U.S Owls


Hannah just sent me some great pictures of her o w l s enjoying themselves stateside.
Here they are cavorting by the banks of the Mississippi . . .


. . .and getting into the spirit of things in Memphis, Tennessee.



o w l s have also been seen this week in New Zealand and Japan. Most exciting.

17 Comments on “U.S Owls

  1. Ohhh! your blog is one of my favorites, so good pictures all the time. A pitty it’s not a printed magazine ;-

  2. I absolutely love this pattern and want so much to make it! You had said in a previous post that you were going to send the pattern out to those of us who left comments and I’m wondering if that has happened? I ask because I’m worried that it somehow didn’t come through my email system….

    great sweater – So very cute! I love your blog too!

  3. Oh, how exciting! Depending on how many owl pictures you get, it would be quite cool to have an ‘owls’ section on your page and post them all there!

  4. Hurrah! Owls in the wild! Those photos are great – I’m very excited about all the OWLS spring up on Ravelry.

  5. Yay for an owl takeover! Just finished the first sleeve down here in Lancashire so will be adding to the population soon!

  6. Oh I love her pics – what fantastic backdrops!! Much more interesting than my boring back yard lol. OWLS was a fantastic knit, thanks so much.

    Hoot Hoot from New Zealand :D

  7. I love this sweater! My daughter belongs to chi omega and they are owls. I just have to make this for her. How do I get this pattern? Is it onRavelry?

  8. Hello. I just bought the pattern from Ravelry. I am going to make the smallest baby size 1. Any advice on the length of the circular needles for the sweater and the sleeves? Thanks. xo Sally

    • Hi Sally – a 40cm circ should be fine for the body. You’ll need to use dpns, or a long circ (magic loop method) for the sleeves.

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