater mug! I’m a complete addict myself and have about 12 of her “Birds of Great Britain” mugs. They’re expensive – especially with shipping to the U.S. – but it’s a worthy investment in my mind.

  2. I love walking in the rain. Rain days seem romantic… padding around the house in fluffy socks, with tea, and knitting in tow.
    Good thing because apparently we are having quite a bit of it this Sunday in New Hampshire.

    happy trails to all…

  3. Tea and scones – heaven…….your kind of rain is our spring rain …… not so happy in the rain as this time of year it usually comes with thunder and lightening… the mug!

  4. I am with you! I think the lack of other people out combined with the promise of dry warmth at the end is one of those great pleasures of life.

  5. Your scone looks good – I tried making scones for the first time the other day and it all went very pear-shaped. They tasted good but looked very un-sconelike! Mmm, might make some more, as it’s raining. I like being out in the rain too but we’ve just had a thunderstorm which I’m less enthusiastic about – it started five minutes before school finished of course (amazing how often that happens) so my daughter and I got caught in it while picking my son up. But drying off and listening to the thunder was good :-).

  6. So glad you are well enough to be out and about again in all kinds of weather. Sounded like a lovely walk. We are having temps. in the 100s here. A nice cool rain would be a lovely break. Thanks for taking your camera along on the walk.

  7. oh! that looks just wonderful! love going out in the rain too… here in Norway we say there no such thing as bad weather. only bad clothing -meaning clothes not approrpiate for ex. rain ; ) wishing you a lovely weekend

  8. Love the smell of rain. Love walking in mild rain (drizzle). Love being inside and listening to thunder. Love how clean and green (sometimes–I live in mountain desert) things can look after the rain.

    Also like walking in snow, especially when it’s so cold it squeeks under my feet.

  9. I spotted your E. Bridgewater mug right off-I adore them! Tea (or coffee) always tastes best out of a lovley mug after a walk

  10. Awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene, so your rain looks a lot nicer than the anticipated 6-8″ of torrential downpour and 60mph winds they are predicting for my neck of the woods…especially just days after we experienced a not-so-charming earthquake. Would love a good cup of tea (courage) and a scone right now!

  11. I love a scone with homemade jam and a cup of tea, my favourite at the moment though is spelt flour rockcakes, lovely flavour with spelt. Good to see you and Bruce up and about.

  12. Your scone is beautiful! It is still blazingly lot where I live; a nice, chilly walk in the rain followed by a warm afternoon inside looks like the best thing ever right now.

  13. I have leaky boots (they won’t see me past this winter before they fall apart), but I also have Sealskin socks, they make walking Wales so much more pleasurable without wet feet.

  14. I’m glad it’s raining now so it will be all gone by next Wednesday when our knitting tour arrives. Hopeful thinking.

  15. How dreamy. I love being in the rain (waterproofed, of course). We’re working on our 9th week without rain and 70-something ith day of 100+ degree F weather. I wish I could climb through my computer screen right now… So good you are up and out. My mother always said that a good walk and breathing clean air outside makes one well. Perhaps she was right. Anyway, Bruce looks thrilled.

  16. I totally agree. As long as I have dry feet and a good waterproof jacket I will stay out in the rain for hours. As far as I know, no-one has ever rusted from being in the rain.

  17. How lovely! I thoroughly enjoy walking in the rain … good thing, seeing as I live in Seattle. :) Lots of times I go out without a raincoat … I like getting cold and wet because it makes coming home and getting warm and dry even better! For me it’s a mug of tea and a toasted onion bagle, nom.

  18. Appreciating and embracing this crazy UK summer I agree with you about walking in the rain, especially when it’s rewarded by tea and scones, yum !!!!

  19. I used to swim when it rained, had the pool all to myself, the water temperature stayed about the same.
    Of course Bruce is a lab so he is not phased either way. Scone looks delicious. Enjoy the rest of your weekend too.

  20. All that is lacking for a perfect homecoming is a little knitting. But I’m willing to bet you fitted a bit of that in too, once you’d finished your yummy-looking scone!

  21. My ma used to say that the rain ‘stops at the skin’ and I have to say I really enjoy a good old puddle splash if I am properly dressed for it. We had a a very wet (underfoot) walk yesterday with low cloud and it was just lovely.

  22. Very life-affirming, walking in the rain (just as well, really, given the amount of it there’s been lately; you can tell it’s a bank holiday weekend). And I’d add returning to a well-lit wood stove and knitting plus tea and scones for even more perfection.
    Now that it seems to be autumn…

  23. Thank you Kate ! I wish you a nice Sunday too. I will probably spend the day on the beach, with hubbie and baby, catching the opportunity of forecasted sunbeams as sunny days are too rare in the south-west of France these days ! It is good to know you up and out, by the way.

  24. Sorry my bad english
    I follow your blog a long time ago I suposse We share the strength to overcome adversity I am a transplanted kidney and to me every day is a challenge.
    Influenced by friends started to hike and is very rewarding to me.
    , I started walking and got to do it up a hill at 450 mt Unfortunately when I got home I had no tea or scone but I had a beautiful sunny morning.

  25. I also like walking in the rain for the same reasons but I am currently getting sun burnt in the amazing city of Vilnius, Lithuania so a wee bit sad to see how autumnal home is looking. Was also hoping for a wee glimpse of my dog in the background of your pictures as she is currently tramping those same paths with my parents who are looking after her while I’m away (this is the longest we have been apart in the 18 months since I got her). So if you meet a slightly radge black and white lurcher on your travels give her a pat from me….

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