pattern now available


. . . via the link on the designs page. That’s it, really.

Edit: should also mention that the pattern comes in 10 sizes, ranging from kid’s 24 inch to woman’s 44 inch.

26 Comments on “pattern now available

  1. Juhuuuu :) I’ve been waiting impatiently! Thank you for your creativity!

  2. Oh squee!!! I think I might make this my entré into fair-isle-type-color-work-knitting-type-stuff. :-)

  3. Oh, HOORAY!!! Your design is beautiful and I am so excited and yayayayay!! I can hardly wait to start knitting :) Thank you so much!!

  4. Thanks a lot, looking forward to start working on it!
    ps: My short text on Charles Avery (in Norwegian) is now published, send my your post address if you are interested in reading it.

  5. In the book “Knitting in the Old Way” there is discussion of short rows using a Japanese technique. Is this the method you use? I haven’t googled to see if there is anything online, I’m just wondering how you learned it. I used that method once, and wasn’t sure I did it correctly. Would love to know more about this! Thanks.

  6. Okay, I can’t seem to stop commenting! I meant to say that I did it the way Nona described, but without the pin. Next time I will try using a pin.

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