Did I mention just how good it is to be home? Outdoors, the blossom is finally starting to appear on Jesus’ plum tree

Inside, I am stitching up my own leaves and blossoms . . .

Not the neatest tent stitch you ever saw, but it requires little thought, is incredibly relaxing, and I really am enjoying it immensely.

Tom bought me a gigantic chocolate rabbit with, I fear, ulterior motives . . .

. . . and I just walked over two miles!

I am feeling very pleased with myself. Just check out the efficient gait and particularly the heel strike ! I couldn’t do that even a week ago. For those who are interested, after much effort, the foot has finally regained a little movement — the plantarflexion is much better than the dorsiflexion, and neither are very strong or very reliable movements, but at least there is now something there to work with. I intend to walk a little further next weekend. See you then!

93 thoughts on “sunday

  1. Wonderful, Kate. Just wonderful! Well done :-) Huge hugs from this part of the highlands. And hopefully you’ll hear the cheering from all the way down there.

  2. Good work Kate! The stitching is neater than mine and your plaits look great too.
    Very best wishes and Happy Easter.

  3. Lovely spring post–lovely coat–lovely writing–lovely bunny! As someone who has gone through a lot of loss, I write to tell you that you inspire us all – Happy rebirth!
    Phyllis in NYC
    where you’d be right at home with that purposeful gait!

  4. Y’know, I fell behind on your blog for a week or two because of a job interview, and this is the first post I’ve caught back up on. WOW!!! :-D You’re quite smart-looking and inspiring, you know. I really admire your determination, and I’m so happy to see it paying off!

  5. I want to print out that last image as inspiration… I find myself (able-bodied as I am) following in your footsteps, and stronger for having done so…

  6. Great to see up walking down the street in your lovely red coat. And, clearly, having something creative to do is very therapeutic. As for the chocolate bunny, yum…I’m with Tom. Want to share?

  7. I knew Tom was a good one. Glad to see he didn’t hold back on the size of the bunny either. I am sure you worked up an appetite! The tent stitch looks amazing to me, I may have to try something of the sort myself. I can see where it would by very fun to do.
    Happy sunday!
    Virginia (again..)

  8. Wow, Kate – the photo of you walking is the most fabulous thing I’ve seen in months! Congrats to you – I know you will keep up the struggle and overcome your difficulties!

  9. You are heel-striking! This is so exciting. I’m glad you’re enjoying being home, spending time with some hobbies, and surrounding yourself with the humans and critters you love.

  10. Happy Easter Kate, enjoy the bunny. Wonderful, wonderful to see you walking. If you are looking for tapestry kits Erhmans is value for money with a good selection.

  11. HURRAH for the plantarflexion and dorsiflexion movements! It’s amazing to see you regaining specific movements from week to week and piecing together from these wins, your ways of moving.

    I think you cut a most distinguished figure in your fine red coat with your precise heel strike and I can’t wait to see what that lovely stitching becomes.

    Glad you are enjoying the Spring.

  12. That photo of you walking was better than any Easter treat, ever! Thank you so much for all that you are doing to record this experience. It means a great deal to me to peek into your life this way…

    As for your walk? WELL DONE!

  13. Hurrah! It’s great to see you striding out. Today my daughter finished sewing the buttons on the Owls sweater I knitted for her – we both LOVE it and send you lots of encouraging hoots.

  14. Reading your Easter post was one of the nicest parts of my day. Here in Philadelphia the cherry blossoms are in full bloom along with magnolias and even a few azaleas. We loved our Easter walk this morning, and I am so happy you were able to enjoy yours, too.
    Best wishes in your recovery.

  15. You are a harbinger of Spring in your natty red coat, inspiring in so many ways! Happy Easter to you, Tom & Jesus.

  16. Yay for the left foot – what a superb heel strike :o)
    You’re doing fantastically well Kate.
    The photo of Tom and the bunny made me chuckle – very similar here too!
    By the way, have you ever listened to Radio Lab’s podcasts? You might find them very interesting.

  17. Beautiful blossoms, beautiful stitching, beautiful picture of you walking in that gorgeous coat!

    More hugs from Toronto


  18. oh hoo-rah!!!
    what a joy to see you in that smart red coat walking so well (and so far).
    what a joy to see those beautiful blossoms.
    and that tom? a keeper. giant chocolate bunnies – the perfect gift.
    the joy of easter to you both :)

  19. Cripes ! I can’t manage two miles. Well, not even one for that matter. I’m so impressed with your progress and strength. I also covet your fab red coat, and the figure to wear it. ;0)
    Stitching looks good. Bunny looks fantastic. Wonder how long it will last. Does it still have ears ? :0))))

  20. Happy Easter to one amazing woman! I love how your coat swings with your stride. Continued best wishes to you and Tom from Vermont.

  21. Focus on that dorsiflexion…you look so cute in the your red coat! I remember a physiatrist (an American MD specializing in rehab) looking at a patient/client who’d done well and said to the patient “you’re a work of art…” that’s how your therapists should feel when they look at you, but you mostly did the art…xoxo


  22. Dear Kate’s Brain:

    THANK YOU for allowing that gorgeous heel strike. Our Kate has mountains to hike with her Tom and that heel strike will make the hiking that much easier. Please heal yourself as quickly as, and as much as, possible.

    Cheering you on from Michigan, USA,

  23. Hello Kate,

    I have been reading your blog for some time for its knitterly content and especially now as you chronicle your experiences and achievements post-stroke.

    The thing that strikes me most about this particular post’s photograph is your ability to be with yourself as you are right now (cane, brace and all) and be visible in the world (in a stunningly beautiful red coat) as you go about the process of healing self.

