If you roll in the fox shit . . .

. . . then it’s time for a BATH!

66 thoughts on “consequences

  1. Bath face… So familiar… (they all look the same when they’re wet – even the little white ones (westie) and big curly black ones and Bruce… Loved this post.

  2. We have five whippets … only one has to roll in poo of any kind and you can guarantee that somehow he will manage to transfer said poo to all the others … that face x5 is sooooo familiar!

  3. How cute! My dogs do the same thing, dead things, fox shit, anything with a foul smell will do. It’s a good thing they’re so cute, then it is easy to forgive them :)

  4. I once had to drive home with my spaniel in the back of the car, after she had rolled in fox shit ……. the only thing that I have smelled that was worse, was the dead badger in the verge that I had to walk past every morning last summer!

  5. Oh, that face…that face…
    My terrier makes it. It’s the pathetic, sorrowful, “I’m cute; why are you tormenting me with this non-stinky stuff and all this clean water?” face that she makes before she runs outside and hops in the pond yet again and roles in the grass and dirt after that.

    As another commenter said, it’s a good thing dogs are so cute!

  6. Oh, Bruce! Naughty, naughty. Sniffing is one thing, rolling is quite another. Next time just use your nose then walk on by.

  7. Our dogs love a good shit-rubbing. It usually ends up on their necks/throats. ‘Round here, we call that “poop-necking”. “Shit-diving” would work, too.

  8. With two spaniels in the house I know everything about such consequenses…

    A couple of years ago Tekla, the red cocker spaniel, and I went for a birdwatching trip. The very first day she rolled in slurry (not sure if that is the correct word but it is some kind of liquid manure). We stayed at a hostel and I had no dog shampoo so I had to clean her with dish detergent and when that was finished I got some car shampoo from a kind man.

    Although it is many years ago now I still remember how awful it was.

    Kate, glad to read that you are better now!

  9. Stan isn’t a poo roller yet but being a fox terrier he has a hairy bum – which gets a bit smelly sometimes and needs to be washed and trimmed………He’s so much happier after. Does Bruce race up and down after he’s been washed to dry himself off?

    1. we have a wire haired fox too – Hattie who is going to the grooming parlour tomorrow before we go on holiday to Dumfries and Galloway at the weekend. Hattie’s loves rolling in anything she can find. I remember someone telling me about the Ketchup trick though haven’t needed to try it yet.

  10. Aww the sad dog face…it tugs at the heart strings! I can’t wait to see my puppy’s raised eyebrows again after 6 weeks away from him…he arrives on Friday!

  11. Wish I’d known about the ketchup manoeuvre back when our pooch rolled in badger’s. Of course she was washed (washing up liquid as I recall) but the smell came back every time she got wet then warmed up by the fire. This lasted for a couple of months. So watch out, you may not have smelled the end of it!

  12. In that first picture you can almost hear the doggy arh… Lol!
    And that sad embarassed look on Bruce’s face, very precious.
    He is obviously much loved; can tell by his good bathtime behaviour.

  13. Oh dear. I’m still laughing although I’m sure Bruce’s perfuming was not funny. I had a cat years ago who liked to roll in dead things. ugh. Oh the joys of pet ownership…

  14. I’m so glad to see your posts again ! Well, Bruce is such a dog, isn’t he? And what a handsome frolicking buddy who keeps you busy I’m sure. My girl Emma, she loves skunks, and that’s the worst possible nightmare to bath. Every year I have to give her at least one or two or three skunk baths. Last one was so bad, about two months ago, and I had nearly got skunked myself, trying to pull her away from the spraying critter, which was inside of a snarl of dead wood, to keep Emma from getting it. That skunk probably used up every bit of juice in it’s glands on Emma that time, and she got loose and went back to it again. I was so close, about 4 feet away from it when I finally got Emma’s collar. She was in bad trouble with me. Everytime she gets wet, the skunk smell comes back.

  15. For future reference…
    Skunk (and other animal) stink remover
    •1 Qt 3% hydrogen peroxide
    •1/4 cup baking soda
    •1 T. liquid dish soap
    Wet your dog. Mix all ingredients in a large plastic bowl. Thouroughly coat your dog with the mix. Let the solution sit on your dog for at least 5 min, be very careful to keep the goo out of his eyes. Rinse completely. Repeat as necessary. (Proven by the mighty and redoubtable MythBusters (an American show)).

    This one WORKS. The soap breaks down the oils in the skunk stink, and the baking soda & peroxide neutralize the odor.

    1. Wouldn’t the peroxide bleach the dog’s hair? Of course, bleached-blond fur would be much better than stinky fur, but it might look odd on a formerly-black dog.

  16. Can’t understand why a Lab would object to getting wet…unless it’s the sudsing that goes along with the wet. I used to wash our shepherd in the yard, with his lead fastened to the fence. He’d give me such a saaaad look! But he was good as gold, stood still the whole time and “took it like a man”! I sure do miss that critter.

  17. Oh poor Bruce… as we say in Texas, Bless his little doggy heart.

    BTW- my dog Chloe (half lab, half beagle) makes the same face, working her big hound eyes as sorrowful as possible. And its worse for her because she gets bathed at least once a week because she has allergies….

  18. OMG! I read your blog regularly and this entry is particularly shocking because this very afternoon I had to give a bath to my cocker spaniel who rolled in some wild animal’s mess in the yard. Why do they do this to us?! Well, at least now I have a sweet smelling and soft pooch to cuddle up to on the couch :)

  19. just in case you missed H’s comment above, I can confirm that tomato ketchup is the way forward…unbelievable (and best done outside!) but it really does work…

  20. My Black Labrador was the same, hard to believe they are water dogs, muddy puddles and animal poo fine but clean soapy water naah!

  21. well, my little beagle-cross bitch used to roll in dog scat whenever we were ready to go on a trip, and my border collie wendy once came home after rolling in rotting flesh (dead calf?) and there were chunks. my god, dogs just love stinky stuff.

  22. Not a dog person, so fortunately know little about the habits of canines. However, this afternoon I have hugely enjoyed watching the newly out on DVD ‘My Dog Tulip’ based on the JR Ackerley book. And a honourable mention (with accompanying graphic) is given to the attractions of rolling in poo.

    Best wishes,


  23. I love his expression in the last photo – so plaintive. Sophie (my very naughty dalmatian who was my companion growing up) looked similarly sad whenever we washed her and she used to rattle her teeth just to add to the whole pathetic effect.

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