a gathering

The gloves were still there when I passed by earlier, but had been joined by a wee stripey companion. . .

Happily, I was able to stop Bruce before he made off with the gathering.

Perhaps folk are abandoning their winter accessories willy-nilly – it certainly feels like Spring today.

28 Comments on “a gathering

  1. I love that the accessories are ” gathering” it might be some kinda protest and I am ready to join in…maybe about winter?

  2. Aw, what a sweet mystery.

    Kate, what are the buildings in the background of the Bruce picture? It’s hard to see the perspective so my guesses are “a neighborhood” or “rabbit hutches.”

    • those are sheds and greenhouses and compost bins on our local allotments (community vegetable gardens, for those not from the UK . . .)

  3. HA!!! Scattering nilly-willy. What a great thought. We’re getting snow today but… maybe if I scattered a few pairs of (old and nasty, store-bought) gloves on our fences… Well, who knows! I saw a couple robins this week, spring is sure to follow, right? ;-)

  4. You don’t suppose the original pair have reproduced, do you? Love can happen anywhere.

  5. Keep a tight grip next time you are on a walk. There seems to be some sort of force field sucking the small knitted accessories off people when they pass by that fence.

  6. In Indiana (USA) away out in the country at a dirt road crossing, there is a Shoe Tree. For many years shoes have been tied together and cast high into the tree. The ritual or sentiment is individual to each pair. Perhaps the Mitten/Glove Bush will become a ritual in your town.

  7. I bet Bruce knows more about who the owners are with just one sniff, and if they have a cat or a dog :)

  8. They’re gathering before undertaking the arduous migration to southern-hemisphere winter.

  9. Now it will be worth watching this little gallery. Perhaps the artist hasn’t quite completed the installation and there’s more to come.

  10. Gloves are standing up for their rights!! They need their rest too. Lonely single little gloves feel the same…

  11. Oh, I wish it felt like spring! I’ve started knitting my own pair of stripey mittens today, but I really need them on my hands!

  12. Just glorious. This is my first visit here and I love your images, your admiration for life and the yarning of tales and threads. Love to have your permission to use two images for my blog and link back to you for my Month of March! Marching onwards to design, create and inspire an artful life.
    pve of pve design

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