memo to self

Never wear silk georgette around Bruce.

38 thoughts on “memo to self

  1. I have no silk georgette, so you are welcome to send Bruce down to Staffordshire. I promise I’ll take good care of him!

  2. The eternal joys of being a pet owner are never ending…:) We have 4 cats and two dogs in our family and I am forever strategically placing things to keep them out of the way of any number of 4 legged creatures…Thankfully cute goes a long way –

  3. Woody would like Bruce to know that he has proudly ripped holes in jumpers, skirts, sheets and balls of wool, chewed vital pieces of lego and duplo – but – has yet to find some silk georgette. However, the day is yet young!

  4. There are whole categories of clothing styles and fabric types and colours that become forbidden when a lively dog enters your family.

  5. i would also add china cabinets…our Doberman accidentally caught her collar on a tiny door handle and, in her panic, almost brought down an entire cabinet filled with 12 place settings of family heirloom Wedgewood, Royal Doulton figurines, and assorted wine glasses. Luckily my husband has good reflexes and immediately jumped in to free her. Damages: one wine glass and a bent door hinge. Could have been so much worse, but happily, the Dobie is fine and the collectables survived to be passed on to another generation. Ya gotta love our furry friends.

  6. I had a similar experience with a brand new open weave Betty Jackson coat and our Greyhound, Storm…..massive snag.

  7. I had not heard of crêpe georgette (I am French) for ages ! This recalls me some very sweet memories of my grand mother teaching me how to sew, in the bright light of my summer holidays, well, 30 years ago. Thanks for this recalling, Bruce.

  8. A cliffhanger, that. Just what happened, I wonder? But as I look at the newly-upholstered-sofa-just-before-dog, I think I have an idea…

  9. Bruce, I am sure Kate loves you anyway and the silk georgette incident will be forgotten soon. Over the years, my cats and dogs have been involved in many incidents like that, most recently in a big hole in a fine lace project some months ago. Honestly, I shouldn’t have left my knitting bag on the bed when I went to the kitchen. It was really stupid of me and I do know that cats can’t resist fine silk/cashmere yarn. And I should probably not wear that bright red colour anyway, middle aged ladies like me don’t look good in such bright shades…

  10. Everyday I wear white clothes, I think “never wear white clothes with two border collies at home” but I think it too late, when I see brown feet on my clothes :) (sorry for approximative english from France)

  11. I have a springer spaniel with a particular taste for fine fabrics and expensive shoes. No respecter of elegance.

  12. Did he deliberately munch a tasty textile, or was it a case of paws or claws accidentally caught in the fabric?

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