Guess where I am?

Yes! This post comes to you straight from the Bressay Lighthouse!

22 thoughts on “Guess where I am?

  1. As an English graduate, I always think it’s very impressive when people actually get to lighthouses. And that looks like a lovely place!

  2. wow! are you staying there overnight? I’ve never stayed in a lighthouse but would absolutely love to… in fact we’re having a (very small/quiet wedding… shhh) soon so that might be an idea :)

  3. How lucky you are – I bet it is lovely and cool and there is a beautiful breeze (or being Shetland it could be cold foggy and blowing a gale) – it’s so hot here ……I don’t like the heat… I am envying you right now in more ways than one!

  4. How fabulous — I was in Shetland last week (Leebitton, opposite Mousa), and the weather was just improving as we left. Have a wonderful time!

  5. Oh how fabulous to be in Shetland at this time of year! I hope you enjoy the simmer dim and can get out for some midnight strolls! My birthday is at the end of June, and I was once in Shetland then – we walked in the wee small hours with the curlew and whimbrel burbling away – I think we were staying on Unst that time. This year I’ll be celebrating my birthday (40!!) in Yorkshire, at another good location for knitting: Reeth.

    Have a fabulous time op north, and give my love to the puffins if they havent all flown away. I do miss them – I haven’t been to see them in Shetland for years. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip soon….

  6. OMG Kate, what a beautiful place to be.
    There is a lighthouse a bit over an hour away from me, and oh how I would love to live in the old lighthouse keeper’s residence there.
    Fresh sea air, and beauty all around, and just the sounds of the sea, and birds, and a bit of a zapping sound at an electrical pole on the path leading to the lighthouse. Hope that’s fixed by now.
    Enjoy your time there.

  7. It looks like a storybook! Or a movie with Colin Firth.

    have a wonderful adventure in the lighthouse – can’t wait to hear what brought you there & what you found.

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