birthday tea


Well, what else can you do when someone gets you a giant teacup for your birthday? This is how I spent yesterday evening.


All I can say about where I’m standing is that it was until recently waist-high with weeds, and that I am very proud of how that wall now looks since last week I thought it was just some sort of mossy hummock. I’m also pleased that my teacup (ahem, um, plantpot) co-ordinates so nicely with the trousers of my birthday buddy, Felix, who celebrates her 30th today. Happy Birthday Felix! I’m a bit older, but never too old to be ridiculous. And don’t worry, I took off the daft frock before I got on with some birthday digging. Cheers!


65 Comments on “birthday tea

  1. Great pictures ! That giant cup and your dress makes the place look like Wonderland. Happy birthday !

  2. happy birthday – love the frock not daft at all for drinking tea – perhaps just for gardening in

  3. I love the dress. I was thinking I’d like to have one myself.

  4. Hurrah for the insanely beautiful frock of Birthday Dreams and for the wondrousness of your ensemble of teacup/frock/allotment.

    Birthdays are always enhanced by tea and polka dots!

    See you FRIDAY!!!

  5. But where is the giant cupcake to go with? Maybe strawberries and cream in keeping with the color scheme. Happy Birthday to you, may it be a year of great things!

  6. Happy Birthday! I think that looks like a great digging outfit!! Imagine the raised eyebrows you’d get!

  7. Oh, happy day! I’ve been meaning to ask if there is a place for chickens in your allotment?

  8. You know, I was at an “alice in wonderland” themed party last weekend – and I had no costume. Clearly I needed a giant spotted tea cup!

    I think it’ll make an awesome plant pot too.

  9. Happy Birthday!! May your tea cup never be empty. and the dress is beautifull, may have to make me a similar one :-)

  10. Happy birthday Kate! You and your allotment look lovely. You were so lucky that it came so well equipped with shed, tools and what turned out to be a gorgeous wall! Enjoy your day!

  11. Happy birthday! Lovely pictures – if you pour tea into the cup, will it say “drink me”?


    P.S. I am planning to meet Ysolda at Knitty City on Thursday evening and may give her some seeds for you. Any preferences? (I remember from this blog that you and she are mates, and both of you give me such joy and inspiration with your artistry.)


  13. Happy Birthday!

    I think that the allotment has been waiting patiently for you to arrive with your energy and spirit. The skies the limit to what both of you can do together.

    I love the teacup but I would use it for a summer sangria.

  14. Happy birthday! Love the giant teacup and the outfit. Also our birthdays are exactly a week apart. We must celebrate when I’m home.

  15. Happy Birthday! Love the giant teacup, and I see you’re a fully signed up member of the red shoes brigade.

  16. Happy Birthday! You look divine – where did you get that dress?

  17. Happy, happy birthday! Your dress is lovely, as is the giant teacup! I hope the birthday weeding was rewarding!

  18. What a wonderfully fun birthday present! Love the photos! Many Happy Returns of the Day!

  19. Happy Birthday! Love your blog, especially the Edinburgh references – it’s where I’m from originally.

  20. I think the pictures are utterly charming. As if a doll had come to life and was exploring the “big people’s” house.

  21. Happy Birthday!

    Am really enjoying the photos of your progress on the allotment.

  22. Happy birthday!! What delightful pictures. You need a gigantic strawberry shortcake to go with it all.

  23. Happy Birthday!

    With your permission, “Daft Frock” is going to be the name of my band.

  24. I love your shoes. And your teacup, but that goes without saying.

    Best wishes on your birthday!


  25. Happy birthday to you.

    ………..and you have a dry stone wall – what more could a girl ask for??

  26. I absolutely adore your dress. Wow! Happy birthday to you!!–if I’d known I would have wished it to you at the shop! See you this weekend :)

  27. You look glorious with your lovely dress and big cuppa! Happy birthday and all the best!

  28. Totally agree. Very, very “Alice in Wonderland” without any Mad Hatter in sight.

  29. Happy belated birthday! I love your teacup, sunnies, and dress and shoes. It looks so whimsical and at the same time very chic.

  30. Happy belated birthday – I love the combination of polkadots, tea, red dresses and the throwing of the shapes… Excellent indeed!

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