I have flu. But I also have this wee feller to cheer me up. He is lovingly fashioned from Shetland wool and looks great on my lapel. Thanks, Liz!

27 Comments on “cheering

  1. Argh poor you – I do hope you feel better soon. The owl looks great against that lovely blue fabric, it’s like a starry night.

  2. Cute owl; sorry about the flu; so far I’ve dodged the bullet there this year. Had it two years in a row about four years ago and wow, it’s something. Rest, rest, rest, and drink, drink, drink.

  3. Oh, Dear…
    Get well soon…I do love the owl. Very cute and cheerful. Perfect for when one is not so well…

  4. Wish you get better soon! And that the little owl will give you the warmth of friendship.

  5. Sorry to hear your have the ick du jour. Hope your recovery is speedy and that you are not too sick to knit….the horror!

  6. Sorry to hear you’re not well : ( Your owl is absolutely adorable! Hope he makes you feel even just a little bit better.

  7. Hot drinks and a cracking yarn (of any sort) are prescribed for a speedy recovery. I listened to your talk on Hannah Griffitts yesterday – great stuff.

  8. Feel better – and buy yarn – that’s always an instant pick me up, almost as medicinal as chicken soup!

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