guess what?

with massive thanks to Liz and Mel, I’ve actually finally managed to get the Manu pattern out! hurrah! You can find it here or here.

51 thoughts on “guess what?

  1. Thank you for thinking of all of us. Manu is beautiful and unique. I hope your last week was a bit easier for you. I so admire your stamina and fortitude.

  2. OOh thank you to Liz and Mel and to you Kate for making this pattern available for us. It is so beautiful. I am off to buy it straight away.
    Hope all is going well for you and that you are now well on the way to being able to make a complete recovery. With the best of wishes ….

  3. Thank you so much, I have just bought the pattern and just learned the i cord cast on. Not as dificult as I thought :-)I hope you will continue to get better with such grace, I admire you for writing so honestly and humorously about your stroke.

  4. Oh my gosh – you are amazing! Thanks so much to Liz and Mel too. I am inspired reading of your fantastic progress and fortitude in your previous post ;)

  5. Just purchased mine! Thanks for the beautiful and ingenious design. I’m so glad to hear about the braiding and the solo movement….you are on your way!
    Please know there is a whole lot of us out here rooting for you..Go Kate, Go!

  6. Dear Kate,

    I have just downloaded Manu from the Ravelry shop, and it is a gorgeous pattern!

    How I love the construction of the cardigan and every detail, like the pockets and the i-cord cast-on, bind off and buttonholes…

    Thank you so much for another gorgeous creation!

    Cheers and love from Toronto


  7. I’ve never downloaded a pattern so quickly in my life! It’s sooo good of you to do this when you’ve got other things to worry about, and Liz and Mel are clearly sterling people too. I can’t wait to cast on!

  8. That’s wonderful news, Kate! Actually, inspired by your post this morning, I decided it was about time I knit an Owlet (my niece’s birthday is coming up!), so I purchased the pattern, then went straight to John Lewis and bought the prettiest Rowan yarn. I’ll be thinking of you while I knit it, sending you good vibes, and I’m sure the people knitting up Manu will be doing the same!

  9. I have read your post for quite some time now, but never commented before. You have such beautiful patterns, I was so excited to see that Manu is available. (it’s already been downloaded)

    I have been amazed with all you have been going through, and admire your perserverance and strength. You are an inspiration. Congratulations on plaiting your hair!


  10. It’s beautiful! Thank you for publishing the pattern.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. With your determination, you will be back on your feet in no time!

  11. Bought a copy – thank you! I’d just finished knitting something, and was sorting quite desperately through my stash looking for the next thing to knit; perfect timing. This Manu will be bright red.

  12. You are truly an inspiration. I’ve been reading your posts all morning about your recovery. I wish you all the best and warm thoughts from Pennsylvania! Thank you so much for this lovely pattern.

  13. Wow, that’s incredible- I didn’t expect it to come this year even. But now it’s bought and downloaded :) Hooray! Thanks! You are amazing and an inspiration. Take care!

  14. I can’t believe you’ve managed to bring out Manu already! Delighted, but amazed all the same. Hope this means your recovery is progressing quickly!
    I continue to send positive thoughts your way!

  15. Brilliant! I’ve been anticipating this cardigan so much and I’ve already planned several outfits for which it is required!

    And to finish it from your hospital bed – that’s dedication!

    I hope your physio continues to work and that you’re back to full bilateral movement soon!

  16. I just saw it on Ravelry – some friends of mine had “faved” it! I’m so happy for you. I love the pattern and I’m going to make it sooner or later. I’m not sure if I’ll make it for me or not. I guess I need to decide…

  17. So glad your recovery is going well. You seem to have an amazing wellspring of positive energy. Best wishes to you and all the people helping you regain your strength.

  18. Great, this is definitely on my hit list. It’s a super pattern and thanks for the larger sizes.

    Fantastic that you are at home again. It must be super for you, all your familiar things, but scary as well as you have to do it all!

    Your blogs have been a real eye opener, thanks for sharing your thoughts and trials with us. You must have tremendous inner strength and stamina to cope.

    best wishes on your continued improvement.

  19. Wow, you’re a star! It looks like a lot of effort has gone into all the calculations in the pattern, so well done! I have also made a donation to the Stroke Association in your honour, now you just concentrate on getting better!

  20. Woo Hoo! Just downloaded mine – looks like it will keep me busy for some time. You are amazing. Look after yourself and as others have said, concentrate on getting better.

  21. Many thanks to you, Liz and Mel! I’m certain all of us will be knitting good thoughts for you along with our Manus.

  22. I cast on Manu this morning. I am so pleased that you are making good progress Kate. You are so often in my thoughts. Your parents; although very shocked by your stroke; must be so proud of how you are coping. You are an inspiration and I am sure in the future your experience of recovery will be helpful to other people.

  23. oh happy day! i have been dreaming about this pattern for weeks. i thought olympic knitting had killed my mojo but i think it might come back for this project. thank you so much and i hope you are doing well. i find your strength and your writing very inspiring.

  24. Thank you, Kate, for thinking of us during your recovery. I am looking forward to casting on Manu when I get home from work tonight – it will give me a break from my hubby’s “Man Jumper”.
    I hope you continue to feel better, and I look forward to reading more about your recovery. You have opened my eyes to the challenges of recovering from a stroke, and I am astonished and humbled by your strength and optimism.
    Best of luck!

  25. I just love your strength to get things done.You are bound to do well in your recovery, with your grit and friends like that!Have bought the pattern,now for the yarn, I’ll be egging you on with every stitch!

  26. i am smitten with all the sophisticated details in this sweater. the pleating is wonderful and so are the pockets. and the buttonholes! i’ve yarn ordered in a beautifully moss color. i’m looking forward to knitting this during our short spring here in the california foothills.
    thank you for the anticipated knitting enjoyment.

  27. Manu is a gorgeous knit! This is so wonderful that you have gotten this out. I have just the yarn waiting for it.

  28. Dear Kate, thank you so much for this great pattern! I really hope you are doing fine. My good thoughts are with you and Tom. You both seem very strong to me. I am sure there will be the time in the future when you will be able to do all these things you like to do – like walking, gardening, knitting and so on.
    Kathrin xxx

  29. Thank you very much, i have bought the pattern on Ravelry. It seems fantastic. I have to read it very carefully, because i am french, but i think i can do it! I hope that you are feeling better and better, i send all my best thoughts to you.

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