Holyrood Park

It is not easy to venture far afield in this weather, so we we had another local walk today. It was time for me to try out my new Winter boots (bought with the proceeds of the shoe sale several weeks ago). . .

. . . and for Bruce to test his stick-in-the-snow retrieval skills.

Many folk clearly had much the same idea. In places, Holyrood Park assumed a carnival-like atmosphere.

people were sledging . . .

. . . skiing . . .

. . . and boarding.

We ran into some friends. Calum had built himself a cosy snowhole.

And the swans on Dunsapie Loch were zealously guarding their own hole in the ice.

The Lomonds of Fife (the hills to the left above the spires) looked very inviting.

And I am happy to report that the new boots and crampons kept my feet comfortable, warm and stable for three and a half snowy miles.

No poles, either. Bingo!

Edited to add: on closer examination, I think those snowy hills are actually the Ochills rather than the Lomonds . .

41 thoughts on “Holyrood Park

  1. wow! sounds like you had a productive and beautiful walk. i’m a big fan of your boots, good to know they offer all the stability you need!

    i can’t wait to get snow like that at home. :)

  2. Love the boots. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the snow. Looks like Bruce is, too. My lab is healing on the couch after having a toe amputated so she can’t enjoy the snow we are getting today.

  3. Hooray no poles! I had those same crampons (and little spikey thingies on my crutches) when my leg was in a cast, they were a life savers. My boots weren’t that cool though ;)

  4. Oooh, how lovely! I adore those beautiful hills. I had a Scottish great-grandmother who used to talk about them, and I never realized they were the “Ochills” until today. She pronounced it, “Och! Hills!” much like she would say, “Och, Tika, go get grandma a cuppa. Don’t spill now!” so I always thought they were just… hills. My mind is a little boggled.

    P.S. – I came by way of Spillyjane’s blog. Blame her for your newest stalker. :D

  5. Congrats on being sans poles! Love the boots, too. I know they were purchased primarily for function, but, for what it’s worth, I like them.

  6. Are the boots Merrills ? by chance? and if so are they warm and easy to walk in reasonable soft snow levels (i.e. softie southern Snow!

  7. Your boots are cute! I have similar ones I think….
    I can’t imagine having snow like that this early in the year. We won’t get anything close to that until January or February, for which I am thankful!

  8. Malcolm has put on his reading specs for a better look and declared them to be the Ochils (I really should know that too, as we lived in and around Falkirk for years and saw them often enough!) Love the boots – I would have been lost without my Timberlands this past week (bought in Singapore, where else would you buy heavy boots!). I laughed at the photo of Bruce with his stick – my friend with the black lab Flossie had to confiscate her big stick, as she was a danger to passing pedestrians and parked cars!!

  9. Thanks for those photos! Wow–isn’t that a change for you folks? AND, love the boots, love your style. I am grateful for the links you give (re clothes in your neck of the woods, as they can be so different, so fun) . Enjoy your snow!

  10. Kudos! Terrific progress for you. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Thanks for sharing. You’re photos are stunning.

  11. Hello Kate,
    Your blog is a new find for me….and as a knitter and avid walker, it certainly hits the spot! Beautiful photos in the snow. I was wondering if you could tell me what make your boots and your crampons are? They look fabulous, and I’ve not seen crampons like those before.

    This year has been extraordinarily challenging for you – I wish you a happy year ahead, with slightly less steep hills to climb, unless they’re of the real variety!

    Best wishes,

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