    Thank you for the link to the article on Spoons that was so enlightening and gives me a way to practice making daily choices. I do not have an illness, but am starting to age and cannot do all the things I once was able to. I can count spoons too and preplan my days for more efficient use of time and with a better feeling of accomplishment rather than setting myself up for too many things only to be disappointed when a number of them fall off the rails.

    Many blessings to you on journey of healing.


  24. the photo of you walking brought tears to my eyes — yes, the internet does bring humanity together. What a wonderful Easter treat for us to see what you can do!

    Many many congrats on all your hard work! And I do hope Tom enjoyed the chocolate LOL — I bought small versions of the exact bunny for my dinner table.

  25. Excellent post, am overwhelmed and gladdened to see you out walking. Thanks for the spoons post, I’m sharing it with my mom as she handles her spoons very well, but can always use the encouragement of others. And that you are!!

  26. Happy Easter! That tent stitch looks better than what I usually end up with, so don’t worry :-)

    Ah, heelstrike, dorsiflection etc. I came across those when I was constantly injuring myself with running and picked up “Chi running”. There now is also “Chi walking”. Just sift out the hippy blurb and then it’s quite interesting.

  27. I am so happy seeing that picture of you walking. It’s made my entire weekend. And you are undoubtedly even more pleased, and with good reason.

  28. Dear Kate and Tom,
    So pleased to see you’re doing so well.
    I wish you both all the strength and love in the world. Know there are a lot of people sending you positive thoughts!
    Hope to read a lot more in the coming future.
    Did you see your Manu/ fans on Ravelry, it’s big….We love you Kate!
    groeten Cindy

  29. Congratulations on your walk Kate :0). How exciting for you to enjoy your beloved outdoors again. Your needlework looks pretty- I look forward to seeing the end result :0)
    best wishes

  30. Hooray! What great walking and WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COAT you have on. Glad it is going well and keep getting lots of sleep!

    I haven’t had a chocolate bunny since Hector was a pup but still remember the year our Yorkie named after Stonewall Jackson stole mine out of my hand and ate it. This was before we knew chocolate was bad for dogs … it didn’t seem to affect him, but I was devastated. Hmmm the things we remember so strongly.

  31. Ulterior motives indeed. I can accept that the thought counts, inasmuch as he may be trying to save you from overindulgence, but still…

    Great to see you walking. So pleased for you.

  32. Movement in your foot – yay! Stitching looks good. I haven’t done needlepoint in ages – it does have a very particular soothing/addictive quality. Plaits and coat looking fabulous. Your determined approach to your recovery continues to be an inspiration. I hope the Spring brings many more flower-filled walks.

  33. Thought of you today when we went to the designs of the year exhibition at the Design Museum. Some really good stuff but my hackles were raised by the ‘ski helmet for girls’. Clearly it is important to encourage women to wear ski helmets and providing one that fits (and allows the wearer to sport a ponytail) is a good thing. But why, oh why, does it have to be decorated with a pink butterfly? You can see it here:

    The very laudable NHS Design bugs out initiative was also represented.

  34. Kate,

    I am an occasional reader of your blog and was very surprised to hear your news. Rehabilitating after a stroke is extremely exhausting not only on yourself but on your family & friends as well. I understand what you must be going through as I have seen it happen recently to my BF’s mother. She was a very out-going person, post-stroke however, she found it difficult to find interest in almost everything – even things she loved before. However, she is getting better day by day and to think of the progress she has already made in only 1 year is remarkable.

    Keep up your work! Be determined … we all look forward to your full recovery and your interesting, intricate designs.

  35. Just finding out about all of this, and I’m sending cheers, good wishes, and a whole lot of I-get-it-and-you-rock energy your way…I had a smaller stroke back in 2006 at the age of 39, and most of my symptoms went away, but they discovered a brain aneurysm, so I had cranial surgery to repair it. The fatigue is sometimes soul-crushing, and you are doing an amazing job, fighting it to retrain your brain and body to talk to each other. Keep it up! I’ll be thinking of you.

  36. I, too, have just learnt about your stroke. I am so glad to hear how well you are recovering. Your spirit shines through your posts and reading them has brought tears to my eyes. You are a lucky woman to have so much support around the world and more importantly, in Tom. Keep up the good work in your rehabilitation, your writing, and your designing. You are an inspiration!

  37. Congratulations on the dorsi and plantar flexion – hopefully more strength to come now the neurons are firing again. Oh, and I love your coat, particularly the colour!

  38. Oh happy post for a happy Easter! I am mid-revision (so commenting rarely!) but watching your progress and reading your wonderful posts about everything under the sun is continually inspiring. Thank you!

  39. Thought of you again today as we paid a return visit to the Benjamin Franklin House. They were having special sessions for children concentrating on William Hewson and the Craven Street bones. It was a different ‘Polly Hewson’ from our last visit, eqyally terrific – teasing out of our children a description of this wondrous thing called ‘a biro’ and horrifying my small feminist 8 year old by remarking on the innapropriateness of her garb (trousers!) The highlight for my kids was being allowed to hold a bone saw – immediately aimed at their siblings, of course. Some really great education work going on there. And such lovely surroundings to learn in.

  40. I read your posts and all I can think of is ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’. Neither original nor erudite, but heartfelt.

  41. What a happy Easter for you and your dear ones! I’m so glad for you that you are home and enjoying yourself. It is wonderful to see you walking and in such a dashing coat!

    Best wishes,

  42. Wow! Look at you! What excellent progress! Thank you for the link to the Spoon Theory. As a person with a “hidden” disability, I really appreciated it. It’s true that planning, prioritizing, and resting become major components of the new life, along with determination that you *can* do this. Even tho’ you feel weepy sometimes, your positive attitude will take you far.

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